Coiling Dragon

Coiling Dragon Chap 11

The seven fire serpents flew at a very high speed, and wherever they passed through, the stone houses nearby immediately began to blaze. The burning flames towered towards the high heavens, an absolutely catastrophic scene. Seeing their homes be disintegrated from afar, the denizens of Wushan township, who had long since fled and hidden far away, all felt pain and sorrow in their hearts.

In front of the seven giant fire serpents, their stone houses seemed like naught but toys. They were easily demolished, and the flames in the wreckages rose towards the sky.

“Run!” The female archer no longer cared about anything else. She immediately directed her griffin to fly to a higher altitude.

There was a limit to the distance at which a fire-element magus would be able to control the seven fire serpents. If the archer and her mount could fly beyond that point, she would be safe.

“Whooooosh.” Two of the blazing fire serpents enveloped the two female magi and the Vampiric Iron Bull as well. Almost instantaneously, the sound of burning, crackling flesh could be heard, and Linley thought that he could smell hair burning.

“Big brother Kerry [Kai’lai]! Save us!” The desolate cry of a female magus sounded out, filled with pain, from within the middle of the fire serpent.

“Snort. Snort.” The eyes of the Vampiric Iron Bull were terrifyingly red, and every single muscle in its body was quivering nonstop. It continuously roared in anger, wanting to charge past through the encircling fire serpents, but unfortunately, the restrictive power of each fire serpent was simply too great.

“Louisa [Lu’yi’sha]!” The red-haired warrior howled angrily, his voice filled with anguish.

Very shortly afterwards, both female magi and the Vampiric Iron Bull were reduced to naught but gray ash. But the red-haired warrior no longer had even the opportunity to cry out. He and the other two warriors each had to face an enormous fire serpent of their own as well. In front of the titanic flaming body of the serpents, they seemed to be nothing more than children, incapable of the slightest resistance.

They had the power to split stone with a single punch, but so what? While constricted by a huge flaming serpent, what could they do?

“Ahhhh!” Surrounded by flaming serpents, the three warriors couldn’t help but let out torturous cries.

As they shouted, their battle-qi vanished, having been demolished. The hissing sound of burning flesh once again could be heard. The muscles on the faces of the three warriors twitched, and their eyes bulged out. All the hair on their bodies was burnt clean in the twinkling of an eye, and following that their skin, their flesh, and their bones. Nothing could withstand the terrifyingly high temperature of the fire serpents.

In a very short period of time, the three formidable warriors had also been reduced to nothing more than dust.


The female archer’s breath was ragged, but she had finally escaped the boundaries of the Dance of the Fire Serpents.

“Luke…Louisa…big brother Kerry…I will definitely avenge you all. Definitely.” The female archer cried bitterly, and as she did, she directed her griffin to fly still higher.”


An enormously thick bolt of lightning struck down from the clear, cloudless skies, striking directly down on the totally unprepared archer. Her entire body was turned directly to dust from that strike, while her griffin was scorched black as well. The two of them fell down from the sky, heavily crashing into the stone ground of the town as they crashed through a wooden roof and into the base of a dwelling.

“Want to run? Hmph.” The mysterious magus let out a deep snort.

Over a hundred meters away, Hillman swallowed hard, his own heart filled with a thread of inescapable fear. “Not only is he a magus of the eighth rank…he is a dual element magus!”

“That spell was called Dance of the Fire Serpents?” Linley was still standing there, totally awestruck.

The sight of those enormous fire serpents and the inferno they had cast had totally shocked Linley, like he had never been shocked before. Each of the fire serpents was as terrifying as the Velocidragon. Seven of them together? They represented an utter apocalypse. Even the stone houses were disintegrated by their flames.

In the blink of an eye, those four mighty warriors, those two magi, and that archer, as well as their two magical beast companions were utterly destroyed, with the possible exception of that griffin.

The seven fire serpents had disappeared by now, but Linley could still feel the terrifying, seismic presence and power emanating from the area. The entire battlefield had been annihilated, leaving nothing left but the finest of debris. The debris all radiated tremendous heat, as though testifying to the power of the battle they had just endured.


