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Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 49

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 49, Three Months

After Kestrel finished speaking, the entire hall immediately fell silent.

Linley was frantically pondering. “Although the teacher of this Kestrel is in Indigo Prefecture, the distance is too far. I don’t have enough time right now. If we make a round trip, there definitely won’t be enough time! Can it be that I’ll have to send Delia over there?”

If they sent Delia over, the amount of time it would take would definitely be much shorter.

But if they did that, then there wouldn’t be enough time to find anyone else who might also be able to save her.

“Kestrel!” Linley stared at him. “Tell me. If I send Delia to your teacher’s place, how likely is it that your teacher will be able to save Delia?”

Kestrel frowned. Hesitating momentarily, he stared at Linley then said with certainty, “If my teacher intervenes, although I can’t say he will definitely be successful, he has at least a 90% chance of success!”

“90%?” Linley turned, looking at the unconscious Delia.

Linley then turned his head to look at Patriarch Gislason. “Patriarch, I have no other options. I’ll have to send Delia to Mr. Alfonsus.”

Gislason was frowning, and he slowly shook his head. “Linley, don’t be impatient. There’s another way.”

“Another way?” Linley was stunned.

“Elder Brother.” That cold, arrogant-looking Patriarch of the White Tiger clan spoke out. “How about this. I’ll personally pay a visit and bring that Alfonsus over. A round trip for a Seven Star Fiend would normally take half a year, but if I go…the total time of the trip, including bringing Alfonsus back, will be just three months.”

Linley couldn’t help but feel a surge of joy.

In the Four Divine Beasts clan, the White Tiger clan was that of a wind-type divine beast. In terms of speed, the White Tiger Patriarch was definitely the fastest expert of the Four Divine Beasts clan, and was far faster than most Seven Star Fiends.

“No need.” Gislason shook his head.

“Patriarch?” Linley said frantically.

Gislason laughed calmly. “Linley, don’t worry. I just used my divine sense to give the order to an intelligence agent of our Four Divine Beasts clan to inform the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture regarding your situation…and soon, we’ll have an answer.”

Linley was astonished. In fact, everyone in the hall was astonished.

The Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture was getting involved?

“Linley.” Phusro walked over, slapping Linley on the shoulders and laughing, “Don’t worry. The forces of the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture are spread throughout the entire Indigo Prefecture. If he were to reach out to Alfonsus, it would be done very quickly! And perhaps the Lord Prefect even knows some other experts who can save Delia.”

Linley’s eyes couldn’t help but to light up.

The Lord Prefect, as the lord of Indigo Prefecture, had a level of influence in Indigo Prefecture that vastly surpassed the Four Divine Beasts clan. It must be understood that even the eight great clans dared not invade the Skyrite Mountains, all because of the Lord Prefect.

One could imagine how powerful the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture was.

“Will the Lord Prefect be willing to help me?” Linley was rather nervous as well. After all, he was neither friend nor family to this person.

“Don’t be impatient. Wait a while. Our intelligence agents will soon send an answer.” Gislason laughed, and Linley nodded. All he could do was swallow his impatience, burying it in his heart as he quietly waited.

Moments later…

“We have a response.” Gislason’s smile became brilliant. Clearly, the intelligence agent had communicated with him through divine sense.

Everyone in the main hall immediately looked towards Gislason.

“Haha, good news, Linley! The Lord Prefect has spoken.” Gislason laughed as he looked towards Linley, extremely happy. “Alfonsus is one of his friends, and in two or three days, his subordinates will reach and notify Alfonsus, who should be able to arrive here within three months.”

Linley felt relieved.

“Not just that!” Gislason laughed. “The Lord Prefect himself will come over as well. He says he will personally help treat Delia.”

“Elder Brother, the Lord Prefect is capable of treating the soul?” The Grand Elder asked, rather astonished. “I thought the Lord Prefect isn’t very specialized with regards to treating the soul.” The Grand elder and the others clearly remembered the scene, that year, of the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture intervening and stopping the eight great clans.

That could be described as utterly terrifying!

