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Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 57

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 57, The Final Battle

Within the courtyard, fifty-plus commander-level experts were gathered together. Linley’s group of four was seated in the corner, while servants walked about, carrying platters and delivering wine, food, and fruit.

“This gathering is completely boring!” Bebe went ‘crunch’ ‘crunch’ as he chomped through a round, slick, violet-skinned fruit. The juice dribbled down. “What’s the point of having us come? This gathering is centered around those commanders with military camps discussing their strategies for the final battle. The rest of us are just sitting around and watching like idiots.”

Linley laughed, then glanced at the commanders located closer to them within the courtyard.

This group of commanders was consisted of commanders who managed military camps. Clearly, they were discussing some of the details of the final battle. As for Linley and the other solitary commanders, they didn’t participate in the discussions.

“We didn’t bring any soldiers. What is there to discuss?” Reisgem glanced at the commanders, then at the other commanders who, like them, were bored and chatting in the corners of the room. “The others are like us. They are just sitting there, bored, right? The purpose of us coming is to familiarize ourselves with the other commanders. This is just a gathering. Nothing else.”

Clearly, the discussion regarding the details of the final battle was a fairly simple one, as a short time later, that group of commanders finished their conversations.

“Everyone.” One of the commanders, a man with three eyes, stood up and looked at them. Smiling, he said, “There isn’t much time left between now and the final battle! Everyone, whether you choose to participate or to spectate is up to you! If you plan to participate, it will be the same as it always has been; you’ll be mixed in with the soldiers! I trust there’s nothing more that I need to say!”

The Planar Wars had been carried out many, many times now. Many things had become customs already.

When intermixed in with ordinary soldiers, it would be hard to tell commanders apart from ordinary soldiers. That helped guarantee that the enemies wouldn’t focus their fire on one commander in particular. It would increase the odds of survival, but of course, if someone’s performance was too impressive, it would still be dangerous.

“The side of the Divine Light Plane, do they have any particularly powerful experts? If they do, please let us know, so that we will be prepared.” The three-eyed commander said.

“I know that the Divine Light Plane has Magnus in their camp!” A commander-level expert said loudly.

“Magnus. We do indeed have to be careful.” The three-eyed commander nodded solemnly.

Reisgem, seated in the corner, laughed loudly. “I know of another person, the Paragon of Wind, ‘Bayer’. He is here as well. In addition, he is on the side of the Divine Light Plane.”

“Bayer?” This name attracted everyone’s attention.

Although though quite a few more names were listed, clearly, what everyone was truly concerned about was the presence of ‘Magnus’ and ‘Bayer’. After all, Paragons already stood at the very tip of power. If Paragons wished to kill ordinary commanders, it would be a slaughter. In addition, if one tried to use group attacks, given how astonishingly fast Paragons were, using such a tactic would just be laughable.

“Bluefire, why hasn’t Bluefire revealed himself?” Reisgem secretly chatted with Linley. “He belongs to our side. He should show himself.”

Linley shook his head, puzzled. “I’m not sure either. He prefers to travel alone, I suppose.”

This gathering was a chance for the various commander-level experts to meet each other; after all, outside of the Planar Battlefield, it wasn’t too practical to arrange a meeting of so many commanders. This sort of gathering was also a community; a community of the highest level Deities.

Although Linley didn’t want to chat much with these people, there were still many who came and said a few words to him. They were all acquainted now, and at least these people all knew who Linley was.

“I’ve already arranged residences for everyone.” The three-eyed commander then laughed. “Everyone, you can choose any of the residences nearby. This place is fairly close to the banks of the Stellar River. Once the final battle begins, all of you commanders will be able to easily enter the battle.”

No one stood on ceremony; they each selected a residence and moved in, quietly awaiting the final battle.

This was the situation on the side of the Divine Darkness Plane, and the side of the Divine Light Plane had its own gathering as well. However, of the Paragons belonging to the Divine Light Plane, only Magnus appeared; as for Bayer, he didn’t participate in the gathering.

