Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 178

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 47

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 47, Suicidal?

Within the ruins of the cave, Reisgem’s side was clearly at a disadvantage.

“Bastard, bastard!!!” Reisgem bellowed, struggling wildly, but that long silver whip was coiled tightly around him like a python. Reisgem even wanted to transform his body into energy to escape, but the divine power of the long silver whip completely sealed the area around Reisgem. Even if Reisgem transformed into energy, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Magnus, I will make you regret this!” Reisgem howled.

Magnus glanced sideways at Reisgem, then laughed calmly. “Reisgem, save your strength.” After speaking, he glanced sideways towards Linley and Oman. The two appeared to be about to start fighting.

That thick spiked mace, flashing with cold light, appeared in Oman’s hands. He grinned savagely. “Linley, I will use this to smash your head in and make your soul dissipate. You should feel proud to die by my hands, and by my Sovereign weapon.”

“Bebe.” Linley growled.

“Boss.” Bebe hurriedly moved to Linley’s side.

“What, you want to ask a helper?” Oman laughed. Oman knew exactly how strong Bebe was. Although his innate divine ability was indeed frightening, aside from it, Bebe’s attack power truly wasn’t capable of threatening him. “The two of you can join forces. I don’t mind at all.”

In actual combat, he could completely ignore Bebe.

Linley stretched his hand out, handing the four commander badges to Bebe, then sent mentally, “Bebe, remember, even if I die, you need to go find the Chief Sovereign of Death.”

“Boss.” Bebe looked worriedly towards Linley, while at the same time he stored the commander badges into his interspatial ring.

After completing this action, Linley let out a sigh of relief. If his death resulted in even these four badges being lost, that would be horrible.

“Boss, don’t do anything stupid. Don’t fight with this Oman to the death.” Bebe sent, trying to persuade him. “In a bit, try and come up with a way to flee. I’ll go tie down that Magnus! That Magnus won’t be able to kill me, at most push me into chaotic space. Others might die in it, but my body is comparable to a defensive Sovereign artifact, and I won’t die in chaotic space. Boss, our souls are connected. So long as you survive, afterwards, you can find Grandpa Beirut and, through our soul link, you’ll bring me out one day.”

Right at this moment, explosive sounds could be heard from nearby.

Reihom had already begun to fight against Chegwin.

“Linley, you really are long-winded.” Oman let out a low snort, then came charging over like a mountain.

“Whoosh…” That spiked mace smashed through the air, slamming down towards Linley’s head. Suddenly, a hundred meter diameter sphere of black light appeared, and a powerful gravity was applied to Oman’s body.

Blackstone Space!

“Hmph.” Linley’s dark golden eyes stared at his opponent, and his draconic scale covered legs launched off the ground, shooting him upwards.

Mirage easily slashed a long tear through space. This sword contained Linley’s most powerful attack, but for now, he didn’t use the spatial compression part of it. Seeing this, the nervous Bebe couldn’t help but frown. “Boss isn’t using Microcosm; he’s giving up the spatial compression part of the attack. The enemy is completely capable of blocking this attack.”

This attack, aside from lacking the spatial compression aspect, was as powerful as the normal ‘Microcosm’ attack.


Mirage struck head on against the spiked mace, and Linley couldn’t help but move backwards.

“Eh?” Oman looked in astonishment at this. In the past, when Linley had exchanged blows with him, he was able to injure Linley with each smashing blow, to the point of knocking Mirage back onto Linley’s body. The advantage was quite obvious. But now, his attack was only able to hold a slight advantage.

Linley grinned coldly. “You’re just so-so, it seems.”

“It’s too early to start talking!” Oman’s body moved, transforming into an illusory blur as he charged once more towards Linley.

Reisgem was bound, and he worriedly watched the two sides battle. Linley against Oman wasn’t so bad; by relying on his ‘Blackstone Space’, he was able to just barely hold on. But as for Chegwin against Reihom, the situation was much more dangerous. Reihom had already transformed into a ten meter giant.

“Rumble…” The mountains trembled and the earth shattered.

