Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 129

Coiling Dragon Volume 20 the crowns riddle Chapter 46

Book 20, The Crown’s Riddle – Chapter 46, Beirut, Sovereign?

Chaotic streams of energy shot out in every direction at high speed. Linley, under Beirut’s guidance, advanced at high speed.

Linley was currently completely stupefied. “How can this be? To be able to move at such a terrifying speed, even in chaotic space; it can be said that he is completely ignoring the chaotic energy flows. Beirut…his power…?” Linley turned his head to look at Beirut, who was by his side. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

There were no other possibilities.

Beirut had definitely surpassed the Deity level. Beyond the Deity level, there was only…the Sovereign level!

“Lord Beirut, you, you are a Sovereign?” Linley asked.

“Haha…” Beirut laughed clearly, and he couldn’t help but stroke his black beard. “Linley, I’m able to casually fly at high speed through chaotic space, at a speed which is a hundred times faster than you are able to fly at in a material plane. You tell me. If I’m not a Sovereign, what am I?”

Linley was stupefied.

Beirut was clearly admitted that he was a Sovereign!

“Sovereign, but, this, how can this be?” Linley, for a moment, was completely dazed and confused. “Lord Beirut, there’s no way for a Sovereign to enter a material plane. Material planes are completely unable to withstand the terrifying power of a Sovereign’s energy.”

In the Okerlund Plane, the Chief Sovereigns of Destruction and Light had only been able to manifest their planar projection clones.

“Haha…amongst Deities, there is indeed the saying that Sovereigns are unable to enter material planes.” Beirut stroked his beard and smiled. “However, to speak more precisely…foreign Sovereigns are unable to enter material planes!”

“Foreign Sovereigns?” Linley frowned.

“Linley, do you know the principle behind why Sovereigns are unable to enter material planes?” Beirut changed to a different topic.

“Principle? Isn’t it simply because Sovereigns possess too much energy, and material planes are unable to withstand them?” Linley said.

“Linley, if it were true that Sovereigns possess too much energy and material planes are unable to withstand them…think about that carefully. If the Sovereigns contract their energy and don’t let it leak out of them, how could a material plane collapse?” Beirut laughed.

“That’s true.” Linley didn’t understand.

If a Sovereign were to contract his energy and his aura, even if Linley was standing before him, Linley wouldn’t sense anything at all.

Given how powerful their abilities at contracting their auras were, why would they cause a material plane to collapse?

“Thus, your earlier words were not completely accurate.” Beirut said with a calm laugh.

Beirut said with a sigh, “I imagine that even if you ponder it until your head starts hurting, you still won’t understand. Let me tell you, then! This has to do with the birth of one’s soul! Every single day, a material plane will give birth to new life, and every single living creature will possess a soul! For example, the living creatures of the Yulan Plane will have souls that are compatible with the Yulan Plane. The Yulan Plane is their home!”

Linley couldn’t help but nod.

He felt it as well…when he returned to the Yulan Plane, although the elemental essence in the Yulan Plane was far less dense than the Infernal Realm’s, Linley still felt very comfortable. It just felt different. Linley had always thought that this was just a psychological effect, but now, it seemed, it was because his soul had been born in the Yulan Plane.

It made sense!

When mortals died, their souls would enter the Netherworld and they would turn into undead. After an undead died, its soul would shatter and dissipate!

When Deities died, their souls would shatter and dissipate!

Since souls could dissipate, naturally, souls could be born as well!

When each infant was born in a material plane, when each magical beast was born, they would all gain souls! These souls would naturally have a special link to the plane they were from.

“Foreign Sovereigns are unable to enter material planes. This is because of their souls. Their souls were not born from these material planes, and when they enter one, they will naturally be rejected by the material planes! The energy of material planes and Sovereigns will naturally reject each other, but because the energies of the Sovereigns are too powerful, they will cause the entire plane to collapse!” Beirut explained in detail.

Linley now understood.

It was this mutual rejection that caused the material plane to collapse.

“If, however, the Sovereign’s soul was birthed within a particular material plane to begin with, then the material plane would be like his home! Even after he became a Sovereign, the material plane wouldn’t reject them. Since there is no rejection, Sovereigns would naturally be able to enter this material plane.” Beirut laughed.

