Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 113

Coiling Dragon Volume 20 the crowns riddle Chapter 30

Book 20, The Crown’s Riddle – Chapter 30, Overgod Decree

When the fiery haired man swept the green piece of paper with his gaze, his face immediately changed dramatically.

The black-robed man, seeing the situation, immediately flew away, fleeing at high speed.

“Just count yourself lucky this time.” The fiery haired man glanced at the black-robed man, but his face was still filled with an excited smile. “This…this is an Overgod decree?” The fiery haired man stroked the Overgod decree. He could sense that this green paper contained an unusual aura, and he couldn’t help but feel wildly overjoyed.

He was nothing more than a Seven Star Fiend, not yet at the commander level.

“For it to remain undamaged in chaotic space…this paper is definitely extraordinary. Most likely, only Overgods are capable of creating this sort of unusual paper.” The fiery haired man pondered. “It seems the information on it is true. Mmm. If I were to offer this to a Sovereign, I need to choose the most powerful one. The ancestor of the Augusta clan is the Chief Sovereign of Light. Right. That’s where I will go!”

The Overgod decree was useless to him, but if he gave it to a Sovereign, it would be of great use.

He no longer hesitated. The fiery haired man headed straight for the Aumight Island of the Godsgaol Sea.

Aumight Island. The ten thousand meter tall Radiant Temple.

“Whitefire stone. It is completely built from whitefire stone! The Augusta clan really does live up to its reputation as being the number one clan of the universe. This temple alone is a priceless treasure.” The fiery haired Blunner sighed in amazement as he viewed the heart of the Aumight Island; the Radiant Temple.

The warriors of the Augusta clan were leading the way from the side.

“Blunner, once you enter the Radiant Temple, don’t look around everywhere. There are quite a few major figures who live within the temple. If you irritate one of them, they might kill you.” A nearby silver-haired warrior guard said in a low voice. “Also, you said you have an important treasure to offer the Patriarch that you need to personally offer…if you deceive the Patriarch, you will be doomed.”

In the Augusta clan, there were a good number of Lord Prefect and commander level experts.

As for Seven Star Fiends, it had many. Even the Four Divine Beasts clan, during its most flourishing era, had two or three hundred Seven Star Fiend level Elders. But the Augusta clan was on a level higher than even the Four Divine Beasts clan; after all, aside from clan experts, they also had many associated experts.

“Don’t worry. No matter how bold I might be, I wouldn’t dare deceive Patriarch Augusta.” Blunner chortled.

He was very confident. If even the Overgod decree couldn’t be considered precious, what could?

Everything was as Blunner had expected. The Patriarch of the Augusta clan, Goldman, had originally been very arrogant and icy, but upon seeing the Overgod talisman, he became incomparably excited. He immediately swore that the Augusta clan would definitely reward him. While doing so, Patriarch Goldman immediately burned a piece of paper covered with unusual magic runes, notifying the Chief Sovereign.

“Remember. In a short while, make no sound. When the Chief Sovereign lets you speak, speak. Also, while kneeling, don’t raise your head to stare at the Chief Sovereign.” After burning the runed paper, Goldman hurriedly began to give instructions.

“Yes. Your Lordship.” Blunner was both nervous and excited. This was his first time seeing a Sovereign!

Right at this time, rays of powerful light-type Sovereign power appeared within the main hall of the Radiant Temple. The solidifying light-type Sovereign power quickly condensed into a human shape, then transformed into a person. This person was dressed in loose white robes which were covered with gold patterns.

“Sovereign.” Blunner immediately knelt down, pressing his forehead against the ground in a very respectful manner.

“Father.” Patriarch Goldman just bowed in respect.

“Goldman, is there something you need?” A warm, clear voice rang out.

“Is the speaker a Sovereign? What does the Sovereign look like?” Blunner felt very nervous as he constantly pondered.

Goldman just looked respectfully at his father. The Chief Sovereign of Light was tall and strong. His loose white robes only revealed his musculature, and his long, golden hair seemed as dazzling as the sun. His skin was extremely white, almost crystalline and jadelike. He had no facial hair. His lower jaw was completely slick, but his eyebrows were as golden as his hair.

Golden eyebrows dropped down from his temples.

The Chief Sovereign of Light’s gaze was as warm and soft as jade, seemingly quite gentle. But just by standing there, he gave others the feeling that they were facing the universe itself.

