Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 223

Coiling Dragon Volume 18 highgod Chapter 28

Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 28, Repercussions

Clearly, the revealed portion of the Abyssal Fruit Tree was like the tip of an iceberg; this definitely wasn’t the one which had appeared within the gray fog region. This tree was terrifyingly large, and its branches were sturdier than the trunk of the first Abyssal Fruit Tree.

“Boss, such an enormous Abyssal Fruit Tree.” Bebe was somewhat numb.

He hadn’t been able to do anything to the Abyssal Fruit Tree earlier.

“Continue forward.” Linley growled. At the same time, he immediately set up his Blackstone Space, forming it into a hemisphere that was twenty meters in diameter. A powerful repulsive force was in effect within the Blackstone Space, and any outside objects that entered it would suffer from it.

As they walked…

After having walked for thousands of meters, as far Linley and Bebe could see, there was only that terrifyingly enormous tree crown. That astonishingly large tree crown was formed from countless thick branches in a titanic coil, which was why it was supportable.

“Boss, look up above.” Bebe suddenly said.

Linley couldn’t help but follow Bebe’s gaze. Within the scattered green leaves, a small green snake had appeared atop one of the leaves.

“Green snake!” Linley was astonished. “This small green snake represents that a giant green snake must be here as well! These small green snakes all rely on the lifeforce of the giant green Spirit Snakes. In other words…aside from the Spirit Snake which Bebe killed, there are other Spirit Snakes present!” Linley felt his heart begin to clench.


Linley couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. On many of the tree leaves above, one green snake after another began to emerge. These palm-sized, finger-wide green snakes all stared at Linley and Bebe, but they didn’t attack.

“So many!” Bebe sent mentally in alarm.

“Keep going forward.” Linley ignored the green serpents, continuing to advance forward.

While advancing forward, Linley discovered that a large number of green snakes were appearing everywhere. On the road over alone, hundreds of thousands of green snakes had appeared, far more than the number which had appeared within the gray fog region. Linley felt astonished and shaken as well.

There were so many little green snakes…then what of the Spirit Snake?

“There’s the main trunk!” Linley and Bebe couldn’t help but stare into the distance.

After first having seen the tree crowns, they had walked for nearly ten thousand meters. Linley and Bebe now finally saw the main trunk of this Abyssal Fruit Tree, and when they saw it…good heavens, how could this be a ‘trunk’? This was a wall! A tall, towering wall! The main trunk of this Abyssal Fruit Tree’s diameter was hundreds of meters long!

The main trunk had a diameter of hundreds of meters!

As for the crown, it reached nearly ten thousand meters!

How enormous a tree was this? And more importantly…it was an Abyssal Fruit Tree! In the Netherworld, there were other thick trees like this! But the material those trees were made of was inferior. It must be understood…the branches of these trees, which served as their arms, were unbreakable even for Linley, who only managed to chop halfway through with a full strength blow.

The more precious something was, the rarer it was.

This sort of large tree was far too sturdy, and so it should be a bit smaller. But this was too enormous.

“The trunk alone is hundreds of meters thick. There’s no way I would be able to chop through it.” Linley sighed to himself. The material a tree’s trunk was made out of was generally of higher quality than even the branches. And given how thick the trunk was? How could it be destructible?

“Boss, look above, look, quick! Abyssal Fruit!” Bebe cried out in alarm.

Linley raised his head to look.

Above this Abyssal Fruit Tree, spots of violet light could be seen flashing through the branches. Although they were very far away and covered up by branches, making them hard to see, the dots of violet light were flashing like precious gemstones and so were very eye-catching. “Abyssal Fruit! And…there’s dozens of them!” Linley couldn’t help but draw nearer, and Bebe did the same.

After drawing closer, they were able to see it more clearly as well.

That crystalline skin, that tender, watery violet fruit…the Abyssal Fruits was amidst the green leaves. These fruits were like little lanterns hanging in the sky. There were dozens of them.

“So much Abyssal Fruit!” Bebe was stupefied.

“But in countless years, there’s only been four Abyssal Fruit to appear in the Netherworld, including the one Bailey just acquired! But here, there are actually so many!” Linley was still calm, because Linley understood…that these Abyssal Fruits wouldn’t be easily taken by him, as if they were, others would have taken them away long ago.

After entering the violet fog region, he hadn’t met with any danger yet.

“Haha, Abyssal Fruit. So there are so many of them.” Bebe’s eyes were shining.

