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Coiling Dragon Volume 17 indigo prefecture Chapter 41

Book 17, Indigo Prefecture – Chapter 41, A Mysterious Visitor

On the wide streets, people were coming to and fro.

Within the city, battle of any kind was absolutely forbidden. It didn’t matter if you were a member of a strange race, and it didn’t matter if were a Highgod or were a Demigod. Here, you could comfortably, peacefully enjoy life, without any fear or danger.

“I haven’t gone to a city a single time ever since the return to the clan.” Linley looked at the two sides of the street, at the various stores.

“Boss, the city is far more interesting than the mountains. There’s many places for entertainment, and also many places for watching scryer recordings. Boss, last time, when watching scryer recordings in the city, I discovered…” Bebe’s eyebrows were dancing animatedly as he spoke, and at this point, he switched to divine sense. “There was one scryer recording that was of the battle at Miluo Island between you and those many island warriors, as well as a scryer recording of the battle against the red-robed elder afterwards.” Bebe said.

“Places for watching scryer recordings?” Linley was rather surprised.

The Bagshaw clan considered some precious scryer recordings to be treasures.

“How are the scryer recordings, in those places within the city where they are available for viewing? Are there many recordings of experts doing battle?” Linley asked.

“Not many. Although there’s quite a few Highgod battles, the skill level is roughly on par with the ‘Arena’ at Miluo Island. On occasionally, there will be a battle at high skill levels, but the price for watching those is quite high as well.” Bebe was rather unhappy. “Boss, when they show the scryer recording of your battle at Miluo Island, they should give you a share of the money.”

Linley began to laugh loudly.

The nearby Delia began to laugh as well. “Bebe’s words are well-spoken. They are releasing those scryer recordings without your permission.” Delia, Bebe, and Linley chatted about scryer recordings while walking. Moments later, from up ahead, Tewila and the others turned around and started walking towards Linley.

Elder Tewila sent through divine sense, “Elder Linley, we’ll stay here in Meer City for roughly a month. A month from today, we will head out once more to the Skyrite Mountains. During this month, Elder Linley, you can roam around in the city as you please. Remember, one month. If you miss it…then Elder Linley, if you want to return, you’ll have to wait for the next group. Or go back by yourself.”

“Don’t worry. I know.” Linley nodded. “Elder Tewila, please don’t mind us, go do what you want to do.”

After walking for a while further, Linley’s group separated from Tewila and the others, and then Linley, Delia, and Bebe headed directly for Tarosse and Dylin’s residence. When Tarosse, Dylin, and the others had arrived in Meer City, Bebe and Delia had been present as well. Naturally, they knew exactly where Tarosse and the others were living.

“Boss, Tarosse and the others purchased a large estate. They spent over a billion inkstones.” Bebe said hurriedly. “As for Dylin, Cesar, O’Brien, and the others, they are living there as well.”

Hearing this, Linley nodded. Tarosse’s group didn’t lack for money. It was right that they should buy a large estate in the city. As he thought about purchasing property, Linley couldn’t help but begin to laugh. “Bebe, Delia, do you still remember that year when we first went to Royalwing City? That time, when we saw those houses, the cheapest one was around sixty or seventy million, right? Back then, we were shocked when we saw those prices.”

Delia and Bebe, hearing this, began to laugh as well.

The cheapest houses in Royalwing City were around eight million, but people would seize the opportunity to buy houses like those. Normally speaking, empty houses would be worth nearly a hundred million. Generally speaking, only some fairly powerful Highgods were able to buy these things.

“At that time, I thought that only the ‘true elites’ of the Infernal Realm would be able to buy houses in cities. But now, it seems…” Linley shook his head and laughed. Indeed, those capable of buying houses in cities could be considered elites, but these so-called ‘elites’ were only elite in comparison to the many ordinary Deities of the Infernal Realm.

The true experts of the Infernal Realm, such as Six Star Fiends and Seven Star Fiends, primarily lived outside of the cities, taking over a piece of land for themselves. They would build their own castles and collect a large group of subordinates. Although it was safe inside the cities, life wasn’t filled with as many challenges and as much excitement.

