Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 154

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 23

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 23, Three Person Squad

“Hopefully, no one will come. However, given how savage the commanders are to each other, I imagine they won’t give up a chance like this.” Linley said quietly in his heart, while at the same time, his body became covered by those azure-golden draconic scales. He immediately Dragonformed! Mirage appeared in his hands as well. As for Bebe, he was by Linley’s side. The two were prepared for a fight.

The sudden descent of the natural Laws was simply too obvious. Virtually everyone in the entire plane noticed it.

“A breakthrough? There’s actually a God or Demigod level clone in the Planar Battlefield?”

“How bizarre. Can it be that someone actually brought his Demigod or God clone into the Planar Battlefield? To bring a weak divine clone in instead of leaving it outside…this person is just throwing his life away.”

“The descent of the natural Laws means this person’s position is exposed. Nine out of ten, that person will die.”

The Planar Battlefield was filled with discussions regarding this. Everyone in the Planar Battlefield should be a Highgod. The descent of the natural Laws was a very bizarre occurrence here. However, because people were at varying distances from Linley, it was only the extremely close commanders who immediately flew at high speed towards the origin point of the descent of the Laws!

The cold, grim Planar Battlefield. A gray-robed figure was flying towards the mountain.

“This is a rare, superb opportunity. Perhaps I’ll be able to acquire a badge.” The gray figure flew at very high speed, but by the time he flew to the base of the mountain, he suddenly came to a halt. His form was revealed as that of a violet-eyed, gray-robed youth with long hair.

He was currently staring at a nearby white-clothed figure.

“Benfield [Ben’fei’er’de] of the Celestial Realm?” Terrified, the violet-eyed, gray-robed youth’s face changed. “Benfield. That means his other two companions must be present as well. If they surround me, I’ll definitely die. Since those two have come, that idiot in the mountain who actually brought a God-level divine clone into the Planar Battlefield definitely won’t be able to survive!” Not hesitating at all, the violet-eyed, gray-robed youth immediately retreated at high speed.

He flew over, saw the white-robed figure, then immediately retreated.

This process happened in an instant.

“Eh?” The white-robed figure seemed to have felt something. He suddenly turned his head and saw the gray-robed figure disappear. The white-robed man let out a calm laugh. “He ran fairly fast.” The white-robed figure had long, silver-white hair. His face was as beautiful as a woman’s, and his eyes seemed to contain the stars within them as he stared upwards into the sky.


The white-robed man flew into the sky, towards the midway point of the mountain.

“Boss, we are already halfway up the mountain, close to the point where the natural Law ripples descended.” A deep voice echoed out in the white-robed man’s mind.”

“Elder Brother, I arrived as well.” A clear voice rang out in his mind as well.

Right at this moment, suddenly…

The natural Law ripples suddenly weakened at a fast pace. The transformation upon breaking through was a fairly fast process. Clearly, Linley’s divine wind clone’s divine spark transformation had already concluded.

“We didn’t make it in time for the best opportunity.” The clear voice said discontentedly.

“Third Brother, let’s do it.” The white-robed man gave the order.

“Haha, watch me!” The white-robed man was less than a hundred meters away from a black-armored man, who was standing there in midair. This muscular, black-armored man was nearly three meters tall, and he had a pair of thick, curved horns on his forehead. His hammer-like fists were covered with a crimson pair of gloves.

The muscular man give a low growl, bending as he suddenly smashed downwards with his fists towards the mountain.

Soundlessly, the two giant crimson hammer-fists slammed against the mountain.


Space itself trembled, and instantly, at the location where the two fist blows landed, a deep round crevice that was a meter in diameter suddenly appeared. A large number of shattered stones fell out from this new ‘cave’, and the entire side of the mountain cracked as well, as one savage-looking crevice after another appeared.

The muscular man stared, then roared furiously, “Motherf*cker, break!!!”

This time, he swung down with open palms, like two giant fan-shaped objects, smashing down upon the cracked mountain. Instantly, the upper part of the mountain, with a ‘boom’, completely crumbled, and countless stones of various sizes fell down from high above.