Linley’s breathing slowly began to stabilize. Swimming in his mind were images of those seven fire serpents, and how they had descended on the battlefield like a catastrophe of power.

Compared to that vision, even the Velocidragon was not as impressive as before.

Linley’s gaze suddenly turned towards the mysterious magus on the back of the Velocidragon. By appearances, the magus was much smaller and much weaker.

“Just then…just then, was he the one who cast the ‘Dance of the Fire Serpents’?” Linley really found it a little hard to believe. A person who seemed a full size smaller than Uncle Hillman was actually able to cast such an apocalyptic spell.

Linley’s heart was suddenly filled with dread, as he stared at that far-off, distant figure.

“This…this is what a magus is?” For the first time, the concept of a magus clearly imprinted itself in Linley’s mind.

At the same time…

Linley suddenly had a powerful urge to become a powerful magus as well.

“If one day, I too was capable of such a powerful attack…” Fantasizing about it, Linley felt the blood in his veins boil to the limit. He was in a state of tremendous excitement.

Right at that moment?

Linley knew the path that he would take in the future.

To pursue the peak, the pinnacle of power.

“Father!” Linley suddenly saw that his own father, Hogg. Seeing how Wushan township had just suffered an unmitigated catastrophe, as the lord of Wushan township, Hogg’s heart was filled with helplessness.

“Don’t make a sound.” Hogg glanced at Linley, conveying that message with his eyes.

Hogg turned towards the magus, his heart filled with ruefulness. “He’s actually a magus of the eighth rank. And a dual-element magus! Perhaps the entire kingdom of Fenlai has only a handful of people more powerful than him. Someone like him actually came to our little town…”

Hogg’s only desire, at this point, was that the mysterious magus would leave as soon as possible, and let Wushan town return to its normal tranquilness.

The mysterious magus suddenly leapt down directly from the back of the Velocidragon. He was at least two stories up, but he descended easily with a single jump.

Striding up to the ashes of the red-haired warrior, the mysterious magus waved his hands, and the gray ash parted. A violet, almost translucent-looking diamond suddenly appeared. With a flick of the wrist, the mysterious magus plucked out the d’Bero Shadow Diamond.

“Haha, the d’Bero shadow diamond. I searched for you for ten years. Who would have thought that just because today, I decided to pass by this town, I would actually meet you by accident? Haha…Heymans [Hai’man’si], now that I have this shadow diamond, once I socket it into my staff, I want to see how you will possibly stand against me next time. Haha…” The mysterious magus began to laugh wildly.

Hogg and the other residents of Wushan township simply watched quietly from afar, not daring to make a sound, for fear of angering this powerful, mysterious magus.

“Wushan town, eh…who leads Wushan town?” The mysterious magus suddenly said.

“Father…” Linley was shocked.

At this point, Hogg had no choice but to stiffen his spine and step forward. He respectfully said, “Mighty lord magus, I am the leader of Wushan town.”

“Oh.” The mysterious magus’ face was still covered by his violet robes, preventing anyone from seeing his face. He lightly said, “Your town suffered some serious damages today. I annihilated this small adventuring party. On their bodies, there is sure to be a good amount of gold coins. The gold coins, no doubt, have been melted and reforged by my ‘Dance of the Fire Serpents’, but they are still worth some money. Just consider them yours, as my recompense for what Wushan town just went through.”

Hearing the words of the mysterious magus, Hogg felt a sense of relief.

This mysterious magus probably wouldn’t go kill-crazy now.

“I, Hogg, on behalf of the entire Wushan township, would like to thank you for your kindness, lord magus.” Hogg respectfully bowed down.

The mysterious magus lightly nodded, then turned and walked towards the Velocidragon. The Velocidragon immediately knelt down, stretching out his foreleg. The magus stepped onto the Velocidragon’s leg, walked two steps, then easily jumped onto the Velocidragon’s back.

“Hmph.” The Velocidragon let out a lazy snort, as two plumes of white smoke once more emanated from its nostrils.

And then, the Velocidragon once more began walking, its heavy footsteps shaking the earth. Watching the enormous creature and the mysterious magus on its back walk far away and disappear off into the distance, all the citizens of Wushan township finally felt their hearts begin to calm down.

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