“Mr. Magnus.” All of the commanders, over the course of this gathering, greeted Magnus in a very warm, friendly manner, unconsciously acting in a meek, humble manner.

Although they were commanders and very arrogant, in the face of a Paragon…it was very natural for them to act like this. They felt like commoners meeting an emperor. Although the commoner might be arrogant, they would naturally grow modest in this situation. And this sort of modesty…didn’t make them feel ashamed, because it was only appropriate.

For example, if one knelt upon seeing a Sovereign; this was something which their subconscious told them was only proper.

The reception Magnus received in his camp was completely opposite from the one Linley received in his.

But Magnus couldn’t care less about these people; he too went into a corner, and by his side was Oman, Chegwin, and Ramson.

“Everyone, are there any formidable experts on the side of the Divine Darkness Plane whom we need to be aware of? If you know of any, speak up and let us mentally prepare for them.” A white-browed, white-haired youth spoke out.

Immediately, all of the commanders began to list out some names, with the likes of Reisgem and Bebe being discussed.

“We encountered an expert who should be a Paragon.” Oman said. “He is a Paragon of Fire! He belongs to the enemy camp, but his name…we aren’t sure. All we know is that he has crimson eyebrows!”

The commanders immediately all fell silent. Compared to a Paragon, neither Reisgem nor Bebe were even as remotely as threatening.

“I have a name!” Hemmers said loudly. “I suspect he, too, is a Paragon!”

These words caused everyone to look towards Hemmers. Everyone knew who Hemmers was; given Hemmers’ strength, his words should be true.

“This person is a member of the Azure Dragon clan, of the Four Divine Beasts clan. His power is very bizarre; at first, he was very weak, but afterwards, he grew to be even stronger than me. He’s made vast improvements over just a few centuries, and he said that he has trained for less than three thousand years. I don’t dare believe it, but one thing is certain; his power is greater than mine!” Hemmers said unhappily. “I suspect that he has already reached the level of Paragon!”

Instantly, a unison of laughter.

Everyone knew that Hemmers was a thick-headed fellow who wasn’t very clever. Hearing Hemmers’ words, however, they all laughed hard.

“Hemmers, less than three thousand years, and a Paragon, you say? If he became a Paragon in less than three thousand years, then the rest of us no longer have any face to stay here. Haha.” Clearly, not a single member of these experts believed him.

“Hemmers, don’t believe this person’s lies.” The commanders didn’t believe it at all.

“That expert of the Azure Dragon clan, ‘Gislason’? He’s only on par with us; how could they have a Paragon? If they did, they wouldn’t have been abused to such an extent by the eight great clans.”

The discussion made it clear that no one believed Hemmers.


Magnus, seated in the corner of the room, said slowly, “Become a Paragon in less than three thousand years? Absolutely impossible! Forget about three thousand years; even thirty thousand years or three hundred thousand years is far too short for someone to reach the Paragon level! To reach the level of Paragon in under a million years is something which isn’t possible.”

Magnus, as a Paragon himself, was an authoritative source.

“Can it be that I, Hemmers, would lie to you!” Hemmers was furious. Steam came from his nostrils, and his eyes turned absolutely round, like a pair of copper gongs as he stared at the others. These commanders unconsciously began to lower the volume of their laughter. They still truly did not wish to irritate this fellow, Hemmers.”

“If you don’t want to listen, then don’t. When you die, don’t blame me.” Hemmers snorted, then sat down, grabbing a roasted leg of meat on the table and chewing it with large bites.

The Divine Light Plane’s camp and the Divine Darkness Plane’s camp were both waiting quietly at each end of the stellar River. They were awaiting the arrival of the final battle. Compared to the commanders, though, it was actually the soldiers who were the most eager!

The mortality rates amongst soldiers in the Planar Battlefield was simply too high.

These soldiers all wanted to earn military merits and perhaps trade for Sovereign’s Might. And many of these soldiers…had lived for far too long. They wanted to experience the legendary, truly terrifying…Planar War! Thus, they allowed their divine clones to come up. They were willing to sacrifice a divine clone, so as to experience the legendary Planar Wars for themselves.

