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Coiling Dragon Volume 18 highgod Chapter 22

Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 22, The Gray Fog Region – Slaughter!

The white fog region and the gray fog region had an empty region between it which encircled the mountain. Linley and Bebe were in no hurry to enter the gray fog region. They remained outside, carefully listening to the sounds emanating from within.

“Humans, shouting angrily.” Linley frowned.

“What’s going on inside this gray fog?” Bebe was puzzled as well.

Even if the gray fog held danger within, only a few people had entered it, most likely. In addition, those people should have been spread out throughout the area. “Even if they are fighting, the fighting shouldn’t go on nonstop. Why are those angry shouting sounds ringing out again and again? And we are here at the borders, but can still hear them!” Linley’s forehead was creased.

The gray fog region was similar in size to the white fog region.

Given the enormous amount of surface it took up, battles that went on within it from afar shouldn’t be hearable by Linley and Bebe, who were only at the border.

“Eh?” Linley suddenly turned his head.

In the distant white fog region, two male figures suddenly emerged. These two had azure armor formed over their bodies, and when they emerged, they looked vigilantly towards Linley and Bebe. Seeing the two of them, they relaxed slightly. “Haha, I didn’t expect to run into you two here. It seems we two brothers are meant to encounter you.”

The man who spoke was a skinny man who had a smile on his face. The other man by his side seemed rather sturdy, and had some stubble on his chin.

“Indeed.” Linley said. “I am Linley, and this is my brother, Bebe. Who are you??”

“Lache [La’qi]!” The skinny man laughed.

“Valette [Wa’li’te]!” The bearded man said emotionlessly.

“Lache, Valette, we come from the Infernal Realm and don’t know much about the Abyssal Mountain. Listen…there are angry bellows and roars constantly ringing out from the gray fog region. Do you know what is going on in there?” Linley immediately asked. The reason why he was conversing with these two was for the sake of gaining information.

Lache and Valette both listened carefully, frowns appearing on their faces.

“Hey, that is rather queer.” Lache said with a frown. “There were a few dozen people who entered the mountain this time, and there should have been less than ten people who entered the gray fog region ahead of us. Such an enormous region…if ten people entered, they would be like drops of water in the sea. How could the sounds of angry shouts and battle ring out nonstop?”

Bebe said helplessly, “You don’t know either?”

“No idea. The affairs of Abyssal Mountain are very mysterious.” Lache explained. “The outside world has some rumors, at least, of the white fog region, but no one knows anything about the gray fog region or the violet fog region. Most likely, even if someone knows something, they wouldn’t tell anyone. What do the two of you plan to do?”

Linley and Bebe looked at each other.

“Wait!” Linley said.

“The same decision as we two brothers.” Lache chortled. “Most likely, the people who go in will come back here due to having no sense of direction within. When they emerge, we’ll ask them and so be better prepared.”

Linley nodded slightly.

Lache laughed, “Then we two brothers will go over there to that part of the mountain. You two can move over there. That way, the two of us can keep watch over a region of a hundred kilometers. We’ll easily see anyone who emerges.”

“Fine.” Linley nodded.

And then, Linley and Bebe immediately hurried to a prominent, arching spot on the mountain. They stood there, able to see to a great distance.

“Boss, we’re just going to wait here?” Bebe was rather impatient.

Linley swept the gray fog region with a glance, then shook his head and said, “Let’s wait half a day. If we don’t find anyone in half a day’s time, we’ll go in! The white fog region we passed through just now was already rather dangerous. This gray fog region will most likely be even more troublesome. It is best if we go in after finding out what the situation inside is like!”

They had hurried for thirty years to get to this place. Linley had the patience to wait here for half a day. Rashly running inside might result in them suffering for it.

They waited quietly.

The distance between Linley’s group and Lache’s group was roughly ten kilometers. But because there was no fog here, they were still able to see each other at a glance. Roughly half an hour of quiet waiting went past, and the result was…Linley’s ‘squad’ grew more powerful!

Another person had walked out from the white fog region; the effeminate-looking silver-haired man.

The effeminate-looking man was patient as well. He was in no hurry to enter, and began to wait quietly.

A long time later…

“Eh?” Linley, who had been seated atop a rock in the meditative posture with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes, turning to look into the distance. That black-robed, violet-haired youth emerged from the gray fog. Seeing that the black-robed youth was about to turn and re-enter the gray fog region, Linley immediately called out, “Bloan!”

