Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 164

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 33

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 33, A Battle

If this tattered crown had been lying on the ground, Linley wouldn’t even have given it a glance.

It was incredibly tattered, and the gemstone settings of the crown were all empty. It had no particular aura either. At first glance, it looked like nothing more than an ordinary crown made in a material plane. Deity artifacts or Sovereign artifacts…all artifacts that had been nurtured by power would generally have some unique auras.

Even cheap items such as inkstones and netherstones had unique auras.

But this crown was as ordinary as a material item.

But when Linley took the crown into his hands, a unique energy was transmitted into Linley’s body. This energy was very unusual; it was like spring rain falling over Linley’s wounds. Instantly, Linley’s shattered arm as well as many of his upper body wounds began to heal and close at an astonishing rate.

In an instant!

Aside from a small wound which remained on his chest, the other parts of Linley’s body, including his shattered arm, were all completely healed.

“How can that be?” Bebe was shocked as well. He too felt that this was inconceivable.

The stronger a body was, the harder it was to repair it. Linley’s Dragonformed body, although inferior to Bebe’s, far surpassed the power of most Highgod artifacts. How could it be so easily healed?

“Boss, what’s going on? How did your wounds suddenly heal so quickly? Also, that small wound on your chest, why didn’t it heal?” Bebe hurriedly sent through divine sense. “Is it connected to that weird, tattered crown?”

Linley was feeling stunned as well.

“Bebe, I’m not sure either. Within this tattered crown, there was a strange energy which entered my body. Indeed, in an instant, it healed my wounds. But it seemed as though there was only a little bit of energy; it was all used up before fully repairing the damage done to my chest.” Linley sent back through divine sense.

After having finished transmitting energy, the tattered crown no longer had any more energy remaining.

Resting in Linley’s hand, this tattered crown once more appeared completely unremarkable. But Linley still clearly remembered that feeling when the tattered crown had transferred energy to him. “This tattered crown flew out from that spatial tear. Clearly, it flew out from chaotic space. For something to be able to remain within chaotic space without shattering…this tattered crown should be made from a material that is stronger than Highgod artifacts.”

Linley knew how dangerous chaotic space was. Spatial tears abounded, and that sort of tearing power would destroy Highgod artifacts, transforming them into dust.

But the tattered crown hadn’t been destroyed.

This alone was proof that it was unusual.

“What’s that?” The golden-robed Oman stared at the crown in Linley’s hand, then let out a loud, cold laugh. “Haha…your luck isn’t bad. This crown actually passed through a spatial tear and arrived here. It should be a Sovereign artifact. I imagine that in the past, when commanders battled here, a commander died in a spatial rift and the Sovereign artifact was lost within. But from the looks of it…this Sovereign artifact is damaged.”

With a flip of his hand, Linley stored the tattered crown into his interspatial ring.

This wasn’t the time to analyze the tattered crown.

“Bebe, seize the opportunity. Let’s hurry up and flee. Don’t waste time with this fellow.” Linley once more controlled his Blackstone Space, filling it with Destruction-type Sovereign power and generating a powerful repulsive force that was applied to the body of that golden-robed Oman. “This big, golden-robed fellow isn’t even phased by my innate divine ability. He really is hard to deal with.”

Bebe didn’t want to tussle with this big fellow either.

Linley and Bebe hurriedly flew into the air, while at the same time changing the direction towards which they were flying.

The repulsive force changed to be an upwards force!

Oman couldn’t help but moved, although he quickly became accustomed to this gravity.

“You want to escape?” Oman stared at the enormous spatial rift in front of him. He first flew upwards, wanting to fly up and over the spatial rift. In the Planar Battlefield, especially at such a depth, even an expert such as Oman had to be careful. Otherwise, if he slipped and fell into a spatial rift, that would be terrifying.

But just as he flew up towards the space above the spatial rift…

The upwards gravitational force suddenly transformed into a downwards force!

“Die!” Linley, who had been preparing for this the entire time, howled furiously in his mind.

