Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 137

Coiling Dragon Volume 19 metamorphosis Chapter 6

Book 19, Metamorphosis – Chapter 6, Unstoppable

Redcliff Region. The Lord’s estate.

Currently, the Redcliff Lord was reclining on his chair, his eyes shut.

The Redcliff Lord was only 1.7 meters tall, and in the Netherworld, he would indeed be considered a very small fellow. He looked very thin, and he was currently dressed in a sleeveless shirt, revealing his wiry arms. Although the shirt was over his body, it wasn’t able to cover up the heroic, mighty aura that emanated from him.

This was the Redcliff Lord, one of the eighty one Lords of Tartarus.

“Your Lordship.” A black-robed, silver-haired youth walked to his side and bowed.

“Mm?” The Redcliff Lord opened his eyes. His pupils were vertical, and they were violet! They gave off a disturbing feeling.

“Your Lordship, an expert has appeared within the Bloodbath Arena of our Redcliff region.” The black-robed, silver-haired youth said respectfully. “This person is called ‘Ley’, and he has already won sixty battles. From his performance in these sixty battles, I expect that this person already has the power of a Seven Star Specter. He specializes in the Laws of the Earth. Your Lordship, will you go watch him battle?”

“Laws of the Earth?” The Redcliff Lord raised a black eyebrow, but then with a calm laugh shut his eyes again. “Since he is an expert in the Laws of the Earth, there’s no need for me to go in person. You, Ganmoly [Gan’mo’lei], can go handle this matter. At the same time, record it all down with scryer recordings. If anything appears that causes you to feel surprised, bring it for me to watch.”

“Yes, your Lordship.” Ganmoly bowed.

Ganmoly knew very well that although the Redcliff Lord had yet to reach the stage of being a Paragon in the Laws of the Earth, the Redcliff Lord already knew all the various types of attacks of the Laws of the Earth.

However, what the Redcliff Lord didn’t realize was…

Linley’s ‘Blackstone Space’ had already exceeded the bounds of the profound mysteries. This was the innate divine ability of Reisgem, and Linley had to rely on the ‘black stone’ in order to use it.

The seventh day Linley was at the Bloodbath Arena.

On this day, the Bloodbath Arena had an unusually high number of people watching. It had been a long time since someone in the Redcliff Region had consecutively defeated so many people. Many people wanted to watch…and see how far this man named ‘Ley’ would be able to go, and if he really had the power of a Seven Star Specter or not.

“This battle is over now. Haha, everyone has been waiting for a long time, I’m sure. Next will be our victor of sixty consecutive battles; ‘Ley’!” The voice echoed brightly.


The entire watching platform began to ring out with jubilant cries. The previous battles were fairly low level, and some people were too bored to watch. But upon hearing that ‘Ley’ was about to appear, all of their eyes lit up and they called out nonstop. And at this time, in an unremarkable corner of the watching platform, a black-robed, silver-haired youth and a middle-aged black-haired man were sitting, shoulder to shoulder.

“Ganmoly.” The middle-aged black-haired man laughed calmly. “Are you here at the orders of his Lordship?”

“I’m just watching.” Ganmoly laughed. “This person trains in the Laws of the Earth. He’s not yet shown himself to be worth his Lordship’s attention. Right, Sheppard [Xi’ao’bo’er’de], are you interested in this Ley?”

“I just came today to watch. However, my old friend, ‘Pam’ [Bo’mu] has already gone to register. If he is able to defeat Pam, then I will go test to see how strong this kid is!” The black-haired Sheppard said with a calm laugh. Ganmoly, hearing this, said with gleaming eyes, “Pam is going to participate?”

As the two chatted…

“Bang!” The adamantine heavy sword slammed into the opponent, sending the person flying back.

“I admit defeat!” The man called out hurriedly.

Linley retracted his sword, still standing there in midair. He shook his head mentally. “I have to win a hundred battles to challenge a Lord of Tartarus. This does indeed waste a good bit of time.” Linley had already undergone seventy one battles, but he had yet to feel even a hint of danger. The strongest of these opponents were at most at the Six Star Fiend level.

When Linley was a God, he was already capable of killing ordinary Seven Star Fiends.

