Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 166

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 35

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 35, A Rock

Two black blurs were moving forward at high speed, while right behind them were seven other blurs, chasing and attacking. Only, the seven behind the two were some distance apart from each other.

“This Reisgem’s speed is too fast. Only you, young master, are just barely able to keep up. The others aren’t able to keep up. What should we do?” A silver-haired elder followed Montelo while sending frantically. The two of them both trained in the Laws of Light, and were specialized in speed. As for the others, they trained in water and Fate, and they weren’t skilled in speed.


Montelo stared fixedly at the two forms up ahead.

“Rumble…” Suddenly, the earth rose up, and a large number of boulders shot up out of the ground. Every single boulder flowed with black light; clearly, every single boulder contained Destruction-type Sovereign power.

Montelo and his people didn’t care about the boulders, but they didn’t dare to underestimate the power of Destruction-type Sovereign power.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

Montelo and the rest of the seven either dodged aside or smashed the boulders apart. These weren’t too much of a threat to them, but it did slow them down.

“They pulled away yet again!” Montelo narrowed his eyes, anger roiling within his chest. “This Reisgem actually has a helper like him, and is willing to use up a large amount of Sovereign power to use these techniques…” Suddenly, Montelo noticed that the Sovereign power in his body had already slowly dried up. He couldn’t help but sigh to himself. “Forget it. It is enough that we were able to put Reisgem in such a bad situation, this time.”

“Halt!” Montelo barked.

After he halted, the other six halted as well.

Although Montelo had used up a drop of Sovereign’s Might, the other six hadn’t used it all up yet. After all, Montelo had immediately used those countless white strands to entangle Reisgem from the very beginning, and had been constantly using up his Sovereign power. Previously, he had used up too much, and so it was only natural that he was the first to exhaust it.

“Stop chasing. This is just a waste of Sovereign’s Might. I don’t have enough Sovereign’s Might to just throw it away on Reisgem.” Montelo snickered. “Reisgem, that punk. He’s always so arrogant, but this time, we made him flee in such a sorry shape. That’s enough.”

The silver-robed Ranessa snorted. “It’s enough for you, but we three don’t even have a single badge to show for it.”

Montelo glanced at Ranessa, then chortled, “Ranessa, there will be more chances in the future. Right, in a bit, Oman will return. He definitely must have killed those two people. If he acquired any badges, we’ll give them to you. What say you?”

“I’ll take you at your word.” Ranessa finally revealed a hint of a smile.

Right at this moment…

“Montelo, I, Reisgem, will remember this!” Reisgem’s bellowing voice could be heard from far away.

Hearing the resentment and anger in that bellow, Montelo wasn’t frightened at all; instead, he began to laugh loudly. He said to the other six, “Haha, everyone, hear that? Reisgem is utterly furious! Last time, we killed that Bosley, but he wasn’t able to do anything to us either. This time, we gave him yet another lesson. Even if I stood right in front of him, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to me.”

“Young master, you have a defensive Sovereign artifact. At most, Reisgem will be able to just rant. What can he actually do? Can it be that the Sovereign will interfere for a minor matter like this?” The green-haired maiden laughed.

Montelo and Reisgem weren’t able to do anything to each other.

However, Montelo clearly had more assistants than Reisgem did. Thus, it was normal for Reisgem to suffer more losses.

“Mm, Oman’s returning.” Montelo suddenly turned to look.

Montelo’s side currently had six people emanating the aura of Sovereign’s Might. Six auras of Sovereign’s Might was as brilliant a beacon as the sun, here in the Planar Battlefield. Who wouldn’t be able to sense it? Oman was easily able to follow the aura to arrive at high speed to this place.

“Montelo, remember your promise.” Ranessa laughed lightly.

“Of course.” Montelo nodded very confidently.

“Oman.” Montelo smiled as he welcomed him. Although Oman followed him, he was the Sovereign’s Emissary, a wielder of two Sovereign artifacts. He was exceedingly powerful.

Oman landed. “Young master.”

“Right. Earlier, Ms. Ranessa and I agreed that after killing Reisgem’s people, the badges we acquired would go to Ms. Ranessa. Hand over those two badges to me.” Montelo said with a laugh.