“Spirit Snake, where are you? Emerge.” Linley said coldly. At the same time, his gaze flashed past the crown of a nearby tree, where the tightly clustered green snakes were all staring at Linley and Bebe. Bebe immediately laughed loudly, “Hey, why have so many little snakes pop out? Are you trying to scare us? Hurry up and have your main form pop out as well.”

“As you wish!” A cold, fierce voice echoed out from within the Abyssal Fruit Tree.

Linley and Bebe immediately turned to look.


A giant green snake that was as thick as an arm but which was tens of meters long slithered out from within the leaves. That soft, serpentine body coiled around one of the thick branches, its serpentine head raised and staring coldly at Linley and Bebe.

“You…” Bebe was about to say something, but he came to a sudden halt.

Because next to this giant green snake, yet another giant green snake appeared, its body slightly larger. This giant green snake also coiled around a branch, but its body drooped downwards slightly as it rested against it. Its twin eyes glowed with violet light as it also stared at Linley and Bebe, its gaze filled with a killing intent.


The leaves constantly trembled as one giant green snake after another emerged from the depths.

Bebe kept counting aloud. “Three, four, five…eight, nine!”

He finally stopped counting. There were nine giant green snakes which coiled about, close to each other, wrapping themselves either around the trunk or the branches. These nine giant snakes all stared angrily at Linley and Bebe. In terms of size, these giant green snakes were all roughly comparable, and were similar to the giant green snake in the gray fog region as well.

“There’s nine of them. This is a bit tricky.” Bebe frowned.

These giant green snakes were very hard to deal with. If Bebe wanted to kill them, he would have to rely on his innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’. After such a long period of time, Bebe’s spiritual energy had recovered, true, but there were nine of the giant green snakes here.

“Nine of them!” Linley felt that this was rather nettlesome as well.

“Bebe, we don’t want the Abyssal Fruit. Let’s go now.” Linley sent mentally. After so many years, nobody had been able to acquire so many Abyssal Fruit. Forget about the nine troublesome Spirit Snakes for now; what was truly terrifying was that frighteningly thick and enormous Abyssal Fruit Tree. If such an enormous Abyssal Fruit Tree were to attack the two of them, that would be troublesome.

It was best to leave quickly and depart the violet fog region.

“We don’t want it?” Bebe was stunned.

“Hurry and go.” Linley glanced at him, and Bebe acknowledged, “Fine, then.”

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”

Linley and Bebe simultaneously transformed into two blurs, fleeing to the side at high speed.


Those nine giant green snakes instantly shot out from the Abyssal Fruit Tree. They were like nine bolts of green lightning, streaking directly towards Linley and Bebe. Unfortunately, Linley and Bebe were fleeing at high speed, and the space around them had the Blackstone Space set up. Those nine giant snakes weren’t able to catch up to Linley at all.

“You want to chase us? In your dreams.” Bebe laughed as he spoke.

“Rustle…” Suddenly, many branches from the tree crown up above lowered, pressing down like a mountain and falling to the ground. Linley and Bebe only felt the ground ahead of them turn black; the road was completely sealed off.

“The Abyssal Fruit Tree will block us when we flee?” After having previously tested the toughness of these branches, Linley and Bebe turned without even hesitating.

And as they did, they saw that the nine giant snakes had already come to a halt and were coiling on the ground in front of them.

“You want to flee! Haha…” A deep, rumbling voice echoed out from the mouths of one of the green snakes. Its insidious violet eyes flashed as it stared at Linley and Bebe. “Let me tell you this. The violet fog region of the Abyssal Mountain will be your tomb!”

A cold voice rang out from another giant green snake. “The two of you are called Linley and Bebe, right? You are quite formidable. You actually killed our elder sister! Over the course of countless years, we ten siblings have always been happily together. Our elder sister went to deliver the Abyssal Fruit to you, but you actually killed her! Haha…even if all nine of us have to die, we will kill you and avenge our elder sister!”

“Right, avenge our elder sister!” Another giant green snake howled angrily as well.

The nine giant snakes all had rage and hatred flashing in their violet eyes.

Linley couldn’t help but feel that his head hurt.

“So that Spirit Snake really did have a connection to these nine Spirit Snakes. It was actually their elder sister?” Linley had known long ago that there would be trouble, but he hadn’t expected that the Spirit Snake had nine siblings.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Your elder sister went to ‘deliver’ the Abyssal Fruit to us?” Bebe said angrily. “You all have mental issues. Your elder sister was ‘delivering’ us Abyssal Fruit? Then why did she do everything she could to impede us? If your elder sister hadn’t gone too far, why would I be so bored as to kill her?”

