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Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 60

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 60, A Major Event

The day of the grand wedding. The gorge was filled with the nonstop sound of laughter.

Due to having chosen to submit and to retreat, the four clan leaders had been feeling quite depressed. Today, they seized the opportunity to have a good celebration. Beirut and Carolina were very happy as well, and so they happily chatted and drank with the four clan leaders and the various Elders.

“Lord Prefect, congratulations!” Gislason raised his cup to Beirut.

“Haha.” Beirut laughed as he looked towards Gislason, then lowered his voice. “Gislason, your Four Divine Beasts clan has truly retreated, and will no longer do battle?” Beirut paid attention to the struggle between the two sides as well.

Gislason was startled. He nodded.

“How have the eight great clans reacted?” Beirut asked.

“No reaction yet.” Gislason shook his head. “Most likely, in the near term, they will be unable to believe that we have truly submitted.”

“Right.” Beirut nodded. “But you still need to be careful. Once the eight great clans realize that you have retreated, even though they won’t dare to invade the Skyrite Mountains, they will think of ways to take their revenge upon you nonetheless.”

Gislason said self-mockingly, “We’ve already decide to hide in the Skyrite Mountains and not come out. What more can they do?” Gislason’s words had an undertone of grief and desolation to them.

Beirut didn’t say anything else.

“Hey.” The nearby Carolina laughed. “Tell me, will that Nisse of Bebe’s give birth to a boy or a girl?”

“How should I know?” Beirut laughed. “However, I can guarantee that it won’t be a Godeater Rat!”

If both husband and wife were Godeater Rats, their children would definitely also be Godeater Rats. Unfortunately, throughout the countless planes, only Beirut and Bebe were Godeater Rats. Generally speaking, especially terrifying divine beasts were also especially rare.

For example, the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, and even the Nether Serpent were all unique divine beasts. There was only an extremely low probability that if their descendants married each other, they might be able to produce a true divine beast. But the chances were too low, far too low. As for the likes of the Ba-Serpent and the Suanni Lion, there were quite a few of them spread throughout the countless planes.

The more powerful a divine beast’s innate ability was, the rarer the beast was as well.

Those with weak innate abilities would be more common.

In the blink of an eye, months passed. Within the gorge. Outside Bebe’s room.

Linley, Beirut, Carolina, and the others were all present. Delia and Nisse were in the room. Nisse was about to give birth. The most nervous, restless person present was, of course, Bebe.

“She’s giving birth. She’s giving birth!” Bebe stood outside the room, mumbling to himself while walking back and forth, completely unable to come to a halt.

“Bebe, just sit down.” Linley couldn’t help but laugh.

“How can I sit down?” The muscles throughout Bebe’s entire body were taut and quivering. He glanced at Linley. “Boss, I’m so nervous, my heart’s about to leap out of my body. You want me to sit? Ugh. Why isn’t it out yet? It’s been so long.”

Beirut laughed. “Bebe, Nisse just went in. It’s going to be a good while longer.”

Bebe had no choice but to endure it. Right now, the passage of every single second, to Bebe, felt very long and slow.

“Waaaaa!” Suddenly, a high-pitched sobbing sound rang out.

Bebe seemed to have been hit by lightning, and he stood there stupidly.

“Creaaak!” The door swung open, and Delia walked out. She glanced sideways at Bebe. “Bebe, why are you standing there like an idiot? Aren’t you going to go in?” Only now did Bebe come to his senses, and his body transformed into a blur, entering the room.

Delia laughed. “Bebe actually went numb.”

“When you were giving birth to Wade, Bebe was telling me I was too nervous. But he’s even more nervous than me!” Linley laughed.

Delia glanced at him grumpily. “Don’t be so smug. When Taylor and Sasha were born, I heard that you were so nervous, you were sweating everywhere. You, a mighty, venerable Saint-level expert. So nervous that you were sweating?”

Linley could only laugh awkwardly.

Moments later, Bebe and Nisse walked out from the room. Bebe was beaming so widely, his mouth threatened to split apart. He was holding an infant in his arms. Nisse was a human, and so her baby was naturally a humanoid as well. However, this infant….

Was like Gislason. Although it had the lineage of a divine beast, it wasn’t a true divine beast.

