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Coiling Dragon Chap 289

Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 62

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 62, The Thorn in Their Side

Elder Garvey’s battle against the enemy expert resulted in the aura of Sovereign’s Might filling the area, causing the other three clan leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan to hurry over. When they saw those six figures simultaneously attack Linley, their faces all changed.

“Not good. All six of them are using Sovereign’s Might, and two of them are Patriarchs!” The Vermillion Bird Matriarch recognized the enemy experts from far away.

“How can this be?! The eight great clans have gone mad!”

The White Tiger Patriarch, the Black Tortoise Patriarch, and the other Elders couldn’t understand what they were seeing. No matter how powerful Linley was, he was just a Seven Star Fiend. How could he have angered the eight great clans to the point where without hesitating at all, six enemy members would immediately use Sovereign’s Might to attack him, with two being Patriarchs!

Of the eight Patriarchs, seven were a Sovereign’s Emissary, while the eighth was the most powerful of them all.

What sort of status did the eight of them have? And yet, two of them, not hesitating at all, immediately joined forces to shamelessly attack a junior like Linley? This was inconceivable!

“Linley, quick, flee!!!” A furious shout echoed in Linley’s mind. At this moment, Linley also noticed out of the corner of his eyes that six enemy experts were attacking. He couldn’t help but feel shocked. “Six? All using Sovereign’s Might?”

Murderous looks were in the eyes of the six, and they looked like six tigers that wanted to devour a little lost sheep. “Haha, Patriarch, this Linley actually flew out of the Skyrite Mountains. This really is an opportunity which the heavens had gifted us with.” An extremely muscular man whose entire body was covered with a white robe sent through divine sense.

“We have to seize this opportunity. We must kill him, no matter the cost!”

“He won’t be able to run!”

The six stared at Linley fixedly. Over the past thousand years, their eight great clans had wildly attacked the Four Divine Beasts clan, precisely because they were afraid that that they might take too long and allowed Linley to become a Highgod. They wanted to force Linley out.

But…over so many years, Linley had never come out.

Linley’s existence was a thorn in their side, a bone sticking in their craw. Even in their dreams, they dreamt of destroying this disaster waiting to happen. And now, today, heaven had given them the opportunity to do so! How could the six of them show any mercy? They didn’t show mercy…

But as for Linley, he was no fool. He knew his own limits.

Seeing the six of them charge over, Linley hurriedly retreated while shouting frantically with divine sense, “Garvey, retreat!”

In the same instant as he hurriedly retreated, with Linley at the center, an earthen yellow light sprang out in waves, immediately extending to create an enormous spherical region with a diameter of five hundred meters. It immediately caught the distant Elder Garvey and his opponent, still locked in battle.

Blackstone Space!

The Blackstone Space was the ultimate technique of Reisgem. Today, Linley actually used earth-type Sovereign’s Might to unleash this technique, which was an earth-type attack to begin with. Using earth-type Sovereign’s Might to unleash it…the power of this Blackstone Space had been lifted to an unprecedented, powerful level.

The divine power of a God, when using this Blackstone Space, was capable of affecting weak Seven Star Fiends.

The divine power of a Highgod, when using this Blackstone Space, was capable of affecting even experts who were close to the rank of Asura; Reisgem’s level.

But when using earth-type Sovereign’s Might to execute this Blackstone Space…the enemy would have to use Sovereign’s Might and also be a supreme expert in order to be able to resist it even slightly…as otherwise, within the Blackstone Space, there would be no way for them to fight back at all.

“Ahhh!” The Barbary clan’s warrior who was battling against Elder Garvey, when affected by the gravitational pull, was caught off guard and sank down. In a battle between experts, the slightest flaw was enough to cause one’s death!

“BANG!” Elder Garvey seized the opportunity to launch a palm slap against the head of the Barbary clan warrior, whose head exploded as a divine spark flew out.

The Barbary clan Elder had died!

But right at this moment…

“Swoosh!” Six figures charged straight into the Blackstone Space. The Blackstone Space was simply too large. If they wanted to kill Linley, they would have to draw close to him. Even though they knew how powerful the Blackstone Space was, they still had to charge in first.

But the power of the Blackstone Space was even greater than they had expected!