Oman shook his head. “I didn’t acquire the badges.”

Hearing these words, Montelo’s face went blank, while the face of the nearby Ranessa turned cold. With a snicker, she said, “Oh. We all know very well how powerful Mr. Oman is; can it be that you weren’t able to kill those two kids? I imagine you killed them and took their badges, but aren’t willing to hand them over.”

Two commander badges were indeed items of great preciousness.

“Hm?” Oman let out a cold snort, turning his head to stare hard at Ranessa. “What did you say? Did you call me, Oman, a liar?”

Ranessa raised an eyebrow, then chuckled, “What, Mr. Oman, are you trying to use your power to suppress us?”

“If I say I didn’t acquire them, then I didn’t acquire them! Don’t go too far!” Oman snorted coldly. There was no way he could prove something like this.

But clearly, as far as Ranessa was concerned, Oman was an extremely formidable commander, while Linley and Bebe were people who Ranessa had never seen before; they shouldn’t be too powerful. Thus, she was certain that Oman must have killed them.

“Haha…” Ranessa let out a calm laugh. “Since that’s what you say, Mr. Oman, then of course I will believe your words. Let’s leave!”

Ranessa clearly knew that there was nothing here for her; how could she be willing to stay?

The other two youths immediately flew away with Ranessa as well.

“They left.” Montelo turned to look at Oman, then laughed, “Oman, now you can tell me; did you kill those two or not?” Montelo believed that Oman had lied earlier as well.

“I really did not.” Oman shook his head. “Those two weren’t weak either. That Azure Dragon clan youth was able to take several of my blows head on without dying. As for that other youngster, his body took a blow head on with my Sovereign weapon, but he didn’t die either. Afterwards, I chased them, but the youth of the Azure Dragon clan had a Gravitational Space ability that was similar to Reisgem’s; I wasn’t able to catch them, so I had to give up.

Montelo frowned.

“That youngster took a blow head on with his body? It seems he must have a defensive Sovereign artifact. That youth of the Azure Dragon clan is also capable of the Amethyst Space technique? His relationship with Reisgem must be quite deep. Forget it. Let’s find a place to rest, first.” Montelo immediately led his group of five in departing from this place.

In the desolate wilderness, Linley and Bebe were stealthily advancing. Currently, their Sovereign power was already depleted. Earlier, when Linley was radiating Sovereign power, others would easily find them, and so Linley naturally had flown forward quickly. Now that the Sovereign power was exhausted, Linley chose to carefully advance.

“Boss, what should we do in the future?” Bebe sent.

“There are two or three more centuries before the final battle of this Planar War. I hope that before that, I’ll make a breakthrough and fuse a fourth profound mystery.” Linley knew that every single person who dared to roam across the Planar Battlefield was a top-tier commander. “After I fuse my fourth profound mystery, I’ll go out roaming again. By then, I’ll be strong enough to do so.”

A person’s power was dependent on their base strength, their profound mysteries, and their weapons.

For example, Hemmers, whose original form was that of a golden mountain which had been nurtured for countless years by the Divine Earth Plane itself, then birthed. His body’s strength was enormously great, and even without fusing any profound mysteries, he surpassed most Seven Star Fiends and was close to the power of an Asura. This was a reason why he was made a Sovereign’s Emissary immediately upon being born.

After having fused four mysteries, Linley didn’t dare to block his fists at all.

Even an empty-air punch was capable of penetrating Linley’s chest. The terrifying power of his strikes were already comparable to Highgod Paragons. His base level of strength was simply too great.

Linley’s own base power naturally couldn’t compare to Hemmers. Still, he was still vastly superior to ordinary Highgods.

“Once I increase in strength tenfold, I won’t fear those people any longer.”

Linley and Bebe were looking for a place to rest. They didn’t pay attention to or notice that a piece of rubble that was less than a hundred meters away in the desolate wilderness. The ground had too many of these pieces of stone; who would pay attention to one in particular?

“Someone is finally coming this way. From the looks of it, the youth is the leader. I’ll first ambush and kill him, the strong one, then dispose of the weak one.”

