Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 65

Chapter 65 – Sect Mourning

Huang Long touched his bag of holding and looked toward the Heng Yue Sect with a complex expression. Dao Xu stood at his side and said, “Sect head, there will be a time when we will take back the Heng Yue Mountain.”

Huang Long bitterly smiled and said, “The purple moon sword was given to me by ancestor Liu when I became the sect head. I told him that as long as the sword is there, I’ll be there, but now, alas.”

The red faced elder named Ma darkly said, “Sect Head, the Xuan Dao Sect had a Nascent Soul cultivator. Not fighting him was the logical thing to do. There is no need to feel remorse about things like this. The cultivation world has always been like this. Back when the heng Yue Sect was powerful, we did the same thing.”

Huang Long secretly sighed and didn’t say a word.

Wang Lin sat down cross legged in the corner, looking at the Heng Yue mountain. All of this happened too quickly and he was still in a state of shock, but he was mostly worried about his parents.

After pondering for a while, he still couldn’t set aside his worries. He was afraid that the Xuan Dao Sect disciples would go find his parents for revenge. Thinking about this, a cold light appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. Although he didn’t want to kill people, if they wanted to hurt his parents, he wouldn’t mind killing them.

Situ Nan proudly boasted, “This is the right way, Wang Lin. Hehe, you should have been like this a long time ago. It’s only killing people, what’s the big deal? I have 10,000 ways for people to wish they were dead.”

Wang Lin frowned and said to Situ Nan, “Killing people is no the solution to this problem. If I kill one, there will be another, unless I kill all of the disciples of the Xuan Dao Sect.”

Situ Nan kept trying to push him. “What’s so difficult about that? I’ll teach you a technique, the puppet technique. Then, you can capture someone and reform them into a loyal puppet. How’s that? With this, you will be able to live worry free.”

Just as Situ Nan finished speaking, the fat youth from the sword pavilion came up to Wang Lin and sat down next to him. He wrily smiled and said, “Head senior brother, my name is Huang Dashan. In the future, please take care of junior here.”

Wang Lin glanced at the other, but, before he could respond, the black clothed disciple named Zhang came and said, “Huang Dashan, if you have time, you should cultivate more instead of asking someone to take care of you.”

Huang Dashan wrily smiled and said, “The sect is gone. Among the inner disciples left, senior brother Wang Lin is the strongest. No matter how much I cultivate, I won’t be able to beat him, so I might as well be his underling.”

Brother Zhang turned and looked at Wang Lin. He remembered when he brought the three disciples up to the mountain to be tested to join the sect. He secretly sighed and said, “Wang Lin, your progress has really been unexpected. I truly admire you.”

Wang Lin let out a wry smile, but was unable to say anything. He always had a lot of respect for brother Zhang. Brother Zhang was one of the few inner disciples in the sect that not only had never mocked him, but even encouraged him.

At this point, Lu Song walked toward the three, frowning, and said, “Zhang Dekun, we haven’t seen each other for several years and you have finally reached the 6th layer. Do you still remember the promise from 10 years ago?”

Brother Zhang’s eyes lit up. He stared at Lu Song and said, “Of course I remember.”

Lu Song let out a sigh. He sat down next Wang Lin, then patted Wang Lin’s shoulder and said “Wang Lin, the Heng Yue Sect exist only in name. I’ll say something ugly. If you had stayed at the Xuan Dao Sect, you would have a much better future than coming here with us.”

With that, he bitterly smiled at brother Zhang and said, “Zhang Dekun, your stubborn temper is still the same as ever. What’s the point of that 10 year promise when the sect doesn’t even exist anymore? Sigh.”

Wang Lin looked at Lu Song. He moved his shoulder to get away from Lu Song and said, “Didn’t elder brother Lu Song also not stay at the Xuan Dao Sect?”

Lu Song shook his head and said, “Don’t call me elder brother. According to the rules, I should be calling you elder brother. Hehe, if I were stay there, I would have no future, because I have offended too many people in the Xuan Dao Sect.”

Zhang Dekun coldly said, “Not only have you offended people from the Xuan Dao Sect, you have offended a lot of people in the Heng Yue Sect as well.”

Lu Song raised his head. He looked at Zhang Dekun and sighed. “Junior brother Zhang, before I became a core disciple, I was a very hated person, but that was in the past. What use is there in talking about it now? Back then, there was only one slot for a core disciple that year, and I had to help. I offer my apologies to you, junior brother Zhang.”

Zhang Dekun’s face remained cold and he didn’t say a word. During the competition for the core disciple slot that year, he was up against one of Lu Song’s relatives. Before the fight, Lu Song appeared and injured him, causing him to lose the fight.

Lu Song told him that he was not convinced then he could find Lu Song in 10 years to fight again.

Lu Song honestly said, “Brother Zhang, I’ll do my best to make up for what happened 10 years ago, but, currently, the sect is in hardship, so us inner disciples should band together. Forget the disciples under 5th layer. Between us four, Huang Dashan is at the 5th layer, Zhang Dekun is at the 6th layer, and I’m at the 8th layer. So, what layer are you at Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin saw that everyone was looking at him. He for pondered a little, then honestly answered, “14th layer of Qi Condensation.”

The moment the words were said, the three people next to him all sucked in breaths of cold air. They all knew Wang Lin was strong, but they didn’t expect him to be this strong.

Lu Song’s mouth dried up. He wrily smiled and said, “Congratulations elder brother Wang. You will soon reach the Foundation Building stage. When that happens, I’ll have to call you elder.”

Zheng Dekun gave Wang Lin a deep and thoughtful look before letting out a sigh, while Huang Dashan’s eyes lit up.

The other surrounding inner disciples carefully observed the four. The few with sharper ears heard what Wang Lin said. Their eyes were filled with even more respect towards him.

Lu Song took a deep breath and said, “Senior brother Wang Lin, from now on, we are the top disciples in the Heng Yue Sect. You will be the Elder Senior disciple, I’ll be the second disciple, Zhang Dekun will be 3rd and Huang Dashan will be the 4th. We should from now our share our experience and form a group. What do you think?”

Wang Lin pondered for a little. Before he could say anything, Huang Dashan quickly said, “What second senior brother said is correct. That is how it should be.”

Zhang Dekun hesitated for a while. He nodded and said, “There should be leaders among the inner disciples. This will help the elders and make it so that they have less things to worry about.”

When Wang Lin saw that the other two had already agreed, he nodded in agreement. He didn’t really care about this matter as he had other plans.

Just at that moment, Liu Wenju and the old woman opened their eyes.

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