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Coiling Dragon Volume 18 highgod Chapter 30

Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 30, Unable to Help

Linley now completely understood everything. No wonder the Abyssal Fruit Tree which had appeared within the gray fog region was able to so easily deal with Linley and Bebe, and Bebe’s innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, wasn’t able to locate the divine spark of the Abyssal Fruit Tree either. Now, it seemed, the former Abyssal Fruit Tree was nothing more than a small part of the Abyssal Fruit Tree before them. It wasn’t strange for a part of a Sovereign to have such power.

The connection between the Abyssal Fruit Tree in the gray fog region and this Abyssal Fruit Tree was like the relationship between the green snakes and the Spirit Snakes. The green snakes didn’t have a soul, and that small Abyssal Fruit Tree naturally had no soul either.


Linley hurriedly called out, while at the same time, he sunk to his knees with a banging sound.

The colossal golden snake and the nine-headed silver serpent stared angrily at Linley and Bebe, then the colossal golden snake begged, “Sovereign, these two harmed my daughter. Sovereign, you know very well what occurred. Sovereign…you must avenge our daughter!” The colossal golden snake pressed its enormous head against the ground as well.

“Bang!” Bebe fell to his knees as well, saying urgently, “Sovereign, we can’t be blamed. Back then, we didn’t know.” Bebe was afraid that the Sovereign wouldn’t assist Linley.

“Hmph.” The nine-headed silver serpent and the colossal golden snake stared angrily towards Bebe and Linley.

Linley didn’t interject further. He just knelt there, awaiting the Sovereign’s words.

“Enough.” A hint of jade light flashed through the eyes of the enormous face atop the main trunk of the Abyssal Fruit Tree as the face stared at this group of people. Everyone its gaze swept past, whether currently nervous or enraged, instantly fell silent. “Gold, although it is true that they are at fault in this matter, their sins do not warrant death…as they didn’t actually know the truth.”

The Sovereign had branches present. Naturally, the Sovereign had seen everything clearly.

He, too, had wanted to save the Spirit Snake, but the power of the branches present was unable to block Bebe’s innate divine ability.

The nine-headed silver serpent immediately glanced at the colossal golden snake.

She knew that her husband was on very good terms with the Abyssal Fruit Tree Sovereign.

The colossal golden snake hurriedly said in supplication, “Sovereign, my daughter, Tina [Ti’na]. You watched her grow up. Can it be that you truly won’t avenge Tina’s death?” Others wouldn’t dare to speak to a Sovereign in such a matter, but he did! This was because he had slowly grown up over the course of countless years along with the Abyssal Fruit Tree, from antiquity until present.

“Gold!” The Abyssal Fruit Tree’s enormous face frowned. “Leave it at this.”

When these words came out, the nine giant green snakes, the nine-headed silver serpent, and the colossal golden snake didn’t dare say anything further. Since the Sovereign had already made his proclamation, there would be no good result if they continued to persist.

“Linley, the two of you can leave.” The giant face said emotionlessly.


Linley knelt there and said in supplication, “I have come from the Infernal Realm to the Netherworld for the sake of meeting with you, Sovereign. I have something to beg of you. I hope…” As soon as Linley’s words came out, and before he finished speaking, the nearby colossal golden snake and nine-headed silver serpent instantly breathed through their nostrils in rage.

“In your dreams!” The colossal golden snake bellowed. “The Sovereign has already shown grace and kindness to you by not killing you. You still dream of having the Sovereign help you? F*ck off! Immediately f*ck off!”

“Immediately f*ck off!” The nine green snakes also bellowed out in succession.

As for the nine-headed silver serpent, she was so angry that her serpentine scales began to shine as she stared at Linley. “Hurry up and leave, and we two, husband and wife, will spare you. If you stay here and futilely hope for the Sovereign to help you, then I, Yennaway [Yin’na’wei], will today kill you, even if it costs me my life!” The reason why she didn’t immediately attack Linley and Bebe was first because of their power, and second because of the Sovereign’s command.

Linley dared to ask the Sovereign for help? Naturally, they were no longer able to suppress their rage.

“The Sovereign hasn’t even spoken, and yet all of you interject?” Bebe bellowed angrily.

It was indeed very impolite to interject in front of a Sovereign, but Bebe clearly had no idea about the nature of the relationship between the Abyssal Fruit Tree and the Spirit Snakes. The giant face atop the Abyssal Fruit Tree’s trunk swept everyone with its gaze. “All of you, quiet. Let’s listen to Linley speak first.”