During the battle in the inn, Linley had heard the violet-haired man’s name be called out.

“Swoosh.” Linley and Bebe immediately flew over, while more than ten kilometers away, the three other Highgods also saw them and immediately flew over.

“Eh?” The violet-haired youth, Bloan, turned his head.

“Hello, Bloan.” Linley greeted him.

“Oh…is there something you need?” There was no expression on Bloan’s face. At the same time, he noticed that the other three were hastening here as well. Lache laughed and said, “So it’s Bloan. I knew that given your power, Bloan, you would be able to easily emerge from the white fog region. Right, my friend Bloan, we aren’t familiar with the gray fog region. Can you tell us a bit?”

The violet-haired youth, Bloan, glanced at them, seeming rather concerned about Linley and Bebe. He still said calmly, “I can tell you, but there’s a price!”

“Pray tell.” Lache laughed.

“In the gray fog region, I will travel with you two!” The violet-haired youth, Bloan, looked towards Linley and Bebe..

Linley, hearing this, raised an eyebrow. Travel with them? Although he wasn’t too familiar with the violet-haired youth, in the short period of time they had known each other, Linley had come to understand that this Bloan should be a very cold, arrogant person. But…Bloan was asking to travel alongside Linley. Clearly, the gray fog region was very dangerous!

Lache and the other two immediately looked towards Linley and Bebe.

“Fine.” Linley nodded.

The violet-haired youth said calmly, “The ‘fog’ in this gray fog region is actually a type of unusual energy. If your soul is weak, the gray fog region will ensnare you in countless, endless illusions! By then, you won’t be able to tell friend from foe, and you’ll constantly slaughter others…you will never be able to emerge from the gray fog region, and will forever be trapped in illusions!”

Everyone who heard this felt their hearts tremble.

Forever be trapped in illusions?

They had eternal life, but if they were eternally trapped in illusions…that would be more miserable than death.

“There are many, many Highgods within!” The violet-haired youth, Bloan, said emotionlessly. “Over the course of countless years, I imagine that on each trip, there are Highgods who are trapped within the gray fog region. Because Highgods will not starve to death, the only possibility for death is in battle. Thus…over the course of countless years, an astonishingly high number of Highgods have accumulated within this region. Once we encounter those Highgods who have become trapped in illusions, they will consider us to be their mortal foes and immediately battle against us.

The faces of Linley and the others grew ugly.

“On each night of the full moon, some people will go in.” Lache said with a frown. “This Abyssal Mountain has existed for who knows how many years…how many Highgods are there in this gray fog region?!”

Linley couldn’t help but look towards the gray fog region as well.

Angry shouts. The sounds of slaughter. Bellows. They continued to ring out nonstop from within. Linley’s group now understood why these angry roars were continuing unabated; it was because the number of Highgods within was far too great!

“I want to warn you of something; don’t underestimate the Highgods who have been trapped in illusions.” The violet-haired Bloan said with a cold laugh. “In training, there are those who specialize in the soul and those who specialize in material attacks. Those who were trapped in illusions were just a bit weak in terms of the soul, but their material attacks might be terrifyingly strong, even at the Seven Star Specter level.”

Linley couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

“In addition, slaughter goes on unabated within this region. Over the course of countless years, this has resulted in the deaths of many Highgods, but those who remain alive are virtually all exceedingly powerful in terms of material attacks.” The violet-haired Bloan said solemnly. “Just now, when I entered, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I am fast, I probably would have…”

Lache and the other two had ugly looks on their faces now.

They knew how strong Bloan was. A Seven Star Specter! And yet, he had almost been destroyed as well.

“However, don’t worry. Those who were trapped within and still alive are roughly at the Six Star Specter level of power. Seven Star Specters are rare.” Bloan said.

Linley and Bebe glanced at each other.

“Boss, the experts within the gray fog region are most likely even more numerous than within the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Bebe said.

Linley nodded slightly. Who could say how many experts had been attracted to the Abyssal Mountain over the course of countless years?

Bebe sent mentally, “No wonder he wants to go with us.”

Linley swept the others with his gaze, all of whom felt the pressure. “Everyone, prepare to enter. Those who enter should enter together. If you feel that you don’t have the power to do so, wait outside.”

“I’ll go.” The effeminate looking man was the first to speak.

