Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 97

Chapter 94

Chapter 94 – Extortion

“Dragon core?” Xiao Tiannan was taken aback, and then ventured further: “It can’t be… a Dragon’s Profound Core?”

“That’s right . ” Yun Che nodded and made a seemingly profound gesture as he slowly spoke: “Profound Veins are one of Heaven’s greatest gift to mankind . It has allowed man to possess strength far greater than what they are capable of themselves . But because of the existence of these profound veins, it is necessary for the heavens to impose a set of rules and natural law . Be it a genius or one of mediocre talent, it is necessary for his growth and strength to increase progressively, to go against this would be to rebel against the Heavens . ”

“However, if your profound veins have been damaged, then they are no longer whole, and it can be said that… . they no longer have to follow the rules that profound veins must . Currently, my grandson Luocheng has had his profound veins broken, and is almost crippled . In order to ‘break’ this condition, as long as we can obtain a dragon’s profound core, then I can find a way to draw out the core’s energy and infuse it into his damaged profound veins . I can then repair them once more and let Luocheng start from the beginning with profound veins that are above average . Among the profound beasts, the dragon’s profound core energy is the most similar to humans . Therefore, only the dragon profound core will work and the higher the grade, the better . ”

Of course, Yun Che’s words were pure nonsense, but Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Luocheng took it all in as if it was heaven’s verdict . But was no wonder that they did; after all, these words came out from the Eccentric God Hand’s own mouth and the fact that they simply had no idea what they meant, was only natural . They only felt that his words were mysteriously profound and incomparably awesome . Yet at the same time, Xiao Tiannan’s face fell: “In this world, for such wonderful secret techniques to exist… But, *sigh*, dragons are revered as one of the most respected and powerful creatures, and even the lowest sort of mature dragons are of the Sky Profound level . Sky Profound Cores are so priceless that even if it’s the Main Sect, there are only a few, let alone dragon cores . For Luocheng to be able to meet Senior, is already a miracle bestowed by the heavens . However, this dragon core that you ask for, it is simply impossible to be found . ”

“Hahahaha!” Yun Che laughed blandly: “Impossible to find? No, in front of your eyes, there is already a place where you can seek it out . Not only that, it is even an Emperor Profound Dragon Core!”

“Wh… What!? Emperor Profound Dragon Core?” Xiao Tiannan involuntarily shouted in shock . What sort of thing was an Emperor Profound Core? It was something that not even the Main Sect would dare to covet! To such a miniscule branch sect like theirs, it was even more so a godly item from the legends . As for an Emperor Profound Dragon Core, it could even be said to be the legendary “Divine Emperor Core” that may even allow a practitioner at the pinnacle of the Sky Profound Realm to easily break past the bottleneck and step foot into the Emperor Profound realm .

“Where can I possibly find it? If I can buy it from there, I will definitely get it, even if it means spending the entire Sect’s fortune . ” Xiao Tiannan spoke agitatedly . Even though this information came personally from the Eccentric God Hand, Xiao Tiannan didn’t dare to believe it . How would it be possible for an object miraculous enough to shake the entire Blue Wind Empire, to appear in this little New Moon City? Even if it was true, by now, New Moon City should have already been crowded by travellers from all over the land .

“Four days ago, when I was passing by the New Moon City branch’s Black Moon Merchant Guild, I just happened to catch a whiff of a Dragon Core, and it was also one of Emperor Profound grade . In my entire life, if the number of high leveled Profound Cores I’ve worked with does not number a hundred thousand, it would still be around eighty thousand; it was certainly an Emperor Profound Dragon Core . At that time, I too, did not dare to believe it at first, and even stood at the door for a while more to verify it . ” Yun Che took a look at Xiao Tiannan’s shocked expression and said: “For an Emperor Profound Dragon Core to emerge from such a tiny New Moon City, it is indeed strange, but seeing that it’s from the Black Moon Merchant Guild, it would also be understandable . This Emperor Profound Dragon Core must have been from the main branch, but as to where it was meant to be sent, that would be a mystery . ”

Xiao Tiannan listened while in a daze and his heart incessantly surged . Xiao Luocheng’s eyes were already the size of saucers as he shouted: “Father, Grandpa is the number one genius doctor in the country; he definitely did not make a mistake! You must find a way to help me obtain that Emperor Profound Dragon Core . My entire life, and the future of our branch sect completely rests on Grandpa and this Emperor Profound Dragon Core . ”

