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Coiling Dragon Chap 102

Coiling Dragon Volume 20 the crowns riddle Chapter 19

Book 20, The Crown’s Riddle – Chapter 19, Parchment

Linley walked out of the main hall, then walked past the corridor to arrive at the empty grassy area.

He took a deep breath, feeling the gentle wind blow against him. A smile appeared on Linley’s face, as though he had been released of a heavy burden. “Molde actually struck such a blow at me before dying. It really did cause endless problems. However, now that the various Sovereigns have discussed it, this matter should come to an end. Unless that third talisman appears, or the Overgod decree appears!”

“Boss!” Bebe ran over, surprised and delighted.

“Father.” Taylor, Sasha, and the others all walked over from far away as well.

Linley looked at his family and friends. “No matter what, the Overgod talisman is something which will attract the interest of Sovereigns. Because of the news Molde spread, the Sovereigns have all come to make trouble for me. But they shouldn’t be so shameless as to go pressure my family.” Since ancient days to the present days, there had never been, as far as Linley was aware of, a case of a Sovereign going to go apply pressure to the family members of a Deity.

“Boss, everything fine?” Bebe walked before Linley.

“Bebe, look at Third Bro’s face. You should know just looking at him.” Yale laughed.

“Where is my Grandpa Beirut? He’s in the main hall by himself?” Bebe said, confused.

“He’s discussing something secret with the Bloodridge Sovereign.” Linley said.

Bebe and Yale were all shocked. Bebe said, “The Bloodridge Sovereign came as well?” Nobody else had seen the Bloodridge Sovereign arrive, because the Bloodridge Sovereign had directly created an energy clone within the main hall. Thus, the people outside had no idea.

“Your Grandpa Beirut is coming.” Linley laughed as he spoke to Bebe. Beirut was currently walking out of the main hall, a smile on his face.

After coming out, Beirut locked his gaze upon Linley, then walked over.

“Grandpa.” Bebe went to welcome him.

Beirut laughed as he rubbed Bebe’s head, then looked at Linley. Laughing, he said, “Everything is resolved, Linley. I have some business to attend to. I’ll leave now.” After speaking, Beirut then actually spoke to Linley through divine sense. “Linley, remember, regardless of whether or not you acquired those nine soul pearls, do not admit it. If you acquired it, make sure you hide it safely.”

Beirut’s divine sense caused Linley to be badly startled.

“Lord Beirut?” Linley sent back in surprise. Linley felt gratitude towards Beirut, and also viewed Beirut as he would an elder member of his own family.

Beirut had that smile on his face, but his mental message was solemn. “Don’t worry about anything else. If you didn’t acquire it, that’s fine, but if you did, you have to hide it. Don’t admit it, even if someone threatens to kill you! As long as you do that, you’ll be fine.” After sending his message, Beirut chortled as he said a few words to everyone, then left on his own.

Linley watched as Beirut left, the puzzlement in his heart becoming all the stronger.

“What did Lord Beirut intend by these words? He shouldn’t know that I have the Overgod talisman, but his words…” Linley didn’t understand.

Time flowed on.

In the blink of an eye, a century passed.

In the past hundred years, Linley had used his divine water clone to relax and accompany his family members, while his other three divine clones, along with his original body, focused painstakingly on their training. He had long since begun to train in the sixth profound mystery in the Elemental Laws of Fire, but unfortunately, this sixth profound mystery was the most mysterious, most powerful ‘Explosion’ profound mystery. Linley’s training speed was thus exceedingly slow.

The Profound Mysteries of Explosion…they were like the explosion of a volcano. A large amount of power would be collected, then instantly released. Its power was tremendous.

For example, Bluefire was able to move about as though he were teleporting, and his soul attacks and material attacks could be described as supreme. This had to do with the Profound Mysteries of Explosion. Although profound mysteries were easily described, once one advanced deeper into them and tried to completely master them, they would become incredibly difficult to understand.

His training in the Elemental Laws of Fire was slow.

But the path of fusing the Laws of the four elements was even slower. The Profound Mysteries of Circular Softness of the Laws of Water and the Throbbing Pulse of the World of the Laws of the Earth were fused, but Linley’s speed dropped drastically after that. He wasn’t able to make any advances at all.


The wind howled. Snowflakes covered the skies.

