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Coiling Dragon Volume 16 the starmist sea Chapter 6

Book 16, Starmist Sea– Chapter 6, Knifeblade Island

Knifeblade Island. Its circumference was nearly ten thousand kilometers. On the island, a single mountain peak stood by itself, appearing like the blade of a knife rising into the heavens. Thus, this island was named Knifeblade Island.

Knifeblade Island was the lair of an extremely powerful group of bandits. Everyone passing through the Starmist Sea would actively move away from it. But despite that…the forces of Knifeblade Island were spread out and on the prowl. Upon finding a target, they would immediately lead a group of people to attack in unison.

“Rumble…” The waters of the ocean bellowed as they struck upon the beaches of the island.

A bolt of lightning crashed down. After the electric sparks dissipated, a person appeared standing at the beach. It was the grim looking man who carried the warblade.

The grim eyes of the man came to a rest on the distant, eye-catching mountain peak. He murmured, “Knifeblade Island. This is the second place!” And then, the man strode forward, his body flashing with each step which took him hundreds of meters as he instantly entered the depths of the island.

The mountain peak had a large number of bandits living there.

This grim looking man was dressed in a long black robe, and he strode forward boldly, seeming to not care at all about the power of these bandits.

“Who is it!” Within the mountain forests, someone shouted loudly.

A very large number of bandits lived here at Knifeblade Island. Naturally, people would discover this black haired man, but the black haired man didn’t even look at the person who had shouted, continuing to move hundreds of meters with each step.

The bandit’s face changed, and he immediately shouted loudly, “Someone is invading the mountain!”

“Someone is invading the mountain!”

That ringing roar filled the entire mount peak. The bandits who had been resting or training were all startled awake, and the entire Knifeblade Island became a hubbub of activity. Immediately, quite a few pirates began to move towards the sound. Naturally, some of them would run into the black haired man.

But the black haired man still didn’t care at all, continuing to move forward.

“Over there!” Immediately, people discovered him.

“Halt!” Others shouted.

But the black haired man still travelled hundreds of meters per step, constantly moving towards the mountain peak.

“Kill!” Not hesitating at all, the many bandits gathered in the surrounding areas all immediately bellowed, brandishing their cruel, merciless weapons. Flashes of fiery red light, earthen yellow light…all sorts of elemental Law based attacks began.

The black haired man’s facial expression didn’t change at all.


A strange sound rang out. The black haired man’s speed didn’t slow down at all, moving a thousand meters in three steps.

“Hey? How come this person isn’t reacting at all?” Quite a few bandits didn’t understand at all.


Very suddenly, thirty bandits suddenly exploded, their flesh and blood splattering everywhere and their divine sparks landing to one side. The lucky survivors were so terrified, their faces turned white. Only now did they realize that the person had attacked just now.

Only, the speed was too fast. They hadn’t seen it at all.

The Elemental Laws of the Wind, Lightning, and Light were all very suited for speed. How fast someone would be depended on their accomplishments.

But to reach a level of speed where not even these Gods could sense anything at all was simply terrifying.

From the base of the mountain to the gates of that castle within Knifeblade Island, he only took, in total, twenty eight steps. He killed six hundred and twenty eight people. Given the amount of chaos he was creating, the three leaders of Knifeblade Island naturally came out as well, and the elites of Knifeblade Island were currently all on the walls of the castle.

Knifeblade Island had in total three leaders, a hundred Highgods, and over ten thousand Gods. In the society of bandits, they could be considered a supersized power.

At this moment, those hundred Highgods were all surrounding the three leaders. They were on top of the walls of the castle, staring down at the black haired man.

“Who are you, that you have come here to wantonly commit slaughter here?” A grim silver haired man said in an icy voice. He was the chief leader of Knifeblade Island, ‘Acketts’ (A’ke’ci), and was also the number one expert of the entire Knifeblade Island. Acketts could already tell that the black haired man was not easy to deal with.

“Why has this person come to make trouble for us bandits?” Acketts didn’t understand.

The ultimate experts of the Infernal Realm generally didn’t want to bother with bandits.

The black haired man slowly raised his head. His face was pale, and his eyes stared at Acketts like daggers. “My name is Lomio Bornesen [Lu’miao Bo’er’nuo’sen]!”

