Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 174

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 43

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 43, Attacked and Killed

“Flee, flee!” Montelo had no intentions of trying to fight back. After realizing that Bebe was a Godeater Rat, he only knew one thing: He had to flee! “Flee separately. Make them pursue us separately, and we might have a chance.” Just as Montelo felt as though he had a hint of hope, the Amethyst Rampart suddenly descended from the heavens!

It was like an enormous, sky-covering net that swept towards them!

“No…” Montelo’s face instantly turned ashen.

The Amethyst Rampart swept towards them, hundreds of meters long, enveloping Montelo, Oman, and the other four within it, and also wanting to seal them within a closed cocoon.

“Break, break!” Oman frantically brandished his spiked mace, viciously smashing against the Amethyst Rampart. Unfortunately, the Amethyst Rampart just rippled a few times like water, completely undamaged. This was the innate divine ability of the Amethyst Godbeasts; how could it be so easily broken? Oman and Chauswey still had at least a bit of confidence; they weren’t afraid of the ‘Godeater’ ability.

But as for Montelo and the silver-haired elder, they were afraid. They didn’t dare to waste a single moment.

“The road ahead is blocked. All we can do is turn and charge backwards. Perhaps we’ll still have a chance!” Montelo and the silver-haired elder turned their heads to discover that the Amethyst Rampart had already ‘closed’, forming into a sealed ‘cocoon’.

There was nowhere to run!

“Haha…” Reisgem was utterly delighted as he stared at Montelo.

As for Bebe, the divine beast’s illusion had already taken form behind him. An enormous phantom of a Godeater Rat was right behind Bebe, staring at Montelo with a pair of cold eyes. Bebe cracked his lips open in a grin, chortling as that unique energy ripple surged forth.

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

“We’re finished.” Montelo and the silver-haired elder felt utterly powerless.

“No!” Montelo suddenly growled, and then from his body, thousands of strands of white silk appeared, shooting out like spiderwebs towards the nearby silver-haired elder, instantly wrapping him up and giving him a strong pull! It pulled the nearby silver-haired elder to Montelo’s side, just as the energy of the ‘Godeater’ arrived!

The silver-haired elder, unable to react in time, was struck head on.

The thousands of white strands of silk disintegrated, while the silver-haired elder dropped down from the skies. From his body, out rolled a white badge as well as a Highgod artifact, an interspatial ring, and a divine spark which flew out of his head towards Bebe.

“This…” Bebe was stunned.

The nearby Linley, Reisgem and Reihom had been certain that Montelo was going to die, but the scene just now had caused them to be stunned. “He used his own ally as a shield?” Linley was rather puzzled as to whether or not that silver-haired elder had surviving clones in the outside world, and if he would feel hatred for Montelo because of this and go make trouble for him.

What Linley didn’t know was…

The silver-haired elder’s status amongst the five was the lowest; he was an old servant of Montelo’s. The silver-haired elder might feel resentment in his heart for Montelo’s actions, but he wouldn’t dare take revenge.

“Boss, I can only use my innate divine ability twice in a row. We have to wait for a good while before I can use it again.” Bebe sent helplessly to Linley.

“Montelo really is lucky.” Linley couldn’t help but laugh bitterly.

Reisgem, knowing that Bebe wouldn’t be able to use his innate divine ability for now, just began to laugh loudly as he pointed towards Montelo. “Haha, Montelo, you really are decisive, ruthless, and vicious. You sacrificed your own partner. I really admire you. But unfortunately, today, you will still die.”

Oman and Chauswey couldn’t help but give Montelo a sidelong glance as well.

Using one of them as a shield. This sort of action did indeed make others feel repulsed and angered. However, as the silver-haired elder was Montelo’s old servant, Oman and Chauswey couldn’t really say anything.

“Haha, an innate divine ability can only be used twice in a row.” Montelo began to laugh loudly. “It seems you won’t be able to kill me.”

As soon as Montelo’s words finished, the ‘Amethyst Rampart’ suddenly dissipated, its energy returning to the universe. The innate divine ability was only able to persist for a limited time.

“Haha…Oman, let’s go.” Montelo sent.

“You want to run?” Reisgem said with a snicker. “We’ll chase!”

