Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 284

Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 57

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 57, Dangerous

The contents of that conversation had simply been too stunning. More than ten Seven Star Fiends in a single battle, six of whom had used Sovereign’s Might? This sort of group battle between supreme experts was simply too rare. Even if they occurred, scryer recordings of such battles would rarely spread out.

“How could it be Linley?” Salomon was completely stunned.

But from the contents of that conversation, Salomon had learned that the ‘Linley’ these people were discussing as a member of the Azure Dragon clan. The Linley which he knew was also a member of the Azure Dragon clan! “Can it really be him?” Salomon didn’t dare believe it. “He was just a God. How could he kill five Seven Star Fiends? No way. No way!!!”

A single person, kill five Seven Star Fiends? This sort of accomplishment was simply too terrifying.

As Salomon viewed it, no matter how powerful Linley was, there was no way he could’ve reached such a level.

“Big Bro, did you hear that? They said ‘Linley’!” Nisse turned to look at her elder brother, Salomon. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. At the same time, a hint of hope appeared in her heart…

She had believed that both Linley and Bebe had died.

But Linley was alive. Bebe, perhaps, was still alive as well! When she thought of the possibility that Bebe was alive, her heart, dormant for a thousand-plus years, began to come to life again.

“They might just be two people of the same name.” Salomon chuckled, intentionally saying disdainfully, “You know how strong our Linley was. He was just a God. It would be hard for him to face even an ordinary Highgod. Kill five Seven Star Fiends by himself? Do you believe it?”

Nisse was stunned.

“Alright. Don’t pay any attention to the idle chatter. Most likely, it’s just a supreme expert who also shares the name Linley.” Salomon laughed calmly. “Let’s go. We’re shopping for clothes today. Pick whatever you like.”

Salomon didn’t want Nisse to go look at the scryer recordings. It wasn’t an issue if it wasn’t Linley, but if it really was Linley…given Nisse’s temperament, she would definitely immediately go look for Bebe. That would be terrible.

“Let’s go look at scryer recordings.” Nisse said.

Salomon shook his head. “Why look at scryer recordings? What? Do you think Linley is still alive?”

“I don’t know…but regardless of whether or not it is the Linley we know, a scryer recording of a battle including more than ten Seven Star Fiends is worth watching, no matter what.” Nisse turned and immediately walked away.

Salomon had no choice but to follow, and he secretly consoled himself, “That Linley died long ago. And he was very weak! This supreme expert, in turn, is very strong. It definitely isn’t him. It has to just be someone with the same name!” Salomon had unjustly accused Linley in the past. Naturally, he didn’t want to see Linley grow strong.

There were three locations in Bayfay City that were dedicated to viewing scryer recordings.

Large groups of people were gathered in front of the gates of all three locations today, all of them handing over strips of inkstone and azurite to go in and watch the scryer recordings. By the time Salomon and Nisse arrived, they were shocked by how many people were present.

At the same time, those who had finished watching the scryer recordings were coming out from a side door.

“Truly astonishing. That Azure Dragon Elder was simply too terrifying!”

“Right. That azure prison of the Azure Dragon Elder appeared, and when it vanished, all of the enemy Elders were dead!”

Listening to this discussion, Salomon and Nisse felt all the more curious. They immediately handed over the entrance fee of a hundred inkstones and entered. There were six halls for viewing scryer recordings.

“Go to hall number five. The last viewing just completed, and will start anew soon.”

Salomon and Ninny both entered the fifth hall, looking for places to sit. The number of people within the fifth hall rose rapidly, but Nisse just stared at the front of the hall, her body trembling slightly.

“Ninny, relax.” Salomon said consolingly. “Don’t have too much hope.”

But Ninny didn’t say a single word.


A large amount of water-type elemental essence coalesced in the front of the hall in mid-air, transforming into a recording. At the same time, a voice rang out. “Everyone, this battle occurred in Indigo Prefecture, at the Bloodridge Continent, in a mountain forest that was a few thousand kilometers outside of Meer City.

Everyone in the hall fell silent.

