Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 61

Chapter 61 – Ancestor

After returning to his room, Wang Lin sat cross legged on his bed. He spread out his divine sense and left a trace of it around his room in order to detect anyone who was trying to probe in with their divine sense.

After that, he took out the mysterious bead and began to think. Around three days ago, all of the cloud images on the bead disappeared and were replaced by the image of a leaf.

In regard to this, Situ Nan said that the heaven defying bead had enough water element and now needed wood element. Because of this, he had urged Wang Lin multiple times to leave the Heng Yue Sect to get material with wood element and quickly fill the heaven defying bead with it.

Wang Lin had gained an understanding of his current power. He was currently at the 14th layer of Qi Condensation. However, he was curious about how he didn’t need any of the chants and just progressed this far through cultivation. He suspected that it had something to do with Situ Nan.

While holding the bead, he entered the dream space. Right as he was about to enter, he quickly put the bead away.

The moment he entered the dream space, Situ Nan said, with discontent, “Why didn’t you kill those people in the competition earlier? If it was me, I would have killed all of the males and sucked dry all of the females, then used that centipede to make wine. It would be very nutritious. But one thing you did that suited my taste was killing that Sun Dazhu. Not bad. Just like me in my youth. Wang Lin, you have to remember that the cultivation world is a cruel place. The strong consume the weak. If you keep up your naive thinking, then I’m afraid you won’t live for long.”

Wang Lin pondered for a long time. “Senior, should the next step be to prepare for Foundation Building? Junior doesn’t know any chants to enter Foundation Building.”

Situ Nan snorted and said, “I know the chant, but entering the Foundation Building stage is the true step into the world of cultivation and is very difficult. You should find a secluded place to go into closed door training in to help increase your chances of breaking through. Also, your spiritual spring water and snow water won’t be enough anymore. When you enter Foundation Building, you need a lot of spiritual energy, so you better prepare some spiritual dew.

Wang Lin nodded and said, “The dew is easy to get. It just requires a lot of time.”

Situ Nan sighed and said, “The Spirit Movement stage, which is also the Qi Condensation stage, is to use the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to refine the body. This has all been laying the foundation for the Foundation Building stage. As of now, you can already attempt to break into the Foundation Building stage, but I recommend you wait until you reach the 15th layer. Your talent isn’t that good, and even though I’ve been using my own essence to help you in these past few decades, entering the Foundation Building stage is a heaven defying act. If I still had my body, I would be able to just barely help you through it, but I can’t do much now.”

“In addition to this, your means of attack is too simple. Just one technique won’t do. But sadly, all the techniques I have require you to be at least at the Foundation Building stage to use. You should quickly reach the Foundation Building stage so I can pass the Underworld Ascension Method to you.”

Wang Lin was stunned and said, “Underworld Ascension Method?”

Situ Nan proudly said, “Correct. Hehe, even in my home, a rank 6 country, it is still a top quality method. Unfortunately, it requires a place with a lot of yin element, or the cultivation will be too slow, but the cold spiritual energy it creates is incredibly powerful. Hmph, once you have reached the peak of this method, you can even fight against the experts of rank 7 countries. This is settled. Tomorrow, you can go to the scripture library of this small sect and see what they have, but, once you reach Foundation Building, you must practice the Underworld Ascension Method.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and nodded.

“Also, Wang Lin, it’s best that you don’t put the heaven defying bead in your bag of holding. Place it as close to your chest as possible, so I can still communicate with you when you’re not in the dream space, and you can enter the dream space through me.”

Time slowly passed as Situ Nan talked. After two days in the dream space, Wang Lin woke up.

He sat cross legged and put the bead close to chest, then took a drink of the spiritual liquid and cultivated all night in silence. The next morning, Wang Lin opened the door. His body floated into the air as he moved toward the main hall.

The moment he arrived in the air of the main hall, Huang Long walked out and let out a kind smile when he saw Wang Lin. The smile on his face was much warmer than it was yesterday. He said, “Wang Lin, come with me.”

With that, he waved his sleeves and jumped into the air. Wang Lin quickly followed behind. After a while, they arrived at a sub peak of the Heng Yue Mountain, the pine peak.

When they passed over the area where the competition was held yesterday, Huang Long didn’t stop, but flew straight past it and went deeper into the pine peak, until he stopped in front of some strange rocks and said, “Wang Lin, this is a restricted place in the Heng Yue Sect. This is where the Core Formation true elders and Foundation Building elders cultivate, so don’t carelessly spread out your divine sense, or you might offend them.”

Wang Lin immediately agreed.

Huang Long took a deep breath. He took out a piece of purple jade and threw it into the air. Then, he formed a seal with his hand, swiped his hand through the air, and whispered, “Open!”

The piece of jade quickly started to shine and a circle started to expand from it, forming a circular passage wide enough for one person to pass through.

Huang Long didn’t say a word and walked inside. Wang Lin hesitated a little and followed him in.

The moment he entered, his eyes blurred. When his eyes cleared up, he saw a few old and tall buildings. The buildings gave off a very heavy aura, making him feel like he couldn’t breath in here.

Meanwhile, 7 to 8 powerful divine senses came out and scanned him. Then, a slow and ancient voice came out:

“So you are Wang Lin. Not bad.”

Wang Lin became alert and respectfully said, “Disciple Wang Lin greets elder.” And at the same time, Situ Nan’s voice echoed in his mind, “This place makes it look much more like what a small sect should be. 2 Core Formation and 10 Foundation Building cultivators, not bad.”

Huang Long’s expression suddenly changed and growled, “What, elder? This is ancestor!”

Wang Lin was stunned. The voice came again. “It’s fine. Sect customs are useless here. Wang Lin, this time, you have done a great deed for the sect, so you can choose any technique you like in this scripture library. This scripture library can’t be compared to the one in the courtyard. This is where the real techniques of the Heng Yue Sect are stored. There are more than 10,000 techniques inside this library. If you were to take this library and compare it to all of the other sects in the country of Zhao, there is no other sect with a larger collection. You must not be too greedy and you must pick the right one! Huang Long, you can take him there now.”

In Wang Lin’s mind, Situ Nan scornfully said, “A mere Core Formation as ancestor? When I was young, all of the Core Formation cultivators tried to suck up to me, and some of the female Core Formation cultivators would even take off their pants to try to sleep with me.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal, as if he hadn’t heard anything Situ Nan just said.

Huang Long quickly and respectfully responded. He pulled Wang Lin to one of the buildings. This building gave off a very ancient atmosphere. It looked like an old library.

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