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Coiling Dragon Chap 173

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 42

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 42, A Nightmare Descends

“What we need to consider is where we should fight, so as to draw them here.” Bebe said with a frown. “After all, the Planar Battlefield is too large. Even on just this side of the Planar Battlefield, the region has a circumference of a million kilometers. If we don’t pick the right place and are too far away from Montelo, wouldn’t that make it hard for them to find us?”

Reisgem nodded slightly. “So where exactly is Montelo?”

If they knew the answer to that, there would be no need for all these complicated maneuvers.

“I think,” Linley said reflectively, “That after Montelo’s group of eight failed to kill us, they probably found a place to rest as well. And the place they chose to rest shouldn’t be too far away from the scene of the last battle.”

“I’ve already searched the area within a circumference of ten thousand kilometers around that place.” Reisgem shook his head.

Before this, they had spent three times and completely searched the area within ten thousand kilometers, and had even used Sovereign’s Might. One could imagine how hard it was to find them.

“I expect that their resting place is within a hundred thousand kilometers of the previous battle.” Linley guessed. “How about this. Let’s make this place right here the scene of the battle. It is within hundred thousand kilometers of the last battle scene. Let’s make some noise! If we use Sovereign’s Might, they might just find us.”

Reisgem hesitated momentarily, then nodded slightly. “Fine. That’s what we’ll do, then! If we don’t succeed, we can try two or three more places that are a few tens of thousands of kilometers away.”

“Given Montelo’s temperament, once he discovers us, he’ll definitely come.” Reisgem revealed a smile on his face.

“Reihom, you’ll put on the play with us.” Reisgem laughed while looking at Reihom.

Roughly twenty thousand kilometers away from this location, within the base of a squad mountain that was less than a thousand meters high, a cavern had been dug. Montelo’s group of five was there.

Within the cave.

The muscular golden-robed man, Oman, was seated silently in the meditative stance to one side of the cave, his eyes closed. That arrogant-looking middle-aged man was nearby quietly training as well. As for Montelo and the green-haired maiden, they were seated facing each other, chatting and laughing. “Young master, last time, we gained quite a bit. If we can be this lucky during the final battle, young master, you might end up having enough military merits.”

Montelo laughed softly. “How about….Lowe [Lu’yi], you give me your military merits. That way, I won’t have to worry about coming up with enough.”

“How can we do that?” The green-haired maiden’s laughter was as clear as a bell. “Young master, if you give me some of your military merits, I might be able to come up with enough as well.”

“Jeeze.” Montelo shook his head and laughed.

Montelo knew very well that although everyone addressed him as ‘young master’, in reality, in this group of five, only the silver-haired elder who stood by his side was his old servant. This silver-haired elder was the weakest of the five, without any Sovereign artifacts. He came to attend to Montelo’s needs.

As for the other three, each of them, be it Oman, Chauswey, or Lowe, although they gave him face by addressing him as young master, the military merits they gained were divided in accordance with their earlier agreement.

“Rumble…” An extremely weak ripple of energy made it towards them.

Montelo, Lowe, and the silver-haired Elderway immediately turned to look towards the tunnel. Even the meditating Oman and Chauswey opened their eyes to look outwards.

The Planar Battlefield wasn’t that large to begin with. Given that battles were normally rare, the occasional major battle attracted quite a bit of attention.

“Energy ripples! It is Sovereign power.” Montelo was the first to fly out.

“Perhaps we’ll acquire some more commander badges.” The green-haired maiden laughed enchantingly as she flew out as well, immediately followed by the silver-haired elder, the golden-robed ‘Oman’, and the arrogant middle-aged ‘Chauswey’. The three transformed into three blurs and flew outwards.

Upon flying out from the tunnel, Montelo and the other four immediately flew at high speed towards the origin of the energy ripples.

Because the Planar Battlefield was flat, as long as there were no mountains blocking one’s line of vision, commander-level experts would be able to see things from ten thousand kilometers away, despite the distance. But of course…the larger something was, the more clearly it would be visible.

“Whoooosh.” The wind howled drearily as the five of them flew at high speed.

