Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 224

Coiling Dragon Volume 18 highgod Chapter 29

Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 29, Invincible

“Boss!” Bebe was alarmed.

Linley’s face changed dramatically as well. From the leaves of the Abyssal Fruit Tree, those truly innumerable little green snakes all shot out towards him, whether from close by or from afar. They formed a vast web in the sky, filling Linley’s field of vision as they shot out towards him from within. The number of little green snakes was so great, they were more than enough to completely bury Linley alive!

The nine giant green snakes laughed coldly as they watched.

“First kill that Linley, then deal with the other one.” They were very confident, because Linley’s draconic scales were not yet so powerful as to allow him to ignore the bites of those little green snakes.

“Hrm?” Linley, with a thought…

“Rumble…” A thick earthen yellow light sprang up, and large amounts of earth-type divine power wildly spread out. With Linley at the center, in a range of a hundred meters, an earthen yellow cube of a hundred meters in length suddenly appeared.

Blackstone Prison!

Many little green snakes had already entered the Blackstone Prison, while many other green snakes threw themselves against the walls of the Blackstone Prison, attempting to bite through and charge in. But when they charged in, they discovered that they were separated into yet another little room. Immediately, the little green snakes began to wildly bite everywhere and fly everywhere.

Every single sealed room was cube-shaped and was 2.5 meters long.

There were 64,000 little sealed rooms within this hundred-meter long Blackstone Prison.

“Raaaaaawr!” A furious roar rang out as the nine giant green snakes all twirled their bodies, biting through and smashing one room after another. But as soon as they shattered one wall, it would quickly reform. At the same time, the Blackstone Prison was constantly changing and moving about, quickly separating the nine Spirit Snakes.

Within the Blackstone Prison.

Linley suddenly emerged from within one of the sealed rooms, easily killing the little green snakes present within this room, then quickly departing. The other little green snakes, knowing that Linley had appeared, all hurried over, but by the time they arrived, Linley had moved elsewhere long ago.

In the Blackstone Prison, Linley was able to move about at high speed!

And given that the sixty four thousand rooms were all filled with a powerful gravitational pull, the green snakes were completely unable to surround him and attack en masse.

“You want to kill me with one move?” Linley laughed calmly as he slaughtered these little green snakes. “These little green snakes possess tremendous amounts of energy as well. By killing them, I am definitely injuring the nine Spirit Snakes as well.” Linley didn’t mind working a little harder and killing a few more of the little green snakes.

Linley began to wildly slaughter and massacre the little green snakes. The Blackstone Prison was under Linley’s control, and Linley knew exactly where there were numerous little green snakes and where there were few of them. The little green snakes suffered, but were unable to group up en masse to surround and attack Linley. In the Blackstone Prison, they could do nothing but wait as though they were blinded.

The nine giant green snakes, now outside the Blackstone Prison, were already furious.

“What is this damn thing?” A clear voice rang out from the mouth of one of the giant green snakes. She stared angrily at the enormous earthen yellow cube. “It repairs as soon as we break it!”

“If this continues, we’ll lose a great deal of energy.” A hoarse voice rang out. “We won’t be able to kill Linley within those rooms.”

Immediately, under their control, the many green snakes began to wildly flee, biting through one wall after another before escaping the Blackstone Prison. All of the green snakes fled, returning to the Abyssal Fruit Tree.

“Rumble…” The Blackstone Prison transformed into energy, then vanished.

Linley and Bebe appeared.

“Haha, you wanted to kill us, right?” Bebe laughed from rage. “Come, then. Let me see what other tricks you have?”

Linley stared coldly at the nine giant green snakes as well.

“You are indeed very strong!” A deep, hoarse voice rang out. Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but turn to stare at the crown of the Abyssal Fruit Tree. The sound came from there. With a ‘rustle’ sound of leaves parting, a serpentine form covered in golden scales and which was more than two meters thick slowly slithered out.

A powerful aura emanated forth from it.

Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but hold their breaths.

“My heavens…” Bebe stared with wide eyes.

“This…” Linley couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. The colossal golden snake continued to slither out from the crown of the trees. The part of its slithering, serpentine body that appeared was already more than two hundred meters long. Moments later, the entire body of the colossal golden snake was completely revealed. This was an enormous golden snake that was nearly five or six hundred meters long and two meters thick.