“Father, this is Blunner. He wishes to offer to a treasure. When I saw this treasure, I immediately summoned you, Father.” Goldman produced that green sheet of paper. “This sheet of paper should be the Overgod decree.”

“Overgod decree?”

The formerly soft, mild gaze of the Chief Sovereign of Light instantly sharpened. They focused upon that green paper like two sharp arrows.

“Clash, clash!”

Invisible swords of light struck upon that green paper, sending it flying away, but the green paper itself remained unharmed.

“Haha, Goldman, you’ve done well. This is very possibly the Overgod decree.” As he spoke, the Chief Sovereign of Light stretched his hand out, and the green sheet of paper landed onto his hand. The Chief Sovereign of Light read through the green paper, and as he read, a smile appeared on his face.

“So it truly is real.”

The Chief Sovereign of Light had seen Overgod decrees several times before; he was easily able to determine that this was real.

The Chief Sovereign of Light swept his gaze towards Blunner, who was kneeling there on the ground. Smiling, he said, “Rise and speak.” “Thank you, Sovereign.” Blunner was so excited that he was trembling. He hurriedly rose to his feet, but his body remained slightly bowed.

“Where did you acquire this Overgod decree from?” The Chief Sovereign of Light asked.

“To answer your question, Sovereign, when I was battling someone, a spatial rift occurred and this Overgod decree flew out from the rift. I just so happened to acquire it. The location of our battle was the air above the Godsgaol Sea.” Blunner didn’t dare to raise his head and stare directly at the Sovereign. Thus, he kept his head lowered, his gaze only able to see the long white robe.

The Chief Sovereign of Light, upon hearing this, began to smile even more widely.

“Haha, almighty Overgod of Life…so you intentionally delivered the Overgod decree to my Divine Light Plane. It seems this Overgod mission will be for me to complete yet again.” The Chief Sovereign of Light couldn’t help but laugh.

The Chief Sovereign of Light knew very well!

Given how boundless chaotic space was, if someone or something were to fall into it, it would be virtually impossible for that thing or person to move in any direction through its own volition. Unless one had the abilities of a Sovereign; only then could one move about. As for Highgods, even Highgod Paragons, when they fell into chaotic space, they would find it hard to move freely.

Since that was the case, it would be extremely difficult for them to once more draw close to the edges of a plane.

Even if they drew near, how could they be so lucky as to appear right next to a spatial rift?

Thus, normally speaking, when supreme experts were exiled into it, even if a trillion years passed, they still probably wouldn’t be able to escape!

However, the Overgod missions were designed by the Overgods. How could the Overgods allow their decree to perpetually remain within chaotic space? Thus, the Overgods could arrange for it so that even if the Overgod decree fell into chaotic space, they would quickly reappear in other planes. And now…the Overgod decree had appeared in the Divine Light Plane.

It was only natural for the Chief Sovereign of Light to believe that the Overgod had the intention of helping him!

“You did very well.” The Chief Sovereign of light looked at Blunner, then smiled. “Oman died. I just so happen to lack a Sovereign’s Emissary. Let it be you, then.”

Blunner was so excited that his face turned red. “I’ll become a Sovereign’s Emissary? I’ll become a Sovereign’s Emissary?” Blunner still felt as though he were in a dream. He couldn’t believe it. From an ordinary Seven Star Fiend to an Emissary under the control of the almighty Chief Sovereign of Light…his status would rise greatly, and he would definitely also receive a Sovereign artifact!”

“Hurry and kneel.” Patriarch Goldman hurriedly sent mentally.

Blunner came to his senses, then hurriedly knelt down. “Thank you, Sovereign.”

“Mm.” The Chief Sovereign of Light nodded slightly.

“Father.” Patriarch Goldman bowed and said, “Actually, news of the Sovereign decree had already begun to spread some time ago.”

“Oh?” The Chief Sovereign of Light frowned in puzzlement.

“The news was only spread about within the Infernal Realm. I just learned it recently myself.” Goldman said hurriedly. “That information described three items in detail; there are no differences between that information and the Overgod decree. Only, there were a few extra points; the news said that one of the three talismans, the ‘nine soul pearls’, as well as the ‘Overgod decree’, was in the hands of the Highgod Paragon, Linley. This news caused a huge stir in the Infernal Realm, but afterwards, it was believed to be false.