The explanatory voice continued, “These battling experts are eleven Seven Star Fiends! Based on my calculations, in Indigo Prefecture, only the Four Divine Beasts clan and the eight great clans have such a high number of experts. The two just so happen to be in a state of war…and now, everyone, please watch. When the scryer recording started, a Seven Star Fiend had already died, and his corpse is on the ground, still emanating the aura of Sovereign’s Might. Everyone, if you look carefully, you can see it.

After speaking, the recording in the front of the main hall began to play.

Everyone in the hall went silent. Ninny and Salomon held their breaths as well.

Within the enormous scryer recording, one battle scene after another appeared; these were the scenes of Phusro and Tewila battling their enemies. However, just by watching these two battles, the people watching this recording for the first time were already stunned.

Their bodies were all covered with light, and with each punch and kick, space itself split open.

“Three of these four are using Sovereign’s Might!” Salomon was stunned.

“Where is Linley?” Nisse was searching desperately. “And Bebe?”

However, at present, the scryer recording was primarily focusing on these two battles. At the same time, the scryer recording also recorded gray-robed corpse that lay on the ground, also emanating that aura. It was the Seven Star Fiend who had been killed by Phusro at the very beginning.

And then…

The scryer recording switched the point of view to the ground. The ground was roiling like the waves of the sea. Moments later, the ground suddenly exploded, and someone suddenly charged to the skies, blood matting his scales…but Nisse and Salomon were both shocked.

Those ferocious spikes, that tail, those dark golden eyes…they were so familiar!

Afterwards, five Seven Star Fiends pursued and attacked Linley. Linley’s body was emanating that blue light; it was water-type Sovereign’s Might. As for the five Seven Star Fiends behind him, one of them was emanating a black aura.

“It is Linley!” Nisse felt excited in her heart.

“This…” Salomon was stunned as well.

They had both seen Linley’s Dragonform.

“Big Bro, it’s Linley, it’s Linley.” Nisse could no longer suppress her excitement, and her divine sense reached out again and again to Salomon. “It’s definitely him. There’s no mistake.”

“Nisse, that’s not necessarily the case.” Salomon tried to equivocate through divine sense. “The Azure Dragon clan has many people, and their Dragonform appearances are all quite similar. In addition, in a thousand years, do you think Linley would become so powerful? It’s impossible.”

Nisse was stunned. Could it be true that there was someone with a Dragonform similar to Linley’s?

Nisse didn’t know too much about the Four Divine Beasts clan, and didn’t understand how unique Linley’s Dragonform was.

And then, Salomon and Nisse continued to watch. In the scryer recording, Linley began to go insane, actually using his spiked forehead to batter a Seven Star Fiend to death. The other four remaining Seven Star Fiends wanted to flee, but they were all trapped within that massive blue cube.

After the blue cube vanished, the four Seven Star Fiends were dead as well.

The scryer recording was focused on Linley now, and after killing those four Seven Star Fiends, Linley actually flew to the ground. The recording showed how Linley knelt down by the side of a woman who was lying on the ground.

The recording clearly captured the image of that woman’s appearance.

“Delia!!!” Nisse’s eyes instantly turned round.

“It is Delia!” Salomon was stunned as well.

And then, in the scryer recording, Linley returned to his human form, clutching his infant child by his wife’s side. Phusro and Bebe walked over as well, also entering the recording zone.

“Linley, Bebe!!!” Nisse instantly felt so overjoyed that her head went numb.

Linley, Delia, and Bebe; the three of them were all within the recording range.

There was no question about it! This mighty Azure Dragon clan Elder was that Linley which they had met.

“How can this be? How is this possible?” Salomon didn’t dare to believe it, but the truth was plainly visible for anyone to see.

“Big Bro, it really is them. It really is them. They didn’t die, didn’t die!” Nisse excitedly sent through divine sense. The scryer recording was almost over now. Linley took Delia in his arms while Phusro held the infant, and the two flew away side by side.

The scryer recording ended!

“That Azure Dragon clan Elder, based on the descriptions of the person who made this scryer recording, is named Linley. The woman on the ground should be a family member of Elder Linley’s. That woman died, which is why Elder Linley was so grief-stricken.”