The white-robed man, the black-armored man, and a red-robed, jade-haired woman stood there in midair.

Linley hadn’t imagined that the enemy would be so powerful. Almost as soon as he had collected his divine wind clone back into his body, such a terrifyingly powerful tremor had gone through the mountain, which actually shattered. Although it didn’t crumble, the insides of the mountain were already damaged.

The first blow had damaged the insides.

The second blow seemed to have the power to shatter the heavens and the earth, causing the entire upper half of the mountain to completely collapse.

“What a powerful material attack.” Bebe couldn’t help but sigh in astonishment. “I imagine this attacker has a Sovereign weapon.” The mountains of the Planar Battlefield were exceedingly tough, on a higher level than even the mountains of the Netherworld and the Infernal Realm. To destroy half of a mountain was something which even most commanders would find difficult.

“However, they clearly are afraid to come in.” Bebe snickered.

Linley and Bebe didn’t care about the crumbling mountain per se.

“Not only are they strong, they are cautious as well. They will be hard to deal with.” Linley held Mirage in his hand as he watched the surrounding boulders come cascading down. As the mountain crumbled, Linley was able to see the outside world, and indistinctly, he was able to make out the figure of a muscular man who had two horns on his forehead.

“Bebe, let’s flee.” Linley hurriedly shouted through divine sense.

“Right.” Bebe didn’t hesitate either.

Linley and Bebe flew directly towards the direction opposite from the muscular man, while at the same time Linley spread out his Blackstone Space. But just as they began to flee, Linley was shocked to find…“There are two people on this side!” Linley’s Blackstone Space easily discovered…

That a white-robed man and a red-robed, jade-haired woman were standing on each side.

The white-robed man, the jade-haired woman, and the black-armored man were situated in a triangle.

No matter where Linley and Bebe fled, the three would still be able to attack in unison.

“The two of you, don’t even think of running.” The white-robed man swept them with a calm gaze. Although the Blackstone Space was applied to his body, the white-robed man just swayed slightly before counteracting the gravitational pull.

“Benfield!” Linley’s face was exceedingly ugly to behold right now.

Linley never would have imagined that the person who had to stop them was actually the legendary ‘Benfield’. He would rather encounter Hemmers than encounter this ‘Benfield’, because…Benfield was a supreme expert who was close to Beirut himself in power!

Beirut’s book had one bit of advice for someone who encountered Benfield; flee! Think of nothing else, just flee!

“Bebe, quick, flee towards that red-robed woman. Hurry, flee!” Linley immediately made his decision.

They had to break out from the direction of the red-robed woman, then escape.

“Got it, Boss. I didn’t expect it would be Benfield. What horrible luck!” Bebe recognized him as well. Over the past sixty years in the Planar Battlefield, Linley had already provided Bebe with all of the information regarding the supreme experts through their spiritual link.

“Swoosh!” “Swoosh!”

Linley and Bebe were like two bolts of lightning, shooting towards the jade-haired woman.

“Hmph, you want to flee?” The white-robed man and the black-armored man flew towards the red-robed woman at virtually the same instant. Clearly, they wanted to join forces with her and to stop Linley and Bebe.


Linley and Bebe changed directions, fleeing towards the original direction.

The black-armored man, white-robed man, and red-robed woman reacted very quickly, hurriedly attacking towards and chasing after Linley and Bebe. Unfortunately, Linley had already spread out the ‘Blackstone Space’ around himself. Upon entering the Blackstone Space, Benfield and the other two weren’t able to catch them at all.

“They actually aren’t willing to give up.” Bebe turned to give them a glance. He couldn’t help but feel frantic.

“This looks bad.” Linley had a hint of worry in his eyes.

This was because the white-robed man and the black-armored man had actually flown out of the Blackstone Space. They accelerated from the sides, seemingly planning to block Linley and Bebe from the front.

