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Coiling Dragon Volume 18 highgod Chapter 12

Book 18, Highgod – Chapter 12, Entering the Netherworld

Linley was so excited, he felt his heart was about to explode. He had never been so excited before. “Father can regain his memory, and can come back to life! And Yale, George, Dixie…” The depressing emotions he had felt the past few days suddenly disappeared. Linley was incomparably excited. He felt as though the world had instantly become colorful and beautiful.

“Don’t be hasty. All of you, don’t be hasty.” Beirut quickly urged.

Everyone forcibly repressed their excitement.

“I was speaking casually, just now.” Beirut said hurriedly. “After ordinary mortals die, their souls will enter the Netherworld and become undead. There’s no way for a Highgod to find the specific undead which a person’s spirit became. Only the seven Netherworld Sovereigns who rule the Netherworld can find them! However, Sovereigns are Sovereigns; do you think that they’ll help you just because you ask?”

Immediately, everyone fell silent. Linley felt his heart tighten as well.

Sovereigns were lofty, proud individuals. They most likely wouldn’t pay any attention to the request of a Highgod.

“If I don’t try, how would I know what the result is?” Linley said hurriedly.

Whether it was for the sake of Yale, George, Dixie, or his father, Linley wasn’t willing to give up.

“Give it a try. Maybe you’ll succeed.” Delia said hurriedly as well.

Beirut shook his head helplessly. “To do this, there’re two great difficulties. The first is to find and see the Sovereign, while the second is to have the Sovereign agree to help you. These two difficulties are tremendously hard to overcome. Linley, I know you want to see your father and your brothers. But do you know where the Netherworld Sovereigns live?”

Linley was stunned.

Where a Sovereign lived? That was a deeply guarded secret. For example, the Redbud Sovereign. Although Linley had visited the Amethyst Mountains, he only later learned that place had been the residence of the Redbud Sovereign.

“To find a Sovereign…even if you find the right location and the Sovereign happens to be there at that moment, if the Sovereign doesn’t wish to meet you, what will you do?” Beirut said. “In addition, even if you see the Sovereign, why would the Sovereign so easily accede to the request of yourself, a mere Highgod?”

It was too difficult!”

“I want to give it a try.” Linley said determinedly. “No matter what, I will not give up. There are a total of seven Netherworld Sovereigns. I’ll go searching for them. If the first one doesn’t work out, I’ll find another one.”

Beirut, hearing this, couldn’t help but shake his head.

“You really are stubborn.”

“Fine, then.” Beirut nodded. With a wave of his hand, he made a ten centimeter thick book appear. “Linley, this book describes the Netherworld. Take a look. It will help you understand the Netherworld better.”

“Thank you.” Linley accepted the book.

While in the Infernal Realm, he had never paid much attention to the affairs of the Netherworld. He had thought that he would never go there, but who would have imagined that all of these things would have occurred?

“If you truly are going to go to the Netherworld, then let me give you this bit of advice.” Beirut said resignedly. “This isn’t really advice; I imagine you can think of it as well. When you go find the Netherworld Sovereigns, first find the Emissaries of the Sovereigns…there are quite a few Emissaries, and you should be able to find them. If you aren’t able to find them, then find a Lord Prefect of a Prefecture. Those Lord Prefects might know where the Sovereign that manages them is located.”

Linley nodded.

Although it might be possible to find a Sovereign through seeking out a Sovereign’s Emissary or a Lord Prefect…would the Emissary or Lord Prefect be willing to tell him?

“Continue carrying that medallion I gave you.” Beirut said. “The medallion, after all, represents the Bloodridge Sovereign. With that medallion, perhaps it’ll be a bit easier for you.”

Linley’s eyes lit up.

Right, the medallion! It had been bestowed upon Beirut by the Bloodridge Sovereign. That thing might convince a Netherworld Sovereign to at least listen to what he had to say.

“Grandpa, thank you.” Bebe beamed with wide eyes.

“If I didn’t do this, you’d say that Grandpa is being stingy.” Beirut laughed loudly.

Bebe beamed. There was no question that he was going with Linley to the Netherworld.