“Sovereign.” The colossal golden snake stared in surprise towards the Abyssal Fruit Tree.

The Abyssal Fruit Tree glanced sideways at him, and he immediately fell silent.

Linley said gratefully, “Sovereign, the reason I have come to beg you for your help is that I hope you can help me…help me find my family and friends, who have become undead within the Netherworld. To let them regain their former memories! I know that you, Sovereign, are able to do this. I hope you will take pity on them, Sovereign.” Linley pressed his forehead against the ground.

Bebe, seeing this, couldn’t help but feel his eyes turn moist.

When had Linley ever acted in such a manner?

“I hope you will take pity on them, Sovereign.” Bebe also knelt down, his head pressing against the ground.

Linley and Bebe both begged, while the Abyssal Fruit Tree was momentarily silent. Linley, on his knees, felt restless nervousness in his heart. He had come all this way for the Sovereign’s response. What Linley feared the most was…the Sovereign’s refusal. Linley didn’t wish for his hope to be destroyed!

“You can leave.” The deep voice rang out anew.

Linley’s entire body trembled.

Bebe also raised his head in disbelief as he looked towards the Abyssal Fruit Tree.

“Sovereign, can’t you just help out?” Bebe stuttered.

Linley raised his head to look at the Sovereign as well, his eyes filling with tears. He begged earnestly, “Sovereign…”

“Enough. There’s nothing I can do to help.” The deep voice rang out.

“Nothing you can do to help?” Linley raised his head, staring at the Abyssal Fruit Tree. Not a hint of emotion could be seen on the giant face atop the Abyssal Fruit Tree. Linley said frantically, “How could you be unable to help? I know, Netherworld Sovereign, that any of you are able to find the undead which the souls of the dead are transformed into, and to restore their memories to them.”

“Hmph.” The nearby nine-headed silver serpent let out a cold snort, while the colossal gold snake and the nine giant green snakes all stared coldly towards Linley and Bebe.

“You are begging the wrong Sovereign.” The colossal golden snake snickered.

Linley and Bebe were stunned.

A deep voice rang out from atop the Abyssal Fruit Tree. “It is indeed a fact that I cannot help you in this. Because…I am not a Netherworld Sovereign. I am a Sovereign of Life.”

Linley and Bebe, hearing this, were stunned.

The Sovereign of the Abyssal Mountain wasn’t a Netherworld Sovereign?

“You’ve come to the Abyssal Mountain. If you wish to find a Netherworld Sovereign, it’s still simple…continue forward, to the Sovereign’s palace within the violet fog region and wait patiently. However, let me give you a word of warning…the Sovereign of Death’s temper isn’t as good as mine. This Sovereign of Death might just kill you because of Tina’s death.” The Abyssal Fruit Tree said.

Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.

So this Abyssal Mountain actually had two Sovereigns!

One, a Sovereign of Life. The other, a Netherworld Sovereign of Death!

Linley was able to guess why this Abyssal Fruit Tree said he had a good ‘temper’. He had stayed here for countless years, and trained in the Edicts of Life. It was normal for him to be good-tempered. But the Sovereign of Death trained in the Edicts of Death. In the Infernal Realm and the Netherworld, Linley hadn’t met a single practitioner of the Edicts of Death who had a good temper.

Most of them were resolute and violent!

“Boss, should we go?” Bebe sent mentally.

“Of course.” Linley didn’t hesitate.

Bebe hurriedly sent mentally, “Didn’t you hear what the Sovereign of Life just said? That Sovereign of Death has a temper, and isn’t as good-natured as this one. If he kills the two of us because that Spirit Snake died, then that would be such a stifling, unhappy death. As I see it, there are seven Sovereigns in the Netherworld. Let’s go somewhere else and try.”

Linley frowned.

Linley was prepared to make the attempt for the sake of saving his father and friends. Too much time had already passed, and so he definitely had to try. But if Bebe were to suffer for it…

“Bebe.” Linley looked towards Bebe, then sent mentally, “Don’t go see the Sovereign of Death. I’ll just go by myself.”

“Boss.” Bebe stared at Linley.

“Don’t go.” Linley’s mentally transmitted words carried the weight of an order. “I still have my divine fire clone, but if you were to die, you would have no divine clones left.”