Blackstone Space – Repulsive Force!

The six figures that had been charging into the Blackstone Space suddenly slowed down. Caught off guard, two of the figures even were pushed backwards by the repulsive force of this Blackstone Space. They had charged straight in, but then suddenly were thrust out by the repulsive force. These two conflicting momentums caused their bodies to tremble, and their faces couldn’t help but turn red. Just like that, they were injured.

This was the terrifying power of a supreme Blackstone Space!

“How is that possible?” The other four, although just barely able to resist from being repulsed outwards, were also slowed dramatically.

There was no way they would be able to catch Linley!

“Attack!” The leader, Patriarch Boleyn, roared through divine sense. At the same time, white, glowing wings appeared from his back, and a white, holy aura of Fate-type Sovereign’s Might emanated from his entire body. The expression on Patriarch Boleyn’s face was incomparably emotionless as he stared at Linley!

“Swish!” A semi-translucent white arrow pierced through the air, shooting towards Linley.

“Hmph!” A low growl.

A man with two icy blue eyes swung out his right arm, his blue eyebrows fluttering. A blue scimitar instantly shot out. The spatial fabric of the Infernal Realm was cut open like a piece of paper, wherever that blue scimitar sliced past.

If a blade was very sharp, when you sliced it through someone’s head, the only thing that would happen would be that a red line would appear.

This scimitar cut through space in the same manner; when it sliced through space, it just left behind a thin crack, one which was almost invisible if not examined carefully. However, the power of this scimitar had reached an astonishing level.

The white arrow and the blue scimitar shot out simultaneously.

“Hmph!” With but a thought, Linley suddenly made layers upon layers of earthen yellow walls appear out of nowhere, blocking in front of that white arrow and the scimitar. But the gliding speed of that scimitar was simply too fast; it was even faster than the white arrow, and it easily sliced through one wall after another.

Linley was shocked. “This scimitar…”

This earthen yellow wall was formed from earth-type Sovereign’s Might, and its defensive power was very terrifying. But this powerful defense, in the face of that scimitar, was like nothing more than wet paper, unable to block it in the slightest.

“Can it be a Sovereign artifact?” Linley continuously retreated.

“Whoosh!” The scimitar sliced through the air, and had already arrived in front of Linley. Only now did Linley clearly see…that as the scimitar slashed towards him, a neat cut in space itself could be seen at the edge of the scimitar. “Too fast. Too fast!” Linley wasn’t able to dodge at all.

Right at this fatal moment…

A black fist slammed down in front of Linley like a mountain. This enormous black fist lightly brushed past the scimitar. There was a clear, ringing sound, and the direction of the blue scimitar was changed. “Swish!” It slashed past Linley’s chest, effortlessly piercing past it.

“Quick, back!” That black hand snatched Linley, then dragged him backwards.

“Patriarch.” Linley saw from the corner of his eyes who this person was, and he felt gratitude in his heart. The person who had saved him was Patriarch Gislason.

The half-translucent white arrow was slightly slower than the ‘scimitar’, and it landed on Gislason’s body. Gislason didn’t seem to even notice it, nor did he counter-attack; he just grabbed Linley and flew back into the Skyrite Mountains.

Although this took time to describe, the time it took between Linley flying out, Elder Garvey killing his enemy, and then Linley and Gislason both fleeing back was nothing more than the time it took to blink one’s eye. But such a heart-palpitating series of events had occurred in that blinking of an eye!

The Skyrite Mountains.

Gislason and Linley both flew back. Only now did they let out sighs of relief. Elder Garvey had been lucky enough to flee back as well. In truth, the enemies had considered Linley to be their real target, and so Elder Garvey had seized the chance to flee back.

“Patriarch, thank you for saving my life.” Linley looked at his chest, terror flashing through his mind at what almost happened.

“You really are audacious.” Gislason let out a long breath, then looked towards the front. “Just now, the enemy actually sent out six people at once, all using Sovereign’s Might. Even I was shocked…in particular, the Patriarch of the Venna Clan even attacked with his weapon-type Sovereign artifact!”

Linley was shocked. That had actually been a Sovereign artifact!

