Sovereign of the Three Realms

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chap 14

Genius Beauty? Jiang Chen Doesn’t Care

Bai Zhanyun, the heir of White Tiger dukedom, was a domineering, bratty sort.

But wasn’t this heir of the Jiang Han dukedom, who had even committed the crazy act of the century, by farting during the Rites of Heavenly Worship, a legendary good for nothing? When had he turned so awesome?

At this moment, he wasn’t even treating the heir of the White Tiger dukedom seriously. This was a development of going against the heavens!

One had to know, that although the duke of Jiang Han was ranked in the top 15 of the 108 dukes, the duke of White Tiger was ranked number 4. He was one of the four most renowned and preeminent dukes in the kingdom.

Differences in strength existed between dukes of different rankings. In reality, the duke of Jiang Han and the duke of White Tiger weren’t on the same level at all!

Besides, thanks to his earth shattering fart, Jiang Chen’s life story had been dug up by the rumor mills over the past two days. Who didn’t know that Jiang Chen was dandy and a ne’er do well?

It was precisely because of this that everyone was incredibly shocked by Jiang Chen’s attitude.

“Hahaha, although you weren’t caned to death, you were beaten into an idiot, weren’t you Jiang Chen? Good, good. You were lucky last time and weren’t beaten to death. I shall relieve some of his Majesty’s burden today, and beat you to death for a reward.”

It was at this moment that another hubbub stirred at the Hall’s doors, and a crowd of young men surrounding a girl in a white dress walked in.

The crowd of young men started yelling as soon as they walked in: “We want the Dragonbone Sun Grass, bring it here swiftly. My household, the Yanmen dukedom, will be buying.”

“Huh. When was it your turn to pay. My Vermillion Bird dukedom will be having this Dragonbone Sun Grass!”

These youths fought each other for the chance to pay the bill, livening up the atmosphere at once in the lobby of the Hall of Healing.

Jiang Chen rubbed his nose as he thought, Do these people have more money than what they know what to do with? What’s the deal with them today? Did all these guys make a pact to come annoy me today?

Although, that didn’t really seem to be the case. How could the others have known that he needed the Dragonbone Sun Grass? Plus, Jiang Chen himself didn’t believe that he had somehow offended so many so deeply, to the point where the heirs of multiple dukedoms were ganging up on him.

In a matter of moments, there were at least seven or eight people who were vying for the opportunity to purchase the Dragonbone Sun Grass. Each was displaying a level of resolution that indicated they would not rest until they got their hands on it.

This put elder Blue in a quandary. She was an expert at observing people, how could she not tell that this crowd of young men were putting on a show for the girl?

But, there was only one of the Dragonbone Sun Grass? She was bound to insult a large group of people, no matter who she sold it to.

These little emperors were all the devil incarnate. No matter who she offended, it would be a dicey matter, not to mention that this offense would be given to quite a few people.

Elder Blue thought furiously, glanced at Jiang Chen out of the corner of her eye and formed an idea.

“Dearest young dukes, we are honored and flattered by your presence. However, the Hall of Healing has always had one rule when it comes to doing business. It was Jiang Chen, the heir to the Jiang Han dukedom, who first wanted to purchase the Dragonbone Sun Grass. Anyone who wishes to buy it instead can only do so if he is willing to give it up. The Hall of Healing will sell to anyone who can convince him. This is the rule, and we hope for your understanding.”

What a way to shift blame and responsibility. Nicely played.

The Hall of Healing had washed its hands of the matter this way, and thrown the hot potato to Jiang Chen.

If he refused to give it up, then that would be Jiang Chen’s issue, not the Hall’s. It would be Jiang Chen offending people, and not them.

All gazes swiveled as one and locked onto Jiang Chen.

“Eh, why is it him?”

“Jiang Chen? The joker that farted during the Rites? Isn’t he dead?”

“Did he fake being a corpse?”

“Was this kid lucky and didn’t get beaten to death?”

