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Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 51

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 51, Beirut’s Abilities

Linley had originally sunk into despair. He believed that Delia had no hope for life, and he didn’t place much hope into the arrival of the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture. But he had never imagined that the person who had saved the Four Divine Beasts clan from the flames and the floods, the Lord Prefect whom Gislason constantly praised as unspeakably powerful, was actually Bebe’s grandfather…Beirut!

When he saw Beirut, Linley couldn’t help but feel hope surge within his breast.

Beirut, in Linley’s mind, was unfathomably profound and powerful.

“Perhaps Lord Beirut truly will be able to save Delia.” Linley, in his heart, began to feel rather eager.

Outside the door of the room, a large group of people stared in astonishment at Bebe and the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture, Beirut, and at how close they appeared. They had no idea…that this unremarkable youth who had always been by Linley’s side had actually had such a close relationship with the Lord Prefect!

“Beirut…you are his grandfather?” Phusro spoke out in amazement.

Grinning, Beirut glanced at him sideways, then nodded slightly. “Phusro, I truly do apologize. I lied to you previously. I was afraid that if you knew the real relationship between myself and Bebe, that you would go out of your way to take care of this little fellow…you have no idea how lazy a temperament this Bebe has. He absolutely has to be made to learn to take care of himself.”

Phusro began to laugh as well.

When he had been just a little kitten in Elquin’s arms, that first time he had met Linley and Bebe, he had guessed that Bebe had some sort of relationship with Beirut, especially after seeing Bebe use that godspark weapon.

Afterwards, when he had met Beirut, he had asked Beirut about this. But Beirut just gave a casual answer and had thus deceived him.

“Haha, yes, this little fellow does need a bit of forging in the crucible of life.” Phusro laughed, looking at Bebe.

Bebe couldn’t help but let out a snort. “Grandpa, I already have mastered five profound mysteries. It has only been a thousand years. My speed is already quite fast.”

“How can you be so shameless!” Beirut didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Of the five profound mysteries which Bebe had mastered, one came naturally from when he, as a divine beast, reached the age of maturity. As for the other four, they came from those soul slice fragments which Beirut had asked his friend to create.

But of course…

Bebe’s comprehension ability wasn’t bad, as he was able to break through four bottlenecks in a row.

Gislason, the Vermillion Bird Matriarch, the other clan leaders, and the Elders were all completely stunned. They truly had not imagined that Linley and Bebe actually had such a deep relationship with this unfathomably powerful Lord Prefect.

“Lord Prefect, Bebe is already quite impressive to have mastered five profound mysteries in a thousand or so years.” Gislason said as well.

“You don’t know the truth of the secrets within.” Beirut said, his eyes half-lidded in amusement.

“Grandpa!” Bebe was rather unhappy.

Beirut chortled, “However, compared to the Yulan continent, you have indeed made great improvements. At least your patience has improved a bit…haha…”

Only now did Bebe smile as well.

“Lord Beirut.” Linley finally spoke. “My wife, Delia, she…”

Beirut turned to look. Seeing Linley, his expression grew slightly more solemn. He nodded. “I heard of your wife’s situation, which is why I hurried over. Back then, when the two of you were getting married, I even sent my son with a divine spark to your wife. Who would have imagined…that this would happen. Alas. Come, let me take a look.”

“Right.” Linley immediately led the way forward, and the two stepped into the room, with Phusro and Bebe following behind.

In the past, Beirut had given her a divine spark out of good intentions. After all, the chances of becoming a Deity on one’s own in a material plane were extremely low. Although there were many benefits to becoming a Deity on one’s own…Delia, become a Deity without assistance? Forget about becoming a Deity; even becoming a Saint would be difficult. Who knew how long it would take for her to become a Deity?

The same was true for Wharton.

If Wharton didn’t undergo the Ancestral Baptism, it would also be very hard for him to become a Deity by relying on his own abilities.

“Linley actually has such a relationship with the Lord Prefect.” Gislason and the others were all outside the room, looking at each other. They were still stunned by this news. At the same time, Gislason set up his Godrealm, blocking out sound and not letting those inside the room listen to them.

“Didn’t you hear? When Linley got married in a material plane, the Lord Prefect even sent him gifts. Their relationship is an extremely close one.” The Vermillion Bird Matriarch’s lips crooked upwards in a smile, and she began to laugh. “To our Four Divine Beasts clan, this is a good thing as well.”