“Linley, we are here at Tarosse’s residence.” Delia pointed towards the front, and Linley followed Delia’s pointing finger as he looked. He saw a large estate, hundreds of meters long. Within a city, where every inch of ground was utterly preciously, purchasing such an enormous estate for the price of just over a billion inkstones was a fairly good bargain.

Within the residence. In the front courtyard, there was a round pool of water, by the side of which there were trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers. A cobbled, wide stone floor that was shaped in a curve led from the gate to a residential area.

“Elder Brother, why are you dawdling in the room? Hurry up.” Currently, a muscular youth was shouting from below the residence. This was Dylin’s third son, ‘Clervaux’. He had gone with his elder brother that year along with Dylin to the Infernal Realm. As for his second brother, he had been killed on the eleventh floor of the Necropolis of the Gods by those Abyssal Blade Demons.

“Coming.” A figure jumped down from the floor above, moving like lightning.

But right at that moment…

“Bang!” “Bang!” A loud, world-shaking knocking sound, joined by a thundering shout, “HEY, OPEN UP! Cleo, Clervaux, hurry up and open the door!”

“It’s Bebe.” The two siblings glanced at each other, then ran over.

“Rumble…” A rumbling sound, followed by the gates suddenly swinging open. There were three figures standing behind it.

“Linley.” Cleo and Clervaux couldn’t help but feel shocked. This was Linley’s first time visiting them in five centuries. And then, Clervaux excitedly called out, “Father, Uncle Tarosse, Linley has arrived!”

“Linley came?” From the distant residence, multiple figures immediately flew over, with the first one being Cesar.

Linley, upon seeing his fellows from his homeland, laughed and greeted them, directly embracing Cesar in a tight hug. “Cesar, long time no see.” “It has indeed been a long time. Elder Linley has a high rank, great power, and countless responsibilities each day, and thus has forgotten us minor figures.” Cesar teased deliberately.

Linley, seeing Cesar be so irreverent, couldn’t help but feel happy.

Cesar had finally returned to the way he had been in the Yulan continent; irreverent and uninhibited. It seemed as though the effects of what had happened in Miluo Island were wearing off.

“Linley.” Tarosse, Dylin, and O’Brien came to welcome him as well.

“Eh?” Linley saw that Olivier wasn’t amongst them, but there was a golden-haired beauty. Linley stared in surprise at the beauty who was at the back of the group. “She is…?”

Tarosse laughed devilishly. “Linley, she’s one of us. Why don’t you have a guess as to whose wife she is?”

“Wife?” Linley was stunned.

“Hey, someone’s gotten married? That hadn’t happened last time when I was here!” Bebe stared as well.

Tarosse began to laugh loudly. “When marrying a wife, of course you have to be fast. Have a guess as to whose she is?” Linley, Delia, and Bebe all turned to stare towards Cesar, Dylin, O’Brien, and Clervaux.

“Could it be Clervaux?” Bebe was the first to guess. “Or O’Brien’s? Wait, that can’t be right, O’Brien has that affair going on with the High Priest.” The War God O’Brien couldn’t help but feel awkward.

Immediately, Tarosse, Cesar, and the others all began to laugh. Dylin said hurriedly, “Alright, enough of that. Linley, Delia, I’ll make the introductions. This is my wife, Kamina [Ka’mi’na].”

“Mr. Linley, they’ve often spoken about you to me.” Kamina said with a laugh.

“Greetings, Kamina.” Linley and Delia both greeted Kamina as well.

Linley’s arrival caused the normally tranquil lives of Tarosse, Dylin, and the others to be slightly disrupted. Tarosse and the others immediately prepared a sumptuous welcome banquet that very day. Linley thus began to chat at the banquet table with Tarosse and the others regarding the affairs of the clan.

After knowing what had changed within the clan during the past five centuries, especially the viciousness of the battles that had occurred, Tarosse, Dylin, and the others couldn’t help but sigh. Kamina was truly shocked; she was just an ordinary God, and in the past, although she had heard Dylin say a few things regarding Linley, it had always felt like hearing stories regarding legendary figures.

Right now, when she heard from Linley himself speaking of the deaths of so many Seven Star Fiends, there was a different feeling.

