Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 80

Chapter 80 – Blood Refining Technique

After teleporting three times, the flying sword’s color changed to light green. Both the light and sound that were emitting from the sword clearly showed that it was much weaker.

Shortly after, the flying sword that hadn’t teleported in a while was pushed into a corner by the two golden symbols. Wang Lin spat out another mouthful of spiritual energy. The flying sword was too slow and was surrounded by the spiritual energy. The two golden symbols circled the flying sword like two golden dragons. Every time the flying sword tried to escape, they’d force it back, so the flying sword couldn’t get out.

As time passed, the flying sword’s struggle didn’t decrease, but it got more violent. When the spiritual energy surrounding the flying sword was fading, Wang Lin clenched his teeth and spat out another mouthful of spiritual energy to keep refining it.

The night slipped by and the sword’s struggle finally seemed to have decreased a bit. Wang Lin’s face was pale. He had already spat out dozens of mouthfuls of spiritual energy.

Even with his 15th layer cultivation level, and with the help of the spirit liquid, he could barely hang in there.

The morning light shone into the room as Wang Lin continued his refining of the sword. The flying sword was no longer struggling. It floated in the air as slivers of Wang Lin’s spiritual energy entered it.

The moment Wang Lin’s expression changed, he heard a knock, followed by Zhang Hu’s voice.

“Wang Lin, do you want to go with me to the weapon store?”

Wang Lin took a deep breath and said, “Zhang Hu, I’m at the critical point of my refining, so I can’t go.”

Zhang Hu was stunned. He pondered for a while, then, without a word, sat down cross legged in front of Wang Lin’s door.

Wang Lin no longer bothered with Zhang Hu and continued to refine. Time slowly passed until it was night. Wang Lin had already drank three gourds of spirit water, but the refining was still not over.

In desperation, Wang Lin had to ask Situ Nan for advice.

Situ Nan slowly said, “Kid, finally figured out that you should come to me? Hmph, I’ve been waiting. If you go into closed door training for 10 years and use up a lot of spiritual power, you might have a chance to successfully refine it. I’m talking about the real world, not the space in the heaven defying bead.”

Wang Lin frowned and asked, “That long?”

Situ Nan slowly said, “Of course. This is a Core Formation treasure and a super high-grade Core Formation treasure at that. A crazy Core Formation cultivator must have made it while they were tackling Nascent Soul cultivators and, by risking their chance to successfully reach Nascent Soul, they used the moment of breakthrough to refine this treasure. This person was really a madman. I have also wanted to do this, but after considering it for a long time, I gave up. Although failing to reach Nascent Soul isn’t too bad, breaking through to Nascent Soul is the a very dangerous moment. One misstep and your soul will completely disappear.”

“That Bai Zhan must have also received help from the creator to make it his personal weapon. If I still had my body, it would be easy to refine, but now, even I can’t do much … however…”

Wang Lin already knew about this old guy’s temper and that he liked to tempt people, so Wang Lin wasn’t worried and waited.

After a while, Situ Nan sighed and muttered, “Forget it. I’ll tell you this: if you use the normal method of refining, it will take too much time. I’ll teach you a method called the blood refining technique. The advantage is that you can instantly make this flying sword your own, however, the disadvantage is that if the flying sword takes damage, you will also take damage. But with the time required to refine it, the damage you’d take would be several times worse than other methods.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and said, “Tell me how to use this blood refining technique.”

Situ Nan just wanted to leave Wang Lin in suspense for a bit, but realized that this kid would probably just ignore him, so he decided to speak, but he raised one condition.

“I haven’t touched a woman in so many years. No matter what, you must let me be satisfied, even if I’m just watching.”

Wang Lin vaguely answered Situ Nan. Then, his hand formed strange seals according to Situ Nan’s directions. He bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood filled with spiritual power. Then, he moved his hands and a strange symbol appeared in the air.

The moment the symbol appeared, the blood started to enter the symbol. Soon, all of the blood was absorbed and all that remained was a blood colored symbol. Wang Lin waved his hand and the symbol landed on the sword.

The flying sword trembled and immediately started to release strands of white gas.

Wang Lin immediately spat out another mouthful of blood. He looked weaker, but his eyes looked more determined. He formed another strange symbol that absorbed the blood and was shot toward the flying sword.

This process lasted several hours. It wasn’t until the morning that a sharp sword hum came out of Wang Lin’s room. Zhang Hu, who had been sitting outside Wang Lin’s room the whole time, immediately stood up.

The door silently opened. Wang Lin’s face was carrying a bright smile. His mood was very good right now. He said, “Thank you, Zhang Hu.”

Zhang Hu looked at Wang Lin with a strange expression and asked, “What were you doing? Why did I just hear that sword hum just now?”

Wang Lin opened his mouth and a small, green flying sword immediately flew out. The moment the sword appeared, a smell of blood surrounded the area.

Zhang Hu was stunned and asked, “This…this is my teacher’s flying sword? You managed to refine it? Eh? Why is there such a strong scent of blood?”

Wang Lin nodded. He waved his right hand and the flying sword returned to his side and entered his mouth again. Wang Lin was also very irritated over this strong scent of blood. Situ Nan only told him near the end that all treasures refined using the blood refining technique would have a bloody scent and, as it kills people in the future, the scent will only get stronger.

Zhang Hu gawked at the flying sword. After a long time, he took a deep breath and said, “Wang Lin, I’m impressed. With this flying sword, people of the same level will no longer be a threat to you. This sword’s special ability is teleportation. The distance varies depending on the spiritual power of the user, but, when used unexpectedly, it is a very good ace.”

The two exchanged a few words. When Zhang Hu was about to leave, he reminded Wang Lin that the monthly exchange fair was in 3 days and that Wang Lin should prepare for it.

After Zhang Hu left, Wang Lin took out the sword scabbard. Even Situ Nan kept praising this sword scabbard and didn’t know what rank of treasure this was.

Wang Lin originally thought that this flying sword and sword scabbard were part of a set, but, after refining the flying sword, he noticed the difference between the two.

Upon closer inspection, the sword scabbard released a very strong killing intent. The closer Wang Lin looked, the stronger the killing intent became, until his mind would go blank and he could only see the faint illusion of a sword.

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