Was this foolishness or insanity?

Hard to say. But after a Deity had been alive for countless years and no longer had any emotional attachments, they were capable of doing anything.

The Planar Wars were savage, crazed battles to begin with!

The Divine Darkness Plane’s camp, where the commanders lived. Linley’s group was living within their courtyard.

Reisgem and Bebe were seated across from each other, chatting casually.


“Rumble…” A terrifyingly powerful rumble filled the skies. It was as though an energy ripple capable of causing the heavens to collapse and the earth to shatter was wildly spreading in every direction.


The buildings on each side of the Stellar River, when encountering this energy ripple, were instantly converted into dust, revealing the soldiers and commanders within. In almost the same instant, the countless soldiers and many commanders on each side of the Stellar River turned to look towards the ‘Stellar Corridors’.

This vast sea of people all stared towards the Stellar Corridors.

Linley stared into the distance, only to see the two corridors of the Stellar Sea emit a rainbow aura. This aura rose to the skies, causing the space above to tremble. In this instant, the two corridors of the Stellar River were more eye-catching than they ever had been.

“The final battle is finally about to begin!” Linley, seeing this, couldn’t help but murmur to himself.

According to the rules of the Planar Wars, after a thousand years passed, the Stellar Corridors would explode forth with a rainbow aura that would cause the world to tremble. This was the sign that the final battle was to commence! According to some legends, this was designed by Sovereigns, but according to other legends, it was designed by the Overgods. But one thing was for certain…

The final battle was beginning!

There was no unified deployment, nor was there any hesitation.

“Kill!” A cacophony of bellows shook the heavens.

The soldiers who had been waiting this entire time on each side of the Stellar Corridors immediately flooded into the corridors, charging towards the opposite side. As for the soldiers of Divine Light Plane’s camp, they didn’t hesitate either, also flooding into the Stellar Corridors and attacking their foes.

“Haha…the battle has begun!” Reisgem laughed loudly. “Let’s head out!”

“Move out!” Bebe called in jubilation as well.

Linley’s group of four moved lightning-fast towards the Stellar Corridor’s opposite side.

The various commanders didn’t need to be organized into squads; they all moved as they pleased. As for the soldiers of the military camps, they immediately formed into squads and then, like a long, sinuous dragon, had begun to wind their way through and flood through the corridors. The mission for each camp was arranged during the previous gathering.

The slaughtering instantly began!

The dreamy Stellar River’s two Stellar Corridors were now both emanating a rainbow glow, making it appear even more illusory and dreamlike. But the two sides on the Light camp and the Darkness camp were beginning to slaughter and butcher each other in the two corridors.

Linley, Bebe, Reisgem, and Reihom stood at the sides of the Stellar Corridor.

“It really is madness.” Linley was watching.

The air above the Stellar River was filled from top to bottom with countless soldiers, with each unit numbering in the thousands. They collectively launched material attacks or soul attacks against each other, unleashing their most powerful attacks towards the enemies in front of them. These long-distance attacks went on for only a few instants, and then, the two massive armies, like a pair of behemoths, clashed into each other. The chaotic battle had begun!

Blood flew everywhere, divine sparks rolled out, and badges descended.

A battle that was utterly crazed!

“According to the rules of the Planar Wars, if one side wins the battle within both corridors, that is considered a victory. If they only win in one corridor, it is considered a draw.” Reisgem’s eyes were shining. “Haha, Linley, let’s not hesitate. The other commanders have already charged out!”

Linley personally witnessed one white badge and black badge fall after another. Some soldiers, with a single swipe, were able to acquire ten or twenty soldier badges. In this sort of wild slaughter, accumulating military rewards really was quite quick. But it was also dangerous and crazed.

“Let’s go!”

Linley’s group of four charged into the Stellar Corridor as well, merging into the crazed flood. Behind them was an endless stream of soldiers, as well as the various commanders who had charged in as well.

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