“Too weird, too weird. Weird things happen every year, and there’s a ton of them this year.”

“Hah. Who cares if he died or not. No one can take this Dragonbone Sun Grass from me!”

“Jiang Chen, there’s no place here for your lowly Jiang Han dukedom. Accept your place and bow out.”

“That’s right. How dare a criminal show his face?”

“Go back and prepare your affairs!”

Only a few people had known that he hadn’t died, so these people’s reactions didn’t surprise Jiang Chen in the least.

What surprised him was that, did his face truly that provoke that much anger and hate? Why were these guys stomping all over him?

He ignored all the hostile glares and smiled wryly, “Did I fail to check the almanac before leaving the house today? Dealing with one idiot is irritating enough, but now I have to deal with a crowd of idiots?”

He didn’t waste more time on idle chatter and stared at elder Blue, saying coldly, “Elder Blue, what good use of pawning off your issues onto someone else. I don’t want to hear your blather; are you selling the Dragonbone Sun Grass or not?”

Elder Blue’s face darkened, “Are you threatening me? If that’s the case, then I really will wash my hands of this matter!”

“Just a moment!”

Someone hurriedly walked out from the back of the lobby. It was the third hallmaster.

The third hallmaster was absolutely livid and said harshly, “What’s your problem elder Blue? Why can’t you even take care of such a small matter? The Hall of Healing conducts our business according to one rule, we sell to whoever comes first!”

Elder Blue was momentarily dumbfounded, thinking: Did you take the wrong medicine this morning? Don’t you see this crowd of little emperors eyeing their prize? Aren’t you afraid of all these little demons holding a grudge if you sell to Jiang Chen?

Not to mention, was it necessary to go to these lengths for a mere Jiang Han heir, and a worthless good-for-nothing at that?

The third hallmaster completely ignored elder Blue’s confused look and smiled at Jiang Chen, “Young duke Jiang, you are the first who wished to purchase the Dragonbone Sun Grass, and thus naturally it’s buyer according to our rules.”

He paused, and then turned towards the other heirs of their dukedoms, “Gentlemen, my apologies. The Hall of Healing is able to have a foothold in the Eastern Kingdom purely because of our golden sign based on credibility and rules. I am deeply honored that you have seen fit to patron the Hall of Healing, but unfortunately there is currently only one of the Dragonbone Sun Grass. We can only sell it to the person who has arrived first: young duke Jiang. As for whether or not young duke Jiang wishes to give it up for anyone present, that is not up to me to decide.”

“However, this is the Hall of Healing, we ask for your understanding and to refrain from unruly behavior.” The third hallmaster’s tone hardened slightly.

The Hall of Healing wasn’t a place in which just anyone could come and cause a ruckus.


Was the third hallmaster crazy? He was selling the Dragonbone Sun Grass to Jiang Chen?

Any of the assembled young dukes present were more prominent, more powerful, than the heir to Jiang Han. Had the third hallmaster taken the wrong medicine this morning?

What made them even more taken aback was that the third hallmaster then turned a face of such welcome and cheer towards Jiang Chen and said, “Young duke Jiang, my apologies for the offense. Please follow me inside, so that the Hall can offer a cup of tea in apology.”

The crowd of little emperors were completely dumbfounded by this turn of events.

When had this worthless dandy, who had no inkling of presence whatsoever on the Hidden Dragon Trials, become so popular in the Hall of Healing?

Even the girl in white dress that the crowd had clustered around turned her gaze onto Jiang Chen for the first time.

This girl was the beloved daughter of the Eastern Kingdom’s first duke, Long Teng’s daughter, Long Juxue.

The horde of dukedom heirs were fighting amongst themselves mostly due to a desire to ingratiate themselves with this Long Juxue. The whole hubbub over purchasing the Dragonbone Sun Grass was to offer it to her, and to cure her cold humours.