Now that he was a Highgod, he already had the power of an ordinary Asura. Against these people, of course he found it very easy.

“Everyone! Let me announce some news that will shock and please all of you! Ley’s next opponent is a former victor of a hundred battles here at the Redcliff Region; our very own Mr. Pam!” Excited cheers swept the entire Bloodbath Arena, but then, the entire arena went silent.

Even the chatting Ganmoly and Sheppard turned to look.

“Pam is entering the field of battle.” The black-haired Sheppard began to laugh.

The momentarily quiet Bloodbath Arena suddenly once more turned raucous. The cheers rang out unabated, and many of the viewers bellowed, “Ley, defeat that Pam!!!”



The entire Bloodbath Arena was at a boiling point of activity. Even many formerly calm individuals were now shouting to the point of hoarseness, each screaming their support for one of the two. Clearly, the shouts for ‘Ley’, who had recently won everyone’s admiration, were somewhat louder. But Pam was also a former victor of a hundred battles.

A battle against two experts?

Who would win?

Such a large battle…the level of activity in the Bloodbath Arena reached a fevered level.

“Oh, a former victor of a hundred battles?” Linley raised an eyebrow, turning to look. At this moment, Bebe’s voice rang out in Linley’s mind as well. “Boss, this is a former victor of a hundred battles. Don’t be reckless. If you were to lose…then it’s my turn. I’ll go challenge the Tartarus Lord.”

Linley, hearing this, couldn’t help but laugh.

“Swoosh!” A gray blur suddenly shot out from the tunnel, then hung there in midair. Linley looked carefully…

This Pam was dressed in a long green robe. He had a pair of downwards drooping white eyebrows. Although his hair and eyebrows were white, his face was like that of a youth’s. Pam had a perpetual smile on his face, and he was currently staring at Linley with narrowed eyes. “Ley? It’s so hard to find a good opponent, here at the Redcliff Region. Don’t disappoint me.”

Linley laughed calmly.

“Make your move.” Linley said.

“Oh, quite arrogant, eh?” Pam laughed calmly. He suddenly swept out with his hand, and a green light sprang up.

Linley and Pam’s battle caused quite a few people on the watching platform to focus their attention. Even Bebe stared fixedly at the arena. Only Sheppard and Ganmoly continued to chat silently through divine sense while watching as the great battle was about to begin.

“Ganmoly, who do you say will be the victor?” Sheppard sent mentally.

“It should be Ley.” Ganmoly sent back. “This Ley…I have the feeling that his power is at least on your level. As for Pam, although he has reached the Seven Star Specter level, he is just barely at that level. Although both his physical attacks and his spiritual attacks can be considered strong, they aren’t monstrously strong. However, he trains in the Laws of Water. It won’t be easy to defeat him. Pam should be able to hold on for a period of time.”

“I was thinking the same.”

Sheppard laughed as well. “Originally, when I beat Pam, I had to spend quite a bit of effort. An expert who trains in the Laws of Water is very hard to deal with.”

But as the two were discussing this matter, their facial expressions suddenly froze.

The entire Bloodbath Arena had turned silent. And then, an explosion of raucous noise. Many people began to chat amongst themselves, and the entire Bloodbath Arena turned cacophonous. Nobody could understand what they had just seen. It wasn’t just them who didn’t understand it…

Even Ganmoly and Sheppard didn’t understand it.

“How could that have happened?” Ganmoly said in disbelief.

“Pam…did he lose on purpose?” Sheppard didn’t understand either.

Just now, what happened during the battle was this. First, Linley had used his Blackstone Space to entrap his opponent. Pam was indeed strong; he was able to force himself to stay up and not crash downwards. But his speed was now incomparable to Linley’s. Linley, relying on superior speed and Bloodviolet, began to attack.

But clearly, Pam’s defense was extremely strong. Without being able to Dragonform, he was unable to breach Pam’s defense with his attacks.

Linley’s Dragonform was one of his trump cards. Linley wasn’t willing to use his Dragonform, and so he used his ‘Spiritual Chaos’ instead. After reaching the Highgod level, Linley’s Spiritual Chaos technique, once used, would cause even the likes of Pam, a Seven Star Fiend level expert, to have his soul enter a bewildered state.

