Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 67

Chapter 67 – (Untitled)

The old woman named Wang nodded and said, “Wang Lin, if you have any questions, you can come and ask us at any time.”

Wang Lin hesitated for a while, then said, “Disciple has one request that I hope ancestors will agree to.”

The old woman named Wang knitted her eyebrows and said, “What is it?”

Wang Lin raised his head and said, “Disciple wants to go out once.”

The old woman quickly refused. “You must focus on reaching Foundation Building first. You can’t go out.”

Wang Lin raised his brow and said, “Disciple must go out to do something. Once I finish, I can focus on cultivation.”

The old woman gave Wang Lin a harsh stare and was about to speak when Liu Wenju pulled her and warmly said, “Your ancestor Wang is worried about your safety outside. Can you tell me what are you going to do outside?”

Wang Lin honestly said, “Disciple hasn’t see his parents in many years, and this closed door training will probably last a very long time, so I would like to go home and see my parents first.”

Liu Wenju pondered for a bit. He and the old woman looked at each other. Then, he took out a piece of jade and said, “Ok, go quickly and return quickly. This piece of jade can take one hit from a Core Formation cultivator. Only use it when your life is in danger.”

Wang Lin was surprised. He quickly took it and put it away in his bag of holding. The number of treasures he had was simply too low. The only two he had were the talisman from Zhang Hu and this piece of jade.

“This is the technique to open up the formation here. Remember it well.” Liu Wenju took out another piece of jade, then walked into a room for closed door training with the old woman.

After saying his goodbyes to everyone, he used the technique to open up the formation. He took a deep breath and jumped out of the cave.

After he left the cave, he didn’t pause, but jumped into the air, activated the attraction technique around his body, and flew upwards.

Situ Nan said to Wang Lin, “You finally left. Do you plan on returning?”

After pondering a little, Wang Lin said, “I will not be returning any time soon. After I settle the matters at home, I have my own plans.”

Situ Nan said, “If my guess is correct, once you give the heaven defying bead enough wood element, its ability to slow time will increase greatly. Right now it is 10 times, but once the wood element is filled, it might be 100 times. By then, your cultivation speed will increase greatly.”

As the two talked, Wang Lin flew at a very fast speed, leaving a red trail behind him.

After a day, he entered the Heng Yue Sect’s southern mountain range. He was afraid of attracting attention, so he slowed down a bit. On the second day, he arrived at the small village.

From a distance, the village looked about the same as before. There wasn’t too much difference besides his own house. It turned from one house to a three room house with a giant “Fortune” sign on the main gate. Although there was barely any light, sounds of dogs and roosters could be heard.

Smoke floated from the village early in the morning as everyone got up to cook breakfast.

Wang Lin stood at the village entrance, staring at his own home. Five years had passed in the blink of an eye, but he could still clearly feel his parents’ hopeful gazes.

He hesitated a little, but he didn’t go in. He circled the village for a bit, then found a place to sit down and cultivate with the trees hiding his body.

He wasn’t sure if the people from the Xuan Dao Sect would come kill his parents as a form of revenge on him, so, before he settled the matter, he didn’t want to go home and worry his parents.

Time slowly passed by and in the blink of an eye, Wang Lin had lived outside of the village for a month.

In this month, Wang Lin kept his divine sense spread at all times. On a certain day, a cold light flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. He said, “So, they came after all.”

Two sword lights quickly flew toward the village. After they landed, they revealed their figures. One person was wearing a black cloak that covered their entire body, making it impossible to see who it was, but this person was emitting a disgusting smell.

A voice filled with hate came from the black cloaked individual. He said, “Zhang Kuang, Wang Lin’s parents live here?”

At his side was a very handsome youth. He had a very sharp look and very masculine features, but his eyes weren’t bright. They were filled with a bit of greed. He whispered, “Senior brother, that Wang Zhuo is really despicable. I thought that with how much he taunted Wang Lin, he would tell me where his parents were, but he wouldn’t say a word. Thankfully, I was smart and checked the Heng Yue Sect’s disciple registration and found that he was from this village, but I don’t know which house.”

After he said that, he thought, “Wang Lin, we were from the same sect before, so I still had some concern about you, but now, I’m a disciple of the Xuan Dao Sect. No matter what, I must steal the treasure you possess.”

The person wrapped in the black cloak was the Xuan Dao Sect’s head disciple, Zhou Peng. His hatred for Wang Lin had reached its limit. He wished that he could eat Wang Lin’s flesh and drink Wang Lin’s blood because his entire reputation was ruined by Wang Lin. Now, his body was covered in a black dust that couldn’t be washed off, so he had to cover himself in a black cloak so people couldn’t see him.

This black dust was at least hideable by clothes, but the smell emitted by the black dust was still there. Not to mention others, even when he smelled it himself, he felt like puking.

He coldly snorted and said, “Zhang Kuang, you said that Wang Lin went from being trash to an expert so quickly because of that liquid?”

Zhang Kuang endured the smell. Because Zhou Peng was too close, his stomach churned and he felt like puking, but he didn’t dare show it in front of Zhou Peng. He quickly answered, “Senior brother, why would I dare fool you? I already showed you the liquid. That was the liquid Wang Lin traded with me for the chants for Qi Condensation stages. I swear that if I’m to lying to you, I will never reach the Foundation Building stage.”

Zhou Peng took off his hood, exposing his black face covered in dust. A vicious light flashed across his eyes and he said, “Good. Zhang Kuang, if what you said is true, then, in the future, as long as I’m around, no one will dare to mess with you in the Xuan Dao Sect.”

Zhang Kuang’s face revealed an excited expression, but as he lowered his head, he thought, “Hmph, I, Zhang Kuang, am not someone who needs to follow in another’s shadow. Once I have my footing in the Xuan Dao Sect, I will be able to reach the Foundation Building stage in a few dozen years.”

Zhou Peng revealed a mocking expression when Zhang Kuang lowered his head. Zhou Peng then asked, “Have you told anyone else about this liquid?”

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