Linley and Oman’s battle was fierce and vicious, but the amount of ruckus caused wasn’t that great. As for Chegwin and Reihom, those two were like a pair of bizarre beasts, one huge, one small. The two only used material attacks against each other. Each of Reihom’s punches and kicks carried mountain-splitting force, but Chegwin was even more terrifying; each punch and each kick was as sharp as a knife, leaving deep wounds on Reihom’s body.

“BANG!” Reihom’s giant body was smashed backwards, hard, flying like a meteor. The side of the mountain shattered and stones were sent flying everywhere.

Reihom’s chest was caved in.

“The situation looks bad.” Reisgem said frantically. “Reihom specializes in material attacks, but this Chegwin is infamously hard to deal with. He has a defensive Sovereign artifact as well as a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact. Others aren’t able to injure him at all! Reihom is being treated by him as a punching bag. If this continues…”

Reihom had indeed becoming a punching bag.

Reihom himself had already sensed this. He wanted to move closer to Linley, hoping to enter the range of the Blackstone Space. “If I’m in the Amethyst Space, I’ll have a major speed advantage.” But the pace of the battle was being controlled by Chegwin, and Chegwin had already beaten him out of the cave to the outside wilderness, where the duel continued.

“Reihom is going to die if this continues!” Reisgem stared fixedly at Magnus, his eyes red. He said savagely, “Magnus, you bastard! Let me tell you, if a single one of my friends die, I swear to you, I will never forgive you, never!!! Make Chegwin stop right now, RIGHT NOW!!!”

Magnus just laughed calmly.

“Reisgem, just rest for a while.” Magnus didn’t pay any attention to Reisgem’s threats at all.

Sovereigns and Deities were on completely different levels.

Unless a Sovereign had a truly necessary reason, there was no way a Sovereign would lower himself or herself to act against a Deity. This was a custom formed over countless years.

“Linley, hurry up and flee. Think of a way to escape!” Reisgem was frantic, and he sent mentally, “Bebe and I are fine. You need to hurry and run!”

But Linley didn’t respond. His battle against Oman only became even fiercer, and explosive sounds continued nonstop. The stones at the base of Ramhorn Mountain were all blasted into smithereens. Linley clearly was at a disadvantage, as his body was already covered with many wounds. Over the course of their battle, they had left the cave as well.

“What is the Boss thinking? Why hasn’t he used his supreme technique?” Bebe didn’t understand. He hurriedly flew out as well.

“Let’s go out to take a look.” Magnus also lifted up his long whip and carried Reisgem towards the outside.

In the wilderness, a few thousand meters apart, two savage battles were underway.

Unless the difference in power was too great, to kill an enemy would be quite hard.

For example, Paragons generally weren’t able to kill each other. For Reihom and Chegwin, Reihom’s transformation was simply too powerful, and although Chegwin was at an advantage and was able to kill him, it wasn’t something he could accomplish right away.

“This Linley’s fairly strong. He won’t be able to hold on for too long.” Magnus laughed while giving his evaluation. “That Reihom will most likely die before Linley does.”

“Hmph.” Bebe gave a sideways glance at Magnus. In his heart, he still felt some hope for Linley. “The Boss will definitely have a way. Up till now, the Boss still has not used his supreme technique. At a critical moment, I’ll definitely have to help the Boss.” Bebe made his preparations to assist in blocking Magnus.

In the desolate wilderness.

A white-robed, black-haired, crimson-eyebrowed figure. It was Bluefire. Bluefire was currently moving at high speed, so fast it was as though he was teleporting. With each movement, he crossed multiple kilometers. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from one’s field of vision.

“Magnus! Linley, you have to hold on.”

Bluefire’s movements were at an extremely high speed as he hastened towards Linley. Given Bluefire’s strength, he was able to perfectly control Sovereign power. Originally, Bluefire would often use his Sovereign power to investigate Linley’s situation, but after Linley made his breakthrough, he relaxed slightly.

He would just do an occasional investigation.

Just now, he saw that Linley was in grave danger, and he immediately hurried over. But…a battle between commanders was simply too fast. Would Bluefire make it in time?

Linley and Oman. One was completely wreathed in an aura of black light, while the other was covered with a blazing white aura. They wildly battled each other. Oman, exploding forth with full power, was clearly holding an advantage over Linley. “Haha, Linley, your power did indeed rise slightly. But compared to me, you are still quite a bit inferior!”


