Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 213

Coiling Dragon Volume 18 highgod Chapter 18

Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 18, The Young Red-Haired Lady

The black-robed, violet-haired youth had a calm look on his face. He swept the others in the restaurant with his gaze, then directly paid the fee at the service counter and followed the waiter to his room.

“More and more intriguing.” Linley’s face was all smiles. Nursing his cup of wine, he took a small sip. “Bebe, this Abyssal Fruit does seem to be rather enticing to people.” While chatting, Linley voluntarily set up his Godrealm, preventing others from hearing the conversation between himself and Bebe.

Otherwise, these words would definitely irritate the others.

“All of them dream of suddenly increasing in power, acquiring a Sovereign artifact, and becoming a Sovereign’s Emissary, I suppose.” Bebe snorted. “I don’t understand it. What exactly is this Abyssal Fruit, anyhow? Why is it that if you eat it, you’ll increase in power so much, and even be granted an audience by a Sovereign and become an Emissary? I don’t get it. I don’t get it!”

“I don’t get it either.” Linley shook his head. But then, Linley suddenly thought of something…his black stone!

The black stone he had acquired in the Amethyst Mountains!

“That single precious black stone caused my power to advance greatly. If I didn’t have the ‘black stone’, given that I am a Highgod who has completely fused three profound mysteries, as well as possess the Coiling Dragon ring and have the innate divine ability ‘Dragon Roar’, I would at most be at the level of ordinary Seven Star Fiends. But with the black stone…I’m able to easily kill Seven Star Fiends.”

Linley began to wonder whether or not the Abyssal Fruit was something similar to his own ‘black stone’.

“It is quite possible!”

“Over the passage of countless years, there have only been three Abyssal Fruit.” Linley had come to a conclusion regarding this.

Linley and Bebe finished their meal in the restaurant, then left and entered their own reserved residences as well.

Life in the hotel was very peaceful. In the blink of an eye, five days had passed. On the fifth day, early in the morning, Linley and Bebe made a rare trip to the restaurant and ordered some dishes as well as two bottles of wine. Linley and Bebe sought out an empty corner of the restaurant, sat down, then chatted while eating, waiting for night to come.

“Boss, there’s quite a few people in the room.” Bebe swept the room with his gaze.

“Everyone is preparing to enter the Abyssal Mountain tonight, so they all came today.” Linley also noticed that many people were in the room today, more than thirty in total. In addition, every single person present was a Highgod. As for what level of Highgod, that was hard to say.

Linley had to sigh in amazement at how enticing the Abyssal Fruit was to people.

“However, we are different from them.” Linley sent mentally. “Reaching the peak of the Abyssal Mountain and meeting with the Sovereign is our goal.” Abyssal Fruit? It held no interest for Linley. Although it was a treasure, there had only been three found in countless years. One could imagine how hard it was to acquire one.

“Creak…” A nearby seat was pulled aside, and the black-robed, violet-haired youth sat down.

Linley glanced sideways at the black-robed, violet-haired youth who was only four or five meters away from him. “Him again!”

This youth only ordered some wine and nothing else. He sat there alone, quietly drinking. Although he just sat there, Linley had the feeling…that although this person was like a glacier, if someone were to anger him, however, he would explode like a volcano.

“Big Sis, we have a guest.” The green-robed youth ran in, and behind him was a muscular youth with a single, cyclopean eye. The muscular youth strode in, sweeping the group of people in the room casually with his single eye.

But when he did so!

“Huh?” The youth’s face suddenly sank, and a two meter long blade suddenly appeared in his hands, brimming with fiery flames.


From the counter to the restaurant was a distance of twenty meters. The muscular cyclopean youth left behind only a fiery red shadow as he swept forward, that blade of his chopping down directly at the head of the black-robed, violet-haired youth. Wherever the blade passed, tears in space could be seen.

This sudden attack caused everyone else in the restaurant to feel startled.

“Hmph!” The black-robed youth, who had been drinking his wine, let out a low snort. He suddenly threw out the winecup in his hand, and that tiny winecup, wreathed in an electric light and howling desolately through the air, flew out and smashed directly against the edge of the blade. With a low, shuddering sound…

The winecup transformed into dust.