Acketts frowned. Lomio Bornesen?

He hadn’t heard of this name before.

The black haired man said calmly, “I heard that Mr. Acketts, the leader of Knifeblade Island, had already become a Six Star Fiend long ago. Today, I have two reasons for coming to Knifeblade Island. The first reason is to challenge you, Mr. Acketts!”

Acketts couldn’t help but narrow his eyes as he weighed this Lomio with a viperous gaze.

Him being a Six Star Fiend was back before he became a bandit. After so many years had passed, not many people knew whether or not he now had the power of a Seven Star Fiend. This was also the reason why nobody in Knifeblade Island dared to offend him. Nobody wanted to offend someone who was possibly a Seven Star Fiend.”

“This person dares to challenge me. Then…he most likely is confident in being able to challenge a Seven Star Fiend!” Acketts was calculating mentally.

Moments later…

“Brothers, join forces and kill him!” Acketts instantly spread out his divine sense to the hundred Highgods nearby, including the other two leaders. The group of Highgods simultaneously drew out their weapons and immediately used their most powerful attacks.


The black haired man instantly rose into the heavens.

“Acketts, you truly disappoint me!” A cold voice rang out from the skies, while at the same time, countless bolts of lightning appeared, and countless electric serpents actually began to swirl about as though in a vortex. The eye-catching electric serpents radiated light, glowing on the faces of each person of the castle.

Acketts and the others were all shocked.

“Boss, this looks like a Fogsea Storm.” The second leader, ‘Dimon’ (Dai’man) said in alarm by Acketts’ side.

Indeed, this was the scene of the Fogsea Storm, with countless lightning bolts appearing and circling about.

“Boss, what should we do?” The third leader, ‘Nieles’ (Ni’li’si), was worried as well.

Acketts face was sinister. He knew that once those countless lightning bolts snaked down, most likely ninety percent or more of the hundred Highgods present would all be killed. These were the elites of Knifeblade Island. Acketts immediately shouted loudly, “Lomio, since you’ve challenged me, then come!”

As he spoke, a pair of short, deep green awls appeared in his hands.

“This is the saber attack I have just developed. If you can withstand this blade, I will spare your life!” The cold voice rang out from the heavens, where many lightning bolts snaked around in the vortex. Seeing this, Acketts only let out a cold snort, his entire body faintly beginning to gleam with a green light.

At the same time, Acketts’ entire body began to turn bizarrely blurred as a fog enveloped his entire body.

“So you have some ability.” The calm voice rang down from the vortex above.


The vortex from the large amount of lightning bolts suddenly began to spin, and a large amount of lightning concentrated at one point. Instantly, from that point, a ray of fierce electric saber light blasted out, carrying boundless power as it ripped through the skies and chopped downwards.

Acketts’ entire body was enveloped by that fog, and on the surface of the fog, a strange wind-wheel appeared, frantically spinning.

“Crackle…” One crack after another was appearing in space.

“The most powerful defense of the Boss.” The second leader, ‘Dimon’, and the third leader, ‘Nieles’, watched this from afar in nervousness. Their Boss trained in the Elemental Laws of Water. The defensive power of the Elemental Laws of Water was that it was both unyielding and soft, and could definitely be considered amongst the most powerful of defensive Laws.


The lightning saber flashed, chopping down upon the foggy wind-wheel.

“Bang!” The wind-wheel exploded, transforming into two deep green awls which fell to one side. The fog dissipated as well. The faint green light covering Acketts body swiveled like a protective membrane over Acketts. He wanted to flee, but the speed of that lightning saber was simply too fast, and it directly chopped onto his body.

It paused for only a moment.

But then, the lightning saber flash still managed to chop through the membrane.

“Bang!” And then, the explosion. Acketts’ entire body blew apart, and three divine sparks actually fell to the ground, along with an interspatial ring. The lightning saber flash transformed into a warblade, and the black-haired man, Lomio Bornesen, once more appeared.

“Interspatial ring!”

The other two leaders, Dimon and Nieles, immediately stared at that interspatial ring.

Acketts had been in control of more than half of the wealth of Knifeblade Island, all of which was stored in his interspatial ring.

