Sovereign of the Three Realms

Sovereign of the Three Realms Chap 13

: Medicine Buying Craze

When Jiang Chen opened his eyes the next day, there were a few traces of vitality that hadn’t been present in his eyes before.

He sat up and stretched, his entire body filled with an explosive type of power.

Thirty to forty percent of the Heavenly Karma pill’s effects were already amazing enough to pretty much heal eighty to ninety percent of Jiang Chen’s injuries. Added to the fact that his four meridians true qi had spent the night repairing and strengthening his body after he had cleared his fourth meridian, his bodily functions had improved many levels throughout the course of one night.

Jiang Zheng had been there since early that morning, and was in fine fettle. He was delighted whenever he thought about how he’d lectured his wife and regained his pride as the man of the house last night after she’d apologized, as well as the resulting prowess he’d displayed between the bedsheets yesterday night.

But he was utterly flabbergasted when he saw Jiang Chen walk out of the room.

“Young duke, you… you…” Jiang Zheng was unable to find the appropriate words because he was so astonished. Jiang Chen had simply undergone too great of a change.

The previous Jiang Chen was a rascal and at times domineering, and at times anxious and depressed. In other words, he really wasn’t much of anything.

But today, the young duke had a brand new look about him. His entire presence and aura was like a newly forged sword straight from the furnace, with keen edges and light.

“Jiang Zheng, ready my horse. I’m going out.”

“Yes!” Jiang Zheng would gladly endure hardships. He used to think that running errands for the young duke was a pain, but had been filled with the fires of passion since yesterday.

It was only after they’d left the manor that Jiang Zheng carefully asked, “Young duke, where are we going?”

“The Hall of Healing of course.” Jiang Chen chuckled, snapped his whip, and sent his horse galloping. He was in an extremely good mood today, and a man rides a fast horse when he is proud!

“Eh? Young duke, please wait for your servant!” Jiang Chen had already disappeared off into the distance by the time Jiang Zheng had reacted.

The Hall of Healing’s majestic buildings appeared in front of Jiang Chen after a short while.

When Jiang Chen arrived on the Hall’s doorstep, the customers walking in and out of the hall acted as if they’d seen a ghost.

After all, Jiang Chen was still the son of a duke and had a bit of fame in the capital. That fart he’d let out at the holy temple was enough to make him headline news in the entire capital over the past two days.

Farting during the Rights of Heavenly Worship, this Jiang Chen was something else alright.

Therefore, Jiang Chen’s name had been gossiped about extensively over the past two days, and was synonymous with being “unique”.

Jiang Chen had farted during the Rites of Heavenly Worship and desecrated the gods. The king had commanded for him to be caned to death. This was news that the entire kingdom knew.

But very few knew that he had not died from his caning

Therefore, his emergence now was bound to set the rumor mill running again.

“Do you see that? Isn’t that that good-for-nothing young duke from the Jiang Han province?”

“So what if he is? There are so many powers in the capital, do you want to suck up to that one?”

“Suck up your ass. I’m saying that that’s Jiang Chen! Wasn’t he caned to death for farting in the Rites of Heavenly Worship?”

“What? You’re talking about Jiang Chen? That farting weirdo? Where?”

Conversations like this were being held all around the Hall of Healing. People clustered in small groups and were almost all discussing the same matter.

As for the person in question, Jiang Chen, he paid no heed to these silly glances, and was even less inclined to engage with these people.

He had important matters to deal with at the Hall of Healing.

There were two more days before he had to enter the palace and treat the princess. He’d have to make some preparations no matter what. It wouldn’t be a very seemly thing to walk in empty handed, and he’d be hard pressed to explain himself.

Jiang Chen had sketched out a rough plan for dealing with Eastern Zhiruo’s problem, and he had come today to set some things in motion.

The attitude of the associates at the Hall of Healing had obviously been rectified after the events of yesterday. It was apparent that some internal restructuring had happened.

Jiang Chen placed a list on the counter. “Hello, I’d like the ingredients on this list.”

The associate took the list and nodded, but frowned slightly when he reached the last ingredient on the list. “A sixth rank spirit level ingredient? Sir… are you sure you want this ingredient?”