The news of Black Moon Merchant Guild actually having an Emperor Profound Dragon Core also had shocked Xiao Tiannan immensely, but he unquestioningly trusted Yun Che’s words . The corner of his mouth twitched as he bitterly muttered: “Since it is Senior’s knowledge, then it must not be wrong . But our little New Moon City is simply not worthy of possessing an object as godly as the Emperor Profound Dragon Core . Perhaps New Moon Merchant Guild’s main branch had prepared to sell it to some great being, and is only leaving it at New Moon City temporarily . I am no more than the sect master of a little branch sect that belongs to Xiao Sect; even if I know that the Emperor Profound Dragon Core is currently in the possession of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, it is also absolutely impossible that they are willing to sell it to me . Even if they’re willing to reach a compromise and sell it… It is fundamentally impossible for us to purchase an Emperor Profound Dragon Core . ”

“I’ve already thought of this aspect . ” Yun Che began to fumble his pockets . After rummaging for a long time, he finally procured a shiny purple Profound Currency card —— The exact one the clerk had given him the first time he had visited the Black Moon Merchant Guild . After placing it onto Xiao Tiannan’s palm, he indifferently spoke: “Around thirty years ago, Black Moon Merchant Guild’s current owner had been ambushed by enemies and sustained heavy injuries after a bitter fight . After narrowly escaping with his life, I nursed him back to health . He had handed me this Profound Currency Card, and claimed that with this Profound Currency Card, I could buy anything I wanted at the lowest price from any Black Moon Merchant Guild in this continent . For thirty years, I have never used this Profound Currency Card, but have always brought it with me, in case of emergencies . Since it has been gifted by the owner, it should be of use . ”

From Xiao Tiannan’s original examination, it was only a very ordinary purple-gold card . But upon hearing f how it had come about, his two hands trembled so agitatedly that he almost dropped the purple gold card . Black Moon Merchant Guild’s owner; he was in fact the number one overlord in the entire of Profound Sky Continent . He was an imposing figure whose wealth and influence pierced the heavens! For him to have personally given this purple-gold card, in addition to the words he had said… This purple-gold card’s value, was definitely not lower than that of an Emperor’s Profound Dragon Core!

“Senior, if this was given to you by the owner of the Black Moon Merchant Guild, then this purple-gold card is simply too precious… The fact that Senior did not hesitate to take it out for Luocheng’s sake, this junior truly does not know how to repay this huge favor . ” Xiao Tiannan emotionally said as he held the purple-gold card in his hand .

Yun Che gently chuckled, and his expression revealed traces of melancholy: “Luocheng is my grandson . As his grandfather, is it not natural for me to do these… Sigh, this could also be considered to be me using Luocheng to make amends for my regrets from that year . ”

“Luocheng, quickly thank your grandfather!” Xiao Tiannan said loudly .

Xiao Luocheng immediately struggled to get up and bowed solemnly to Yun Che . He was so emotionally moved that he was practically to the point of tears: “Luocheng will keep Grandpa’s magnanimous favor in his heart forever… Luocheng will definitely be filial to grandfather in the future . If not, I shall be struck by lightning, for even the heavens and earth will not tolerate that . ”

The corner of Yun Che’s mouth lifted, and he laughed with a thoroughly “gratified” expression . He patted Xiao Luocheng’s shoulder and beamed as he answered: “Good, good, you are truly my good grandson . Grandpa does not wish for anything else other than to hear you call me grandpa a few times everyday . Just this would warm my heart… Xiao Sect’s Master, this matter should not be delayed . You must immediately take this Purple Currency Card and personally make a trip to the Black Moon Merchant’s Guild . I am a hundred percent sure that there’s an Emperor Profound Dragon Core there . However, as to how you’ll elicit this information from them, it’ll be up to your skills . Also, it’s best to bring Xiao Baicao along with you; he should be able to identify whether or not it is an Emperor Profound Dragon Core . ”

“Yes, this junior will call for Elder Baicao to go with me to Black Moon Merchant Guild at once!”