“However.” Gislason laughed as he looked at Linley. “The power of your Gravitational Space truly is terrifying, especially after you used a drop of earth-type Sovereign’s Might. Those two weaker individuals, even after having used their Sovereign’s Might, were actually repelled outwards. As for Patriarch Boleyn and the other Elders, they weren’t able to chase after and attack us at all.”


After Linley set up his ‘Blackstone Space’, the enemies could only attack from afar; they weren’t able to pursue at all.

“Linley, thank you.” Elder Garvey, his face ashen, drew near and said gratefully.

“Linley!” A deep, rumbling voice echoed out. The Black Tortoise Patriarch, the Vermillion Bird Matriarch, the White Tiger Patriarch, and a number of other Elders flew over as well. “What is going on? Why is it that as soon as you attacked, the eight great clans would suddenly attack you like mad? Even two Patriarchs joined forces. Is there some sort of huge enmity between you and them?”

Linley felt completely baffled as well.

“I don’t know either. I only fought for the clan on a few occasions and killed a few enemy Elders. Nothing else.” Linley stared into the distance. He didn’t understand why the eight great clans wanted to kill him this badly. Their madness had already reached an all-encompassing state, and they viewed him as the greatest thorn in their side.

“What a wonderful chance that was…” Patriarch Boleyn shut his eyes, unwilling to accept what had just happened.

“The two of you joined forces, and yet you still weren’t able to kill Linley. What a waste of a wonderful opportunity!” A cold, insidious man, dressed in voluminous black robes and with vipers hanging from his ears said in a low voice. “Patriarch Venna, how could you have missed with your blade?”

The man with the long, blue eyebrows let out a cold snort, not explaining.

“There’s no point to discussing this now.” A gentle voice rang out. Patriarch Edric. “What is done is done. What we now need to do is come up with a way…to find another chance to kill Linley. Linley’s Gravitational Space is simply astonishing. It isn’t so bad if he doesn’t use Sovereign’s Might, but once he does…only we Patriarchs have a chance to kill him.”

“It doesn’t matter who kills him. What matters is forcing him out to fight again.” A growling voice rang out.

“I’ll give it a try. Let’s see if I can force Linley out.” Suddenly, an elfin-looking Elder flew out.

The clan leaders and Elders of the Four Divine Beasts clan were all together. The actions of the eight great clans had caused them to be utterly enraged, but all they could do right now was to endure it. After all, the number of experts the enemies had was simply too overpoweringly greater.

“Boss, you were too rash.” Bebe hurried over as well.

Linley could only chuckle. “I didn’t expect that the eight great clans would attack me so madly.” Linley had thought that when he attacked, the enemy would at most send out a single Elder to stop him…and in that sort of situation, Linley was confident he would be able to save Elder Garvey. But the reaction of the enemy side was simply too astounding; even he was terrified by it.

Right at this moment, a mocking voice rang out from the other side.

“That should have been Elder Linley of the Azure Dragon clan just now, right? Oh, excuse me, the Azure Pest clan’s Elder. I had thought that you, Linley, were an impressive figure. But from the display you just put on, Elder Linley…haha, you really disappoint me!” The snickering laugh rang out. “I, an ordinary Elder of the Edric clan, am here right now. Elder of the Azure Pest clan, dare you fight me?”

This mocking laugh echoed throughout the Skyrite Mountains.

Azure Pest clan?

The Four Divine Beast clansmen were all enraged, and many stared hatefully at the enemy clansmen.

Linley couldn’t help but look towards the gray-robed, elfin-looking Elder. In his heart, he was pondering. “What is going on with the eight great clans? They want to make me step out and fight again? Why are they focused on me?” Linley felt that there was something amiss.

“Linley, don’t go.” Gislason immediately instructed.

“Hey…!” Bebe shouted loudly. “You claim to be eight ‘great’ clans? Just now, six of you attacked Linley, and two of you were Patriarchs. The eight great clans truly are great; two Patriarchs and four Elders jointly attacked Elder Linley, and yet Elder Linley wasn’t even injured in the slightest!”

On the side of the eight great clans, all of the Elders were pondering on how to make Linley fly out of the Skyrite Mountains. They viewed Linley as being the member of the Four Divine who was a true thorn in their side, a burr in their paw.

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