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Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 45

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 45, A Frantic Battle

Within the blurry, earthen yellow field, Linley, his entire body covered by that azure light, had just suffered the combined attacks of seven Elders. The seven mighty Elders had all unleashed the attacks they were most proficient at, either material attacks that tore through the air or invisible spiritual attacks.

Because this all happened within such a short time frame, and because he chose to first push Delia out of the danger zone, Linley wasn’t able to dodge at all.


Seven bursts of terrifyingly powerful attacks all struck Linley, three of which were attacks which contained Sovereign’s Might. The air around Linley blew apart, and his draconic scales shattered as blood splashed everywhere. Linley’s ravaged body fell down like a meteor, plunging from the skies, smashing hard against the ground.


The earth trembled, and a crater that was two or three meters wide and so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen appeared.

A dazzling, fiery red light slashed through the skies. “Aaaaaah!” A desolate, miserable scream. At the same instant that Linley fell from the skies, Elder ‘Nice’, his entire body filled with Sovereign’s Might, fell down from the skies as well. His head had already been completely disintegrated and could no longer be seen.

In but an instant!

Linley’s status was unknown. On the side of the eight Elders, an Elder who had used Sovereign’s Might, Elder Nice, had died.


The eight Elders, who had been radiating such an indomitable, martial spirit, were stunned by Phusro’s sudden attack. The seven remaining ones stared in astonishment at this red-haired man whose entire body radiated fire-type Sovereign’s Might, who was wielding a long awl in his hands.

In a single blow, he had killed Elder Nice, who had used Sovereign’s Might!

“Linley!” Phusro immediately sent his divine sense into the ground.

“Linley!” Delia’s face turned ashen, and at the same time, she howled desperately through divine sense, “Elder Tewila, quick, quick, go help Linley, quick!”

“Alright, but you have to be careful and stay far away. Don’t be hit by the shockwaves.” Tewila replied urgently through divine sense. Although he had experienced hundreds of battles, upon seeing the sudden, terrifying attacks just now, Tewila was tense as well.

Good heavens!

Phusro was himself a Sovereign’s Emissary. It was only normal for him to have a drop of Sovereign’s Might. But unexpectedly, the enemy had used three drops of Sovereign’s Might as well!

“It seems that after hiding for so many years, it is time to let the eight great clans know the power that I, Tewila, possess!” Tewila said to himself. And then, not hesitating at all, he used his drop of Sovereign’s Might as well.

A wild burst of water-type Sovereign’s Might blasted forth.

This immediately caused the seven Elders in the distance to glance towards him, their faces changing dramatically.

“Elder Zabu, that person in the distance should be an Elder of the Azure Dragon clan. The person in front of him should be that Sovereign’s Emissary named Phusro who saved Linley five centuries ago.” Tempah’s entire body was emanating the aura of Sovereign’s Might. He hurriedly asked, “The enemy is more powerful than we expected. What should we do now?”

The seven surviving Elders had a bad feeling!

An ugly look was on Elder Zabu’s face. He had heard of Phusro’s power. If Phusro didn’t have a Sovereign artifact, he wouldn’t be afraid of Phusro, but Phusro had not only used his Sovereign artifact, but also Sovereign’s Might…

He had to admit that he was one level weaker than Phusro.

Elder Zabu’s eyes flashed with a decisive look, and he immediately gave the order. “The Patriarchs have given us our orders. In this battle…we must kill Linley, no matter what. Even if all eight of us die, we must kill Linley. Let me deal with this Phusro. I’ll contain him for now…Annecy, you do what you have to do in order to contain that Elder of the Azure Dragon clan. The other five Elders…Tempah, I entrust Linley to you. Even if you die, you must kill him!”


The other six Elders immediately became resolved.

Although this took time to describe, in truth, the communication through divine sense by these seven Elders happened in the blink of an eye. In that blink of an eye, there was only enough time for Tewila to begin to charge over…and as he did, Phusro laughed!

“Haha…you are so audacious. All of you, die.” Phusro laughed wildly, and was the first to charge over.

“Remember, at all costs, kill Linley!” The elfin-looking ‘Elder Zabu’ shouted through divine sense, while he charged forward to meet Phusro. As for Elder Annecy, he went to go deal with Tewila.

“Swish.” “Swish.”