Moments later, Montelo’s group of five clearly saw a black, heaven-encompassing web-like rampart hanging high in the skies. The black rampart was hundreds of meters in size, and covered with a layer of flowing violet light. A black rampart that was hundreds of meters in size…for commanders, it would be bizarre if they weren’t able to locate it.

The silver-haired elder said in surprise, “Amethyst Rampart? Reisgem’s Amethyst Rampart?”

A look of surprise and delight appeared on Montelo’s face. He couldn’t help but begin to laugh loudly. “It really is Reisgem’s innate divine ability. Last time, he fled. I didn’t expect that I’d encounter him yet again. Everyone, hurry up to the location of the fight. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.”

“The distance is too great!” Oman said, stone-faced. “Given the great distance, by the time we fly over, the battle might have concluded and Reisgem might have left.”

Montelo understood this as well. A distance of twenty thousand kilometers…if they flew over at maximum speed, it would still take some time.

“We can’t let this opportunity to go waste! Everyone, use your Sovereign’s Might!” Montelo immediately sent mentally. “A drop of Sovereign’s Might is enough for us to make it in time. In addition, if we are lucky, perhaps we’ll be able to kill Reisgem’s comrades. I wonder if Reisgem has one person with him or is in a group of three.”

Montelo turned to look at Oman. “Oman, last time, you didn’t kill those two. This time, don’t miss again.”

“Don’t worry.” Oman said confidently.

“Let’s go!”

Montelo, with a ‘bang’, set his Sovereign’s Might ablaze. Immediately, the other four also set their own Sovereign’s Might ablaze. An ordinary commander might cherish their Sovereign’s Might more, but Montelo came from the ‘Augusta’ clan, and was one of the clan’s strongest experts. Although the amount of Sovereign’s Might he was allotted wasn’t as ridiculous as the amount Reisgem had access to, it was still quite a bit.

Montelo was still capable of wasting a few drops liberally as needed.

After having used their Sovereign’s Might, the five figures instantly rose in speed by an extravagant amount.

They were like five blurs, instantly piercing through the skies and moving towards the location of Reisgem’s battle.

Reisgem and Reihom were currently battling nonstop. Thunderous booms could be heard unceasingly, and the earth had shattered. Wild bursts of Sovereign power constantly emanated forth.

“Five surges of Sovereign power are headed towards us at high speed.” Linley noticed.

“Light-type Sovereign power.” Bebe said.

Linley revealed a hint of a smile on his face. “Not eight. Five. Still, for them to be coming so arrogantly and brazenly…it should be Montelo’s group.” Linley knew very well that ordinary commanders who were going to attack someone would never cause such a huge stir. Only Montelo, who knew exactly how strong Reisgem’s team was, would dare to hurry over in such a manner at high speed.

“I didn’t think that just after battling for a short while, they would arrive.” Reisgem and Reihom stopped fighting.

“They are probably afraid that you will stop fighting and they won’t be able to make it.” Linley said with a laugh.

And just like that, Linley, Reihom, Bebe, and Reisgem just stood there, shoulder-to-shoulder, looking towards the direction of Montelo’s group of five, quietly awaiting their arrival.

“Rumble…” With Sovereign power blazing forth from them, their high speed movements did indeed cause quite a commotion.

With Montelo at the lead, the group of five, covered in foamy white light, appeared within the dark environment of the Planar Battlefield like stars flashing across the sky. The five quickly arrived at the scene of the earlier ‘battle’. The five of them looked forward, only to see the already-prepared Linley and his group.

“Montelo, it really is you.” Reisgem snickered. “There’s only five!” Linley felt relaxed as well. He had thought there would be eight of them, which would be rather pressuring, but now that there were only five, they were completely confident in their chances.”

“Heeeey.” Montelo, seeing the situation, felt puzzled. “The four of them aren’t fleeing?”

Last time, during their fight, Montelo came to believe that this four-person’s squad was only so-so. The five of them were completely capable of overcoming these four. However, Montelo didn’t know…that he had miscalculated Bebe’s strength. Bebe only had one powerful technique; his innate divine ability. Although Bebe’s technique couldn’t do anything to Oman, it could easily deal with the others.


Montelo didn’t know. Oman didn’t know either! When Bebe had attacked him from behind, Oman, in possession of a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, thought that it had only been an ordinary soul attack.