“Right. If the Lord Prefect truly decides to help us, the eight great clans won’t dare to be so arrogant!” The Black Tortoise Patriarch nodded as well.

“The abilities of the Lord Prefect truly are frightening.” Gislason sighed in amazement as well.

They all remembered that scene, from when Beirut had appeared to stop those eight great clans. He had wielded that long black staff in his hands, and moved like lightning as he roamed about in the midst of the many experts of the eight great clans. Not a single Seven Star Fiend who was touched by that staff had any chance at survival.

However, the experts of the eight great clans weren’t able to harm Beirut in the slightest with their material attacks, and when their spiritual attacks landed on Beirut, there was apparently no effect at all.

In the blink of an eye, Beirut had laid waste to and slaughtered more than twenty Seven Star Fiends, terrifying the forces of the eight great clans so badly that they had immediately paused their attacks. Even when Patriarch Boleyn of the eight great clans had exchanged a blow with Beirut, he had been heavily injured, even though he hadn’t died.

It must be understood that Patriarch Boleyn also had a Sovereign artifact. But when compared to Beirut…

They were on different levels!

Beirut was reputed to be the most powerful figure in the Bloodridge Continent, aside from the Bloodridge Sovereign himself! Not only did he have such a reputation; nobody even dared to question it. The other Asuras all tacitly accepted it. From this, one could tell how powerful he was.

“Back then, if the Lord Prefect had forcibly demanded the eight great clans to all f*ck off, even though they wouldn’t have been willing to do so, in the end, they still probably would have.” Gislason sighed. “However, it seems as though the Lord Prefect doesn’t want to offend the eight great clans too much. Most likely, he wants to give face to the Sovereigns behind the eight great clans. Thus, he just forbade the eight great clans from entering the Skyrite Mountains.”

“It already is very good for the Lord Prefect to be willing to do this for us.” The Vermillion Bird Matriarch said with a solemn look on her face. “Back in the day, when the four ancestors were all present, how many experts had aligned themselves with our clan? Our four ancestors had quite a few Sovereign’s Emissaries as well. But after the four ancestors died? Not a single one of those Emissaries cared about our clans.”

The other Elders all sighed quietly.

Indeed. As the saying went, ‘When the people are gone, the tea grows cold!’

Once the ancestors died, even their Emissaries simply watched, not assisting at all as the Four Divine Beasts clan tottered step by step towards annihilation. But fortunately, the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture had finally intervened. Although he hadn’t completely shooed away the eight great clans, at least he had allowed the Four Divine Beasts clan to survive and not be annihilated.

A person couldn’t be too greedy.

The Lord Prefect had already been very benevolent towards them. The Lord Prefect had done so much for them, but the Four Divine Beasts clan had been unable to do anything to repay him.

“Let’s go. We’ll go in and take a look.” Gislason was the first to walk in, and the various Elders all followed him.

As soon as Gislason entered the room, he saw that Linley was standing there to the side, waiting quietly. As for Beirut, he was standing with his eyes closed. Moments later, his eyes opened and he let out a sigh. “Delia’s situation is even more terrible than I expected!”

“Lord Beirut, can it be that even you are unable to save Delia?” Linley said frantically.

“Grandpa.” Bebe said hurriedly as well.

“Haha…” Beirut began to laugh loudly. “I only said the situation is terrible. I didn’t say I’m unable to save her! However, in order to save your wife, I’m going to have to waste a drop of Life-type Sovereign’s Might!”

As he spoke, Beirut extended his palm, and a green drop of liquid appeared within it.

“Lord Beirut.” As soon as Linley saw this drop of Life-type Sovereign’s Might, he was worried. “In treating the soul, one has to delve deep into the core of the soul. If there’s even a hint of energy leakage from the Sovereign’s Might or a single error, then…”

Although Linley wanted to save Delia, he didn’t want to watch as Delia died due to an accident.

“Lord Prefect, using a drop of Sovereign’s Might…” Gislason interjected as well.

“Hey, do you think that I actually don’t have common sense?” Puzzled, Beirut turned to look towards Linley and the others. “It’s just a drop of Life-type Sovereign’s Might. Although it is indeed hard to use a drop of it without letting any leak out, who says I’m not capable of it?”

