Renegade Immortal

Renegade Immortal Chap 15

Chapter 15 – Suspicion

Zhang Hu ran to the table in a daze. He tried to pour a cup of water from the container for a long time, but not a single drop came out. He rubbed his eyes and saw the bedding was crumpled into a ball, then he stared at Wang Lin and said, “Wang Lin, when did you come back? This…did a ghost do this?”

Wang Lin smiled, then he opened the door and said, “I don’t know. When I got back, it was already like this. Why don’t you try asking the other disciples? However, if this gets to the elders, you would have to go through the trouble of explaining this and possibly get interrogated by them.”

Zhang Hu shook his head, and said, “Forget it, I won’t ask. If I get questioned by the elders, it would be hard to avoid punishment.”

Wang Lin didn’t mind him and walked out the door. It was still raining outside, so he quickened his pace, afraid that the bead would cause some disturbance in the rain. He took a deserted path to the eastern gate. All the water that fell on him was absorbed by the bead, and he was afraid someone would notice. At first he wanted to hide it in his room, but then decided it was safer to hide it outside.

Wang Lin went to one of the places that he had previously hid a gourd containing dew. It was very early in the morning and not many people had awakened yet. He made sure no one followed him before burying the stone bead there.

After that, he let out a sigh. He intended to wait for the rain to stop, then come back to take his treasure back. Wang Lin left very cautiously, making sure no one else was around, and made his way to the chore house. When he got there, he was just about to pick up a bucket when the weasel faced yellow clothed disciple came out. Disciple Liu was a bit startled when he saw Wang Lin, but quickly changed his expression to one full of enthusiasm as he rushed forward to snatch the bucket from Wang Lin’s grasp. He said, “If it isn’t brother Wang! How was your trip home? Are your parents doing well? Your senior has missed you on these days you were gone.”

Wang Lin was stunned, he was very familiar with that face. It was exactly same face his relatives had at the party, but Wang Lin wasn’t sure what Disciple Liu was trying to do.

“Brother Liu, my parents are doing well. You don’t need to worry.” Wang Lin carefully replied, as he wasn’t sure what Liu was up to.

Disciple Liu warmly said, as he puffed his chest, “Brother, from now on you don’t have to wake up so early. Your big brother was joking with you, telling you to fill ten vats a day, but you went and seriously believed me. From now on, you only need to fill one vat a day. Even if you don’t finish in time, you can go eat when food is served. If anyone gives you any trouble, just tell your big brother!”

Wang Lin’s face changed color. He hesitantly asked, “Big brother, is there some matter you wish for me to attend to?”

Disciple Liu’s face was full of discontent, and pretended to be angry. “Little brother, how could you be so cold with your big brother? You are my little brother, naturally I should care for you. In the future, your issues are my issues. As for these chores, just do some work to say you worked. In the end, if you do good or bad is just my opinion. Since it’s raining today you don’t need to work. That’s right Elder Sun came looking for you a few days ago. Now that your back, it’s best to go check in with him.” He finished speaking and watched Wang Lin’s reaction carefully.

Wang Lin muttered to himself and kept from laughing out loud. In his heart, he had guessed more than half the story after listening to the Disciple Liu. Elder Sun must have come looking for him after he left, and Disciple Liu must be afraid of any grudge between them, that’s why he is so friendly today. He didn’t bother to point out the misunderstanding, and imitated what Disciple Liu did when they first met and snorted.

Disciple Liu’s heart skipped when he saw Wang Lin’s expression. This confirmed his own suspicion, this trash really was living the dream: to be able to get the attention of an elder. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so arrogant. This kid looked like one that would hold a grudge. He thought to himself, “He will definitely take revenge on me later.”

Disciple Liu had been an honorary disciple for 13 years, and had spent 6 years at the chore house. He had never before seen an elder seeking out an honorary disciple personally. It was already a rare event for an inner disciple to be sent by an elder.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t considered the fact that Wang Lin had offended the elder, but it was only his speculation. However, he wasn’t sure. It wouldn’t be an issue if he was right, but iwa scared of what would happen if he was wrong. He had been in the Heng Yue Sect for many years, and knew exactly how insignificant he was.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and took out a piece of yellow paper, then handed it to Wang Lin. “Little brother, when senior brother saw you last month, I ignored you. This is just a little gift not worth anything. You have to accept it. If you don’t …”

Before Lie could finish, Wang Lin had already grabbed the yellow paper. When he saw it earlier he noticed it was the immortal talisman used when honorary disciples go home.

“Thank you senior brother. This little brother doesn’t want to be arrogant, but elder is waiting for me. We will have to catch up next time.” Wang Lin said while chuckling.

Brother Liu was a bit envious as he nodded. “The elder is more important, little brother should go quickly.”

Wang Lin was calm on the surface, but on the inside, he had many doubts about Elder Sun. Why did he personally come looking for him? Wang Lin leisurely walked to the courtyard with these questions in his head. He had gone thoroughly analyzed the situation, but in the end, he couldn’t come to a conclusion.

“Could he have found out about the stone bead?” Wang Lin thought. He pondered the question for a bit. He didn’t have the ability to bribe the elder, and if he didn’t go, he would offend the elder, so he might as well pretend he didn’t know anything. Since the bead was not on him, he stopped thinking about it and walked forward.

Not long after he arrived at the courtyard and announced his presence, the same youth in white appeared and was surprised. He quipped, “What, you have to visit home again?”

Wang Lin raised his brow, right before he was about speak, Elder Sun’s voice came from within the courtyard.

“Quickly, bring him here! Without delay!”

The disciple in white’s mouth twitched. He gave Wang Lin a thoughtful look, then headed back into the courtyard. Wang Lin followed silently.

After arriving at Elder Sun’s residence, the youth in white left. Before leaving, he shot Wang Lin a questioning look.

Wang Lin was a bit nervous as he pushed open the gate and entered. The moment he entered, he saw an old man coming out from a room in the garden. The old man’s face was full of wrinkles, his were eyes bright, and he scanned Wang Lin with a cool look.

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