Those were Seven Star Fiends!

Generally speaking, only the master of a city was a Seven Star Fiend. But the ancient Four Divine Beasts clan and those eight great clans who had come from all the various planes, in their battles against each other, had lost one Seven Star Fiend after another.

“Did you just say that Olivier left?” Linley said, surprised.

“Right.” Tarosse nodded. “Perhaps he’s not accustomed to the peaceful life within cities. He went to accept Fiend missions. Generally speaking, he’ll perhaps make a trip back here every ten years or every few decades.”

Fiend missions?

Linley nodded slightly. At the same time, he suddenly remembered…it seemed as though he was only a One Star Fiend! Although he had taken on two missions, neither had been successful.

“Olivier, in the Yulan continent, had also desired to live an exciting life in the Infernal Realm. Thus, he was the first to come here. His temperament makes him unsuited for living forever in a city.” Linley sighed.


“Bang!” Suddenly, the sound of knocking against the door rang out yet again.

“Hey, someone is knocking at this time of the day? Everyone’s here though. Nobody’s outside.” Tarosse was puzzled. “Can it be that Olivier is back?”

“It can’t be such a coincidence, can it?” Linley laughed. Could it be that as soon as they discussed Olivier, he would arrive?

“Clervaux, go get the door.” Tarosse said, and Clervaux immediately rose and ran outside.

“Hey, hurry up and open the door.” A deep voice came from beyond the door, the voice shocking Linley. This was actually the voice of Phusro, the person who had saved him. Linley was very surprised to hear him.

Why had Phusro come here?

“Who are you?” Clervaux’s voice rang out. Clervaux didn’t recognize Phusro at all. As for Tarosse, Dylin, and the others, they quickly left the courtyard, seeing the big, red-haired man standing far away outside the gate.

But they didn’t recognize Phusro.

“Haha, Phusro! Boss, it’s Phusro!” Bebe called out, and Linley walked over as well, laughing, “Clervaux, he’s my friend.” Linley discovered…that Phusro actually had two subordinates trailing him.

“Kid, the first time we meet we are strangers, but the second time, we’ll be acquaintances. In the future, you’ll know who I am.” Phusro slapped Clervaux on the shoulders, causing Clervaux’s body to sway. Laughing loudly, Phusro walked in. “Linley, I knew you were here.”

Linley, hearing this, was shocked.

He had changed his appearance when he had arrived. How could Phusro have known he was here?

“Don’t be so surprised. The Governor of Meer City is my friend!” Phusro laughed. “When Delia accompanied these people to buy an estate, I arranged for people to pay attention.”

Linley now understood. So they had seen Delia and Bebe, and thus had been able to guess at his presence. But Linley was still astonished at Phusro’s connections; he actually was a friend of the Governor of Meer City!

“However, it wasn’t me who discovered you this time.” Phusro laughed. “It was another friend of mine who told me that you had arrived at Meer City.”

“Another friend?” Linley was surprised.

Phusro nodded. “Right. That friend of mine is extremely strong. My friend knows that I’m familiar with you, and so asked me to come. My friend’s wish is very simple…to meet with Bebe.”

Linley frowned.

Phusro was very powerful, and thus his friends were no doubt impressive as well. One friend was the Governor, while the other friend had actually discovered that Linley had arrived in Meer City. And this other friend wanted to see Bebe?

“Meet me?” Bebe was shocked.

“Who is this person?” Linley asked.

Phusro shook his head and laughed. “I can’t really say. If you want to ask, wait for Bebe to come back, then ask him. Right…do you agree for Bebe to make this trip?”

“To where? Is it within the city or outside?” Although Linley trusted Phusro, he was still worried about Bebe’s safety.

“Don’t worry. It is inside the city.” Phusro laughed.

Linley finally relaxed. Not even Seven Star Fiends would dare to do anything inside the city. After all, the rule that no battle was permitted within cities was a rule that was shared throughout the Infernal Realm, a rule set by Sovereigns. Who would dare violate it?

“Bebe, what do you think?” Linley turned to look at Bebe.

Bebe’s eyes were gleaming, and he laughed, “I very much want to see which mysterious person wishes to meet with me.”

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