The Skyrite Mountains seemed to be dressed in a layer of silver finery, appearing so dreamlike and beautiful. The number of patrolling guards around the Four Divine Beasts clan had dropped dramatically as well. This was because they now had a Paragon guarding them. Who would dare come make trouble for them? Naturally, there was no need to have so many guards standing about on alert.

The Skyrite Mountains. Dragon Avenue. A few sparse gatherings of guards could still be seen here.

A metallic lifeform, shaped like an enormous hammer, was flying over from far away. It came to a halt outside the perimeter of the Skyrite Mountains and the domain of the Four Divine Beasts clan, then vanished, revealing a tall, large figure. This person was 2.5 meters tall. He was dressed in long black trousers, while his upper body was covered with nothing more than a tunic, revealing his muscular arms.

His red hair was only an inch in length, but appeared as hard as nails.

“Who is it?” One squad of the guards of the Azure Dragon clan flew over.

The muscular man laughed and said, “Go inform your Elder Linley that his old friend, Mosi, has come.” This voice was very soft, and was quite comfortable to listen to. It didn’t appear the slightest bit brash or uncouth.

Those guards all looked at each other.

An old friend of Elder Linley’s? They, too, could tell that this newcomer had a remarkable aura.

“Please wait a moment. I will go make the report.” One of the guards said, then immediately turned and flew towards the Skyrite Mountains.

“Who is Mosi? Have you heard of him?”

“By the looks of it, he should be a powerful expert. A friend of Elder Linley’s…he should be a commander or a Lord Prefect level expert.”

Those guards all secretly chatted through divine sense regarding this big fellow in front of them. There had been countless experts who had come to visit Linley in recent years, and these guards all knew…that none of these guests were people the likes of them could offend. Thus, the guards were all quite well-behaved to those who came to see Linley.

A long time later.

“Haha, Mosi!” Laughter rang out as two figures flew over from far away.

Mosi took a close look, then laughed as well. “Linley, long time no see.”

The two were Linley and that earlier patrol guard. Linley, upon learning that Mosi had come, hurriedly went in person to welcome him. Laughing, he said, “Long time no see indeed. Mr. Mosi, come, let’s chat inside.” Mosi immediately advanced with Linley, shoulder-to-shoulder, through Dragon Avenue. Together, they flew deeper into the mountains.

“It has been two thousand years since we met, but I never would have imagined that you, who had been only a God, would have become a Paragon. Upon hearing this news, I didn’t dare believe it.” Mosi chortled. “Only after this was verified to me by my Sovereign did I believe it. I truly admire you.”

Mosi was an extremely powerful Purgatory Commander of the Infernal Realm.

Linley had only learned some time later, from Beirut’s materials, how powerful Mosi was!

Mosi himself trained in the Edicts of Destruction and the Edicts of Death. In addition, he had reached an exceedingly, terrifyingly powerful level in both these Edicts. As far as the Edicts of Death went, Mosi himself was very nearly at the very peak of perfect, just a tiny step away from becoming a Paragon. Mosi was able to easily mentally dominate Seven Star Fiends!

The number of people capable of doing this in the Infernal Realm could be counted on one hand.

Even if Linley truly did become a Paragon in the Laws of the Earth, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. After all, each Law had its own specialties; experts of the Edicts of Death were skilled in the soul.

As for ‘Destruction’, because Mosi was of the Bloodrune Titan lineage, he was innately gifted in Destruction. In the past, Mosi had used a hammer to effortlessly defeat and send feeling ‘Lomio’, someone who was very nearly at the Asura level. And that was with Mosi not having used his supreme technique!

He was very nearly at the peak of perfection in both material and spiritual attacks.

It could be said that aside from Paragons, Mosi was invincible. No wonder, in the past, the Bloodrune Titan clan was able to effortlessly set up ‘Miluo Island’ and develop it into a city which none dared to cause trouble for. What could you do? How could any ordinary Lord Prefects be a match for Mosi?

“I only managed to make my breakthrough due to luck, and it nearly cost me my life.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

“I, too, dream of becoming a Paragon. But this last step…there’s nothing I can do about it.” Mosi shook his head and laughed.

While laughing and chatting, the two entered Linley’s residence. Because Mosi wasn’t too familiar with the others, Linley gave a simple introduction of the more important members of the residence, then led Mosi into the living room. Mosi and Linley began to chat privately.