One can imagine how powerful the gravity of this Blackstone Space that was formed from Sovereign power was. Although Oman was one of the powerful Emissaries of the Chief Sovereign of Light, he had originally been resisting the upwards gravitational pull; naturally, the energy in his body was pointed downwards, so as to cancel out that force.

But the gravity suddenly changed from upwards to downwards! Instantly, his own internal downwards energy joined forces with the downwards gravity!

Oman had held the upper hand this entire time. Although he was careful, this sort of sudden, contrasting change caused Oman’s body to suddenly sink as well!

What was below him? An enormous spatial rift!

“Uh!” The golden-robed Oman was caught off guard. His face couldn’t help but change. He, too, could sense the astonishing attractive power of that spatial rift. Instantly, a white light exploded forth from his body. “BANG!” The spiked mace trembled violently, causing the nearby space to distort.

By relying on the counterforce, Oman was able to escape the spatial rift.

“Those two bastards.” Although Oman had escaped in a short period of time, Linley and Bebe had already fled more than two or three hundred meters away.

“I swear I’ll kill you two.” Oman bellowed furiously, then chased in pursuit.

Linley and Bebe had, for now, escaped one tribulation, but on the earth above them, Reisgem and Reihom were in absolutely dire straits.


Montelo’s loud laughter echoed in the air, while at the same time, thousands of tough strands of silk snaked outwards from him, entangling Reisgem. The greatest problem wasn’t just that these strands were tough; they were fast! Every single strand was as fast as a ray of light when it shot out.

They constantly entangled towards Reisgem.

“Montelo, if you have any ability, fight me head on. All you can do is rely on this sort of detestable technique. How can that be considered proof of ability?” Reisgem’s longspear also danced about in a blur, constantly shattered and breaking many of the strands.

Unfortunately, although he might destroy a thousand strands, ten thousand more would emerge from Montelo’s body.

As long as Montelo’s Sovereign power wasn’t used up, he was in no danger of running out of strands. Although Montelo didn’t have as much Sovereign’s Might as Reisgem did, an inexhaustible supply, he was still a member of the Augusta clan, and as a talented expert of the clan, he naturally was treated very well and had quite a bit of Sovereign’s Might.

“I don’t have the ability to kill you.” Montelo hovered there in midair, smirking as he sent mentally. “On my side, in one-on-one combat, only Oman poses a major threat to you. But we aren’t prepared to kill you. Our mission is to kill your three comrades. Haha…I imagine that those two comrades of yours who went underground are already dead.”

Reisgem’s face turned rather white.

He understood how powerful these experts of the Augusta clan were. The Augusta clan’s experts were divided into the actual members of the Augusta clan, as well as the Emissaries of the Chief Sovereign of Light. These Emissaries would assist the Augusta clan as well. As for Oman, he was himself an Emissary of the Chief Sovereign of Light, and an exceedingly strong one at that.


A furious bellow rang out.

“BOOM!” Suddenly, the entire earth trembled and rose upwards, as large amounts of boulders emerged from the ground, shooting everywhere.

“Reihom.” Reisgem’s face changed.

Oman went to pursue Linley and Bebe, while Montelo was tying up Reisgem. Then…there were six people against Reihom! Although the six were not commanders, they clearly had the power of commanders. Even Reisgem would find it hard to endure the combined assault of those six.

“Hey, that fellow of yours is quite powerful.” Montelo smirked.

“It won’t be so easy for you to kill Reihom.” Although Reisgem was worried, he still held hope in his heart, because Reihom was the most powerful Emissary in service to his mother. Although Reihom was always quite taciturn, his strength…was extraordinarily frightening.

And right now, Reihom had entered a berserk state!

“GRAAAAAWR!” Yet another growl, and Reihom’s body suddenly expanded dramatically.

Standing on the ground, Reihom had actually transformed into a tower-like brute that was ten meters tall. His fists were like two meteors, wildly smashing in every direction. Every single fist carried exceedingly terrifying power, and even the six attacking him didn’t dare to casually block those fists.

Space twisted as every single punch caused explosive tears in space to appear.

The power was so great as to make one’s face change.