“Thank you, Lord Beirut.” Delia said gratefully as well. Beirut laughed, “Alright then. You have your plan. I’ll go back now. If there’s anything else you need, go to the Forest of Darkness and look for me there.” After he spoke, Beirut transformed into a black blur, disappearing into the distance.

In mid-air.

Beirut turned to glance at Dragonblood Castle, a hint of a secret smile appearing at the corners of his lips. “Just as I predicted! Only…I don’t know if this kid is going to live up to my expectations or not.” And then, chortling to himself, he flew back to the Forest of Darkness.

After learning this news, everyone in Dragonblood Castle was in a state of excitement. But immediately afterwards, they felt a sense of pressure. To go ask for a Sovereign to assist them…this was simply too hard. Everyone was worried about whether or not Linley would be able to succeed. They also feared…that the Sovereign might be enraged and kill Linley!

“Sovereigns…shouldn’t have bizarre, violent personalities, right?” Wade said, worried.

“Don’t speak rashly.” Delia immediately scolded.

Bebe laughed in a very certain manner. “Don’t worry. After the Netherworld Sovereigns see the Bloodridge Sovereign’s medallion which the Boss and I have, they shouldn’t kill us.” Bebe, although appearing outwardly confident, was still very nervous in his heart. After all…would a Netherworld Sovereign necessarily give face to the Bloodridge Sovereign?

In fact, it might be possible that the Netherworld Sovereign might just so happen to have a grudge against the Bloodridge Sovereign.

Nobody could be certain!

“Sovereigns view themselves as far above us. As long as we don’t offend them, they won’t lower themselves to kill us.” Linley said calmly. “As for this trip to the Netherworld, only Bebe and myself will go.” Linley and Bebe had already discussed this through their spiritual connection. There was no telling what would happen on this trip to the Netherworld.

If he and Bebe headed out by themselves, they would have nothing to fear. But if they brought others along…they wouldn’t be able to protect them in a dangerous situation.

“Right.” Delia, hearing this, nodded as well.

“Bebe.” But Nisse was rather reluctant.

“We’ll return soon.” Bebe chortled. At this time, Linley’s body split into two, as a fiery red haired Linley walked out.

“Delia, my divine fire clone will remain here. And Nisse…if there’s anything you need, you can just tell my divine fire clone. I will immediately know and notify Bebe.” Linley laughed calmly. By leaving behind a divine fire clone, communication became easier.

Nisse and Delia both felt slightly mollified. With Linley’s divine fire clone present, they would know Linley’s situation in the Netherworld at all times.

The second day after Beirut’s departure from Dragonblood Castle, Linley and Bebe decided to head out. In but a single night, Linley finished reading the book on the Netherworld, and gained a basic understanding of the place.

The Netherworld. Sacred Undead Mountain.

This was a great mountain, tens of thousands of meters high. The entire mountain was the color of white bones, and white skeletons could be seen throughout the mountain. At the peak of the mountain, there was an enormous, ancient castle that was entirely black and surrounded by black fog. This castle had already existed for countless years.

Occasionally, metallic lifeforms would fly out from the castle, with some voices coming from within as well.

The Infernal Realm had seven teleportation locations. But the Netherworld only had two. Sacred Undead Mountain was one of them!

“Hey, all of you, stand there obediently.” A group of white-robed warriors shouted out casually.

Within the enormous teleportation array, rays of light were shooting everywhere, with some figures appearing on occasion. These figures stared in surprise around them. These people were Saints or Demigods, with a very few Gods. As for Highgods…the chance of a Highgod coming was very low!

“Only at the Saint-level, and yet they came to the Netherworld. They really have come to throw their lives away.” A black-haired, young-looking warrior in white robes kicked a middle-aged Saint away, sending him flying out of the teleportation array into the corner of a wall.

The person who had been kicked turned around angrily. “What are you looking at, kid. Do you want to fight?” The white-robed warrior smirked as he spoke. The middle-aged Saint just gritted his teeth, lowering his head and leaning against the corner of the wall, not daring to make a sound. Seeing this person didn’t resist, the white-robed warrior couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle. “Saints are everywhere in the Netherworld. If you don’t learn to endure, you will probably die on the very first day!”

“Bucher [Bu’si’er], you always like to tease them.” A white-robed warrior in another corner laughed while drinking wine.