The Chief Sovereign of Light lifted an eyebrow. “Linley?”

“Right, Linley.” Goldman said hurriedly.

“It seems that there are indeed some problems with the veracity of this news.” The Chief Sovereign of Light laughed calmly. “That information said that the Overgod decree was in Linley’s hands, but in reality, it flew out from chaotic space into the Divine Light Plane and into my hands. It seems the person who made up this news probably wished to harm Linley.”

But Goldman said hurriedly, “Father, I, on the other hand, believe that it is very possible that the Overgod decree was in Linley’s hands, but he created a spatial rift and intentionally threw it into chaotic space. There’s no point to keeping the Overgod decree, after all, once one knows the information within it.”

The Chief Sovereign of Light nodded slightly.

“Your suggestion is also possible.” The Chief Sovereign of Light pondered momentarily.

Goldman immediately said, “Father, information regarding the Overgod talismans has already spread throughout the Infernal Realm…but it has been viewed as false. Now, it seems, the information is clearly true. That means that perhaps Linley truly did acquire the nine soul pearls and the Overgod talisman. But of course, the Overgod decree is definitely not in Linley’s hands right now. Those nine soul pearls, however, are.”

“I didn’t expect that we were able to find a clue about one of the three talismans so soon.” The Chief Sovereign of Light smiled and nodded.

“Father, I have some more news to tell you. Just a few months ago, Chegwin was also driven by Linley into chaotic space.” Goldman said hurriedly. “But it’s quite problematic. Chegwin had no divine clones in the outside world.” The speed at which the Augusta clan’s intelligence agents shared information was quite fast.

“What’s this about? It involves this Linley yet again?” The Chief Sovereign of Light couldn’t help but frown.

“It involves the third talisman, the ‘red caltrop diamond’.” Goldman said hurriedly.

“Oh, yet another item?” The Chief Sovereign of Light grew intrigued.

He didn’t care about Chegwin’s life or death, but all three of the talismans were of interest to him.

“Although Chegwin seized the red caltrop diamond, even at the cost of angering Linley, it was discovered that the red caltrop diamond was a fake one. Because Chegwin had offended him, Linley, in his anger, exiled Chegwin into chaotic space.” Goldman said hurriedly.

“Oh.” The Chief Sovereign of Light couldn’t be bothered to care about that.

Sovereigns wouldn’t casually interfere in the battles of Deities.

“Goldman, what sort of a person is Linley?” The Chief Sovereign of Light suddenly asked.

Goldman immediately said, “Father, Linley can be considered a genius. He is also the number one expert of the Four Divine Beasts clan. Soon after becoming famous in the Infernal Realm, he entered the Planar Battlefield. He was nearly killed by Magnus, but Linley made a breakthrough at the border between life and death and became a Paragon. During the final battle of the Planar War, he actually exiled Magnus into chaotic space. In addition, Linley is on extremely good terms with Beirut. One of Beirut’s descendants, ‘Bebe’, is as close to Linley as a true brother.”

“On good terms with Beirut?” The Chief Sovereign of Light said coldly, “As soon as I hear Beirut’s name, I want to kill him.” The Chief Sovereign of Light’s eyes had a hint of a murderous intent appear within them.

“Even if you gave Beirut ten times as much courage, he would never dare enter our Divine Light Plane. He only dares to hide in the Infernal Realm.” Goldman immediately laughed.

If Linley heard these words, he would definitely be stunned. Clearly, Beirut hadn’t paid a trip to the Divine Light Plane at all. He had lied to Linley when he had said he had went to see the Chief Sovereign of Light.

“The Infernal Realm. It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone there.”

The Chief Sovereign of Light immediately prepared to leave.

“Father. Although Linley might very well have acquired the nine soul pearls, the other Sovereigns have already investigated. This says that Linley might not have them.” Goldman said hurriedly.

“Even if there is a hint of a chance, we cannot let it slip. I would rather kill a thousand by mistake than spare a single one erroneously.”

The Chief Sovereign of Light said calmly, “What’s more, he belongs to the Four Divine Beasts clan and has a deep relationship with Beirut.” After speaking, the Chief Sovereign of Light’s body completely vanished.

Goldman couldn’t help but reveal a hint of a smile on his face. He murmured to himself, “Better to kill a thousand by mistake than spare a single one erroneously?”

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