Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 191

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 60

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 60, The Most Powerful Technique!

The countless soldiers on the Stellar Corridor, along with some of the commanders, were stunned as they watched this battle.

Human wave attacks might be useful against ordinary commanders, but against Paragons…it was useless. The Paragons battled there, in the center of the corridor, and the surrounding soldiers had no choice but to stop fighting and not even dare draw within a thousand meters.

“The Sovereign power doesn’t match up.” Linley shook his head. Just now, although they had only battled briefly, Linley hadn’t Dragonformed at the beginning. But the non-transformed Linley was actually at a disadvantage when fighting Magnus! Magnus used Fate-type Sovereign’s Might which was very effective, while Linley was only able to use Destruction-type Sovereign’s Might.

He was weaker in this aspect, and so even though he used his supreme technique of spatial binding, he was still at a disadvantage.

Linley was forced to Dragonform!

Upon Dragonforming, Linley’s attack power instantly jumped, allowing him to actually press down against his foe using material attacks.

“Last time, when I sparred with Leylin, I didn’t Dragonform. After Dragonforming, things are exactly as I thought they would be.”

The power of Will was very special.

As long as Linley applied his Will, his power would increase dramatically. The defensiveness of his draconic scales and his attacks all increased; the power of his Will had the power to transform something rotting into something magical. Paragons didn’t need Sovereign artifacts to easily defeat commanders who had Sovereign artifacts.

“To kill a Paragon truly is hard.” Linley raised his head, looking up at Magnus.

Magnus didn’t have a defensive Sovereign artifact, but the protective barrier formed from pure Sovereign power, when infused with his Paragon’s Will, made it so that Linley’s draconic tail, fists, and legs were unable to injure him heavily.

Paragons had no weaknesses. This wasn’t just talk!

Defenses and attacks; they were exceedingly strong in all aspects, even without Sovereign artifacts!

“Swoosh!” Linley’s body moved like a blur, rising to the skies until he stood level with Magnus. The two stared at each other.

The two mighty experts hovered there in the air.

“Members of the Azure Dragon clan, after Dragonforming, truly do increase in power greatly!” Magnus laughed clearly. “However, don’t be smug. That was just the beginning!” After speaking, Magnus seemed to transformed into the sun, emitting blurry rays of light in every direction as a powerful aura began to spread out.

As for the midair Linley, his draconic tail swayed behind him slightly as he stared at his opponent, not nervous at all.

Magnus stretched his hands out, and instantly, around him appeared a man-sized globe of light. This enormous globe of light contained within it a brilliant, crystalline lotus flower. Above the lotus flower, there even seemed to be some mist swirling. The Stellar Corridor glowed with rainbow light which shot upwards, making it seem all the more beautiful.

“You really are going all out!” Linley let out a chuckle.

Last time, Magnus had used this same attack and had nearly killed Linley, but Linley had not only escaped from death, he had also transformed. Still, that time, the light globe was only fist-sized, while this time, it was man-sized! Actually, it was the exact same technique as last time; only, there was a huge difference in how much spiritual energy was being used up!

Actually…this man-sized light globe could be treated as hundreds of the fist-sized light globes!


Magnus’ gaze grew cold, and the enormous light globe hovering in front of his chest suddenly shot towards Linley.

“Haha…” Linley just laughed loudly. His body seemed to transform into a human-shaped porcupine, as from within shot out a translucent sword ripple. Instantly, countless sword ripples shot out which simultaneously struck against that two-meter tall globe of light.

One advanced, the other marched forward. The countless sword ripples charged against the light globe.

“Bang!” The surface of the light globe cracked, revealing that blooming, translucent lotus flower. For a moment, the lotus flower seemed to be a sculpture of ice.

The countless translucent sword ripples shot towards the translucent lotus flower!

“Swish!” The enormous lotus flower continued to shoot towards Linley while constantly swiveling, using up one sword ripple after another, but at the same time…the lotus flower was being used up, and it was physically shrinking.

“Hrm?” Magnus’ face changed. “What a powerful soul attack!”

Linley’s Voidwave Sword ripples caused Magnus to be astonished.

In a short period of time, the lotus flower actually shrank dramatically.