In that brief instant, Linley used a single blow of the sword to sever Pam’s head.

Pam’s head flew upwards into the air, hurriedly reconnecting with the body.

“Thank you!” Pam said gratefully. If Linley had struck his head instead of his neck, Pam would have died.

He didn’t lose unfairly. The Spiritual Chaos of the Blackstone Field was the supreme technique of Purgatory Commander Reisgem. It was natural for him to lose to this technique.

In the viewing platform.

“Whooosh!” Sheppard suddenly stood up, but one of his clones sat down. He stared at the distant Linley, standing there in the air above the Bloodbath Arena. “Ganmoly, I’ll go test him.” He left behind his divine spark, as he was worried that Linley might use a killing technique. Although prior to this, Linley had shown mercy, that didn’t mean he would always show mercy.

“Be careful!” Ganmoly said hurriedly.

“Don’t worry. It won’t be so simple for him to beat me.” Sheppard said, and he walked forward.

In the Bloodbath Arena, many people began to call out in joy.

Many of them were now treating Linley as a model for themselves! A target for them to surpass!

“Everyone, today, Ley has already consecutively won nine times in a row, and one of his opponents was Pam! However, even Pam lost to Ley. And now, the tenth challenger for today is standing right beside me. To be honest, I am already excited over the battle that is about to begin. The person by my side, is an expert even more powerful than Pam! Everyone, can you guess who he is?”

Immediately, everyone in the Bloodbath Arena turned to look, and many of them began to call out excitedly.

It was already very rare for them be able to watch a single battle between Seven Star Specter level experts. But today, there would be a second? It seemed as though this one would be even more powerful!

“He…is Sheppard!” The host’s voice rang out.

In the air above the Bloodbath Arena.

Linley still stood there calmly in midair, looking at the many spectators and how they were excitedly shouting. Linley was rather curious. “Sheppard? How powerful could he be?” Linley looked towards the entry passage, and saw a black-haired, middle-aged man drift over. As soon as he flew into the Bloodbath Arena, he looked towards Linley.

“I didn’t expect that you were capable of soul attacks, and such unusual ones at that.” The black-haired, middle-aged man said. Just now, outside the challenger’s tunnel, he had already met Pam and chatted with him. However, Pam only thought that Linley had used some sort of strange soul attack to cause him to enter a dazed state.

Linley smiled slightly. “Enough chitchat. Let’s fight.”

Sheppard frowned.

“Hmph.” Angered, he narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Swish!” “Swish!”

Two rays of black light suddenly shot out from Sheppard’s eyes, striking directly towards Linley. Linley couldn’t help but retreat, flying at high speed. “What an unusual spiritual attack.” The speed of the spiritual attack was too fast. Linley wasn’t even able to dodge before the two black rays of light entered his body.

“Crackle…” Linley’s spiritual energy struck out like the Voidwave Sword, blocking in the area of the flaw.

As for the black light, the majority of it exhausted itself against the soul-protecting Sovereign artifact, while the remaining bit of power wasn’t able to threaten Linley at all.

The Blackstone Space and the Spiritual Chaos almost instantly encompassed the enemy.

Sheppard’s spiritual prowess wasn’t particularly impressive. He, too, fell into a dazed state, and just stood there, letting Linley slice off his head with one blow.

“You lose!” Linley said calmly.

The entire Bloodbath Arena once more fell silent.

“What happened?” Ganmoly asked repeatedly.

“What a powerful soul attack.” Sheppard shook his head. “I was instantly bewildered as well and defeated.”

“Soul attack?” Ganmoly felt relaxed now. “This Ley is indeed strong, but if he encounters his Lordship, he will definitely lose.”

His Lordship, the Redcliff Lord, feared no spiritual attacks. Actually, this was one of the reasons why Linley displayed his ‘Spiritual Chaos’ attack. When seeing Linley use this technique…the Redcliff Lord wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of fear towards Linley.

After the two major battles of the seventh day, no one further was able to hold Linley back from winning. Linley consecutively passed through the eighth, ninth, and tenth days. A complete success! He became the only victor of a hundred battles which the Redcliff Region had seen in recent years.

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