Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 68

Chapter 68 – (Untitled)

Zhang Kuang shook his head and said, “Senior brother, in the entire Xuan Dao Sect, only the two of us know about this. I didn’t tell anyone else.”

Zhou Peng’s eyes narrowed. He grabbed Zhang Kuang by the neck and shouted, “Zhang Kuang, you are lying!”

Zhang Kuang didn’t dare strike back. His face turn red as he saw killing intent in Zhou Peng’s eyes. He clenched his teeth and said, “Senior brother, if you don’t believe me, you can use the soul search technique. What I say is 100% true. I didn’t tell anyone else.”

Zhou Peng’s eyes lit up. He snorted and said, “I’ll believe you for now. Go catch Wang Lin’s parents and kill them. I’ll refine their souls into spirit flags. We can use those to find Wang Lin. Then, using his parents’ souls to attack him, unless he’s reached the Foundation Building stage, his soul will break.”

Zhang Kuang’s body shivered. He had never heard of such a vicious technique before, so he hesitated for a bit.

Zhou Peng’s eyes narrowed. “Go!” he shouted.

Zhang Kuang clenched his teeth and ran toward the village.

Killing intent filled Wang Lin’s eyes. This was the first time he wanted to kill someone.

Situ Na immediately shouted, “That’s right! Kill, kill, kill, kill them all! You are too weak now, but if you were strong enough, you should kill your way to the Xuan Dao Sect and kill them all. Back then, I loved doing these things.

This was the first time Wang Lin didn’t oppose Situ Nan’s idea. He moved his body and chased after Zhang Kuang.

Zhang Kuang’s step slowed down until he almost stopped, but in the end, he took a deep breath and became more determined, then moved faster toward the village.

Just at that moment, his expression suddenly changed. He turned his head and saw Wang Lin following behind him like a ghost in the air.

Zhang Kuang took a few steps back and forced a smile. “Senior brother, you…you…”

Wang Lin remained silent. He displayed a cold smile.”

“Senor brother, I…” When Zhang Kuang saw Wang Lin’s expression, his heart skipped a beat and he took a few steps back while placing his hand on his bag of holding.

“Zhang Kuang, aren’t you looking for my home? It’s over there.” Wang Lin pointed toward his home.

Zhang Kuang’s heart pounded like crazy. He fell to the ground, kneeling, with a face filled with shame, and shouted, “Senior brother, I was wrong. It’s Zhou Peng’s fault! He forced me to come. I…” At that moment, he took out a piece of jade and threw it into the air with a serious expression.

The piece of jade suddenly turned into a flying sword and flew toward Wang Lin. Zhang Kuang quickly started to chant as he took out pieces of black wood. The pieces of black wood fused together into a whip.

The moment the whip appeared, it released a dangerous aura. Zhang Kuang threw the whip at Wang Lin. He didn’t even wait to see the result, he just ran away.

Wang Lin revealed a mocking expression. He activated his attraction technique, which surrounded his body, and moved to the side. He sent out two invisible hands with his attraction technique. One of them pinched the sword and the other went toward Zhang Kuang. Zhang Kuang suddenly felt pain around his neck, as if a hand had a firm hold on it. His face turned purple. He let go of the technique he had formed with his hand and reached toward his neck.

Killing intent filled Wang Lin’s eyes. With a cracking sound, Zhang Kuang’s neck bent as his eyes were filled with despair. Blood came out of his mouth, and, after Wang Lin released the attraction technique, he fell to the ground. His body twitched a bit before finally going limp forever.

The moment Zhang Kuang died, the flying sword shook and turned back into a piece of jade. Wang Lin grabbed the jade out of the air.

As for his long black whip, it also lost its support and turned back into pieces of black wood, which were also put away by Wang Lin. After Wang Lin took Zhang Kuang’s bag of holding, he used the fireball technique to burn the body, then rushed toward where Zhou Peng was.

Zhou Peng waited for half a day. He secretly cursed Zhang Kuang for being so slow. He was about to head over to see what was going on when his expression suddenly changed. He felt a fluctuation of spiritual energy from the village. Just as he was about to go check it out, he felt a powerful killing intent moving quickly toward him.

Zhou Peng was shocked. He shouted, “Who killed Zhang Kuang? His presence has completely disappeared, meaning he has died.” Before he could think about it further, Wang Lin appeared in his view.

Zhou Peng’s expression changed greatly. Without a word, he turned around and ran away. He cursed in his heart, “Zhang Kuang, oh, Zhang Kuang. You’re going to get me killed! How come Wang Lin suddenly came back?”

Wang Lin’s eyes remained cold. He was determined to kill Zhou Peng. He wrapped himself in the attraction technique and chased after Zhou Peng

Zhou Peng didn’t even try to turn his head. He took out a flying sword and charged toward the Heng Yue Peak.

“You won’t be able to run away!” Wang Lin’s voice entered Zhou Peng’s ear like a ghost’s whisper, causing his hair to stand. He shivered and found in horror that Wang Lin was getting closer. He shouted in desperation, “Wang Lin, there is no feud between us. What are you going to do?!”

Wang Lin smiled coldly and said, “No feud between us? You know it well yourself. Zhou Peng, you will die today!”

Zhou Peng groaned in his heart. He clenched his teeth and forced the flying sword to its limit. He thought, “As long as I reach the sect, no matter how strong he is, he won’t be able to kill me.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He activated his attraction technique and grabbed toward Zhou Peng. Zhou Peng had been on guard against the dragon capture hand this entire time. When the dragon capture hand came, he flew closer to the ground. He almost dodged the technique. His body was safe, but his sword was hit, causing him to spin for a bit before he steadied himself.

Zhou Peng’s face darkened. His flying sword didn’t stop as he continued his escape.

Wang Lin started to get nervous. His attraction technique only had a certain range and once he passed that range, the power of the technique decreased a lot. He was starting to get worried. He might not be able to catch Zhou Peng before Zhou Peng returned to the sect. He knew that he must not let Zhou Peng get away because not only would it put himself in danger, but also put his parents in danger.

He immediately said to Situ Nan, “Senior Situ, is there any way for me to catch him immediately?”

Situ Nan calmly said, “There is…but…”

Wang Lin frowned and immediately said, “If Zhou Peng gets away, then I’ll just take my parents and move away. As for cultivation, I’ll just give it up and live as a mortal.”

Situ Nan immediately said, “What are you in a rush for? I’m only talking a bit slowly. If it was the me from before, I would kill you with one slap for being such a disrespectful disciple.”

“What disciple, you fart? Hurry up!” Wang Lin became even more anxious. He even lost his respectful tone.

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