“Lord Beirut, are you saying…that if a Sovereign’s homeland was a particular material plane, then he would be able to return to that material plane, while being unable to enter any others?” Linley said.

“Right.” Beirut laughed calmly. “Of the countless material planes of the universe, my Sovereign body is only able to enter the Yulan Plane. As for the other material planes, I am unable to enter.”

Everything was now clear.

“The Yulan Plane. Our home!” Linley let out a sigh.

He was born in the Yulan Plane, and his soul was born from there as well. The Yulan Plane was his home! No matter what level of power he attained, the Yulan Plane, his home, would never reject him, its child.

“Lord Beirut, since you are a Sovereign, then, then why hasn’t your Sovereign body entered the Higher Planes, and instead remains here in the Yulan Plane?” Linley said, puzzled. “Also, why did your divine clone become the Emissary of the Bloodridge Sovereign?”

“I had my divine clone become an Emissary because I wished to help the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Beirut laughed calmly. “As for the reason why my Sovereign clone hasn’t gone to the Infernal Realm or another Higher Plane, and instead remains in hiding in our homeland, that is because…if my Sovereign clone leaves our homeland, the Chief Sovereign of Light will pursue and attack!”

“The Chief Sovereign of Light will pursue and attack?” Linley was shocked.

So it seemed as though Beirut was hiding from enemies, which was why he hadn’t left.

Beirut’s method was quite effective. The Yulan Plane was Beirut’s home, but not the home of the Chief Sovereign of Light. Beirut could hide there without emerging, but the other Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to enter.

“Why would the Chief Sovereign of Light want to kill you?” Linley was very puzzled.

“Haha…of course he wants to kill me. His hatred for me is bone-deep. The only reason why my divine clone is permitted to remain safely in the Infernal Realm is because I managed to persuade the Chief Sovereign of Destruction to assist me, after paying a tremendous price.” Beirut laughed loudly. “Forget it. Enough about that. What matters now is to receive your original body and return to the Yulan Plane as soon as possible.”

Linley nodded.

Beirut leading him through chaotic space was quite dangerous as well. After all, since Beirut could enter chaotic space, so too could the Chief Sovereign of Light!

“No wonder Lord Beirut asked me to wait for ten or so days. He probably wanted to delay for a bit longer, so as to wait for the Chief Sovereign of Light to return to the Divine Light Plane.” Linley now completely understood why Beirut had asked him to wait for ten days.

Linley’s original body was within the Okerlund Plane, while his divine clones were with Beirut. Through the connection between his bodies, he was able to easily locate the correct direction, making it so that Beirut didn’t make any wrong turns while navigating the chaotic streams of this region.

“Lord Beirut, will the Chief Sovereign of Light pursue and attack us?” Linley was rather worried. Worried for Beirut.

“Don’t worry. How would he even know that we are in chaotic space?” Beirut said confidently. “In addition, when I entered chaotic space, I spread out my divine sense. The reach of a Sovereign’s divine sense is far beyond what you can imagine. As soon as he enters the range of my divine sense, I will have ample time to prepare.”

Linley nodded slightly.

The divine sense of a Sovereign could easily stretch across the entire Infernal Realm or the entire Netherworld. In addition, that clearly wasn’t their limit. From this, one could imagine how vast a distance it could reach. And thus, one could also imagine how powerful a Sovereign’s Will was. It was countless times more powerful than a Paragon’s will.

The Okerlund Plane.


The waves of the sea rolled forward. Linley sat there in the meditative position above the sea, with Bebe standing guard by his side.


Linley opened his eyes, revealing a hint of a smile on his face. He sent mentally, “Bebe, let’s prepare to enter chaotic space.”

“Chaotic space?” Bebe was shocked. “Boss, are you preparing to return to the Yulan Plane through chaotic space?”

“Yes. However, not through my own powers.” Linley smiled.

“Then, if it isn’t you…who? A Sovereign? Which Sovereign is willing to help us?” Bebe was very puzzled.

“You will soon know.” Linley was intentionally secretive.

Through the connection between his bodies, Linley could clearly sense that his divine clone and Beirut had already reached the outer perimeter of the Okerlund Plane.

