Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 70

Chapter 70 – Returning Home

Three days later, Wang Lin left the cave covered in sweat. Zhou Peng walked out behind him with misty eyes.

“Zhou Peng, you return to the Xuan Dao Sect. Follow my directions and kill all of the people that want to harm me. Also, protect my parents afterwards.” Wang Lin’s voice was very cold and filled with bloodlust.

Zhou Peng respectfully nodded and moved toward the Xuan Dao Sect.

Wang Lin looked at Zhou Peng. After a long time, Wang Lin asked, “Senior Situ, this puppet technique didn’t really require the first step, right?”

Situ was stunned. He quickly said, “Says who?! The first step was a must. Without the first step, you couldn’t do the second step.”

After Wang Lin had personally made a puppet himself, he felt that there was something off. He wanted to say more, but instead asked, “Will Pun Nanzi see through Zhou Peng?”

Situ Nan hesitated for a bit, then answered, “Truth to be told, when you were making the puppet, I placed some of my essence inside it, so, if a nascent soul cultivator doesn’t look very carefully, they shouldn’t be able to find anything wrong. Also, that Pun Nanzi should be in closed door training most of the time, so the chances of him finding out are low”

Wang Lin pondered for a while. He moved his body and shot out like a rainbow toward the village. He didn’t stop at all and flew toward his home.

Before he even entered the gate, he heard a familiar voice coming from inside

“Little brat, how can anyone be as bad a carpenter as you? Just look at it… this isn’t even half as good as what my son can do.”

“Master, Tie Zhu is an immortal now. How could I ever compare to him? If I can be even half as great as he is, I’ll be satisfied.”

When Wang Lin heard this, he was stunned. He immediately sent out his divine sense. Then, he let out a smile. He remembered this person. It was a playmate of his that often bugged Wang Lin’s dad to teach him carpentry.

He gently pushed the door open and said to the old figure in the yard, “Dad, Tie Zhu is back.”

The old figure quivered. He immediately dropped the tool in his hand, turned his head, and saw a 20 or so year old youth that looked exactly like his son.

“Tie Zhu?” Wang Lin’s dad rubbed his eyes hard as tears flowed out.

Wang Lin stepped forward and embraced his dad. He wiped away the tears on his dad’s face as he carefully studied that familiar face. He took a few steps back, knelt on the ground, and said, “Dad, Tie Zhu hasn’t been a good son, not visiting at all in the last 5 years.”

“It really is Tie Zhu! Wife, come out! Our son is back!” Tie Zhu’s dad pulled Wang Lin up. He looked Wang Lin over with a smile on his face.

Tie Zhu’s dad excitedly said, “Tie Zhu, you grew taller. You’ve almost caught up to your dad. You also have became sturdier. Good, that’s my son!”

At that moment, an old woman walked out of the house. She stared at Wang Lin as tears fell from her eyes.

Wang Lin went up and knelt before the old woman with a yearning expression. He said, “Mother, Tie Zhu came back to see you.”

“You…how could you be so heartless? You haven’t come back to see us at all in the last 5 years. Do we still exist in your heart? In these 5 years, your father and I have been constantly thinking about you…” As she kept speaking, she ended up hugging Tie Zhu and started to cry.

Tie Zhu’s dad looked at Tie Zhu’s mom, then said, “Our child is an immortal, so he must focus on more important matters. Just look at how you’re acting. It will become the joke of the town. Little Six, you can go home. Don’t bother coming back for a few days. I’ll call you when Tie Zhu leaves.”

Little Six smiled. He quickly responded and left after giving Wang Lin a look of admiration.

That night, Wang Lin’s mom made a plethora of good food. All of the dishes were Wang Lin’s favorites. They ate and talked about the changes that had happened in these past 5 years.

Wang Lin didn’t need to eat in these past few years, but his mother’s cooking smelled too delicious for him to resist.

During the conversation, Wang Lin’s parents asked about the giant mountain appearing on top of the Heng Yue Sect. Wang Lin hesitated for a bit and lied that the Heng Yue Sect moved, so he won’t be able to come back as often. His parents didn’t ask dig any deeper about this matter. They just told him to take care of his body.

In these past 5 years, a lot had changed. Relatives often visited and, with fourth uncle’s help, Wang Lin’s dad was able to get back his part of the family inheritance.

His dad didn’t do much carving himself anymore, but he accepted a few apprentices and passed on his trade.

Little Six was the smartest of the apprentices. He managed to learn 50 or 60 percent of the skills already.

When Wang Lin heard this, he smiled and said, “Dad, I saw the wood carving Little Six made. They were pretty good, not nearly as bad as you were saying.”

Wang Lin’s dad snorted and said, “They are still far too poor! When I taught you how to carve, you were only 8 years old, and you were already doing better than him!”

Tie Zhu’s mom looked at her son with eyes filled with love and said, “Yes, our Tie Zhu has always been smarter than them. I have to say, Tie Zhu, you aren’t young anymore. In these past 5 years, many families have come to ask about marriage. Mom heard that immortals can also have families. Since you are back, stay for a while and go see them with mom. If there are any good ones, we can decide on the matter.”

Wang Lin was stunned and wrily smiled. “Mother, how old do I look? Please don’t worry about this.”

Tie Zhu’s mom immediately became unhappy and stared at Wang Lin. “Little brat, all of the people your age in the village already have kids running around.”

Wang Lin rubbed his nose and said, “Mom, creating a family is a big deal. Wait a few years and I’ll bring one back. How’s that?”

Tie Zhu’s dad saw that his wife was about to say more. He coughed and said, “Wife, why are you worried about these pointless things? Our son is an immortal. Do you understand immortals? How could they marry a mortal? Tie Zhu is saying that he will bring back an immortal wife. Do you understand?”

Tie Zhu’s mom paused and muttered, “What’s so good about immortals? Immortals can leave home and not come back for 5 years. If I have a immortal daugher in law, then my son probably won’t even bring her back after 10 years.”

Wang Lin wrily smiled. Right as he was about to speak, his mom glared at him and said, “Fine, I’ll listen to your dad. I guess you have your sights set on something high and the girls in the villages won’t catch your eye. Mom will wait and see what kind of girl you bring back.”

When Wang Lin saw that his mom was angry, he immediately said, “Mom, don’t worry. Your son will definitely bring you back a good daugher in law.”

After dinner, Wang Lin’s parents asked him endless questions until late into the night before they finally went to sleep.

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