With Elder Zabu at the center, ten million strands of green branches erupted forth, sweeping towards Phusro. Those ten million green branches were filled with a green aura, encasing Phusro within.

This was Elder Zabu’s ultimate technique…

The ‘Dance of Life’!

The goal wasn’t to kill the enemy, just to contain the enemy!


“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang”! “Bang!”

The five Elders led by Elder Tempah charged directly into the ground. The tough, unyielding ground, in the face of these Seven Star Fiends, seemed to be made out of tofu, and giant tunnels in the earth were created by each of them.

“What is going on, what in the world is going on?” Many of the Azure Dragon clansmen were hovering in midair in the distance. This sudden attack had made them all numb.

“It must be the forces of the eight great clans.”

The Azure Dragon clansmen could only come to this conclusion. They all stared worriedly at the two battles going on in mid-air, while there was a massive battle going on below as well.

Delia, holding little Wade and with Bebe by her side, stood there in mid-air, staring worriedly towards the ground.

“Delia, don’t worry. The Boss is fine.” Bebe hurriedly said through divine sense. “I can sense that the Boss is still alive.” But although this was what Bebe said, a hint of worry could still be seen in his gaze.

This was because…

Shattered draconic scales and a severed arm were lying on the distant ground. This was what Linley had left behind from the sudden attack just now, which had injured him badly.

Even though he used Sovereign’s Might and even though his body’s defense was tough, in the face of the combined attack of seven Elders, he was lucky to stay alive.

“Linley, you have to be fine.” Delia’s body was trembling.

Right at this moment, a metallic lifeform hovering in the distance came to a halt, and quite a few people flew out from within it, all of them staring at Phusro, Elder Zabu, Elder Tewila, Elder Annecy, and the two battles going on between these combatants.

“A battle between Seven Star Fiends, and they’ve even used Sovereign’s Might!”

Shocked cries rang out.

“Quick, record it down. We can’t miss a battle on this level.”

Quite a few experts who trained in the ‘Elemental Laws of Water’ hurriedly set up ‘Scryer Recordings’, recording down the distant, incredibly rare battle between supreme experts. Not just them; even quite a members of the Azure Dragon clan were recording this battle.

Right at this moment…

“Rumble…” Beneath the ground, an enormous serpent seemed to be slithering about. The entire ground was rippling in waves, and wild bursts of energy were spreading about wantonly.

“There’s a battle underground!”

The many spectators all lowered their heads to watch.

“Linley!” Delia was extremely worried.

Deep within the ground, Linley was tunneling at high speed. The draconic scales around his chest were still shattered, while his entire right arm had been severed. The water-type Sovereign’s Might was currently slowly repairing Linley’s body.

After all, the more powerful a body, the slower the repair would be!

“Those three who used Sovereign’s Might are too strong!” Linley still felt that his head was in a daze. At the most dangerous juncture, he had used his Dragonform as well as the Sovereign’s Might for defense.

Of those seven, two specialized in material attacks while the other five used spiritual attacks!

The physical attacks were used by Tempah and Nice, two Elders who had used Sovereign’s Might. By joining forces, not only had the two been able to break through Linley’s armor formed from Sovereign’s Might, they had also shattered Linley’s draconic scales…

If Linley’s defense had been just slightly weaker, he probably would’ve been finished.

“Fortunately, that person isn’t pursuing me.” Linley still clearly remembered how that elfin-looking gray-robed man who had used a drop of Sovereign’s Might had been able to, with a single spiritual attack, easily locate the weakness in Linley’s Sovereign artifact. Luckily, Linley had gone all out, and by using both the Sovereign’s Might as well as his hereditary azure light to defend, he had been able to withstand it.

“If that elfin-looking gray-robed man attacked again along with those four behind me with another barrage of spiritual attacks, I wouldn’t be able to take it.” Linley was truly stunned.


An enormous black claw suddenly emerged, effortlessly slicing through the impeding earth and clawing towards Linley.

“Haaaargh!” Linley turned and swept outwards with his left arm, which struck out as though it were an enormous millstone slowly grinding away. Space itself seemed to turn sluggish, until that moment when it clashed against the enormous black claw…“Bang!” The colliding blows caused space itself to be torn apart.

“Linley, you won’t be able to escape!” A furious roar echoed in Linley’s mind.

Linley turned to look.

The earth behind him was roiling as five figures sped over quickly.