He had spread out his Amethyst Space to a circumference of nearly a thousand kilometers long ago, and a powerful gravitational force caused Montelo, Oman, and Chauswey to move much slower. Reisgem, Linley, Bebe, and Reihom transformed into four black blurs, chasing after them at high speed. And of course, they also scooped up the white badge of that silver-haired elder.

“In this battle, we only acquired a single gold badge. Last time, Reisgem gave us the gold badge, so this time, we’ll definitely have to give the badge to Reisgem.” Linley understood that if they only gained a single gold badge this time, it would go to Reisgem, and his goal would not be accomplished.

“I have to kill one!”

Linley stared fixedly at Montelo. “Given Montelo’s status, he has to be a commander.”

“Of the three of them, Oman is the hardest to deal with. Let me handle Oman!” Reisgem sent mentally towards the other three. “Reihom…you go deal with that Chauswey. Given your strength, you should be completely certain of success. As for Montelo, Linley, you said your power increased greatly. You should be able to tie him down. If you can kill Montelo, kill him; if you can’t, tie him down. We just need to wait a while, and Bebe will be able to use his innate divine ability a third time, and we’ll kill Montelo!”

“Don’t worry. Leave Montelo to me.” Linley sent mentally.

Having made a breakthrough not too long ago, Linley felt extremely confident.

At this moment in time, the three enemies up ahead who were trapped and slowed down within the Amethyst Space were feeling uneasy as well. “Oman, Chauswey, we definitely won’t be able to escape like this. The three of us need to flee in three directions. They don’t have three Amethyst Spaces!”



Oman and Chauswey both acknowledged, and each of the three began to fly in a different direction at high speed; one continued to flight straight forward, while the other two began to fly to the left and to the right, respectively.

“Attack them separately!” Reisgem gave the order.

Linley’s group of four, long prepared, didn’t hesitate at all. Linley and Bebe charged straight towards Montelo, while Reisgem chased after Oman and Reihom chased after Chauswey.

“I hope that Godeater Rat won’t chase after me.” Montelo felt hope in his heart. He fled at high speed, and soon escaped the Amethyst Space. “I finally flew out of the Amethyst Space. Now, it’s time for me to flee.” Just as he was rejoicing, however, a white light suddenly descended once more from the heavens.

A powerful gravitational force instantly wrapped around him, the power of it comparable to that of the Amethyst Space.

Blackstone Space!

“What’s going on?” Montelo turned, only to see the Dragonformed Linley and Bebe in pursuit. “How could I have forgotten about them? That brat of the Azure Dragon clan is also skilled in the Amethyst Space.” He had heard Oman mention this before. “And that’s the Godeater Rat. Terrible!”

Montelo feared the Godeater Rat the most! At his level, it would be very hard to kill him, but unfortunately, the innate divine ability of Godeater Rats was simply too terrifying. If it failed, that was one thing, but if it succeeded, the opponent would definitely die.

“Whoooosh.” Space itself seemed to emit a keening screech.

Linley and Bebe continued to draw closer and closer to Montelo.

“This kid is going to die, no questions.” Linley was completely confident.

“Boss, don’t worry. Once my innate divine ability’s energy replenishes to a certain degree, I’ll be able to kill him with ease.” Bebe sent with a chortle.

Still flying up ahead, Montelo felt panic in his heart. “If this continues, I’ll only be getting closer and closer to them. I definitely won’t be able to escape! Even if I’m able to delay for a time, once the Godeater Rat recovers, he’ll still be able to easily annihilate me.” Montelo understood that there was no way for him to run.


Montelo suddenly halted.

Linley and Bebe halted as well, and Linley looked with amusement at Montelo. Laughing softly, he said, “Oh, no longer running?”

Montelo cursed mentally, “Within the Amethyst Space, how can I flee? The more time I spend, the slimmer my chances for survival.” Linley and Bebe weren’t in any hurry to attack; they were happy to drag this out. Once Bebe recovered, he would easily defeat Montelo.

“The two of you….why must you kill me?” Montelo said hurriedly. “As long as you two don’t kill me, I will be willing to satisfy any requirements that you two desire.”

“No need.” Linley snickered.

“I have Sovereign’s Might. A large amount of Sovereign’s Might.” Montelo said hurriedly.