But Bebe hurriedly said, “Boss, say no more. If the Sovereign of Death truly wishes to kill me, even if I flee from the Abyssal Mountain, the Sovereign will easily be able to find and kill me. As I see it, it’s best I don’t run. I can’t be completely blamed for what happened anyhow. That Spirit Snake tried to kill me, after all. Can it be that I am not permitted to fight back? I imagine that the Sovereign of Death will listen to reason.”

Linley said helplessly, “Bebe, you think a Sovereign will listen to you reason with him?”

“We have the medallion from the Bloodridge Sovereign. The Sovereign of Death, for the sake of the Bloodridge Sovereign’s face, probably wouldn’t kill us.” Bebe said hurriedly, “And if he wants to kill me, there’s no point in running.”

Linley nodded slightly.

Indeed. If a Sovereign wished to kill someone, there was nowhere to run.

“The two of you actually dare to go see the Sovereign of Death?” The nine-headed silver serpent snickered.

Linley and Bebe genuflected once more towards the Abyssal Fruit Tree. “Thank you for your guidance, Sovereign. Might I ask, how can we exit the violet fog region?”

“Just go straight, that will be enough.” The Abyssal Fruit Tree’s deep voiced echoed, and then the branches began to tremble. Instantly, the violet fog up ahead began to roil and billow. It parted into two sides, revealing a clear path with no fog at all. “Follow this path and walk straight forward. You will be able to reach it.”

The Abyssal Fruit Tree had already given its advice.

Although it was good-natured, it wouldn’t repeatedly warn them.

“Thank you, Sovereign.” Linley and Bebe said gratefully.

The enormous body of that Abyssal Fruit Tree moved slightly, and then transformed into a hazy azure blur before vanishing. That enormous Abyssal Fruit Tree, which took up a space of ten thousand meters or more, vanished just like that. Linley and Bebe just stood there, immediately advancing forward along the designated route.

The colossal golden snake and the nine-headed silver serpent just laughed coldly.

“You really are useless.” The nine-headed silver serpent snickered. “You’ve been with the Sovereign for so many years, but you still can’t persuade him.”

“Alas, the Sovereign is simply too good-natured.” The colossal golden snake said resignedly.

“Watch me.” The nine-headed silver serpent stared coldly at Linley and Bebe’s backs. “Given my Sovereign’s temper, as long as I say something…these two will definitely die!”

The colossal golden snake was on good terms with the Abyssal Fruit Tree, while the nine-headed silver snake was on good terms with the Sovereign of Death.

On the way over, Linley and Bebe moved extremely quickly, and they didn’t encounter any dangers on the way over. Very soon, Linley and Bebe saw that in the distance, there was an empty area where there was no violet fog at all. Linley and Bebe immediately sped up, transforming into two blurred streaks and exiting the violet fog region!

“We finally arrived.” Bebe said jubilantly.

Linley raised his head to look as well.

In front of them was an empty area filled with grass and flowers.

“Up above!” Linley couldn’t help but look upwards, as in the skies above, a violet-black palace was hovering in the air. This violet-black palace was hundreds of meters tall, like a small mountain. The top of the violet-black palace was a tower-styled tip, and at the top of the tip was an enormous sphere.

The sphere flashed with countless bolts of lightning.

With the sphere as the origin, large amounts of lightning chains scattered downwards in every direction.

“So this is where the Heaven-Earth Chains come from.” Bebe’s eyes lit up.

“It seems this is the Sovereign’s palace.” Linley took a deep breath.

Right at this moment, outside the Sovereign’s palace gate, two figures flew out. Linley immediately recognized that it was Arthurs and Bailey. The two of them, seeing Linley and Bebe, immediately flew over.

“Linley, you really came!” Bailey said in surprise.

Arthurs said in disbelief as well, “Yennaway and her husband, those two great snakes, didn’t attack?” Arthurs knew exactly how strong those two were. Even he would find it hard to act against them.

“Of course they did, but they weren’t strong enough and couldn’t do anything to us.” Bebe said with a snort.

Arthurs and Bailey couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“Arthurs, Bailey, the Sovereign, he…” Linley just was about to speak.

“Hmph!” A cold snort rang out.

Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but turn their heads to look back. Arthurs and Bailey looked over as well. Two skinny figures, a male and a female, were walking over. The grim-looking man was dressed in a long golden robe, while the woman with black pupils wore a long silver robe. Behind them were nine young men and women, all dressed in long green robes.

“We weren’t able to do anything to them, true.” The silver-robed woman snickered. “However…very soon, they will still die.”

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