Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 78

Chapter 78 – Teng Family City

Wang Lin was checking out the treasures when he suddenly heard a whisper from behind. He shot a golden light into the flying sword and turned around. Zhang Hu opened his eyes. After he saw Wang Lin, he was startled. He looked around and saw the flying sword and sword scabbard in Wang Lin’s hands. Zhang Hu revealed a joyous look and asked, “He…died?”

Wang Lin chuckled and nodded. “Yes. Zhang Hu, did you say you didn’t know me before because of him?”

Zhang Hu quickly touched his chest. After pondering for a while, he said, “He really is dead . Wang Lin, this is not a good place to talk. Once I finish all these people, we can catch up.”

With that, he raised his right hand and 3 fireballs appeared.

All of the people in the surroundings were completely stunned. What they just saw was something they had never thought they would see in their lives. When they saw the fireballs in Zhang Hu’s hand, their faces revealed looks of fear.

As for the people dressed in black, they also carefully looked at Zhang Hu with fear in their eyes.

Wang Lin frowned. Just as he was about to speak, Zhang Hu took a step and threw the fireballs. However, the target was not Liu San’s group, but the group of men dressed in black.

In terms of their worth, the lives of these mortals were like ants. Without any ability to fight back, the men in black, including Song Hang, were caught by the fireballs. The strange thing was that their whole bodies weren’t burned to ashes. Several strange golden drops of blood formed and were swallowed by Zhang Hu.

Liu San’s group were roasted by the heat of the fire until their hair curled and skin cracked, but none of them dared to move one bit.

Seeing that Zhang Hu formed 3 more fireballs, Wang Lin said, in a heavy tone, “Zhang Hu, don’t kill anymore.”

Zhang Hu turned his head and looked at Wang Lin, then said, “If we don’t kill these people, then they will go back and report everything. The person you killed is my teacher and also old man Jimo’s 6th disciple. If he finds out about this, it will be hard for us to escape death.”

The middle aged scholar was one of the few who was still calm. He quickly said, “Two immortals, we promise that we won’t talk. I…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhang Hu frowned and sneered, “Promise not to talk? That’s not up to you. When they take out your soul and refine it, you will tell them everything.” Although he was talking to the middle aged scholar, his eyes were on Wang Lin.

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He waved his hand and the remaining 6 or 7 people forcibly moved until they landed in front of Wang Lin.

Zhang Hu withdrew the fireballs and stood at the side, silent.

Wang Lin took out a piece of jade from his bag of holding. This was the jade he got from Zhang Kuang when he went to the exchange with Wang Hao.

He vaguely remembered that there was technique inside that would wipe people’s memories.

After carefully searching the jade, he found the technique. Wang Lin checked it once and put the jade away. Wang Lin’s eyes looked at the group and glowed blue. The blue light entered their eyes and their eyes also glowed blue before they fainted and fell onto the ground.

Zhang Hu secretly sighed. He opened his mouth to say something, but didn’t speak in the end.

After Wang Lin finished the technique, he looked at Zhang Hu and flew off into the distance. Zhang Hu sighed. He spat out a golden ball, got on it, and flew after Wang Lin.

The two flew in the air for a long time. Zhang Hu started to run out of breath and landed on a mountain top while Wang Lin slowly floated down.

Zhang Hu calmed his breathing, then found a place to sit down. He took out two pieces of sweet potato and passed one to Wang Lin. “I baked this. Check how it tastes,” he said.

Wang Lin took the sweet potato. He felt like he had returned to 10 years ago when the two had just meet.

“When I left the Heng Yue Sect back then, I didn’t go home, but wandered around, looking to join another cultivation sect. I got lucky and consumed some herbs and somehow managed to reach the 1st layer of Qi Condensation. I have to thank the weasel’s booklet for that. After meeting Bai Zhan, he decided not to kill me after he saw that I was at the 1st layer. Instead, he made me his disciple to help him gather the blood of mortals. He left a poison in me so he could control my life and death.”

“Before, I didn’t want to say I knew you because he was nearby, but, thankfully, you killed him. That destroyed the poison in my body and I’m finally free.” Zhang Hu took a bite of sweet potato as he quickly explained what had happened in the past 10 years.

Wang Lin felt very regrettable. Although Zhang Hu’s story was very simple and short, he could see from Zhang Hu’s expression that these 10 years had been very difficult for him.

Zhang Hu revealed a look of envy and said, “Wang Lin, we haven’t seen each other in 10 years. Seeing that you could kill my teacher, you must have reached Foundation Establishment. My teacher’s flying sword is very powerful. He said he could only use ⅖ of its power, but even then, no one below Foundation Establishment could compete with him.”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “I haven’t reached Foundation Establishment yet. Do you know where this flying sword came from?”

Zhang Hu looked at Wang Lin with a surprised look, but he didn’t ask further. He carefully thought about it and said, “I think he talked about it once. I think he said he found it in a cave and only got it because of the great opportunities at that moment. He always viewed it as a great treasure. Also, that sword scabbard is also a treasure. Teacher treasured that scabbard several times more than the flying word. I once heard from my teacher that besides him, unless someone is at the Core Formation stage, they can’t refine it for themselves.”

Wang Lin found a rock to sit down on. He pondered for a while, then asked, “Tell me about old man Jimo so we can at least be on guard against a few things.”

Zhang Hu swallowed the sweet potato in his mouth and said, “Old man Jimo is an independent cultivator. It’s said that he has already reached Core Formation. He cares about his reputation a lot, so he will definitely be out searching for us when he finds out about Bai Zhan’s death. You better return to the Heng Yue Sect. As for me, I can go hide in the Teng Family city. Even old man Jimo won’t dare to be arrogant there. As long as I stay in the city, I should be safe.”

Wang Lin wrily smiled and said, “The Heng Yue Sect only exists in name now.”

Zhang Hu was startled and said, “I heard about this before. 4 years ago, the Xuan Dao Sect stole the Heng Yue mountain, but I heard that the Heng Yue Sect disciples migrated. Did you not migrate with them?”

Wang Lin didn’t want to discuss this matter and asked, “What kind of place is the Teng Family city?”

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