Salomon and Nisse walked out to the street. Nisse’s face was filled with irrepressible excitement.

“Big Bro, they didn’t die, they really didn’t die.” In the past thousand years, Nisse had never been as happy as she was now. “Bebe is still alive. Still alive!”

“Right. This is good news.” Salomon responded.

But Salomon’s mind was currently in a state of chaos. Originally, he had mistakenly believed that Linley had exposed his secret, and thus in his rage had wanted to kill Linley. Afterwards, Linley and his wife had both plunged into that golden magma pool. But who would have imagined…

That Linley not only was still alive, he had become so very powerful!

“But what happened to Delia?” Nisse said, rather worried. “Did Delia die in that scryer recording?” Nisse still clearly remembered how, in the scryer recording, Linley had let out that howl of grief and rage by Delia’s side.

Although Nisse couldn’t actually hear any sound, she could already sense his agonizing grief just from watching.

“Big Bro!” Nisse suddenly said.

“Eh?” Salomon looked towards her. Nisse looked at Salomon. Determinedly, she said, “Big Bro, I have decided…I am going to the Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent!”

“Nonsense.” Salomon couldn’t help but grow impatient. This was exactly what he feared . “Ninny, going from the Jadefloat Continent to the Bloodridge Continent is no joke. How would you, a God, make it there? It is too dangerous. Unacceptable. Completely unacceptable!”

Nisse just glanced at her elder brother, not saying another word. She had already made up her mind. She was just letting her elder brother know of her decision.

Seeing the look on his little sister’s face, Salomon grew frantic.

“Ninny, you are too weak, and to go from the Jadefloat Continent to the Bloodrige Continent, you have to pass through the sea…the trip truly is too dangerous.” Salomon said frantically.

“It’s pointless for you to say anything.” Nisse wasn’t going to listen to her elder brother this time.

Salomon, seeing how his sister was acting, felt helpless in his heart. They were within the city, and within the city, there was no way he could possibly act to imprison his little sister. If his little sister truly wanted to go, there was nothing he could do about it at all.

“Ninny, are you really going to make me worry about you like this??” Salomon said, worried. “How about this. Train to the Highgod level, then go!”

Nisse glanced at him, not saying anything.

Nisse had already made up her mind, and there was nothing Salomon could do about it. Although Salomon kept a careful watch on her after the day they viewed the scryer recording…the next month, Nisse left.

Within his room.

Salomon stared at a piece of paper. It was a letter which Nisse had left him.

“Alas!” Salomon threw the paper to the table hatefully. “The journey from the Jadefloat Continent to the Bloodridge Continent will be so dangerous…why won’t Ninny listen?”

Salomon was frantic, but there was nothing he could do. He didn’t even know where Nisse had gone.

As he thought of this, Salomon couldn’t help but somewhat blame Linley. It was because he had wrongly accused Linley and Bebe that the relationship between himself and Nisse had fractured, and he rarely would be able to see her smile these days. And now, this time…she left on her own.

“How is it that Linley didn’t die, and instead became so powerful?” Salomon couldn’t understand it either. How had Linley risen to such a level?

At the same time that Nisse departed from Coldcalm Prefecture , Linley and Bebe, in the distant Indigo Prefecture of the Bloodridge Continent, were living peaceful lives in the Skyrite Mountains. In the blink of an eye, a few decades passed.

“Linley!” A deep voice rang out.

“Father, Father!” Wade called out. “The Second Elder is looking for you.”

Linley walked out from within his room. From the corner of his eye, he saw that in the distant, the Second Elder was walking over with a very complicated expression on his face. “Linley, come. Our Four Divine Beasts clan is about to hold a joint Conclave of Elders.”

“Now?” Linley was rather surprised. “It hasn’t been a thousand years yet. In addition, the four Divine Beast clans, hold a joint Conclave?”

“Right! It will be in Bloodbath Gorge, at the Palace of the Four Divine Beasts.” The Second Elder sighed. “This time, the reason why all the Elders are being summoned is to discuss what our Four Divine Beasts clan should do with respect to the eight great clans.”

Linley’s heart trembled. “It seems though the clan is finally unable to keep fighting like this!”

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