Actually, it wasn’t strange. Even after having fused four types of profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth, Linley’s understanding regarding profound mysteries which impacted soul attacks was still much weaker than this attack of Magnus’. Only, Linley’s spiritual energy was ten times greater than even when he used Sovereign power, and the power of his Will was also nearly ten times greater than Paragons. These two aspects made it so that Linley’s soul attack wasn’t much weaker than Magnus’.

“Hmph.” Magnus willed it, and instantly, the dramatically shrinking lotus flower began to swivel. One flower petal after another separated, transforming into more than ten lines that shot towards Linley. Linley’s Voidwave Sword ripples were only able to block part of them; the rest of the lotus petals still shot into Linley’s body.

“Magnus, this supreme attack of yours is only as strong as this?” Linley looked at Magnus.

“How can it be like this?” Magnus was secretly shocked. “Even if Linley was able to endure it, it shouldn’t be as though nothing had happened to him.”

Indeed, Linley didn’t care at all, because his soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, the ‘Coiling Dragon ring’, had more than two hundred years ago been completely repaired! Ever since his soul mutation, Linley had been using spiritual energy to repair it at an astonishing rate, and less than ten years after his soul mutation, the Coiling Dragon ring had been completely repaired.

With a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, would he fear a small attack like this?

“Haha, Magnus, so that’s all you are capable of.” Linley laughed clearly, and his laughter echoed in the air above the Stellar River. “Then it is my turn!”

As the sound echoed in the air, Linley himself wielded Mirage as he charged towards Magnus. In addition, a large number of Voidwave Swords shot out from Linley’s body, shooting towards Magnus.

“Don’t boast. What can you do to me?” Magnus didn’t want to appear weak, and so his laughter echoed forth as well.

It must be understood that there were simply too many spectators to this battle. They were commanders and soldiers who came from each of the Divine Planes and Higher Realms. If he lost, then this news would quickly spread across all of the universe. If he appeared weak now, where would he, Magnus, be able to hide his face?

“Whoosh!” Linley’s draconic tail unpredictably lashed out.

“Can’t let him draw close!” Magnus retreated explosively.

As soon as Linley drew near, he would be able to attack from all angles. Even the spikes on his elbows, his draconic tail, and other parts were capable of threatening Magnus.

Although this was slow to describe, in reality, it happened as fast as a spark erupting from a flint. The two supreme experts amongst Deities exchanged multiple blows against each other, clashing multiple times, and each time causing the heavens to shatter and split apart. Even their soul attacks…caused the surrounding soldiers and commanders to be vigilant. Perhaps a single Voidwave Sword ripple of Linley’s might hit them, or a single petal of Magnus’ lotus flowers; they were more than enough to kill them.

Battle was completely halted here in this Stellar Corridor, but the battle on the other side had reached a crescendo in savagery.

“Enemies straight ahead. Launch a joint material attack!”

One hundred-man squad after another launched one joint attack after another. Countless soldiers fell and perished, as though a new epoch had crushed down upon them. Many commander badges fell. Clearly, the Divine Darkness Plane’s side’s forces held the advantage in numbers, and were currently pressing forth to victory.

Ten hundred-man squads launched a material attack!

And then, they retreated, with ten more hundred-man squads moving forward, launching a blast of soul attacks!

The soldiers of the Divine Light Plane had been charging forward, but this sequence of arrayed attacks from the forces of Darkness had completely suppressed their spirits.

Once a complete advantage was established, a very simple battle would result.

From the initial stalemate, to a retreat, to total collapse…

Faced with this massive advance and the repeated joint attacks, the forces of the Light alliance were finally, completely dispersed. Although some of them were courageous, it wasn’t worth it for them to throw away their lives for nothing.

“Haha, we won!” The commanders of the military camps, watching this, laughed loudly.

“This time, our Darkness alliance had a slight advantage in numbers to begin with. In addition, on the other side, those two battling Paragons caused the battle to come to a halt, so I immediately arranged for those soldiers to move here. When they all charged together, given our absolute advantage in numbers, we were able to crush them in one blow. Once the enemies were broken apart, even if some more support came, it was too late.

Soon, the soldiers of the Darkness alliance in this corridor reached the other side, while the survivors of the Light alliance completely retreated.

“Rumble…” The rainbow aura emanating from this Stellar Corridor which rose to the heavens suddenly retracted, then vanished.

