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Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 42

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 42, Nobody There

Phusro laughed and said, “Since Bebe agrees to meet that friend of mine, then how about this? You can follow my two servants. They’ll take you there.” Phusro looked towards Bebe, who was rather surprised. “Right now?”

“Of course. That friend of mine is currently waiting for you.” Phusro said.

“Boss, then I’ll head out now.” Bebe turned to look towards Linley.

Although Linley was puzzled as to who this mysterious figure was, since the meeting spot was within the city, Linley felt very much at ease. He thus nodded and laughed, “Go quickly and return quickly. Phusro is intentionally hiding that person’s identity. I’ll be waiting for you to tell me who it is.”

“Right.” Bebe nodded solemnly, and then glanced sideways at Phusro. “I’m not like some people, trying to act so mysterious.”

“You punk.” Phusro couldn’t help but begin to laugh.

Bebe strode outside while saying, “The two of you, hurry up and lead the way. I have no idea where this mysterious person who wants to meet me is living.” Phusro’s two servants immediately sped up the pace, leading Bebe away.

Linley watched as Bebe departed, the questions in his heart growing more and more numerous.

“Phusro.” Delia chuckled as she looked at Phusro. “Since Bebe’s already gone, there’s no need for you to keep the secret any longer. Who is this mysterious friend of yours?” Linley turned to look towards Phusro as well, awaiting Phusro’s answer.

But Phusro just laughed and didn’t respond.

“Do I know this person?” Linley asked.

Phusro paused a moment, then said, “You…shouldn’t know this person.”

Linley looked at Phusro, puzzled. Shouldn’t know this person? Knowing was knowing. Not knowing as not knowing. But Phusro’s words were so…hesitant.

“Linley, has it been ten thousand years since you were born?” Phusro asked.

“Ten thousand years?” Linley couldn’t help but laugh. “Up till now, I’ve only trained for a bit over a thousand years. I’m still quite a ways off from my second thousand years.”

“So short?” Phusro was rather surprised, and then he said, “Then I’m certain that regardless as to whether or not you’ve heard my friend’s name, you definitely haven’t met my friend in person. This is because…ten thousand years ago, this friend of mine left your Yulan continent and came to the Infernal Realm.”

Linley and Delia glanced at each other, astonished.

A person from the Yulan continent?

“Someone from the Yulan continent?” Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, and the others, standing behind Linley, were surprised as well.

Phusro, seeing the looks of astonishment and confusion on their faces, laughed delightedly. “Haha, you can keep guessing. I refuse to tell…when Bebe comes back, you’ll know. But I imagine that it’ll be very hard for you to guess.”

Linley couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. Phusro really did like to toy with people.

“Linley, how long will you be here?” Phusro suddenly asked.

“A month.” Linley said.

“Oh, so long? Then I’ll stay here for two days. If you have any free time, you can talk to me about the affairs of your Four Divine Beasts clan. I’m very curious about your Four Divine Beasts clan.” Phusro chortled.

And just like that, that very day, Phusro moved in. Fortunately, the estate which Tarosse’s group had purchased was large and had enough rooms.


Linley and Delia were still lying on the bed. After a passionate session, the night was now quiet, and the two of them, husband and wife, began to discuss that mysterious person.

“I had thought Bebe would be able to return the same day. I didn’t expect him to take so long.” Linley stroked Delia’s hair, laughing as he spoke.

“Perhaps Bebe, after meeting that mysterious person, not only chatted but also had some other matters to take care of.” Delia said. “This mysterious person actually came from the Yulan continent ten thousand years ago. We’ve never met this person before. I truly wonder who it is.”

“At first, I thought it was Lord Beirut. Afterwards, when Phusro said that I had never met this person before, I no longer had any idea who it is.” Linley was still puzzled.

And then Linley laughed and lowered his head, looking towards Delia.

“What is it?” Delia had the feeling that something was strange in Linley’s gaze.