Precisely because of that event, even figures as exalted as Gislason would respectfully address him as ‘Lord Prefect’. After all, if it weren’t for the Lord Prefect, their Four Divine Beasts clan would most likely have been annihilated.

“Haha, I’m rather surprised as well. However, since the Lord Prefect has already spoken, he definitely won’t fail to live up to his word!” Gislason laughed as he looked towards Linley. “Linley, now both Alfonsus and the Lord Prefect will come, one after the other. Don’t worry.”

“I truly didn’t expect that the Lord Prefect would be so incredible with respect to treating the soul as well!” The Matriarch of the Vermillion Bird clan sighed in amazement as well.

Linley felt a surge of excitement in his heart.

“Thank you, thank you all.” Linley looked at everyone and spoke solemnly. “Since it will be a long time before Mr. Alfonsus comes, I’ll go back for now.”

“Alright.” Gislason nodded and laughed. “Linley, go back and get some rest. Don’t worry too much. With the Lord Prefect of Indigo Prefecture himself intervening, given his ability and influence, he can easily invite quite a few people to come. Delia will definitely be successfully saved.”

Linley forced out a smile and nodded.

And then, he let the earth-type divine power swell from his body, which naturally formed a soft, cloud-like floating ‘bed’ which Linley placed Wade upon. And then, he took Delia into his arms, nodding towards the Elders, and flew out of the main hall.

“Alright. Everyone can go back now.” Gislason said clearly.

The Four Divine Beast clan’s Elders all bade farewell, and then flew away in small groups. Moments later, the only ones remaining in the main hall were Gislason and Phusro. The two looked at each other.

Gislason immediately set up his ‘Godrealm’, separating the sound within from the outside world, then said urgently, “Phusro, last time we were discussing…”


Linley returned to that gorge within the Skyrite Mountains. He spent every day either by Delia’s side or taking care of Wade. But of course, Linley would occasionally let some of the other members of the Yulan branch take care of Wade.

A thin fog billowed about. Baruch was currently standing in an empty spot of land, staring towards Linley’s distant abode.

“Father.” Ryan walked over. “Are you worried about Delia and Linley?”

Baruch let out a sigh. “Right. Linley has already been back for half a month, but during this past half month, he’s never dined with us. He’s always remained within the room, hiding inside. In his eyes, the only person he can see right now, aside from Delia, is probably his son.”

“Linley’s sunken in too deeply.” Ryan frowned.

“Love…is very complicated. It’s something which is hard to explain.” Baruch shook his head.

Right at this moment, a figure descended from the skies at high speed. “Clan leader Baruch, how is my Boss doing?” The newcomer was Bebe. Bebe’s group had arrived after Linley.

“Bebe?” A hint of a smile appeared on Baruch’s face. “It’s good that you’ve returned. Go speak with Linley. Even if you aren’t able to persuade him to come out, if you can chat with him, perhaps Linley’s mood will improvement.”

“Right.” Bebe nodded, then immediately ran over towards Linley’s residence.

Gislason’s residence. The main hall.

“Patriarch, nearly a hundred of our clansmen are unconscious. What should we do?” Tewila said frantically. “So many of our clansmen are sobbing!” Tewila’s return had resulted in the return of a large group of unconscious clansmen as well.

Gislason, frustrated, frowned as well.

“Enough of this subject.” Gislason ground out. “I know their situation well. They are just like Linley’s wife. We aren’t even able to save Linley’s wife; how are we going to save anyone else?”

Tewila’s face was full of worry as well.

“Let the clansmen make their preparations.” Gislason said. “Fortunately, most of our clansmen have divine clones. But Linley’s wife became a Deity through fusing with a divine spark. She doesn’t even have a clone. If she dies, she’ll truly be finished!”

Tewila nodded, letting out a sigh.

He had personally watched as Delia was hit by the technique and saw how Linley had reacted. “Most likely, in Linley’s mind right now, his wife’s life is more important than even his own. His wife is unfortunate as well, to have become a Deity through fusing with a divine spark!”

“Tewila.” Gislason instructed. “These unconscious clansmen…you go make the arrangements. Most likely…some of them fused with divine sparks as well.”