Bebe said mockingly, “We don’t lack for Sovereign’s Might.’

“Oh, right. My commander badge. I will give you my commander badge.” Montelo said hurriedly.

“According to the rules of the Planar Battlefield, when leaving the Planar Battlefield, one must be holding a commander badge. Someone who is still alive who doesn’t have a commander badge will have violated the laws of the Planar Battlefield, and will be executed by the Sovereigns.” Linley snickered.

This rule of the Planar Battlefield was made to ensure that people wouldn’t just swap badges with others.

For example, if two commanders entered two separate camps, and then just handed their badges to each other as military merits! This was a sort of cheating. Thus, upon the conclusion of the Planar War, if someone alive didn’t have their commander badge, they would be executed. Executed by a Sovereign!

After all, that was the time for military merits to be rewarded, or for military merits to be exchanged for a Sovereign artifact. The Sovereigns would create energy-clones.

Those who violated the rules would die.

“I’m willing to do this. Don’t worry. As long as you spare me.” Montelo said frantically. “I will immediately give it to you. As for the commander badge, in the future, I’ll kill someone of my own alliance.”

“Boss, just wait a bit. My innate divine ability’s energy is almost replenished. I just need a little more time.” Bebe sent.

“Sparing you…isn’t necessarily out of the question.” Linley suddenly changed his tone.

But Montelo said frantically, “If you agree, then agree. If you refuse, then refuse. The two of you, hurry up.” He too knew very well that Bebe’s innate divine ability energy was replenishing.

“About that…!” Bebe drawled.

“Die, then!” Montelo suddenly exploded forth, and the white energy aura around Montelo instantly bounded towards Bebe like lightning. “These two are clearly just wasting time. I have only one option right now! That’s to kill this Godeater Rat. If I kill him, I still have a chance to live!”

Montelo knew what the situation was; if they wanted to let him leave, why would they hesitate? Hesitation was to waste time; wasting time was to kill him!

“His reaction is quite quick.” Linley hurriedly went forward to welcome him.

“Swoosh!” A white, semi-translucent arrow shot out from Montelo’s body, shooting towards Bebe.

The speed was so quick that Bebe wasn’t able to dodge at all. It directly entered his body.

“The material defense of Godeater Rats is too strong. I’ll have to try soul attacks.” Montelo knew this point very well, but before he even had a chance to see whether or not Bebe had died, Linley’s attack arrived.


Montelo only saw 108 rays of black shadows surge towards him like dragons. Montelo’s divine sense instantly noticed one thing. “A divine sword? An invisible, divine sword?” While still in a state of amazement, those 108 black blurs solidified into a hole, forming into a sphere that completely enveloped him, and a powerful compressive force instantly affected his entire body.

Pressure, compression!


As fast as lightning, as a ray of light, a sword split through the heavens, piercing towards Montelo’s head.

However, above Montelo’s head, a strange protective layer appeared. With a ‘clang!’ sound, the attack had to withdraw without any results.

“Defensive Sovereign artifacts truly are incredible.” Linley sighed in mental praise. Linley knew that it would be hard for him to kill this person, but he was still able to tie him down for a time. “However, the power of ‘Microcosm’ when using Sovereign’s Might is truly tremendous. Even Montelo isn’t able to react to my sword.”

Linley retreated at high speed.

“He isn’t dead?” Montelo turned to look at Bebe, then immediately turned to flee.

“Haha, don’t be in such a rush.”

Linley’s body once more swept forward, and the invisible ‘Mirage’ once more struck out. That blurry black sphere once more surrounded Montelo, and the enraged Montelo’s body once more exploded forth with large amounts of white silk.


When the sword struck out, the nearer white strands of silk were all shattered.

“Boss, I’m ready.” Bebe sent mentally.

Linley’s sky-shattering sword thrust landed on Montelo’s body, knocking him backwards slightly. At this moment, Montelo noticed that behind Bebe had appeared the enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat.

“NO!!!” Montelo stared, wide-eyed.

“This time, there’s no one present to be your shield.” Linley watched this scene.

The innate divine ability’s unique energy swept outwards towards Montelo. Montelo wasn’t able to resist at all. He collapsed to the ground, dead!

“Clink!” A gold badge fell out from his body.

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