The golden snake coiled around the branches of the Abyssal Fruit Tree. Its ice-cold pupils were jade-green, and it stared down towards Linley and Bebe.

“Father.” The nine giant green snakes immediately scurried over.

“Father, it’s the two of them! You have to avenge our elder sister!” The nine giant green snakes all spoke in the human tongue.

“Don’t worry.” A low, hoarse voice rang out from the giant golden snake’s mouth.

“Leave one of them for me.” An icy cold voice rang out from behind. Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but stare, then immediately swivel to look. A giant silver snake whose body was comparable in size to the giant golden snake flew out from afar. The thing which astonished about Linley about this giant silver snake was…

It had nine heads!

And each head of this nine-headed silver snake had black pupils, as black as the deepest recesses of the abyss itself.

“Mother.” The nine giant green snakes immediately called out.

“You returned?” The colossal golden snake said.

“My daughter died. How could I not?” The nine-headed silver snake said coldly.

Bebe let out a snort. “No wonder you gave birth to a pack of little freaks. The parents are both freaks as well!” The aura emanating from these two colossal snakes was simply too terrifying, to the point where the aura alone made Linley and Bebe feel their heads go slightly dizzy. Linley and Bebe both understood that this gold-silver snake pair was far more powerful than their children.

“Hmph, aren’t you a freak as well, you little creature?” The colossal golden snake stared at Bebe, its jade-green eyes filled with a cold look.

“The one who killed our daughter was him?” The nine-headed silver serpent stared at Bebe.

“Right.” The colossal golden snake said.

“Then…let me deal with that little creature.” The nine-headed silver serpent said in its hoarse voice.

The colossal golden snake’s giant head turned slightly as it stared at Linley. “Fine, then hand this punk from the Four Divine Beasts clan to me! Hmph…even when his ancestor, the Azure Dragon, was still alive, they wouldn’t dare act in this manner towards our Abyssal Mountain. But now, the Azure Dragon’s descendants actually dare to kill our children!”

“Enough of that.” The nine-headed silver serpent said emotionlessly.

Linley and Bebe exchanged glances.

With Linley at the center, an earthen yellow aura instantly spread out, encompassing an area of nearly a thousand meters, swallowing up the colossal golden snake and the nine-headed silver serpent. The two giant snakes, suffering the sudden attack of the gravitational pull, couldn’t help but have their massive serpentine bodies droop down slightly. Moments later, however, they recovered and adjusted to compensate.

“What powerful gravity!” The colossal golden snake looked towards Linley. “You actually have some sort of a connection to the Redbud Sovereign of the Infernal Realm. However…despite that, you still must die!”

“What, you think you’ll be able to kill us just because you say so? Do you have the ability?” Bebe said coldly.

Very suddenly…

The colossal golden snake opened its mouth, and instantly, a thick, jade-green light shot out from within the colossal golden snake’s mouth, enveloping towards Linley. This jade-green light wasn’t impacted at all by the Blackstone Space. Linley wasn’t able to dodge in time, and was completely covered by the jade-green light, which instantly invaded Linley’s body.

Within Linley’s mind.

The green light formed into countless specks of green, wildly corroding, striking against, and chewing against Linley’s soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. Much like attacking a city, the many green spots were dispersed everywhere, with quite a few of the green spots wildly attacking the ‘bandage’ over the flaw.

Linley had spent two hundred years of work on the bandage, and as a result of his repair work, the bandage was now exceedingly sturdy.

Although it couldn’t compare to the other parts of the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, it was still comparable to most ordinary soul-protecting artifacts.

“Crackle…” The bandage was quickly being depleted.

“Not good.” Linley felt that things were going wrong.

He immediately controlled his spiritual energy to help defend as well. As those jade-green spots ravenously slammed against the bandage, with a ‘bang!’, the bandage was finally broken through. Only a sliver of green spots remained, however. Linley’s spiritual energy wildly charged through, finally extinguishing the remnants of the energy.

Linley’s defense had held.

But…the repairs he had carried out on the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact over the course of two centuries were completely wiped out in this single attack.

