Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 81

Chapter 81 – Stealing Foundation (1)

It was an extremely ancient sword. An evil aura was being released by the sword. That made it so that one couldn’t help but stare at it. After a long time, Wang Lin slowly awakened. His eyes lit up as he gained some understanding.

Three days later, the entire Teng Family City was covered in flowers as thousands of cultivators walked through the streets. Zhang Hu and Wang Lin had left early in the morning and were wandering around in the city.

Because Zhang Hu needed to sell the ginseng, he left after talking to Wang Lin for a bit.

Wang Lin slowly walked through the city while checking out all of the stalls. Some of the stuff really interested him, but the prices were simply too high, so Wang Lin left.

While he was walking, he suddenly stopped. Before him was the stall of a cultivator who had various flying swords, pieces of jade, and a thread bound book.

There were a few small words on the book. “Basic formation research”

“Formation? “ Wang Lin rubbed his chin and picked up the book. The little book was pretty thick. There were about 50 or 60 pages in the book.

The stall owner was a 30 something year old man. He raised his head and slowly said, “10 mid quality spirit stones for the book. If you’re not going to buy it, don’t carelessly touch it.”

10 mid quality spirit stones was all that Wang Lin had at the moment. After flipping through the book for a bit longer, he saw that the stall owner was getting impatient, so he put down 10 mid quality spirit stones and left.

He checked out a few more stalls and found some wood element materials, but they were all very expensive. There was even an piece of iron wood, but its price was unfathomably high.

A day had passed before Wang Lin even realized it. He returned to the inn and, just as he was about to step inside, he raised his brow and stopped.

Normally, at this time of day, the inn was really lively, but it was completely silent at the moment.

Wang Lin spread out his divine sense and his face suddenly changed. There was a mysterious force surrounding the inn that was preventing Wang Lin’s divine sense from going in.

Without a word, Wang Lin’s body immediately moved backwards. He surrounded his body with the attraction technique and his body shot back dozens of meters like a sword.

“What’s this? Your reaction was pretty fast.” A slightly surprised voice suddenly came out as a person walked out of the inn. This person was 25 or 26 years old and wore a white robe with black vines embroidered on the cuffs.

He looked at Wang Lin, who was quickly backing away. He sneered and said, “Teng Jia, Teng Yi, the two of you wait here for that kid, Zhang Hu. Destroy his cultivation, then throw him into jail while I catch this nimble brat.”

The moment he said those words, two shadows shot out and appeared next to him. The two shadows were two wrinkly faced old men. One of them said, “My lord, these two people are in Teng Family City. This is against the rules. If the head asks…”

The white robed man frowned and stared Wang Lin. He said, “If my grandpa asks, just tell the truth. Zhang Hu got help from an outsider to kill his own teacher. How could I let such people get away?”

With that, he waved his sleeves and his body flew into the air as he quickly chased after Wang Lin.

The two old men looked at the young man before leaving, then disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin released all of his power and and pushed himself to the limit to run away. Right as he saw the walls of the city, a few shadows suddenly appeared and shouted, “Feng Family City has a restriction on flying. Fellow cultivator, please stop!”

Without a word, Wang Lin took out a gourd. He didn’t have time to worry about the secret of the spirit water getting out as he took a big gulp. Spiritual energy filled his body as his speed exploded and he shot forward

The expression of the Teng Family disciples, who were blocking Wang Lin’s path, suddenly changed. Wang Lin charged through as he used his attraction technique to throw the disciples to the side.

Like an unstoppable force, Wang Lin broke through. Because of his actions, more than 100 Teng Family disciples riding on different treasures chased after him.

Wang Lin felt very bitter in his heart. He still didn’t really know what exactly was going on. He didn’t know what had happened back at the inn to cause those people to be waiting for him there. If he was just slightly slower, he would have already been caught.

As for Zhang Hu, Wang Lin could only wish for the best as he was in danger himself.

After leaving Teng Family City, Wang Lin kept racing south as the Teng Family disciples chased behind him. Suddenly, a rainbow color light shot out from Teng Family City. The light passed by all of the Teng Family disciples and shot at Wang Lin.

An almost unreal, large flying sword appeared and slashed down at Wang Lin. At that moment, lightning gathered into countless balls and fell down with the sword.

Wang Lin’s scalp felt numb as Situ Nan shouted, “This is a Nascent level treasure! Wang Lin, retract all of your divine sense. I’m going to teleport you!”

Blue crystal quickly spread from the crystal in Wang Lin’s hand and covered his body. The moment that happened, the giant sword fell down. Sounds of the ground shattering echoed and the balls of lightning fell, creating waves of lightning.

Wang Lin’s body disappeared the moment the giant sword fell down. His body reappeared 300 meters away and he immediately flew away.

Situ Nan’s voice sounded weak as he scolded Wang Lin. “That little bastard is already at the Foundation Establishment stage at that young age. If you were at the Foundation Establishment stage, I could borrow your body and use some techniques. But right now, with only your Qi Condensation cultivation level, no matter how much I help, I can only get rid of a mid stage Foundation Establishment.”

Teng Li frowned, but immediately smiled. “You are the first person below Core Formation who has escaped from an attack from me. If it wasn’t for brother Jimo asking me to do this, I really wouldn’t want to kill you.”

Wang Lin didn’t even turn his head as he quickly escaped. His consumption of spiritual power was too great. Without any hesitation, he took out a gourd and drank a gulp as his speed rose.

Teng Li’s eyes became cold and said, “I want to see how many times you can teleport!” With that, he pointed his finger at Wang Lin. The sky darkened and the giant sword appeared gain.

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