“The two of us have just a pair of children. Although the Four Divine Beasts clansmen have very few progeny, I refuse to believe that we won’t have a third child.” Linley laughed softly, and then lowered his head to kiss Delia.


Delia’s face flushed slightly. She couldn’t help but give Linley a ‘glare’, and then she stretched out her jade-like arms, embracing Linley’s neck. The two flipped over and entangled each other…

Who would have imagined that even by the time Phusro had left, Bebe still hadn’t returned? Linley couldn’t help but be rather nervous. How could a meeting with someone end up taking three days? Linley asked Phusro, but Phusro just told him not to worry.

After waiting five days…

“These scryer recordings I saw today were excellent. The ways in which those experts from the Higher Plane of Life do battle are quite peculiar. The ways in which they fly and the poses they adopt when attacking all seem so beautiful and alluring.” Delia laughed as she praised.

Linley nodded. “Those in the Higher Plane of Life primarily train in the Edicts of Life. Those attacks are so beautiful to behold, yet their power is so astonishing.”

While in Meer City, Linley and Delia would go wandering about in some of the more interesting parts of the city. It had to be said…that in Meer City, where so many people passed through, there really were many more interesting things than in the Skyrite Mountains.

Linley and Delia, laughing and chatting with each other, returned to their residence.

Upon reaching the gate, Delia let out a sigh. “I wonder if Bebe is back or not. This is the fifth day.” Although Delia was often thinking about this, she still wasn’t too worried. Firstly, Bebe was within the city and nothing would go wrong. Secondly, Linley and Bebe had a spiritual connection, and thus they could sense each other’s locations.

Linley just grinned, not saying anything as he looked towards the gate of the residence.

His soul had sensed long ago that Bebe was within the estate. A jubilatory cry was heard. “Boss!” The gates swung open, and Bebe, wearing his straw hat, was standing right there in front of them, beaming towards Linley and Delia.

“Bebe’s back?” Delia was startled, and then she turned to glare at Linley. Linley had to have sensed Bebe’s return, but he hadn’t said a thing on the way back

Linley began to laugh loudly.

“Bebe, you really are something. When you went to meet with that mysterious figure, you ended up spending so much time. This is the fifth day.” Linley laughed while walking with Delia into the estate.

Within the estate, Tarosse, Dylin, Cesar, O’Brien, Kamina, and the others were all present. Upon seeing Linley and Delia enter, Tarosse laughed loudly, “Linley, you finally returned. We were asking Bebe who he had gone to visit, but he refused to tell us. He insisted on waiting until you were back and telling us all together.”

Bebe wrinkled his nose and snorted.

Linley and Delia immediately laughed, walking over and sitting down. Linley looked towards Bebe. “Bebe, stop teasing everyone. Just spit it out. If you don’t tell them today, Tarosse, Dylin, and the others will get angry.”

Tarosse and Dylin began to laugh as well. This was just a small matter, and they were simply curious. How could they actually grow angry?

“Fine, I’ll tell.” Bebe raised his head. “This person originally came from our Yulan continent.”

“We know this. It’s precisely because this person is from the Yulan continent, that we are all curious.” Tarosse immediately replied.

Bebe stared at everyone, then said smugly, “This mysterious person is…the wife of my Grandpa Beirut. My Grandma Carolina!”

“Carolina?” Linley immediately remembered that back in the Yulan continent, that year Bebe had indeed told him that Beirut’s wife was ‘Carolina’.

While at the Yulan continent, Linley had met Harvey, Hart, and Harry, the three brothers, but he had never met Carolina. When chatting with Harry and the others, Linley had heard that Carolina had long ago left the Yulan continent.

“It’s her?” Tarosse let out a sound of surprise, and then began to laugh loudly. “I should’ve thought of her long ago. Lord Carolina is the wife of Lord Beirut. It’s only natural that she comes to meet Bebe.”

“Lord Carolina is the wife of Lord Beirut?” O’Brien was rather surprised.