“Let’s go!” Linley grabbed Bebe with one hand, while at the same time, slashed down with his other hand. A gigantic spatial rift appeared, which began to pull on the surrounding area with an astonishing attractive force, swallowing up a great deal of even the seawater below.

“In you go.” Linley stepped forward and pulled Bebe into chaotic space. Immediately afterwards, the spatial tear slowly began to recover.

The air above the sea once more grew calm.

“Linley entered a spatial rift? Entered chaotic space?” The two groups of Highgods who were watching over Linley were greatly shocked.

It wasn’t just the forces of the Divine Light Plane which were watching over Linley. There were also forces from the Infernal Realm, the Divine Earth Plane, the Divine Wind Plane…every single side had left quite a few Highgods behind to watch over the movements of Linley and Bebe. But the fact that they had chosen to enter chaotic space completely stupefied the others.

“He entered chaotic space? Self-exile?” Those Highgods were speechless.

“He probably has a Sovereign who is there to welcome him.” The Highgods were able to guess this as well. “Quick, report it to the Sovereign.”

The various forces, through their divine clones, simultaneously reported back to their Sovereigns!

The Divine Light Plane. Deep within Godsgaol Sea.

“What? He chose to enter the flows of chaotic space?” The Chief Sovereign of Light’s eyes were filled with shock as well. But an instant later, he recovered, then laughed coldly, “The Sovereign behind Linley has definitely gone into chaotic space to welcome him! Who could it be? Redbud? Or is it…” A name suddenly appeared in the mind of the Chief Sovereign of Light.

“Beirut?” A hint of a killing desire appeared in the Chief Sovereign of Light’s eyes.

“It is very possibly Beirut!” The Chief Sovereign of Light didn’t hesitate at all. Energy trembled from his body, and a spatial rift suddenly appeared in front of him. With a single step, he entered chaotic space, and then the spatial rift disappeared.

Chaotic space. The Chief Sovereign of Light was moving like a ray of light, advancing at astonishing speed.

“Beirut, I hope you move quickly. If I end up catching you…hmph!” The Chief Sovereign of Light, although not certain that it was Beirut, felt that it was reasonable, given the relationship between Linley and him. Beirut was perpetually in hiding within the Yulan Plane; this had caused the Chief Sovereign of Light to long ago feel enraged towards him.

He wouldn’t give up even the slightest chance of killing Beirut!

The beautiful, cyclical flows of energy sped past them. Beirut’s body constantly emanated that green light, and it covered Linley and Bebe as they flew at high speed towards the Yulan Plane.

“Grandpa Beirut, am I dreaming?” Bebe looked at Beirut in disbelief. “Grandpa, you are actually a Sovereign? This, this is too inconceivable.” Earlier, he had followed Linley into chaotic space. Upon seeing Beirut’s arrival, Bebe had been completely, totally stupefied!

“Grandpa Beirut, you are a Sovereign. Why have you always hidden your power? Why are you the Emissary for the Bloodridge Sovereign?” Bebe asked questions nonstop.

“Alright, enough of this for now. Your Grandpa Beirut is currently moving at full speed. We can chat slowly once we return.” Linley said hurriedly. Linley understood that even for Beirut, travelling through chaotic space posed risks.

On the way over, though, Bebe talked nonstop. Clearly, he was simply too agitated.

“I just can’t hold it back.” Bebe clenched his fists as he flashed his teeth in a grin, clearly excited.

“Soon. By the amount of time we have spent in flight, we should be more than halfway there. Just wait a bit longer.” Linley consoled.

“Haha…” Beirut suddenly laughed.

“What is it?” Linley and Bebe both looked towards Beirut.

“The Chief Sovereign of Light really did come. I’ve already discovered him.” Beirut chortled merrily.

“You are still able to laugh aloud?” A deep, rumbling voice rang out in Beirut’s mind. It was the voice of the Chief Sovereign of Light.

“Why can’t I laugh?” Beirut snickered as he retorted. “I knew that if there was any chance at all of capturing me that you, Augusta, would definitely not give it up. But it is quite unfortunate; your speed is faster than mine, but the distance you have to travel is far greater. You won’t make it in time!”

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