Even without Yun Che’s reminder, Xiao Tiannan knew that this was a matter best handled personally, and the more quiet and secretive this trip was, the better . If the news of New Moon City possessing an Emperor Profound Dragon Core were to spread, the repercussions would simply be unimaginable .

Very quickly, Xiao Tiannan called for Xiao Baicao . The two men were preparing to leave when Yun Che paused them in their tracks, and said: “The distance from here to Black Moon Merchant Guild is quite far . Moreover, the matter of this Emperor Profound Core is important, so even if you managed to purchase it in the end, it would require you to spend a large amount of time . Within this duration, I have drop by your treasury sporadically based on Luocheng’s condition . Therefore, you should leave the keys to the treasury to someone you can trust . ”

“This…” After Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao looked at each other, Xiao Baicao agilely pulled out the keys to the treasury, and said: “Senior, there are a total of two keys to the treasury, and they have always been with this junior and Sect Master . It has never been given to a third person, and we had never dared to do so in any way . When thinking about it, the only person we can currently pass the key onto would be you, Senior . If at any time, Senior needs to acquire herbs or any precious stones, you can enter with this key at any time . ”

Yun Che glared, then fiercely swung his hand away, and said unhappily: “What nonsense! The key to your treasury, how can it arbitrarily land in an outsider’s hands! Both of you are already near a century old; how can you still do things so irresponsibly!”

Xiao Tiannan laughed, “This key to the treasury, must obviously not be simply given to anyone . However, even though I’ve only known Senior for a couple of days, Baicao and I hold the highest respect for your medical skills and noble character; we cannot feel more at ease leaving it in your hands . Other than Senior, we would definitely not dare to pass it to anyone else . Besides, for the duration we are gone, the condition of Luocheng’s injury may change at any moment . If that were to happen, we’d have to bother Senior to do more for us, but if there is a delay in treatment because you were unable to get anything from the traesury, that would be… So we must ask Senior to take this key . ”

Yun Che still had a difficult expression on his face, but after deliberating for a while, he finally heaved a quiet sigh and received the key from Xiao Baicao’s hands: “Alright . You two should try to leave early and come back as fast as possible . For that Emperor Profound Dragon Core, you should bring as much money as possible with you, it wouldn’t be too much to even to bring the entire sect’s fortune . ”

Filled with gratitude, Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao departed . After they had left for a quarter of an hour, Yun Che stepped into the medicine hall . Following the route he had already memorized earlier on, he walked straight toward the treasury with his head held high and chest lifted up .

He walked past the guards without any obstruction; not only did the guard not block him, he even received respectful greetings from them as he walked past . Reaching the door of the treasury, he brought out the key and consecutively opened three stone doors to step into the treasury that brimmed with cold air .

Seeing the dazzling assortment of medicine, jade, crystals and weapons fill his vision… The corners of Yun Che’s mouth slowly lifted up bit by bit as he stood at the door of the treasury…

After painstakingly acting for so many days, it was finally time to reap the rewards .

A sect’s accumulations of a thousand years . How big this fortune must be, if it all vanished in a day; this entire sect branch would probably be halfway on the brink of collapse…

Regrettably, that’s what happens when you provoke an ominous star like me!!

If I didn’t have a trump card to play, the one who would be ruined wouldn’t be Xiao Luocheng, but me… Perhaps I would already be dead by now!

Going back on your word and coming to New Moon Profound Palace to settle with me? Heh… Then let’s properly settle it right now! What you’ve amassed for a thousand years, I’ll just treat it as compensation for psychological distress… and accept it!!

Yun Che quickly walked to the rows and rows of black wooded medicine shelves, pressed his hand on them and exerted a little strength, and mountains of medicinal herbs, along with the shelves, were absorbed into the Sky Poison Pearl . The absorption’s effect and capacity of the Sky Poison Pearl far exceeded, and was incomparable to that of ordinary spatial rings . Even if the shelves were extremely big, it wouldn’t take him much effort . Within thirty minutes, more than a thousand groups of medicinal shelves had disappeared right there . Soon afterwards, groups of cold jade followed suit…

This treasury was pretty large but with the Sky Poison Pearl’s limitless capacity, even if this treasury were a hundred times bigger, if Yun Che was given enough time, he would still be able to absorb it all into the Sky Poison Pearl .

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