“Enter.” Valette nodded.

“I…will go in as well, then” Lache hesitated momentarily before speaking.

“Big Brother.” Valette immediately barked. “It’s best if you don’t enter. Your soul…” Lache just shook his head and said, “Don’t worry. Although I’m somewhat weaker than you in terms of the soul, I’m not actually weak. I should be able to handle it!”

Linley gave this Lache a calm look.

“Let’s head out.” Linley said calmly.

This squad naturally accepted Linley and Bebe as their leaders. In a dangerous situation, everyone, mortal or Deity alike, would naturally follow the most powerful individuals around.

As soon as he entered the gray fog region, Linley felt his head go slightly dizzy, while at the same time, Linley noticed….that a misty layer of gray energy was already beginning to accumulate atop the translucent membrane that was his soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. The gray fog energy was currently trying to invade his soul, but Linley was able to resist it.

“Halt!” Linley barked.

After having just entered the gray fog region, everyone was now under the influence of the gray fog. Bebe had a soul-protecting artifact and so was able to resist it as well. As for the violet-haired youth, he had prior experience. The effeminate man was frowning, but he maintained his clarity of mind. Valette, that sturdy-looking fellow, remained clear-headed as well. But that Lache…

Lache’s face began to change, and his entire body was quivering.

“Aahhhhh!” Suddenly, a furious, insane roar rang out. A warblade appeared in his hands, and he angrily chopped down towards the nearby Valette. Valette was too close to him, and didn’t even have enough time to dodge.


An azure-golden light flashed past, and Lache was knocked bodily backwards, flying out of the gray fog region.

“Eh?” The violet-haired youth and the others couldn’t help but look towards Linley’s draconic tail, flashing with azure-golden light. In that instant, Linley had actually used his draconic tail to strike out and knock Lache out of the region.

“Big Brother, are you alright?” Valette said frantically.

Having left the gray fog region, Lache had regained his presence of mind. His chest was caved in, and blood stained his clothes, but he immediately called out, “I’m fine. Mr. Linley, thank you for your kindness in saving me!” If it hadn’t been for Linley, he probably would have killed Valette, and would have forever been trapped here?”

“Know your limits.” The effeminate-looking man let out a chuckle.

“Let’s go.” Linley said calmly.

“Valette, be careful. I won’t be able to accompany you inside.” Lache called out from outside.

“Right.” Valette immediately bade his brother farewell, and then immediately followed Linley and the others as they truly entered the gray fog region.

Within the gray fog region, Linley’s squad advanced very carefully, always paying attention to their surroundings. The sounds of constant battle and slaughter and angry shouts continued to ring out nonstop in their ears. Suddenly, Linley saw from the corner of his eyes a ray of black light shoot towards them.


The black light was shooting towards the seemingly-weak Bebe.

“Crackle….” Wherever the black light passed, space itself split apart. This sight caused the violet-haired youth, Bloan, to be secretly amazed as well. Bebe just let out a loud laugh and went forward to welcome it. Bebe used his left hand to block and the dagger in his right hand to stab forward…

“Clang!” A ray of black light chopped down across Bebe’s chest, but Bebe grabbed the enemy, ensnaring him while stabbing down into the enemy’s head with the dagger in his right hand.

The person died. Even in death, he had a crazed, bloody look in his eyes…but then, his eyes dimmed and lost all life.

“Madman.” The effeminate-looking man said in a low voice.

A madman who would ignore the attacks of the enemy if it meant being able to kill the enemy. These were the actions of a madman, but when Bebe did it, it was actually perfect…because Bebe didn’t have even a hint of a scar on his body.

“Boss, what do you think?” Bebe delighted glanced at Linley.

“Let’s hurry!” The violet-haired youth suddenly shouted explosively.

“Eh?” Bebe and Valette couldn’t help but glance at him. Similarly, the look of puzzlement on Linley’s face suddenly changed, because he could sense tremors coming from the surrounding areas. Clearly, quite a few people were making haste towards them. Linley didn’t understand why these Highgods who had been trapped in illusions could be so sensitive and perceptive to their presence.


They were attacking!


No one knew how many Highgods had been trapped in the gray fog region over the years. Linley’s group immediately fled, but what they didn’t realize was that atop the leaf of a tree, a green snake was staring at them.

The green snake merged into the leaf, disappearing.

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