Reihom’s entire body was glowing with a bizarre, golden yellow tattooed glow. Someone close to Reihom would realize that these golden tattoos actually formed into a strange shape that looked like a fist. Upon seeing this, the six attackers couldn’t help but frown, and their hearts sank as well.

The countless planes had given birth to some truly strange lifeforms.

For example, metallic lifeforms or plant lifeforms. In turn, Volcano Titans and World Titans were exceedingly rare; they were all extremely strong races. As for Reihom, he was one of the extremely rare ‘kings’ of the World Titan race. Generally speaking, the creatures known as ‘World Tyrants’ were born with the ability to control the earth and to control stones, and were able to absorb all sorts of mineral essences to strengthen their body.

“So there was an expert like him present!” The six only now grew cautious.

Reihom was a person who never revealed himself. Ever since his friend, ‘Bosley’, had been killed, he had begun to accompany Reisgem in the Planar Battlefield. Neither Linley nor anyone else knew much about this Reihom.

“All of you, die.”

Reihom’s eyes glowed with yellow light, and his enormous fists smashed heavily towards his foes, each fist containing the power to tear space apart and cause it to shatter. He had been born with limitless brute strength, and he had fused five of the profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth. He also had a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact; he truly was very powerful.

“Haha, everyone, let’s see who is the first to kill him.” That silver-robed woman, ‘Ranessa’, laughed loudly.

Although Reihom was mighty, the six enemies weren’t weak either. And, there were six of them! All supreme experts.

“Hmph!” A green-haired maiden suddenly moved at exceedingly fast speed, dodging the heavy blows of the ‘titanic’ Reihom, but just after she dodged Reihom’s fist, Reihom’s right arm suddenly twisted, and his elbow smashed heavily towards the green-haired woman. This attack was so fast that the green-haired maiden only had enough time to use her own fist to block.

Her dainty little fist, covered with a black glove, collided with the hammer-like elbow!

“BANG!” The green-haired maiden’s body was smashed underground, creating a deep hole.

As for Reihom, a large tear suddenly appeared in his elbow as well. It looked terrifying, but it didn’t shed a drop of blood, and in the blink of an eye, it was repaired.

“Swoosh.” The green-haired woman flew out from underground.

“This fellow’s body is too tough. My Sovereign weapon is only able to wound him. Everyone, be careful.” The green-haired maiden sent mentally. Instantly, the other five began to launch attacks wildly. Although multiple wounds and holes began to appear on Reihom’s body, Reihom instantly healed them all.

It wasn’t just material attacks; the six launched soul attacks as well!

“It’s useless. This big fellow probably has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.” A white-robed man sent mentally.

For the moment, no one knew what to do.

“Everyone, I’ll tie up this big fellow momentarily. I’ll leave the part of killing him up to you five.” Ranessa sent mentally, a hint of a cold smile on her face. Ranessa’s formerly beautiful maiden’s figure suddenly became surrounded by the blurry illusion of an enormous octopus.

Suddenly, her innate divine ability descended.

“Ah….” Reihom felt as though his entire body was suddenly constricted by an incomparably sturdy rope. Space twisted and distorted, pressing down upon him. Reihom howled angrily, and his steel-like muscles bulged violently, seeking to break free from his restraints.

“Swish!” “Swish!”

Two figures struck virtually simultaneously towards Reihom’s head; these two were the green-haired maiden and a cyan-robed youth. The green-haired maiden used her fists, while the cyan-robed youth used a broad warblade.

The green-haired maiden’s fist struck out with full power….

“Crackle…” The broad warblade glowed with water-type Sovereign power, easily tearing through space and chopping towards Reihom’s head.

“GRAAAAAAWR!” Reihom roared furiously.


The fist and the warblade landed on Reihom’s head. With a ‘boom’ sound, Reihom’s head was struck head on by two mighty Sovereign artifacts, and it finally blew apart, sending shattered fragments everywhere. But strangely enough, no divine spark fell out.

“Careful!” A panicked cry rang out in the minds of the two.

Reihom’s two terrifying fists were already swinging at them!

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