Linley’s face couldn’t help but change. “So fast!”

Because Linley had just launched an attack, the five Elders had immediately hurried over and followed him. The leader was the big-bearded Elder Tempah, and currently, his entire body was covered with a black light which emanated the aura of Destruction.

The power of his material attack, when paired with Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might, wasn’t weaker than Linley’s at all!

“Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might and Death-type Sovereign’s Might truly are troublesome.” Linley still felt the pain in his shattered arm. The joint attacks from those two had left vestige’s of Sovereign’s Might in his body.

This was causing the healing speed to be even slower.

“If the only one present was this big-bearded fellow, I could still battle. But these other four…” Linley felt his head hurt. The five were in constant pursuit in a group, not giving him a chance to deal with them singly.

“Swoosh!” Linley suddenly burst into the skies.

“Bang!” Tempah and the other five Elders all immediately charged upwards as well.

The many clansmen of the Azure Dragon clan, as well as the spectators in the other metallic lifeform, were all watching this battle. Right at this tense moment…with a ‘Bang!’ sound, the ground exploded. Linley and five Elders charged outwards in rapid succession.

“Five on one?” Quite a few people called out in shock.

“Quick, record it down.” Those people immediately set up more scryer recordings.

As for Delia, when she saw Linley, her tears began to fall. “Linley!” This was because she saw that Linley’s arm was severed, and that blood was still flowing out. There was an even more astonishingly large hole in his chest, and the whiteness of his bones could be seen.

There was a black, foggy aura covering his chest. Linley wanted to repair himself, but the speed was very slow.

“Why haven’t you caught Linley yet? Why haven’t you killed him?” Elder Zabu, currently battling Phusro, saw that Linley and those five Elders had just emerged. He couldn’t help but feel frantically angry, and he immediately sent out his divine sense and shouted towards them.

“Elder Zhabu, the power of Linley’s Gravitational Space is simply too great. I have to help the other four Elders to jointly resist the power of that gravity. Otherwise, we’ll be taken on one at a time by him!” Elder Tempah hurriedly sent back through divine sense as well.

But just as his words were finished…


Elder Annecy’s body collapsed from the skies. She was dead!

Elder Tewila shouted, “Linley, I’ll come help you!” As he spoke, he charged over and attacked.

“Perfect timing.” Linley was overjoyed. Although he had used his Gravitational Space, his Gravitational Space was an earth-type ultimate technique. When using water-type Sovereign’s Might to execute it, although the power was still great, it wasn’t too extravagant.

It was indeed hard for him to battle five others on his own.

“Haha, your Sovereign’s Might has almost been used up. I want to see how you’ll continue to contain me!” Phusro’s loud, delighted laugh echoed forth. The ‘Dance of Life’ was a trapping technique, after all.

Filling all those ten million branches with Sovereign’s Might exhausted it very quickly, as it the technique consumed an astonishing amount of energy.

“Tempah, you must kill Linley!!!”

A fierce bellow rang out. The elfin-looking Elder Zabu roared, and his entire body suddenly emanated countless specks of green light, which shot out in every direction at an astonishing speed.

“BOOM!” Phusro had finally, with great effort, used his long awl to kill Elder Zabu, the most powerful person on the enemy side!

However…those countless green specks of light still shot out at high speed, and many people who weren’t able to dodge in time had the green specks of light shoot into their bodies, and they all fell down from the skies, one by one.

“Delia, careful.” Bebe hurriedly pushed Delia aside as countless specks of green light directly entered Bebe’s body.

“Wade.” Delia didn’t care about herself. Using her own body, she completely covered up Wade, and as she did, two specks of green light directly entered Delia’s body.

Right at this moment…

“Bang!” Linley and Elder Tempah clashed against each other fiercely, and their bodies were sent flying apart. However, just as their bodies flew apart, Linley saw from the corner of his eyes…

Silently, soundlessly…

Her long hair was dancing in the wind. Delia had covered up Wade with her entire body, protecting him completely. She still had tears in the corner of her eyes, which caught and reflected a ray of sunlight. Just like that, Delia slowly, gently drifted down from the skies…

“Waaaaaaaa!” Wade suddenly began to sob.

This sob was like a knife cutting into Linley’s heart. In stunned silence, tears rolled down Linley’s cheeks.

“No…” A desolate sound echoed in the heavens.

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