Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 32

“Remember, when engaging in the spiritual essence test, you must hold strong. Resist for as long as you can.” Doehring Cowart said solemnly. “I don’t know much about the wind-style, so you absolutely must go to a magus academy. With such strong elemental essence affinities, it would be an absolute waste for you not to train in the wind-style.”

Linley understood this as well.

“Please enter the magical formation.” The bald elder actually used the word ‘please’ in addressing Linley.

Even the nearby nobles began to look at Linley with a new light in their eyes. For a person to have exceptional elemental affinity meant that they could generate mageforce in an extremely short period of time. The rest of the time could be spent on cultivating spiritual energy. His future prospects would therefore be unlimited.

Linley stepped into the magical formation.

The magical formation immediately glowed with a white aura, and then a sense of pressure immediately flooded into Linley’s spirit.

Light-style elemental magic – Overawe!

“How weak. Compared to the overawing presence of the Black Dragon from half a year ago, it simply isn’t even close to being on the same level.” Linley was relaxed enough to even think about that.

As time went on, the aura of the magical formation grew stronger and stronger, and the overawing presence grew stronger and stronger as well. Everyone in the great hall held their breaths, as everyone watching knew very clearly that in the future, this plainly dressed youngster would definitely become a powerful magus.

“Does anyone know that youngster? What clan does he belong to?” The nobles in front were all whispering to each other.

If they had made friends with this youngster of amazing potential, they would have acquired, in the future, an extremely formidable ally.

“His name is Linley?” Some of the magus academy recruiters learned his name from the test administrators.

The entire group of magus academy recruiters, who had previously been sitting there, smiling, all ran over enmasse to watch. Which magus academy would not want to recruit a genius such as this?

Standing alone in the magical formation, Linley continued to resist the overawing presence.

Linley was breathing heavily, and at the moment, his entire mind felt hazy. That powerful spiritual pressure was pressing down on him like a mountain, and the strength of the pressure was continuing to rise. But Linley was continuing to persevere…

“The longer I can hold on, the better an academy I can enter.” Linley gritted his teeth.

And then, when the pressure had reached a certain height, Linley finally could no longer resist. He dropped to one knee, his hands clenching into fists on the floor.

Everyone’s gaze turned to the bald elder.

His face suffused with happy red glow, the bald elder announced in a clear voice, “Spiritual essence, eighteen times that of his peers, high-level. High spiritual essence, exceptional elemental affinity.”

At this point in time, all of the magus recruiters charged forth. “Hello, Linley. I come from the Lander [Lan’de] Magus Academy. Our Lander Magus Academy sincerely would like to admit you into our school. As long as you enroll with us, your entire tuition will be free, and every year we will even provide you with a thousand gold coins for living expenses. We will also invite an especially skilled magus teacher to personally train you.”

“Linley, I come from the Welling [We’lin] Magus Academy. We…”


Seeing the swarm of people around him and how warmly they were treating him, Linley was stunned for a long moment, while in his heart, he sighed with amazement. In the blink of an eye, so many recruiters had learned his name. This was really too amazing.

“Hey, everyone, please return to your seats. We need to continue the test.” The bald elder said in a kind voice.

He could be arrogant towards those common folk, but he had to be courteous to the representatives of mighty magus academies.

“Linley. Our Ernst Institute would sincerely like to invite you to become one of our students.” From far away, another voice sounded out, and when it did, the entire hall went silent. Even the bald elder stopped speaking.

Linley turned around.

A white-robed middle-aged man walked over. Smiling, he said, “Exceptional elemental affinity, high spiritual essence, and dual-element. Linley, our Ernst Institute would very much welcome you to join us. I don’t know if you would be willing to enter our Ernst Institute?”

Hillman, nearby, had been staring in stunned silence. He immediately ran over next to Linley, so excited that his hands were quivering.

The Ernst Institute?

Enter the Yulan continent’s number one magus academy, the Ernst Institute? What did that represent?

That represented that immediately upon graduation, even if he was just an average student, he could easily become an earl in any of the nearby kingdoms. If he was a superior student, even the four great empires would sincerely welcome him to join them.

Across the entire massive Yulan continent, each year the Ernst Institute only enrolled a scant hundred students!

A hundred students a year. What did this mean?

Every single student who enrolled into the Ernst Institute could be described as a genius!

“Linley, agree to him.” Hillman excitedly said.

Linley also felt extremely excited, but his head was extremely clear, and he also looked very calm on the outside. Linley knew very well that upon becoming a member of the Ernst Institute, and with the guidance of Doehring Cowart, in just a few decades, it would not be too difficult to become a magus of the seventh or eighth ranks.

His clan would once again flourish.

“Sir, it would be my honor to enroll within the Ernst Institute.” Linley said courteously.

Surprised at Linley’s equanimity, the white robed man still smiled. “Linley, I will inform the Institute of your biographical details. When the time comes, just bring your proof of identity to the Institute and take a second, correlating test. Then, you will become an official student of our Institute.”

It was pointless to try and get someone else to take the test for you, because each school would do a backup test as well.

“Each academic year is divided into two semesters, with the first semester beginning in February 9th. As long as you arrive by February 9th, you will be fine. This is your proof of identity. It can also be considered your proof of admission.” The white robed man withdrew a sealed red envelope from within his sleeves.

In fact, immediately upon knowing Linley’s test results, he had recorded Linley’s details into the paperwork in the envelope. Because the white robed man believed without a doubt – no one would refuse an offer from the Ernst Institute!

“Thank you.” Linley accepted the envelope.

Linley didn’t look too excited on the outside, but Hillman was uncontrollably excited. A student at the Ernst Institute. Who amongst them were not venerated? Linley’s future accomplishments could already be predicted.

“Uncle Hillman, let’s go.” Linley placed the red envelope into his clothes, and then left the main hall with Hillman.

Despite being packed, everyone in the main hall, from the commoners to the nobles, all discreetly made way for him to move through. Even those nobles who had previously scorned Linley as a country bumpkin were all now smiling at him in a friendly manner. Their attitudes were amazingly good.

This was a simple demonstration of the status which an Ernst Institute student held!

Watched by a crowd of nobles, commoners, and church officials, Linley and Hillman departed the cathedral.

“Squeaaaaak!” After exiting the cathedral, the little Shadowmouse shouted out, sensing Linley’s excitement.

Only now did Linley let the excitement he felt show on his face. His hands suddenly clenching into fists, his eyes shone with energy. Turning to look at Hillman, he rapidly said, “Uncle Hillman, let’s go, let’s go back! Back to Wushan township! I’ve gotta let my father know the news!”

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