“Haha, Third Brother, Second Sister, watch how I’ll block them.” The white-robed man let out a loud laugh. His body moved as fast as lightning from the side, speeding past Linley and Bebe. And then, he suddenly charged into the Blackstone Space region, his body having transformed into white spots of light.

Spots of light?

No. It was multiple extremely thin white lines. Countless extremely thin white lines exploded forth from Benfield’s body, appearing at first glance to be a dazzling radiance. Those countless thin white strands shot out from every direction, surrounding Linley and Bebe, giving them no way to flee.

Linley and Bebe’s faces instantly changed.

“Bebe, careful. A soul attack.” Linley hurriedly sent through divine sense.

“Bastard!” Bebe bellowed, and suddenly he flew out from the side.

Behind Bebe, an enormous illusion of a Godeater Rat appeared. Bebe’s expression became cold and grim, and he stared unblinkingly at the black-armored warrior. At present, the black-armored warrior was less than two hundred meters away, and he was charging towards Linley and Bebe. He hadn’t imagined that Bebe had a supreme technique such as this.

“No…!” The black-armored warrior was badly shocked.

He recognized this. This was Beirut’s supreme technique!

“Not good! This is Beirut’s innate divine technique!” Previously completely confident, Benfield’s face changed, and he called out nervously, “Second Sister, protect Third Brother!” Bebe’s innate divine ability was simply too fast, and he wasn’t able to stop it. He knew…that right now, only his second sister was able to save his third brother.

Unfortunately, the red-robed woman was currently a bit too far away. They were unable to communicate by divine sense, only by voice, but how could a vocal shout make it in time? However, clearly the red-robed woman needed no warning. She too knew that her third brother had encountered a dangerous situation. Not hesitating at all, the red-robed woman’s body suddenly transformed…


Suddenly, the red-robed woman’s body disappeared, and instead, an enormous crimson serpent that was more than a thousand meters long appeared. When it’s coiled body appeared, it naturally was located in front of the black-armored warrior. Its enormous serpentine body easily protected the black-armored warrior’s entire body.


Bebe’s spiritual energy surged towards the enormous serpentine body, but it was unable to reach the black-armored man.

“Damnit, yet another one who has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.” Bebe sent furiously through divine sense.

Linley, upon seeing this happen, had already guessed what the result would be. For the red-robed woman to dare act in such a way definitely meant that she was confident this would work against Bebe’s technique. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be as good as suicide?

“Bebe, quick, flee. Stop wasting time with them.” Linley sent frantically through their mental link. Using his Blackstone Space at full force, Linley hurriedly fled.

Fighting against Benfield was a no-win proposition.

“Swoosh!” Bebe hurriedly followed Linley in fleeing at high speed.

Within the Blackstone Space, the three weren’t able to catch up to Linley and Bebe.

“Damnit, I thought that it was only Benfield who would be formidable, but who would’ve imagined that the two he brought with him are so powerful as well? That horned fellow’s material attacks are very powerful, while that red-robed woman actually has a soul-protecting Sovereign artifact.” Bebe sent mentally to Linley, complaining. “These three together, with the powerful Benfield leading them…Boss, how are we supposed to fight against them?”

“Don’t even think of fighting. Flee, and be thankful if we are able to.” Linley said hurriedly.

The two fled at high speed.

However, Benfield didn’t want to let the two of them off!

“You two!” The white-robed Benfield was now truly angry. He cared deeply about his little sister and little brother. “BANG!” Suddenly, a wild surge of energy blasted forth from his body, and an aura of light instantly appeared on his form. Benfield’s speed suddenly increased dramatically!


After charging into the Blackstone Space, although Benfield’s speed dropped dramatically, he was actually still faster than Linley and Bebe.

Linley could clearly sense that this person was quickly catching up to them within the Blackstone Space; he was actually faster than them. Linley turned to look, and was badly startled. “Not good. This Benfield has gone crazy. For the sake of catching us, he’s actually used up a drop of Fate-type Sovereign’s Might!”

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