“Just prepare the ingredients according to the list.” Jiang Chen smiled slightly.

“But this ingredient…” The associate hesitated.

“What? Too low level? You don’t have it here? Then swap it out for a Nine Flame Aurora Fruit.”

It was as if the associate had been hit with a bolt of lightning that fried his insides and cooked his skin. He barely managed to squeeze out a smiling face. “Sir, what is a Nine Flame Aurora Fruit? The Hall doesn’t carry it. The Dragonbone Sun Grass is an item of utmost yang. It’s extremely rare, and one of our treasured spirit ingredients. The Hall only has one in stock and it’s extremely precious, the sales price…”

“What, think I can’t afford it?” Jiang Chen arched an eyebrow.

The associate gave a low chuckle and thought, at least you can read between my words. I truly am worried that you can’t afford it. But the beating that his colleague had suffered yesterday told them all to not judge a book by its cover.

“The thing is, this item is extremely precious and even administrators are unable to take it out. One of our elders has to give permission before we can make a deal.” He patiently explained while subconsciously retracting his head. Surely this gentleman wouldn’t also have an engraved dragon medallion and fling a slap my way?

“So much trouble for a mere Dragonbone Sun Grass? Where are your elders? Tell them to come out, I don’t have time to waste.” Jiang Chen truly didn’t wish to spend too much time in the Hall of Healing.

There was nothing the associate could do but send word inside. Jiang Chen was twiddling his thumbs when a great hubbub of noise came from outside the door, and a small crowd of people came inside.

The leader of the group looked about sixteen or seventeen and was richly dressed in silks and furs. He walked in proudly and closed the distance to the counter in three steps. He slammed his hand onto the counter: “Tell your supervisors to come out. I want a blade of Dragonbone Sun Grass and I’m in a hurry. Come on come on, none of you will be able to bear the consequences if you delay my business.”

The person’s tone was exceedingly cocky and he had no respect for anyone. He hadn’t even looked at any of the customers at the other counters.

The associates at the other counters however, were dumbfounded.

Ordinarily, no one would have a use for this Dragonbone Sun Grass, even over the course of three to five years. But today, two sets of customers had come in looking to buy it as soon as they’d opened for business.

Had the value for the Dragonbone Sun Grass increased?

Three people walked out from the back of the Hall of Healing after a short while. Aside from the associate, there was also administrator He and a female elder.

The female elder looked about forty years old and had drawn on slightly exaggerated eyebrows. She wore an extensive amount of jewelry, and projected particularly awkward feeling with her fashion choices.

“Who wants to buy the Dragonbone Sun Grass?” The female elder asked.

“Me, me! Auntie Blue, do you remember me? I’m the son of the duke of White Tiger dukedom, Bai Zhanyun. Bai Xianling is my father! You held me when I was small.” That cocky teenager started making nice to the female elder.

“Ah, it’s the young White duke. Is this Dragonbone Sun Grass for you, or your father?”

The White Tiger dukedom was one of the most preeminent dukedoms in the Eastern Kingdom, it ranked amongst the top five. Therefore, even an elder from the Hall of Healing needed to show their respect.

“Auntie Blue, don’t ask more questions. Just know that your nephew needs this urgently. Quickly name a price, I will come back and thank you later.”

Elder Blue gave a coy smile. “You’re in a great hurry. Are you taking this spirit level ingredient and giving it to some girl?”

Bai Zhanyun “heh”ed in laughter, “Auntie Blue knows best.”

“Alright, I won’t make fun of you further. The Dragonbone Sun Grass is priced at two million silver. Did you bring enough money?”

“I did, I did. Would I have come without the money? Everyone knows that your Hall doesn’t do business on credit.” Bai Zhan Yun seemed to be worried.

Jiang Chen had borne their chatter and laughter for quite a while already. His eyebrows arched as he knocked on the counter. “I say, aren’t you missing something here? Business is first come first served.”

Both elder Blue and Bai Zhanyun seemed to have only just noticed Jiang Chen. They both gave him a weird look.

Bai Zhanyun in particular had a very bratty expression on his face. It seemed to say, and who the hell are you?