The black-haired youth, Bucher, laughed as well. “If we don’t help them learn the rules now, when they really enter the Netherworld, they’ll die even faster.”

Quite a few people had already been teleported in by now.

“More coming.” The black-haired, white-robed youth immediately turned to look. The enormous teleportation array once more lit up with that hazy glow, and two figures emerged from within. After the glow disappeared…


The surrounding white-robed warriors immediately turned to look. Even the white-robed warriors who had been seated all came to their feet. It was very rare for Highgods to come through the teleportation array. If one appeared, it generally meant someone was coming from another Higher Plane, and an extraordinary individual at that.

The group of white-robed warriors stared carefully at these two figures.

One was a brown-haired youth, while the other was a skinny youngster wearing a straw hat. The brown-haired youth’s body suddenly lifted into the air, glancing around himself before saying, “This is the Sacred Undead Mountain! It seems we will need to move to the south. Still, before leaving, let’s take a trip around the ‘Undead Realm’.”

Hearing the words ‘Sacred Undead Mountain’, these white-robed warriors immediately grew certain that these two came from other Higher Planes.

“Fine, Boss.”

The brown-haired man nodded slightly towards the nearby white-robed warriors, then led the youngster with the straw hat into the air, flying away from Sacred Undead Mountain.

“Adventuring through the Higher Planes…how long will it be before I, too, am able to do this? But the teleportation cost truly is high! I’ve been here so many years, but I still haven’t earned enough netherstones for a single teleportation.” The black-haired youth in the white robes let out an admiring, praising sigh.

The horizons were vast and endless. Dark black clouds covered the world, and tongues of lightning would occasionally flash out from the dark clouds, like dragons of lightning dancing about within.

This was an empty, desolate plains.

Two endless hordes of undead which stretched as far as the eye could see were arrayed into two camps, staring at each other. There were many skeletons, foul zombies, drifting, translucent wraiths, and also grim, forbidding black knights. There were also strange wights and ancient liches, all of which were separated into different levels.

There were weak skeletons, but also skeletons at the Saint-level.

“Kabuser [Ka’bu’si’er], you only have two choices…” A booming voice shook the heavens. “Submit to me or die!”

But the reply was just a cold laugh.

“Attack!” Immediately, the booming voice roared in anger.

“Attack.” Another voice, a cold, fierce one, howled as well.

Immediately, the vast swarms of undead in the two camps attacked the other side wildly. A battle between undead was like waves crashing against each other. The entire world was filled with skeletal dragons, and skeletal griffins howled through the skies, while venomous fogs billed out, filling the world. Large numbers of undead on both sides died.

Right at this moment…

The two armies of undead came to a sudden halt, as their leaders both stared towards the skies, stunned.

In mid-air, two figures flew past at high speed. The terrifyingly powerful aura they emanated was causing the countless undead below to feel terror in their hearts. This was an aura that was countless times more powerful than the auras of the two undead who ruled them. They didn’t dare to resist it at all. But moments later, the two figures disappeared into the horizon.

“We just released a hint of our aura, but they were so terrified they wouldn’t even dare move.” Bebe laughed with a chortle.

“You really are bored, aren’t you.” Linley didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Just now, when they had departed from Sacred Undead Mountain and began to fly towards the northern part of the ‘Undead Realm’ to take a look. Bebe realized that his Highgod aura would cause these undead to be extremely terrified, and so he constantly released his aura, intentionally frightening those undead. As for Linley, there was nothing he could do with regards to Bebe’s trouble-causing antics.

The Netherworld was different from the Infernal Realm. It was just a single, terrifyingly enormous continent. This vast continent was even larger than the five continents of the Infernal Realm put together!

The northern part of the continent had countless undead populating within it, and so this area was known as the ‘Undead Realm’.

As for the southern part of the continent, this was the real, so-called ‘Netherworld’.

As for the Sacred Undead Mountain, it was located at the borders between the Netherworld and the Undead Realm.

“Large numbers of undead are dying at every moment in the Undead Realm. Undead grow in power by devouring the spirits of other undead! What I fear the most is that the undead which Yale, George, and my parents have become have already been devoured by others.” Linley was rather worried. Still, he flew with Bebe away from the Undead Realm, flying south towards the border it shared with the Netherworld.

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