The Darkness alliance had won a victory.

“Haha…victory! Victory!” Cries of jubilation. The many soldiers of the Darkness alliance cried out in joy.

“We won!” These military commanders in charge of the battle were also rather excited.

“Let’s go. Let’s hurry to the other corridor and keep battling. Perhaps we might make it in time to watch the two Paragons fighting.” The commanders immediately ordered their forces to quickly flood towards the other corridor.

Countless soldiers were watching the battle going on at Linley’s corridor.

“By the looks of it, they are at a standstill. Paragon against Paragon; it’s hard for one to win and the other to lose.” The watchers couldn’t help but have this feeling.


“Bang!” A powerful explosion ripped out between the two combatants, who quickly separated.

Magnus stood there on the ground, staring at the distant Linley. He said in a clear voice, “Linley, if the two of us keep fighting, we will just be wasting time! Pardon me for not accompanying you in continuing this!” Magnus let out a cold snort, then turned and flew away. Although Magnus had a belly full of anger, he clearly wasn’t able to kill Linley. He also believed that Linley wouldn’t be able to kill him!

Although he was angry and filled with hatred, Magnus had to admit that Linley was already an expert on his level.

“Wasting time? I don’t feel that way!” Linley’s voice rang out. “Or, are you afraid?”

“Mm?” Magnus, embarrassed and angered, turned his head to stare furiously at Linley.

He was angry at Linley for not understanding the rules; since there could be no result to this battle, they should’ve ended it. But Linley actually used words to keep him here. If he were to leave today, it would mean that he was afraid!

Cold wind blew through the Planar Battlefield. Linley stood there, ramrod straight, his draconic tail swaying.

“You know that I am of the Azure Dragon clan! Then prepare to receive…the innate divine ability of my Azure Dragon clan!” Linley said in a bold, clear voice. As soon as his words fell, behind Linley’s body appeared an enormous, coiling Azure Dragon Phantom which was more than ten thousand meters long. The Azure Dragon’s golden eyes stared at Magnus.

Innate divine ability – Dragon Roar!

“Rumble…” A unique energy ripple instantly spread out!

The power of the innate divine ability was linked to spiritual energy as well as the innate azure glow. Now that Linley’s spiritual energy was more than ten times as powerful as when he used Sovereign power, and when combined with a Will that was even mightier than that of a Paragon’s…the power of this innate divine ability of Linley’s could most likely only be surpassed by his ancestor, the Azure Dragon himself!

“Swoosh!” Linley’s speed reached an extreme level as he charged towards Magnus.

“Eh?” Magnus’ face changed. He felt as though the flow of time around him had already changed!

He was powerful, but Linley, who used this technique, had a level of spiritual energy and Will that was stronger than him. The effect of his ‘Dragon Roar’ was now on display!

The flow of time changed, but that didn’t mean he was no longer capable of thought.

Magnus still knew that he had to defend himself. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to block in time, so all he could do was…work hard to control his Sovereign power to form a powerful defense!

“Bang!” Linley’s ‘Mirage’ stabbed against Magnus’ head at full force.

“Crackle…” Linley felt a terrifyingly strong blocking force. Although Mirage was just able to break through the skin, it remained impacted by that powerful blocking force. Paragons, even without Sovereign artifacts…still had no flaws. This was not just an empty boast! Magnus, however, was knocked flying backwards by the blow.

“If I can’t kill you, then I will drive you into chaotic space!”

Linley’s gaze turned cold.

“Bang!” Linley’s right leg slashed through the skies, landing on Magnus’ stomach.

He was moving as fast as lightning, and his kick sent Magnus flying upwards like a meteor towards the boundary between the Stellar Corridor and chaotic space. “No!” Magnus finally recovered from the temporal displacement, but it was too late. He only had enough time for a final, furious howl before he was completely enveloped by rainbow colored chaotic space.

It was as though he had been swallowed by the ‘water’. Magnus thusly disappeared within chaotic space!



The spectators watching this were all stunned. A Paragon…had been driven away like that?

Linley glanced at the multicolored chaotic space, then turned and walked towards Bebe, returning to human form. Bebe stared at Linley, stunned as well. Linley smiled. “Bebe, let’s go.”

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