“Oman, last time, you didn’t kill those two. This time, let’s see how you do.” Montelo said with a soft laugh.

“Don’t worry.” Oman swept Linley and Bebe with a cold gaze.

Linley looked straight at Oman as well. Suddenly, he began to laugh loudly. “Oman, last time, I didn’t enjoy the fight. This time, let’s have a good tussle.”

Oman, to this, just responded with a snicker.

“You asked for this.” Montelo was absolutely delighted. Only by knowing one’s friends and enemies would one be guaranteed of victory. Montelo felt that he clearly knew what his enemies were like.

“Haha, let’s fight!” Reisgem just laughed loudly.

“Attack.” Montelo barked as well.

Montelo gave the order, and instantly, those five blurs shot forward, with the nimblest being the green-haired maiden with the Sovereign glove.

But when Reisgem gave the order, the four of them didn’t move. Suddenly, behind Bebe appeared the enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat. The black Godeater Rat hovered there in midair, and instantly, the five figures charging towards them were so terrified that their faces changed.

“Beirut?” Oman said, shocked. “That’s not right!”

“Godeater Rat? Impossible!” Montelo, who had given the order, said, his face instantly turning ashen. Since he had given the order, he naturally was in the rear, and now he was the first to flee. “Everyone, flee!” He hurriedly sent frantically.

If they didn’t flee now, when?

Faced with the supreme technique of the Godeater Rat, anyone who wasn’t a Paragon or had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact would definitely die.

“Reisgem asked me to kill that woman, ‘Ranessa’, and Montelo. Montelo is a bit farther away though. I’ll kill this green-haired maiden, then.” Bebe, wanting to be certain of his kill, made his target the green-haired maiden. She had charged to the very front, and was at the rear of the pack while fleeing.

“No…” The green-haired maiden’s eyes no longer held any luster or slyness, only terror.

However, it was too late!

The unique energy ripples of the innate divine ability instantly swept through her, locking onto the green-haired maiden’s soul and divine spark!

Innate divine ability – Godeater!

Immediately, a divine spark flew out from within her body, and the eyes of the green-haired maiden instantly became lifeless. She collapsed from the skies, and her glove and a gold badge fell out onto the ground.

A commander-level expert had just died in an instant!

The supreme technique of Godeater Rats…the nightmare of many commanders!

“Flee, flee!” Montelo was completely scared stupid by now. He only knew that he had to run. He knew very well that if today, he moved one step too slow, he would be finished! Although he was confident in his soul’s prowess, upon encountering the innate divine ability, ‘Godeater’, he would still be finished.

“That youth…how can he be a Godeater Rat. How?!” Montelo didn’t dare believe it.

“How did it end up being like this?” Oman was completely mystified. He wasn’t afraid of this technique, but he also knew…“The other three of our five-person squad, in the face of that Godeater Rat, will definitely perish. Chauswey and I, against them four, will only barely be able to flee and stay alive.” Oman understood that Reisgem was more than strong enough to tie him down.

As for Reihom, Linley, and Bebe, it would easy for them to kill Chauswey. After killing Chauswey, Linley and the other two could join forces with Reisgem to kill Oman, which would also be simple.

In the same instant that Montelo’s group of four began to flee…

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

Destruction-type Sovereign power began to blaze forth from the bodies of Linley and the rest of the four. At the same time, a blurry black light instantly spread out, surrounding and enclosing the four who wanted to flee. Montelo’s group’s speed drastically lowered, and Montelo himself was so terrified that his face turned white. “Amethyst Space!”

Black light had completely surrounded Linley’s group of four, and white light surrounded Montelo’s group of four.

Four pursued four!

“Flee separately!” Montelo shouted mentally.

“Haha…” Reisgem’s wild laughter rang out, and at the same time, behind him, an enormous illusion of an Amethyst Godbeast that had 108 spikes on its back appeared. At the same time, 108 rays of violet light, carrying Destruction-type Sovereign power, shot out, instantly sweeping towards the four fleeing figures.

Innate divine ability – Amethyst Rampart!

With the descent of the Amethyst Rampart, the escape paths for Montelo’s group of four was blocked.

“Bebe.” Reisgem sent smugly.

“Got it. Just watch me!” Bebe, seeing the opportunity, once more executed his innate divine ability!

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