Very suddenly…

“Swoosh!” The rock shot towards Linley at high speed.

Linley, while walking forward, found to his amazement that a rock had suddenly shot towards him. “Someone’s here!” Linley immediately grew cautious. He instantly Dragonformed, while at the same time spread out his Blackstone Space, spreading it to a distance of five hundred meters. Instantly, the rock that had entered the Blackstone Space sank down, but it was already very close to Linley.


The rock suddenly disappeared, transforming into a person.

“Another expert of the Laws of the Earth.” Linley was startled as well.

Originally, Linley had thought that someone had shot the rock out towards him…but the rock was actually a transformed expert of the Laws of the Earth. Linley had to sigh in praise at the ability of his ambusher in concealing his aura; it was already on nearly the same level as Reisgem.

A ray of blinding saber-light slashed out, traversing the distance of less than ten meters. In an instant, Linley’s field of vision became filled with nothing but that dazzling saber light.

When that saber chopped out, space itself twisted!


This dominating, unstoppable blade suddenly emitted a bizarre clanging sound, and its strength weakened as well.

“Eh?” The assassin was stunned. “An invisible sword?” Prior to this, he hadn’t noticed it, but now, with his divine sense spread out, he realized that Linley was holding a sword in his hand, a sword that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye!

“Swoosh!” That assassin, having failed with his first saber-chop, immediately turned to flee.

“Lupe [Luo’pu], you are going to flee after failing on the first attack?” Linley’s loud, clear laughter rang out. “Better for you to stay here!” After having seen that saber attack, Linley, who had gone through Beirut’s documents, already knew who it was. This was an expert of the Laws of the Earth, Lupe. At the same time, Linley felt a surge of fear; if it hadn’t been for the fact that his Blackstone Space had caused Lupe to reveal his true form a bit earlier and slowed him down, that earlier attack most likely would have put Linley in grave danger.

As soon as Linley’s words came out, the Blackstone Space changed the direction of gravity!

The downwards gravity transformed to pull towards Linley!

“Eh?” The figure’s speed immediately lessened greatly.

Linley knew what this Lupe’s abilities were; Lupe specialized in subterfuge and stealth! He was also extremely fast! However, now that he was trapped within Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’, Lupe had met his perfect counter; his speed and his stealth abilities could no longer save him.

“Eh?” Feeling the changing direction of the gravitational pull, Lupe was instantly shocked.

“Not good!” Lupe had already begun to feel regret after seeing Linley’s transformation; he was certain that as a member of the Azure Dragon clan, Linley was definitely capable of the clan’s innate divine ability. “I wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat this expert of the Azure Dragon clan, and he has a subordinate with him. If we really start to fight…not good!”

He didn’t hesitate any further at all.

“Bang!” Gritting his teeth, Lupe used up his precious, sole drop of Sovereign’s Might. Instantly, a strong earthen yellow glow emerged from his body.

Seeing the situation, Linley didn’t hesitate at all; his body, as well, exploded forth with a black aura. Lupe, amongst commanders, was considered below average in strength; only, he was fairly famous for his stealth abilities, and also extremely fast.

“What? He is using up Sovereign’s Might as well? This Azure Dragon clan punk is really willing…” Lupe, seeing the situation, felt his heart shake.

“This sort of opponent is perfect for practicing against!” Linley sent to Bebe. “Bebe, don’t interfere. This Lupe’s attack power is comparable to mine, but he’s fused more profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth than I have! He’s perfect for training against. I might even gain an insight.”

Bebe snickered back, “Fine, Boss. I’ll just watch.” Bebe intentionally retreated to a distance of a hundred meters, giving Linley and Lupe more than enough space to fight.

Knowing that it was Lupe, Bebe was no longer worried.

“Hmph.” Lupe, seeing the situation, felt rage in his heart. He could tell that the opponents didn’t feel him as being worthy of concern. “If it wasn’t for this Gravitational Space, you wouldn’t even be able to touch me.” Lupe felt the power of the Gravitational Space increase greatly as well; he wouldn’t be able to escape. Since he wouldn’t be able to escape, his only option was to fight!

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