As for the black-robed youth, he disappeared, transforming into a bolt of lightning and retreating backwards at high speed.

“Halt!” The fee-collecting green-robed lady at the counter shouted angrily.

But the cyclopean youth didn’t pay her any mind. Wielding his blade, he charged into the skies like an ascendant divine dragon, continuing to pursue and attack the violet-haired youth. Because he was too fast, cracks in space began to appear, and the earth itself trembled. These ripples caused the tables, chairs, winecups, and plates touched by it to transform into dust.

“You are looking for death!”

A low, gravelly voice echoed in the restaurant, and a devilish electric light flashed.

“Bang!” The fiery red shadow and the electric shadow collided within the restaurant.

“Whoosh!” The two shadows instantly exploded backwards, both retreating!

The fiery red figure was just about to smash into the counter, but the green-robed woman behind the counter, her face like ice, stretched out with that ‘weak’, soft right hand of hers. The entire arm suddenly turned jade-green, and almost as translucent as jade as well. The jade-green hand slapped against the back of the fiery red figure.

“Bang!” The explosively retreating fiery red figure was brought to a sudden halt by that palm slap.

As for that electric figure, when it retreated, it was clearly being sent flying towards Linley and Bebe. Linley frowned. He continued to nurse his wine, but an earthen yellow aura suddenly emanated from his body, forming a hemisphere that extended only as far as was necessary to protect himself and Bebe.

Blackstone Space – Repulsive Force!

The electric figure, as soon as it fell into the Blackstone Space, was pushed outwards by that astonishingly strong repulsive force. His body swayed for a moment, and then he found his bearings. The violet-haired youth, his body wreathed in lightning, turned to glance at Linley, his eyes filled with surprise and ardor.

“So powerful!” A desire for battle had actually awoken in the heart of this violet-haired youth.

“You dare fight in our Abyssal Inn. How truly audacious of you two.” An angry roar rang out, and the green-robed woman walked out from behind the counter, staring angrily at the two combatants. However, the two combatants were staring at each other, not paying any attention to that green-robed woman.”

“Bloan [Bu’long]!” The cyclopean youth stared angrily at the violet-haired youth. “What a coincidence for us to meet here!”

“You are still too weak. Come find me when you grow stronger.” The violet-haired youth said emotionlessly. And then, the violet-haired youth gave the nearby Linley a sidelong glance, his cold eyes filled with a powerful desire for battle. The black-robed youth clearly had noticed Linley’s power, and wanted to have a tussle with Linley.

As for the other Highgods in the restaurant, they just watched this all happen in astonishment.

“How powerful.” These people were all stunned.

The cyclopean youth. The violet-haired youth. The green-robed woman. Linley. In that split second, they had all revealed a hint of their power. That hint, however, was already enough to make these people quail.

“The two of you!” The green-haired woman’s face seemed to be covered with frost. “You are going too far!”


The green-haired woman charged directly towards the cyclopean youth, while at the same time, green palm shadows appeared, seeming to cover the sky, each of them seeing so soft and weak. The cyclopean youth, with a growl, swung his blade in a vicious chop against the green-robed woman, a merciless chop!

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”

When those green palm blurs collided against the blade, that blade which was enough to create tears in space seemed to have been trapped and surrounded by many of them while still other palm blurs came smashing down towards the chest of that cyclopean youth. “Crunch!” The cyclopean youth’s chest caved in, and he spewed out a large mouthful of blood as he was sent flying backwards.

This scene caused the entire restaurant to fall silent.

“Oh!” Linley’s eyes lit up. “An expert of water!”

This green-robed lady, who collected fees for the Abyssal Inn, was actually an expert who was very nearly at the Seven Star Fiend level of power.

“And you!” The green-robed woman turned to stare at the black-robed youth. “I’m going to ask you to leave as well!” The green-robed woman thrust out her hand, and a jade-green whip appeared, which instantly transformed into countless willowy branches, sweeping and swirling towards the black-robed, violet-haired youth.

The violet-haired youth’s eyes lit up.