At the same time…

The nine-headed silver serpent used its supreme technique as well. The black eyes in its nine enormous silver heads stared at Bebe, while at the same time, its body began to form into an enormous illusion. The nine-headed silver serpent began to activate its awe-inspiring innate divine ability…

“Swish!” “Swish!”

The nine-headed silver serpent’s nine pairs of eyes simultaneously shot out with nine rays of pitch-black light.

Eighteen rays of light shot towards Bebe. Bebe dodged, but the black light curved as though sentient, then pierced into Bebe’s pupils.

“Arrrrgh!” Bebe let out an agonized call.

Linley just finished his defense. Turning to look, Linley was shocked. “Bebe!”

“Not dead?” The colossal golden serpent, seeing that Linley had taken his attack without dying, couldn’t help but feel amazed. It knew very well how powerful this technique of his was…even ordinary soul-protecting divine artifacts wouldn’t be able to resist it.

“Haha…that was rather powerful.” Bebe suddenly began to laugh loudly as he stared furiously at the nine-headed silver serpent.

Linley couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“Impossible.” The nine-headed silver serpent couldn’t believe it. “This…his body is already so powerful. How could his soul be so powerful as well?” The heavens were equitable. Bebe’s body was already so tough that even the nine-headed silver serpent was jealous of him. With his body so powerful, logically speaking, his soul should be a bit weaker.


Bebe had actually been able to endure her innate divine ability.

“I don’t want to kill you. Don’t go too far.” Linley shouted. He had come this time to ask the Sovereign for help. Linley had the feeling that these two giant snakes should have some sort of connection to the Sovereign, and so didn’t want to unleash killing attacks.

“Roaaaaaaaaaaaaar!” The colossal golden snake wasn’t the slightest bit receptive to this. With a bellow, it suddenly shot forward, spreading wide its maw and biting viciously towards Linley.

“His speed is actually so fast.” Linley was inwardly surprised.

However, Linley didn’t dare to allow himself be bitten by this colossal golden snake.

“Boss, let’s do it.” Bebe sent mentally.

“Hmph.” Linley stared at the attacking colossal golden snake. His eyes grew cold.

Behind Linley and Bebe, illusory blurs simultaneously appeared. Behind Linley was a coiling Azure Dragon Phantom, which was staring coldly at the colossal golden snake. As for Bebe, behind Bebe appeared the enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat, which was also staring at the nine-headed silver serpent!

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

“BOOM!” Suddenly, the earth split apart, and large amounts of slender, long tendrils shot outwards, blocking directly in front of Linley and Bebe. The energy which Linley and Bebe had expended in using their innate divine abilities was directly blocked by these tendrils. Or, to be more precise…were all expended upon the tendrils.

Linley and Bebe were stunned.

The many branches and tendrils which were hit by these two mighty innate divine abilities weren’t affected at all. “Why is there no response?” Bebe couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, one of the tendrils shot backwards, landing upon Bebe’s body. Although it passed through the Blackstone Space, the speed at which this tendril struck out still was enough to make it impossible for Bebe to dodge.

“WHAP!” Bebe was struck and sent flying far away.

Red blood splattered out into the air.

“BANG!” Bebe slammed into the ground. He stared at his chest, where a wound that was so deep that bones were visible had appeared. Blood was dripping out of it. Bebe stared at his wound, stupefied.

Linley stared at this in disbelief as well.

Bebe was actually injured?

His body was comparable to a godspark weapon…but he was actually injured?

“Bebe.” Linley immediately moved to Bebe’s side. Bebe’s wound was naturally closing, but Bebe still stared at the branches in front of him in disbelief. These branches were clearly those of the Abyssal Fruit Tree.

“Enough. Killing their daughter was one thing. There’s no need to kill any further.” A deep voice rang out from within the Abyssal Fruit Tree.

Atop the main trunk of the Abyssal Fruit Tree, an enormous face suddenly appeared, hovering there and staring towards Linley and Bebe.

“This is…?”

Linley and Bebe both felt a powerful aura.

“Sovereign!” The colossal golden serpent and the nine-headed silver serpent immediately looked towards the Abyssal Fruit Tree and said hurriedly, “He killed our daughter. Sovereign, you cannot pardon them!”


Linley and Bebe stared, stunned, at the Abyssal Fruit Tree.

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