“Boss.” Bebe looked excitedly at Linley. “Look, this is my child. This is the child of me, Bebe! Haha…I, Bebe, have a child of my own as well!” Bebe was so excited, his entire body was shaking.

“Come, let me hold the child.” Beirut laughed.

“Right.” Bebe very carefully handed the child over to Beirut.

Beirut took a careful look at the child. “Oh, so it’s a girl. The lineage of the Godeater Rat in her veins isn’t bad. Still, to activate the divine beast lineage in her blood will be rather difficult.” Up till now, Beirut still had yet to find a perfect way to draw out the innate divine ability of his descendants.

The Four Divine Beasts clan had their ‘Ancestral Baptism’, allowing their descendants to possess the ability to Dragonform and even have the innate divine ability of a divine beast. But of course, the strength of the innate divine ability was connected to the purity of the lineage.

“Girls are good. Girls are good.” Bebe continued to beam, his lips wide.

Today he was simply too excited.

Bebe was a divine beast, the Godeater Rat. With such a monstrously powerful innate ability, naturally he wouldn’t have too many progeny. For example, although Beirut had three sons, they were triplets; that was the only reason why he had three. After that one time, Carolina never gave birth to any more children.

As for Linley, although he wasn’t a divine beast and thus wasn’t restricted as tightly by the universe, Taylor and Sasha were a ‘dragon-phoenix’ pair of twins as well who were born together. As for Wade, he was only born after they came to the Infernal Realm.

From this day onwards, Bebe eagerly devoted himself to raising his daughter.

The skies were clear and the air was fresh. Linley walked out of his room, and as he did, he saw that in the distance, there was a young woman seated in the meditative position on a patch of grass, training. This young woman had black hair, and her skin appeared crystalline, like jade.

This was Bebe’s daughter, Ina [Yi’na].

“It will be very hard for Ina to even become a Deity.” Linley sighed to himself. Although Ina had the lineage of a divine beast, she wasn’t a divine beast, after all. As for Beirut, he did not yet have a method which would have the effect of the ‘Ancestral Baptism’.

For now, Ina had to rely on herself. This was why, despite having trained for over a century, Ina was just a Saint.

“Uncle Linley.” Ina’s clear voice rang out. She had already stood up, and her lively, agile eyes looked just like her father’s. “You seem to be in an excellent mood. Do you have good news?”

Linley couldn’t help but laugh, “Ina, good eye. Right. I made a breakthrough.”

“Oh?” Ina’s eyes immediately lit up. “In which Elemental Law?”

“Fire.” Linley didn’t hide it.

Linley improved the slowest in fire. Although he had trained in it for over a thousand years by now, by now, Linley had only mastered four profound mysteries. In addition, Linley hadn’t even gotten a basic understanding of the other two profound mysteries.

By comparison, as for water, in which Linley had only trained for six or seven hundred years, he had already reached the late stage in his fifth mystery.

As for the wind, although he had mastered seven profound mysteries, he hadn’t gain any insights into the last two at all.

He still trained fastest in the Laws of the Earth.

The Laws of the Earth had six profound mysteries. Linley had already trained to the ‘bottleneck’ level in ‘Vitality’; with but a final step, he would reach the level of Highgod. In addition, he had begun to fuse the Profound Mysteries of Strength as well as the Essence of the Earth.

“One’s mentality really does have an impact on the speed of one’s training.” Linley side to himself.

“Uncle Linley, you are too amazing. Alas, I still haven’t become a Deity. In the entire gorge, I’m the only non-Deity. Last time, when I went to great grandfather’s place, everyone I saw was a Deity as well.” Ina said helplessly.

Beirut and Carolina both doted on Ina, and often invited her to visit them at their place.

“Don’t be dispirited.” Linley said consolingly. “When training in the Elemental Laws, one must be fully absorbed in pondering them and focus in training them. If you do that, you will improve. I have faith in you. You are much more patient than your father.”

“Right.” Ina nodded and laughed. “Father has no patience for training.”

“Hey, are you people talking about me?” A voice rang out from nearby, and Bebe walked out from his own room, staring at Ina. “Nana, are you saying bad things about me?”

Ina let out a lovable snort, turning her head and ignoring Bebe.