Mosi was a very smooth speaker, and as they chatted and laughed, he made Linley’s opinion of him grow.

“Linley, after having chatted with you for so long, I almost forgot about the reason why I came here today.” Mosi said with a smile.

“Oh? What is it?” Linley said, surprised.

He had thought Mosi had come to reminisce with him. But now, it seemed, there was a special reason for the trip.

“Look at this.” Mosi waved his hand, and a sheet of black paper appeared. “This was sent to me by a Highgod warrior. Upon seeing this news, I immediately had a bad feeling! I felt as though someone is trying to harm you, which is why I dominated that Highgod. Only then did I learn that this was all arranged by Molde.”

Linley’s eyes lit up. “This is the paper which Molde sent to be delivered?” Linley hurriedly accepted it.

Linley wanted very much to learn what this piece of paper described. Back then, he had asked Beirut, but unfortunately, Beirut didn’t have a copy of it either. Molde had only sent his subordinates to the other six regions. As for the Bloodridge Continent…he didn’t give it to any other Lord Prefects or commanders.

“The information on this paper is clearly meant to kill you. That is why I immediately hurried over to deliver it.” Mosi said solemnly.

It would have taken quite some time for that Highgod warrior to travel from the Bloodridge Continent to Miluo Island, and then more time for Mosi to hurry over. One could understand why so much time had passed.

Linley carefully read through the information on this paper.

“Three talismans…the nine soul pearls, the pentametal crown, and the red caltrop diamond. These three Overgod talismans will join together into the ‘Crown of Life’?” Linley’s eyes lit up. “Once these three talismans fuse together and the Crown of Life forms, one can then offer it to the Overgod of Life and make a request of the Overgod of Life.”

That was the most important bit of information included on the paper.

At the same time, it also included descriptions of these three Overgod talismans.

“So that tattered crown was this so-called ‘pentametal crown’? Three talismans…I already have two of them.” Linley rejoiced in his heart. “Now, I only lack for one thing. The red caltrop diamond.”

The red caltrop diamond was a blood-red, caltrop-shaped diamond.

As for what special power it had, this piece of paper didn’t say.

This piece of paper also said that the Overgod decree which had information about these three talismans, as well as the nine soul pearls (the first of the Overgod talismans), were in the hands of Linley, of the Four Divine Beasts clan of the Indigo Prefecture!

“I’ve never seen the Overgod decree.” Linley mused to himself. “But of the three talismans, I already have two of them. If I were to acquire the third, then I would be able to make a request of the Overgod of Life.”

“Make a request of the Overgod of Life?” Linley couldn’t help but mumble to himself.



A light suddenly flashed in Linley’s mind, and his eyes lit up.

Mosi, by Linley’s side, couldn’t help but laugh at Linley’s shock. “I know a little bit regarding the Overgod missions. Over the course of countless years, the Overgods have issued several missions. I also seem to recollect that each time a Sovereign succeeded, the Sovereign requested an ‘Overgod artifact’, which the Overgods agreed to provide.”

The Overgods would satisfy any request.

“The Overgod of Life is the manifestation of the Edicts of Life, which control the lives and destinies of the countless living creatures of the universe! The Sovereigns aren’t able to save Grandpa Doehring, but it is very possible that the Overgod of Life is.” Linley still clearly remembered what the Chief Sovereign of Death had said to him.

Once a person’s soul is scattered and dispersed, Sovereigns would be unable to rescue them.


Although she wasn’t sure, the Overgods, being the personifications of the Edicts, were simply too powerful. Perhaps they would be able to.

“Grandpa Doehring…” Countless scenes flashed past Linley’s mind.

On that day, a white-bearded, white-haired old man had flown out from his ring…

On that day, that bearded old man had guided him, a youth, into the Straight Chisel School of sculpting, allowing the youth to rise dramatically in power…

On that day, the bearded old man had given up his own life to execute a forbidden-level spell…

“Grandpa Doehring…” Linley, who had reached the very peak of power, felt his heart trembling. “As long as I am able to find the three talismans, I can make a request of the Overgod of Life. Now, I only lack for one thing. Just one thing! Grandpa Doehring, I, I will definitely bring you back to life. Definitely.”

Linley’s heart was aflame. His hopes were blazing!

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