When O’Brien and Cesar were born, Carolina had already left the Yulan continent. Naturally, they had never heard of this person. In fact, they didn’t even know that she was Beirut’s wife.

“My Grandma Carolina is very formidable.” Bebe said smugly.

“Bebe, why did Grandma Carolina seek you out this time? And it took so much time as well.” Linley was still puzzled.

“She was helping my Grandpa bring me something.” Bebe chortled. “The fifth soul slice fragment.”

Dylin, Tarosse, O’Brien, and the others had faces filled with puzzlement.

But Delia and Linley were rather surprised. Bebe had spoken to them regarding the ‘soul slice’ matter. Originally, it was because Bebe had absorbed those four soul slices, which contained memories of souls which held insights on profound mysteries, which was why he had been able to learn four types of profound mysteries in such a short period of time.

“In recent years, Grandpa finally helped me find the last one.” Bebe said smugly. “Boss, you need to work hard. I might become a Highgod before you.”

Linley chuckled. By now, he had already mastered a fifth profound mystery of the Laws of the Earth, with one remaining. He trained extremely quickly in water as well, and had already mastered four.

“Haha, who knows which one of us will be Highgod first?” Linley laughed.

“What are you two talking about. What’s a soul fragment?” Dylin, Cesar, and the others were all puzzled. If a soul was shattered, it would be destroyed. How could there be ‘soul fragments’? What were soul fragments used for?

They couldn’t understand at all.

Time flew by very quickly. Life in Meer City was very relaxed, and in the blink of an eye, a month passed. On the day of departure, the Azure Dragon clan’s forces had already gathered outside the city. Everyone had arrived very early.

“Milord, the forces of the Azure Dragon clan are over there.”

“Do you see Linley and his family?”

“No! Most likely, they’ll arrive soon. The Azure Dragon clan’s people are still gathering.”

“Hurry up and notify the eight Elders. Let them make their preparations.”

“Don’t worry, milord. The eight Elders already know of this. Once the Azure Dragon clan’s forces head out, the eight Elders will be ready to strike at a moment’s notice.”

“Good. The eight Elders care deeply about killing Linley. There can’t be any mistakes made.”

An intelligence agent of the eight great clans was currently monitoring the gathering of Azure Dragon clansmen. These intelligence agents had memorized the appearance of these Azure Dragon clansmen when they had passed through the city gates.

Those ordinary clansmen hadn’t changed their appearance. Thus, when gathering together, they were immediately recognized.

Elder Tewila, his appearance changed, was currently waiting impatiently. Every so often, he would look towards the city entrance. “What’s going on with Linley? He still hasn’t arrived.”

“Elder Tewila.” A Highgod subordinate of Tewila sent through divine sense, “The other clansmen are all ready. We’re only waiting for Elder Linley and his group of three. What should we do? Wait here?”

Tewila frowned.

“No. Since Elder Linley’s group hasn’t come, they’ll most likely go back with the next group, or perhaps by themselves. We don’t need to concern ourselves.” Tewila immediately ordered, “Prepare to move out.”

Tewila immediately produced his enormous metallic lifeform, in the shape of a black tiger, and the Azure Dragon clansmen immediately boarded.

“Milord, the Azure Dragon clan is about to head out. Only that Linley, his wife, and his friend haven’t appeared.”

“Still haven’t appeared? Wait a while longer. That metallic lifeform will probably wait for some time before heading out.”

However, the black tiger-shaped metallic lifeform took the clansmen and left, not hesitating at all, immediately embarking and disappearing into the horizon. This sight caused quite a few intelligence agents to be stupefied.

“Milord…now what? Linley’s group of three truly has not arrived. There are three fewer people in that metallic lifeform than had arrived in the city.”

“Three fewer? Then it seems as though Linley’s group of three has yet to leave. Hurry up and inform the eight Elders…eh. Let the eight Elders rest for now, and continue to wait patiently.”

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