The black-haired man, Lomio, stretched his hand out and took the interspatial ring. This sight caused the facial muscles of the watching bandits to twitch and convulse. Lomio looked at the three divine sparks. “Six Star Fiend? He did indeed have the power of a Six Star Fiend. If I hadn’t made that breakthrough just a year ago, it wouldn’t have been so easy to kill you today.”

Lomio turned to look at the others.

Dimon and Nieles, as well as the other Highgods, felt terror in their hearts. Their leader, Acketts, was dead. Who could overcome this Lomio? In addition, to an expert on Lomio’s level, a hundred Highgods wouldn’t be able to do anything to him at all in a group battle.

“Mr. Lomio, the Boss is dead because his strength was inferior to yours. You’d best leave.” Dimon suppressed his anger.

The black haired man swept them with a glance, then continued. “I told you, I have two reasons for being here today. The first was to challenge Acketts. This is already completed. The second reason…” The black haired man’s lips curved upwards. He was laughing.

This cold, callous man was actually laughing. His smile appeared quite pleasant, only, the group of bandits all felt their hearts shudder.

“The second reason is to destroy Knifeblade Island!” The black haired man, Lomio, said, his voice turning cold!


An explosive shout instantly rang out, and the two leaders as well as the group of Highgods immediately scattered in every direction. The large amount of bandits on Knifeblade Island all immediately scattered as well.

“BOOM!” A large number of lightning bolts blasted out.

Of the hundred Highgods, fifty two corpses immediately collapsed. But of course, of the fifty two corpses, many had Highgod-level divine clones as well and so they continued to flee.

“They ran quite fast.” The black haired Lomio laughed coldly. Right now, all of the bandits of Knifeblade Island had fled. Only corpses remained!

“The second place is done! Time to start with the third target…” The black-haired man transformed into a ray of lightning, disappearing into the horizon.

The second leader, Dimon, was currently leading thirty six Highgods and thousands of Gods. They were mounted on ten metallic lifeforms, advancing in an awe-inspiring sight. While fleeing, in order to prevent themselves from being all taken in one engagement, the second leader and the third leader had led their forces fleeing separately.

“What sort of horrible luck is this? We were doing perfectly fine when such a monstrously powerful bastard appeared!” Dimon’s rage knew no bounds.

“The vast fortune we built up!” Dimon’s heart ached. The leader, Acketts, and that interspatial ring which had fallen after his death! The fortune stored there exceeded what he and the third leader had, combined.

The Highgods around them all had ugly looks on their faces.

“Second leader, there’s a metallic lifeform up ahead.” Immediately, a subordinate reported in.

Dimon looked out through the metallic lifeform towards the outside world. These bandits were people who normally waylaid and robbed people to begin with. Right now, they were in an especially foul mood and had bellies full of fire. Dimon didn’t dare to vent his anger on that black-haired Lomio, but he did dare to do on these travelers.

“Kill them. Kill them all, don’t spare a single one!” Dimon said viciously.

Dimon’s group had been slaughtering everyone in their path as they headed to another island.

Linley’s group was leisurely resting within the metallic lifeform, and Aches was chuckling. “We went over ten thousand kilometers away from Knifeblade Island. There should be no problem.”

“Is Knifeblade Island so powerful? You seem very afraid of them.” Bebe said.

“Knifeblade Island has more than a hundred Highgods alone, and I hear that long, long ago, their leader was a Six Star Fiend. According to legend, he now has the power of a Seven Star Fiend. You tell me, is he powerful are not? Even those two other leaders are only slightly weaker than the chief leader.” Aches said with some fear.

Linley was secretly astonished.

A bandit group actually had a Seven Star Fiend within it?

“Hey?” Linley looked through the translucent metal windows to the side. “Why are there ten metallic lifeforms, and each one so enormous? It seems as though there are hundreds of people in each metallic lifeform, for a total of thousands of people all combined. Can it be that there is large trading caravan passing through the Starmist Sea?”


The ten metallic lifeforms suddenly separated while flying at high speed. Moments later, Linley’s group of just twenty or so people were completely surrounded by a dense network of people who had come out from every single metallic vessel.

Linley’s group was momentarily stunned.

“Even if they want to waylay us, there’s no need for them to use thousands of people against our little group.” Linley felt numb as well.

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