“Yes, Patriarch. I’ll make all the arrangements.” Tewila said.

“Fine. You can go now.” Gislason said.

After Tewila left, Gislason’s face became filled with exhaustion. To him, the matter of Delia and the other clansmen being unconscious was still a minor matter. What truly had him frustrated was the news which Phusro had brought him.

“Can it be…that there really is no hope?” Gislason raised his head, closing his eyes. A glimmer of tears flashed from between his eyelashes, like a gleaming, brilliant little jewel.

Gislason took a deep breath. The exhaustion disappeared from his face, and that resolute self-confidence once more appeared.


Gislason’s eyes were hard and firm. “All we can do is entrust our hopes to the Redbud Sovereign who stands behind Linley, as well as the Bloodridge Sovereign who stands behind the Lord Prefect. Unfortunately, the Lord Prefect isn’t willing to go all out for our clan’s sake. Otherwise…”

In the blink of an eye, three months passed.

“Why isn’t he here yet?” Linley stood outside his room, his head raised towards the skies. Ever since the three month mark approached, he had been watching the skies every single day, hoping that Alfonsus would descend into the gorge.

However, there had been no news of Alfonsus.

Bebe walked out from behind, looking at Linley’s back. Bebe felt miserable for Linley as well. He spoke. “Boss, don’t worry. He said three months, but that was just an estimate. It won’t be exactly three months, but it shouldn’t be too far off either. Most likely, Alfonsus will be here tomorrow.”

Linley turned to look at Bebe and nodded slightly. “Right. He’ll definitely arrive tomorrow.”

“Linley! Linley!” A frantic cry rang out from the air.

Linley seemed to have been struck by lightning, and he immediately turned to look towards the skies, only to see a figure descending at high speed while saying excitedly, “Linley, Mr. Alfonsus has arrived. He’s arrived!!!”

“Arrived?” After having waited so long, Linley’s heart seemed to have suddenly been set ablaze. All the hairs on his body stiffened, as though he had been hit by electricity.

The newcomer was Elder Garvey.

“The Patriarch told me to notify you. Hurry and make your preparations. He is currently accompanying Mr. Alfonsus, and they will arrive soon.” Elder Garvey’s face was filled with delight. “Linley, your wife will be saved.”

A look of joy was on Linley’s face as well.

“Right. Delia will be saved.” Linley turned and rushed into his room.

Delia was quietly lying on a bed in the room, as though she were asleep. By Delia’s side, there was a smaller bed, where Wade was quietly slumbering as well. Fortunately, by the time they had left Meer City, Wade was already able to eat liquid foods.

“Delia, Alfonsus is here. You’ll definitely recover.” Linley said softly.

“Boss, they’re here!” Bebe’s voice rang out from outside.

Linley hurriedly ran out, looking towards the skies. He saw that within the mist, more than ten blurry figures were flying over at high speed, and they soon landed on the ground. It was Gislason, the Vermillion Bird Matriarch, Kestrel, and a group of Elders.

There were two non-Elders; one was Phusro, while the other was a silver-haired old man with a ruddy complexion and with skin as tender as an infant’s.

“He must be Alfonsus.” Linley’s eyes lit up.

“Linley, this person is Mr. Alfonsus.” Gislason laughed, and the silver-haired, baby-faced old man laughed as well, nodding towards Linley. “You are Linley, right? And your wife?”

Only now did Linley come to his senses, and he hurriedly said, “Mr. Alfonsus, please follow me.” He immediately led them in.

The group entered the room.

“Mr. Alfonsus.” Linley pointed towards his wife. “Please help save my wife!”

“I will try.” Alfonsus smiled. He walked to the bed, standing there for a moment as he used his divine sense to investigate. His expression gradually grew solemn. This caused Linley’s heart to clench. And then, Alfonsus reached out with his right hand, pressing it against the top of Delia’s head.

A blurry green light flowed out from Alfonsus’ hand, encapsulating Delia’s head.

Immediately, the entire room fell completely silent, with no one daring to make a sound. Linley held his breath as well as he watched this scene. “Since Alfonsus is acting, he definitely must have confidence in his ability to succeed.”

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