Actually, acting as a guardian was the mission of the Spirit Snakes. It was the same each time.

By using the Spirit Snakes as guardians, a person with sufficient power would be selected.

As the other nine siblings of the first Spirit Snake saw it, their elder sister had indeed gone to deliver the Abyssal Fruit to these outsiders. That ‘impeding’ she did was nothing more than a test. She went to deliver Abyssal Fruit, but ended up being killed? How could her nine siblings not be infuriated?

“Second Brother, don’t waste words with them. Kill them!” A giant green snake said.

“Kill!” The deep voice rang out again.

Instantly, the nine giant green snakes split up into nine directions, forming a spherical trap around Linley and Bebe. However, Linley’s Blackstone Space was twenty meters in diameter, while this ‘trap’ was also very large. The nine giant green snakes were all outside of the Blackstone Space. The nine giant green snakes began to slither about, and nine pairs of three-star violet pupils stared unblinkingly at Linley and Bebe.

“Hiss…” They slithered about at high speed, forming countless blurs.

Linley and Bebe weren’t able to clearly see the snakes at all, just nine streaks of violet light. The streaks of violet light actually started twisted about, seeing like strings which began to constrict the space between them, like a fishnet compressing down towards Linley and Bebe.

“What sort of technique is this?” Linley couldn’t quite understand, but he didn’t overthink things. His immediate response was…the sudden expansion of the Blackstone Space, which instantly expanded to trap the nine giant green snakes within. The powerful repulsive force was applied to the green snakes, and the speed of the green snakes couldn’t help but drop, and their bodies couldn’t help but be moved as well.

Their joint attack was disrupted!

“Attack that Linley!” A furious shout rang out.

Instantly, those nine giant green snakes almost simultaneously shot out, transforming into nine green streaks of light as they charged towards Linley, biting down towards Linley with their fangs bared. But because of the Blackstone Space, their speed wasn’t that fast. Actually, the most powerful attack of these Spirit Snakes was to use their venomous fangs to bite others, but they knew…

Bebe’s body was too powerful. Their elder sister’s fangs had shattered, and yet she still wasn’t able to harm Bebe.

Thus, they temporarily chose to deal with Linley first!

The venomous fangs of these Spirit Snakes were on a completely different level from the venomous fangs of the little green snakes. A bite from the venomous fangs of these Spirit Snakes was even more terrifying than the little green snakes wriggling in one’s body!

Linley saw those nine giant maws swing open and bite towards him. He couldn’t help but be stunned. “Given how troublesome it was to be bitten by those little green snakes, if these Spirit Snakes bite me…I’m not Bebe!” The defense of his draconic scales was indeed powerful, but even the draconic scales of Patriarch Gislason wasn’t as powerful as the defense of Beirut and Bebe…the level of godspark weapons.

“Hmph.” Linley, with a thought, made the repulsive force of his Blackstone Space transform into a downward pull!

The nine serpentine heads bit down, but as they did, they suddenly sank downwards. Linley instantly activated his ‘Spiritual Chaos’ technique. Linley’s current Spiritual Chaos technique would somewhat affect even Seven Star Fiends.

“Eh?” Linley discovered, to his surprise, that these nine giant snakes weren’t affected by the Spiritual Chaos at all. The nine giant green heads once more rose up, biting towards Linley. Linley wielded the godspark sword, Mirage, and delivered a full force blow using the Laws of the Earth. Where Mirage slashed past, space trembled and split apart.

In the Blackstone Space, the giant green snakes found it hard to dodge.

“Slash!” One of the giant green snakes was struck. Its entire body trembled, and a large wound appeared on its body, with violet blood oozing out of it.

“What tough skin.” Linley was secretly surprised. His attack contained the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, and in terms of attack power, was much stronger than Bebe’s strikes. But he was only able to wound the giant green snake.

“Raaaaaaaaaargh!” The giant green snake howled in agony, biting down in rage as its two sharp fangs glistened with a strange black light.

“Swoosh.” Linley instantly retreated, lightning-fast.

Nine in pursuit, one fleeing while occasionally delivering a few sword blows.

“Second Brother, the gravitational power of this bastard’s Gravitational Space is too strong. We aren’t able to catch up to him within the range of his effect.” A giant green snake said frantically. These nine green snakes realized what the problem was now.

“Rustle…” Right at this moment, the Abyssal Fruit Tree began to tremble violently.

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