“Wonderful!” An explosive shout, followed by a dazzling bright violet electric light. A devilish sword shadow chopped directly through the countless willowy branches, then continued to chop down towards the green-robed woman.

“Bang!” Her many willowy branches shattered, the green-robed woman had to retreat.

“You aren’t a match for me yet.” The black-robed youth said arrogantly.

“Boss, this fellow is quite powerful.” Bebe sent mentally in praise, while Linley nodded slightly as well. “His lightning-type swordplay is quite devilish, very similar to my own Bloodviolet.”

Right at this moment…

“Tap, tap…”

The sound of footsteps from the stairs rang out. The fishing pole carrying, bucket-holding red-haired beauty walked down the stairs, her eyebrows creased in a frown. The red-haired beauty gave the black-robed, violet-haired youth a cold look. “What’s this all about?”

“Boss!” The green-haired woman immediately bowed slightly. “This violet-haired youth and the person outside were fighting. However, this violet-haired youth is very strong, slightly stronger than me. I’m not able to handle him.”

“Tap, tap…”

Still carrying her fishing pole, the red-haired beauty walked towards the violet-haired youth, a hint of a smile on her face. “You dare fight in my inn? You really are audacious! There’s no need for you to pay compensation for these things, but…I still need to give you a bit of a punishment.” The beauty said, while the violet-haired youth just smiled coldly.


The red-haired woman suddenly whipped out her fishing pole, which arced bizarrely through the air towards the violet-haired youth.

“Hmph!” An icy snort. The violet-haired youth’s body suddenly shot forward, while that electric longsword in his hands arced out, piercing through the air and causing space to slightly crack apart.

“Rumble…” In the instant when the electric longsword and the fishing pole collided, the electric longsword actually slid to one side, while the violet-haired youth’s own body flew forward with it uncontrollably. This sliding of his longsword, however, caused it to slide towards the nearby guests who were drinking wine and watching this scene.

These people, frightened, hurriedly dodged, but the longsword was too fast. This off-base slash caused ripples of power to strike the guests within ten or so meters, including Linley’s group. The other Highgods all dodged, but Linley did not, because…

“Crunch!” A palm suddenly stretched out, clamping onto the electric sword’s blade.

The violet-haired youth was stunned, while the red-haired beauty looked over in amazement as well.

Bebe, gripping the electric longsword in his right hand, said in a discontented manner, “Hey, we aren’t here in this inn to watch you fight. If you want to fight, then fight, but don’t interfere with me and my Boss in drinking wine!” As he spoke, he casually tossed the electric longsword aside. This scene caused everyone in the room to be stunned.

To use one’s hand to snatch the sword of a Seven Star Fiend who was attacking with it?

Linley just shook his head and laughed. Even in Dragonform, if he were to use his hand to snatch or black the longsword, he would have been injured. He couldn’t have acted as Bebe had, and Bebe’s hand was completely uninjured.

“Oh…formidable.” The red-haired beauty laughed. “Well-spoken. We shouldn’t disrupt you.”

As she spoke, the red-haired beauty once more swung out with her fishing pole, which sent out a fishing line which constantly danced in the air. The strange thing was…with each twirl of the fishing line, it was as though a wave of power was emanating from it, forming a strange vortex which surrounded the violet-haired youth.

Linley and Bebe’s faces instantly changed.

“A supreme expert! A supreme expert of water!” Linley was stunned.

The swirling of the fishing line was causing space itself to form into a vortex. In an instant, Linley could sense countless rays of invisible spatial matter swirl about in a vortex like a dense fishing net, surrounding the violet-haired youth. The violet-haired youth was the fish!

Even though he frantically struggled, those countless strands of space surrounding him grew tighter and tighter!

In but the blink of an eye…

The ‘fishnet’ had completely bound up the violet-haired youth, and it seemed to shine with a green light. The violet-haired youth was completely immobilized, and his eyes were filled with amazement. He stared at the red-haired beauty in disbelief. “You? Who are you?” The youth had the power of a Seven Star Fiend, but compared with this red-haired beauty, he was far weaker.

“There’s no way you are a member of Greenleaf Castle. You…right…you must be…one of the castle lords of Greenleaf Castle!” The violet-haired youth said hurriedly.

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