Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 79

Chapter 79 – Refining The Flying Sword

Zhang Hu stuffed the remaining sweet potato in his mouth. After he finished eating, he said, “The Teng Family city belongs to a large cultivation family in the northern part of Zhao. It is said that they have Nascent Soul experts in the family. If a cultivator wants to enter the city, they have to pay 1 low quality spirit stone. If they wish to live there, they must pay 1 mid quality spirit stone per month. With all of the spirit stones I have gathered, I can live there for 6 months.”

Wang Lin rubbed his chin and asked, “Zhang Hu, does this Teng Family City have an exchange fair?”

Zhang Hu nodded and said, “There do. Every month, there is a large exchange fair where all of the surrounding cultivators come. Are you going to go exchange some things?”

Wang Lin nodded and smiled, “What? Do you not welcome me following you? I don’t have many spirit stones, so I’m relying on you.”

The Teng Family was a very famous cultivation family in the northern part of the country of Zhao. The family head, Teng Xingsen, reached the Nascent Soul stage in the last 500 years, so he didn’t go to the wars in the rank 4 countries.

He was also Wu Feng Valley’s minister, so his position was very high.

Because the Teng Family had an ancestor like him, no one dared to mess with them, even though they weren’t a big sect.

The Teng Family’s exchange fair provided a platform for the cultivators to trade in. At the beginning of each month, Teng Family City was very busy.

Where there are lot of people, there will naturally be a lot of conflicts. Sometimes, people would fight the moment they met. Because of that,  the Teng family ancestor, Teng Xingsen, set a no fighting rule in the city.

Everyone in the city was prohibited from fighting.

The moment the order came out, everyone in the city obeyed, especially after Teng Xingsen personally came out and killed a few Core Formation cultivators.

On this day, two rainbows flew across the sky toward the Teng Family city. One of them said, “Wang Lin, flying is prohibited in the city, so we need to walk from here.”

These two were Wang Lin and Zhang Hu.

Wang Lin’s gaze swept the Teng Family City before him. This city wasn’t big. To be honest, it was more like a large town than a city.

Outside the city stood two Teng Family disciples greeting travelers with smiles and handing out tokens.

Wang Lin expanded his divine sense and immediately found out that both of them were at the 3rd layer, like Zhang Hu.

Looking at the long line going into the city, Wang Lin wasn’t in any rush. He checked everyone in the line and found that everyone was a cultivator, but the strongest was only at the 13th layer.

After a long time, just as Wang Lin and Zhang Hu were about to arrive at the gate, a figure suddenly appeared in the distance. The figure released a very strong aura. Wang Lin sent out his divine sense and was stunned. This person wasn’t old at all, only about 30 years old, but had already reached Foundation Establishment.

This person quickly arrived at the front of the gate. He waved his hand and created a wind that blew everyone away. The people with lower cultivation were sent rolling on the ground.

Zhang Hu would have also been sent rolling if Wang Lin hadn’t caught him right away.

Wang Lin was also sent back a few steps. His expression was normal as he coldly looked at that person.

The person let out a cold snort and walked to the gate. He threw out a token and the two guards became very respectful. One of them even followed the person into the city.

Zhang Hu revealed a look of envy and asked, “What cultivation level is that person at to have that much power with just a wave of his sleeve?”

Wang Lin lightly said, “Foundation Establishment.”

When it was their turn to enter the city, Zhang Hu quickly handed over two low quality spirit stones and the two entered the city.

Zhang Hu had been here many times before. He lead Wang Lin through the city before paying two mid quality spirit stones to get rooms for themselves.

Zhang Hu smiled at Wang Lin. “We don’t have much money left. I hope this 500 year old ginseng sells well. We will split the profit evenly between us.”

The two talked for a bit before returning to their own rooms.

Wang Lin returned to his room and sat down cross legged. He took out Zhang Hu’s master’s flying sword and sword scabbard. After watching them for a long time, his eyes lit up and he threw the flying sword into the air. His hand formed a seal and pointed at the flying sword. A golden light flew out from the flying sword. Then, the flying sword suddenly moved like it returned to life and tried to fly away.

Just as it charged halfway across the room, it seemed to have hit an invisible wall. It changed directions and charged again, but was stopped once again. After charging in a few directions, the flying sword stopped, released a humming sound, and charged toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal as he took out the life saving treasure and sent out the golden symbol. The flying sword seemed to be afraid of the symbol, so it backed away.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the golden symbol started to circle around Wang Lin’s body. The sword didn’t seem to dare to attack Wang Lin again and started to wildly charge around the room faster and faster.

Wang Lin didn’t even bat an eye. He spat out a mouthful of spiritual power to surround the sword. The flying sword suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the door and was about to charge out.

At that moment, the flying sword turned from black to blue and its humming became a lot weaker.

Without a word, Wang Lin pointed with his right hand and the golden symbol charged toward the flying sword.

The sword’s humming revealed a hint of fear as it backed away when the golden symbol got closer. Then, the sword suddenly disappeared again and reappeared near the window.

The color of the sword suddenly changed from blue to green. The sword now looked exactly like it did before it entered the sword scabbard.

Wang Lin’s eyes darted across the room. He noticed that the sword’s teleportation ability had something to do with its color. Without a master, it seemed its teleportation cost a lot of spiritual power.

Situ Nan’s slowly said, “The more consciousness a treasure has, the harder it is to refine. Even after killing its master, it will still take a lot of effort to make it your own treasure.”

Wang Lin narrowed his eyes. He knew that this flying sword had consciousness and even had a teleportation skill. The more difficult it was to refine, the more he wanted to make it his own.

Seeing that the flying sword was about to escape, Wang Lin waved his hand and two golden symbols flew out. The golden symbols blocked the flying sword’s path and were positioned so that even if the sword teleported again, it wouldn’t be able to get away.

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