Bebe just rubbed his nose. “This kid isn’t as obedient as she used to be when she was young.”

Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He originally had thought that since Bebe had a daughter, she would become the center of attention. But he was wrong…even after having a daughter, Bebe remained the same.


A spatial tremble suddenly swept out.

Linley’s face changed. He couldn’t help but turn his head. Although the spatial tremble came from far away and was already very weak, Linley could still sense it.

“What just happened?” Bebe’s expression grew focused as well, and he looked towards Linley.

“What is it?” Delia, Nisse, and Wade ran over as well.

“Come. Let’s take a look.” Linley led the way, flying into the air. Immediately, Bebe, Delia, Nisse, Ina, and Wade all followed, but as they flew out of the gorge, Linley’s group saw…

“This…” Linley stared, slack-jawed.

In the southern skies of the Skyrite Mountains, the entire area was clustered with people, who flew about like a horde of locusts. Quite a few people were launching attacks towards the mountain forests below.

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

Those tree trunks exploded, and crevices in the ground appeared. Those spatial tremors from earlier had been caused from these attacks. However, these people were quite careful; despite attacking downwards, their attacks didn’t actually cause any harm to the Skyrite Mountains at all.

“So many people?” Linley felt his heart turn cold.

“Uncle Linley, how many people are there? There must be at least a few hundred thousand.” Ina stared dumbly.

“Not just a few hundred thousand!” Linley muttered.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Linley who felt his heart growing cold; throughout the Skyrite Mountains, members of the Four Divine Beasts clan were flying over, staring at the terrifying scene of countless people in the skies south of the Skyrite Mountains. Those people were currently attacking the mountain forests south of the Skyrite Mountains.

“Stay here. Don’t move.” Linley shouted. “If there’s any danger, immediately hurry back to the gorge. I’ll go to see the Patriarch first.”

“Don’t worry.” Bebe nodded.

Linley nodded slightly. He immediately flew at high speed towards the ‘dragon’s head’, the end of Dragon Avenue. And not just Linley; a good number of Elders were flying towards the Patriarch’s residence at high speed as well. On the way over, Linley met the Second Elder.

Linley saw Patriarch Gislason and some others in the distance. They, too, were looking towards the south.

“Patriarch.” Linley flew over.

“Linley, you came.” Gislason chuckled towards Linley. “Take a look and see the sort of game the eight great clans up to!”

“They really are the members of the eight great clans?” Linley had suspected this long ago.

“See for yourself.” Gislason turned his head to look towards the south.

Linley looked towards the south as well. Many experts were attacking the mountainous forests, and moments later, Linley understood as well. “They…they are setting up a foundation!” Within a large area, the trees were all destroyed, while at the same time, a solid foundation was being laid.


Many of the clansmen belonging to the forces of the eight great clans came bearing giant stones, and they began to build one castle and estate after another! Given the power Deities possessed, especially when such an astonishingly large number of Deities worked together, in but half a day…

One castle and another was finished in the area to the south of the Skyrite Mountains.

The area in which these many castles were built was extremely close to the Skyrite Mountains. In addition, one could clearly tell that these castles were divided into eight areas.

Seeing this, the Four Divine Beast clansmen were stunned.

“What are they doing?” Elder Garvey couldn’t believe it.

“What are they doing? Setting up house next to us!” Gislason said gloomily.


“Cowards of the Four Divine Beasts clan!” A wild, savage sound echoed throughout the air above the Skyrite Mountains. “Haha, I didn’t expect that the descendants of four Sovereigns would actually turtle up here in the Skyrite Mountains and be afraid to come out. Haha…”

All the clansmen living within the Skyrite Mountains heard this laughter.

All the clansmen were enraged.

“You fellows are quite good at hiding, aren’t you? Fine, then. Hide. Our eight great clans will just live right here next to you! As long as a single member of your clan exits the mountain, we will kill him or her! If you want, you can forever hide in there like cowards and never come out!”

“Haha…Four Divine Beasts clan? More like Four Pests clan! Haha…”

“Anyone with courage, step out. Our eight great clans will welcome you at any time! If you don’t have any courage…then just keep hiding!”

Waves of laughter continued to echo out from outside. Their voices shook the heavens like thunder, echoing within the Skyrite Mountains.

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