“Whoever it was, fellow, I ask you. Wasn’t I the first to want to purchase the Dragonbone Sun Grass?” Jiang Chen asked lightly.

The associate would have never thought that another buyer would walk through the doors in such a short span of time. But the Hall’s golden store sign was hanging right there, and he didn’t dare lie.

He opened and closed his mouth, but was unable to make a sound. Bai Zhanyun seemed to understand something and gave a cold laugh, “You. You want to buy it too.”

Bai Zhanyun had ran here like the fires of hell were after him not to purchase the Dragonbone Sun Grass for himself, but because he had heard that the daughter of the most highly ranked duke, Long Teng, in the Eastern Kingdom, Long Juxue, had somehow fallen victim to a cold humours when training. She needed an item of utmost yang for a cure and thus he had immediately run to the Hall of Healing. He wanted to get a head start on the competition by purchasing the Dragonbone Sun Grass and present it to Long Juxue as a gallant gesture.

His first thought upon hearing that Jiang Chen also wanted to purchase the herb was that the person in front of him was a love rival!

Jiang Chen swept Bai Zhan Yun an indifferent glance, but didn’t have the interest in talking to an idiot. He only talked to elder Blue, “Lady elder, I ask only one question. Does the Hall of Healing respect the order of priority?”

Elder Blue was an old hat who had seen her fair share of big scenes, and said with a charming smile. “Well, we definitely respect the order of priority. But some matters are more important than others. Brother Bai here wants to use the Dragonbone Sun Grass to save a life. It is said that saving one life is more noble than building a seven tiered temple for Buddha. He also happens to be the young duke of the White Tiger dukedom. Why don’t you give him some face? Giving him face is the same as…”

Bai Zhanyun puffed his chest out and said proudly, “Right. You. You look a bit familiar. What’s your name? If you give up the Dragonbone Sun Grass to me, then I, Bai Zhanyun, will take complete care of you in the capital!”

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was obvious to see that elder Blue was biased towards Bai Zhan Yun.

“What if I don’t wish to?” Jiang Chen riposted coolly and gave a light laugh.

“What?” Bai Zhanyun was more than a little surprised. “What’s wrong with you? I am the heir to the White Tiger dukedom, the future White Tiger duke. You don’t even show respect to the four great dukes of the kingdom? You. You’re cocky. Tell me your name. Let me see how great is the person who doesn’t even respect me, the heir of White Tiger dukedom.”

At the moment, someone watching the show dared to speak up, “He’s Jiang Chen.”

“The heir of Jiang Han dukedom I think.”

“Yeah, that’s him. But wasn’t he caned to death?”

Both Bai Zhanyun and elder Blue were stunned by these responses. The heir of the Jiang Han dukedom?

Bai Zhanyun’s gaze sharpened on Jiang Chen and finally seemed to recognize him. He pointed at Jiang Chen and started laughing loudly. “You. It really is you. Weren’t you dead? Alright you Jiang Chen, you pretended to be dead. This is misleading the king and treason!”

Jiang Chen’s entire being had underwent a significant change thanks to a round of training. Add to that the fact that Bai Zhanyun hadn’t had much contact with Jiang Chen before, and you get why the former hadn’t recognized Jiang Chen earlier.

He felt on even firmer footing after he’d identified Jiang Chen. “Jiang Chen, you’ve got some guts. It’s one thing to play dead, how dare you brazenly come out in public when you’re supposed to be dead. This is clear provocation against His Majesty’s authority, and a public insult against the royal family. I think you should hurry home and get your affairs in order. Even if you are able to buy it, will you have the life to use it?”

Jiang Chen had a face full of resignation and turned his head to smile wryly at elder Blue. “Would the Hall of Healing rather do business with idiots than sell spirit level ingredients to normal people?”

Bai Zhanyun was immediately enraged, “Jiang Chen, who are you calling an idiot?”

Jiang Chen shrugged. “Definitely an idiot. Can’t even solve such a simple question? Who else is an idiot here apart from you?”

The crowd watching the show grew heated with excitement. Had these two young dukes eaten gunpowder today? Each was more bold than the last, each was more domineering than the last.

Was a battle of who could be more good for naught about to take place?

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