As Beirut spoke, the drop of Life-type Sovereign’s Might in his hand entered his body.

And then, Beirut pointed out with a finger from his right hand, and a green blurry illusion formed.

“Sovereign’s Might!” Linley was stunned.

“How is that possible?” Gislason, Phusro, and the others were all stunned. Beirut had clearly already used his Sovereign’s Might, but Beirut’s body wasn’t emanating a hint of it at all.

Normally speaking, after a person used Sovereign’s Might, a colored aura would emanate from that person’s body.

That light was the leaking Sovereign’s Might. But Beirut didn’t leak out any at all. From the outside, one wouldn’t be able to tell at all…that Beirut was using Sovereign’s Might.

Linley was overjoyed. “She’ll be saved. Delia will be saved. I didn’t expect Lord Beirut to be so formidable. He’s able to wield even the heavy power of Sovereign’s Might with precision, not letting a hint leak out.”

Sovereign’s Might was simply too overpoweringly strong for Highgods.

Using it was like letting an ordinary mortal wield a heavy sword that weighed fifty kilograms. Due to its great weight, it would be hard for the mortal to wield it accurately, agilely, and without any errors.

The same was true for a Deity who used Sovereign’s Might.

It exceeded the bounds of control of their spiritual energy, and thus it would leak out. According to legend, only Paragon Highgods were able to perfectly control Sovereign’s Might. But today, Beirut had accomplished it.

“Lord Prefect, can it be that you have already reached the Paragon…” Gislason said in shock.


Beirut frowned, his face growing solemn. “While I am treating Delia, none of you are permitted to speak. If you disturb me, then you will bear the consequences!” Beirut, for once, decided to show his fierce side.

Immediately, everyone in the room fell silent.

Linley’s heart was pounding, and he watched everything nervously. He saw Beirut extend his right hand, clasping the top part of Delia’s head with it. Immediately, that blurry, illusory green light began to flood into Delia’s head.

As for Beirut, he closed his eyes, completely focused on healing her.

The entire room was completely silent. Not even breathing could be heard.

“She’ll definitely get better. She’ll definitely get better.” Linley stared unblinkingly as he prayed nonstop. He was truly afraid. Prior to this, when that Alfonsus had treated Delia, he had also acted in a similar manner. Linley had believed that Delia would get better, but the result had been…

Utter silence…

Time passed, one second at a time.

Healing the soul was a very detailed, careful project. The insides of a soul were extremely complex, and the innermost core of a soul was extremely fragile. The slightest error would cause the soul to be finished. Even Beirut had to be very careful and slow in his treatment.

After a long time…

The sweat which had poured out of Linley’s forehead had already dried.

“All done!” A long sigh shook the room. This sudden noise within the silent room caused Linley to feel shocked. He hurriedly looked towards Beirut. The moment of judgment had arrived!

“Lord Beirut, how is it?” When Linley said these words, his heart was trembling.

“How is it? Take a look for yourself.” Beirut laughed.

Linley immediately looked towards Delia, only to see the slumbering Delia’s eyelids tremble slightly. In that moment, Linley felt as though flames were scorching his chest, and a look of joy couldn’t help but appear on his face.

Delia opened her eyes, a lost, uncomprehending look within them. She looked around herself. There were so many people here.

“Lord Beirut.” Delia breathed in astonishment, then immediately looked at Linley. “Linley, what happened?” After Delia had been hit by the technique, she had lost all consciousness. She had no idea what had happened in the following period of time.

“Linley, why are you crying?” Delia felt completely baffled.

Why was it that as soon as she had woken up, there were so many people present, including the Patriarch. And even Beirut had appeared!

Tears uncontrollably fell down Linley’s face. The moment Delia woke up, Linley felt as though the world, which had turned dark, had suddenly regained its brightness. It had regained its color!

“Delia!” Linley embraced Delia, hugging her tightly, afraid that he might lose her again.

“Lord Prefect, you…you are a Paragon Highgod?” Gislason said.

“Beirut, you…” Phusro said in astonishment as well.

Beirut simply began to laugh loudly. “What are you people talking about? Can it be that if I’m not a Paragon Highgod, I won’t be able to control Sovereign’s Might?”

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