However, Jiang Chen wasn’t the slightest bit interested in this crowd of crazies. When he caught a glimpse of Jiang Zheng lurking behind the third hallmaster with a sidelong glance, he understood the situation perfectly. He smiled lightly, “Please wrap up the spirit level ingredients that I wanted. As for payment…”

The third hallmaster hastily said, “Let’s talk about payment later. Shall we have tea?”

The items were wrapped quickly and placed into Jiang Chen’s hands. He walked inside with the third hallmaster, but how could he not have known that the reason behind the third hallmaster’s attentions was the latter’s desire to finalize the contract for the Heavenly Karma pill?

Otherwise, how could the third hallmaster have ignored all the other heirs and insisted on selling the Dragonbone Sun Grass to him? And to give him such face to boot?

“A moment, brother Jiang Chen.” A well dressed, handsome young man emerged from the crowd. “I am the heir of Black Tortoise, Yi Taichu. I sincerely request that you give up the Dragonbone Sun Grass to me. I am willing to pay double the price for your friendship, is that amenable to you?”

One had to say, this Yi Taichu handled things far more appropriately than that White Tiger heir Bai Zhanyun. However, this Dragonbone Sun Grass was of certain use to Jiang Chen. There was no way he was giving it to someone else.

“My apologies, I have use for this blade of the Dragonbone Sun Grass and cannot give it away. Brother Yi, you are in the prime of your life, but find yourself so bored as to run errands for a pretty face?”

Jiang Chen smiled noncommittally as he flicked a glance towards Long Juxue, feeling especially disapproving towards her. This woman was allowing such a crowd of heirs to preen and strut before her, yet spoke no word in return. This type of woman was either vain, or had duplicitous intentions. So what if she was as beautiful as the flowers?

In his past life, this type of woman wouldn’t even be fit to be a maid to his ladies in waiting.

Yi Taichu felt a bit awkward, but still retained his grace and good manners. He thought briefly, and seemed to think through something. He abruptly left without a word.

Long Juxue was even more ill disposed towards Jiang Chen upon seeing Yi Taichu leave. She greatly enjoyed the feeling of the crowd of youths fighting over her. Only when millions worshipped the moon, could her status as the center of attention be fully displayed.

But this Jiang Chen was throwing a wrench in the works, and was truly despiteful.

The worst thing was, this Jiang Chen hadn’t even really looked at her throughout all of this. How was this the style of a ne’er-do-well, who was ridiculous beyond belief?

If it was any other day, Long Juxue couldn’t even be bothered to spare a glance for someone on the level of Jiang Chen. But today, in this type of setting, the oddities of a woman’s heart made her feel extremely put out, and think that Jiang Chen was purposely denying her face.

She even felt that Jiang Chen was intentionally playacting to be a generous, carefree and mysterious stranger. This was another type of trick to draw her attention.

An heir to a small dukedom; trash that’s not even worth the effort of carrying it in hand, pretending to be deep? Hmph. I’d like to see if it’s possible for you to look like a fool in front of me!

Her thoughts spun as she suddenly moved towards Jiang Chen, each step as graceful as a lotus.

“Jiang Chen is it?” Long Juxue’s voice was cool. “As far as I know, you have no use for this level of spirit ingredient. These family friends are fighting to purchase the Dragonbone Sun Grass because they wish to cure me of my cold humours. Why do you seek to buy it?”

Although her words weren’t terribly ugly, the meaning behind them was apparent. You, lowly Jiang Chen, have no way to use the Dragonbone Sun Grass.

If Jiang Chen was attempting to please Long Juxue in fighting to buy it, then it was time to stop the charade.

Jiang Chen felt nonplussed as he looked at this woman who was too full of herself. He smiled without really seeming to, “Then what do you think I need it for?”

“I don’t care what you need it for. If you wanted to gift it to me, I accept your sincerity and will remember you.” She replied indifferently. “If not, then, I will also remember you, Jiang Chen.”

This, was a pure and naked threat.

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