The spiked mace clashed once more with Linley’s ‘Mirage’.

“Swish!” “Swish!” The dozens of spikes on the mace suddenly shot outwards. Linley strove to dodge, as well as using his left arm and draconic tail to bat aside some of the spikes, preventing them from stabbing into his head. The power of these spikes wasn’t too great, but with so many spikes shooting over, Linley’s body was still riddled in bloody holes.

Linley’s entire body was covered in blood. Faced with this attack, each time Linley was struck by some.

Wounds were slowly accumulating. Linley’s body was covered with holes, and blood poured out nonstop.

Although his body was powerful, its repair speed was slow. Given that new injuries were constantly being inflicted, Linley wasn’t able to heal in time.

“A Sovereign was actually willing to forge a Sovereign weapon like this.” Linley cursed mentally. When they had first started fighting and when Oman had discovered that Linley had grown strong, he had begun to use this technique. However, the shooting of the spikes relied on brute Sovereign power as well as the fact that the spikes were part of a Sovereign weapon; they contained no profound mysteries.

Attacks that didn’t contain any profound mysteries, compared to each smash of the mace, were very weak. But although they were very weak, they were still enough to cause Linley’s body to be riddled with bloody holes.

“We’re at a sufficient distance now.” Linley glanced out of the corner of his eyes at Magnus.

“Linley, your body’s defensive power is really quite strong. For most commanders, their bodies aren’t able to take my spikes when they shoot out, and they’ll die. However, with so many wounds on your body, even each block of yours is increasingly weaker. You won’t be able to hold.” Oman sent with a snicker.

A battle needed to be carried out by the body.

It would be a strange thing if a person’s body wasn’t weaker with hundreds of holes on it.

“Rumble…” Oman smashed down violently.

This strike with the spiked mace was seemingly quite powerful, and as it danced out, it caused multiple cracks in space to appear.

“This is the moment!” Linley once more struck out with his sword.

Oman’s face changed. He clearly saw 108 rays of black Destruction-type Sovereign power sweep towards him, instantly enveloping him. A powerful gravitational surge suddenly pressed down from all directions upon his body, and the powerful, compressive power caused him to feel quite miserable.

And right at this critical moment, Linley’s sword arrived!

“Ah!” Terror flashed through Oman’s eyes. “No…” Under such heavy compression, his spiked mace wasn’t able to block in time.”Swish!” “Swish!” “Swish!”

A large quantity of spikes suddenly shot out from the mace. At the critical instant, they struck Mirage and caused it to move slightly off-center, slicing straight towards Oman’s ear.

“Clang!” And that momentary off-balance strike allowed the spiked mace to clash against Mirage.

“This is the moment!”

Linley’s gaze was sharp, and he retracted his sword as his body instantly went into the earth.

“I was nearly finished. This Linley actually held such a technique in reserve.” Oman was so terrified, cold sweat matted his back. The sword had slashed past his ear, and he clearly felt it as it did so. But he quickly then recovered. “Linley…he fled?”


Magnus had been watching the battle. The look on his face changed, and he paid Reisgem no more attention. Retracting his long silver whip, his body transformed into a ray of azure smoke as he instantly swept forward into the distance. Just as Reisgem realized what had happened, Magnus had already flown into the distance, but Bebe was now barring his path.

“Don’t even think of catching my Boss.” Bebe howled angrily in his heart as he threw himself towards Magnus. He had been waiting for Magnus in Linley’s direction all this time.

“F*ck off!”

Magnus didn’t even dodge, knocking Bebe flying with a single whip lash.

“Eh?” Magnus, who wanted to pursue at high speed, discovered that Bebe actually seized the long whip, clutching it tightly. Bebe was like a madman, staring at Magnus.

“Do you want to die?” Magnus’ face turned cold.

The whip trembled violently. No matter how tightly Bebe clutched it, he was still knocked flying. Still, Bebe had managed to buy Linley some time.

“He fled from my pursuit? He actually escaped the range of my divine sense.” Magnus said with a calm laugh. “It seems I’ll have to use Sovereign power.”

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