Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 93

Chapter 90

Chapter 90 – Heaven Piercing Medical Prowess

Xiao Tiannan walked toward Yun Che, cusped both of his fists, and spoke in an extreme respectful manner: “Senior Huangfu, please be sure to save my son . This junior only has this one son; as long as senior is willing to save him, this junior will definitely repay this debt, even if I have to become a horse or an ox . ”

As the Sect Master of New Moon City’s greatest sect, it could be said that he was beneath none and above all in New Moon City . Yet he was extremely respectful to this “Genius doctor”, even to the point of saying these kind of words like “become a horse or an ox” . It was clear that Xiao Luocheng’s matter indeed made him anxious to the extreme; but at the same time, he was indeed intimidated by the title “Eccentric God Hand” .

Gongsun Xiu hastily put up a smiling face and said: “Please be at ease, Sect Master Xiao . With Senior Huangfu here, your dear son’s injury will certainly be completely healed .

“I really need to congratulate Sect Master Xiao . Since Senior Huangfu has already arrived here, he’ll certainly exhibit his God Hand . Not only would Young Sect Master Xiao’s injuries be fully healed, he may even also be able to forge ties with Senior Huangfu; this is a fortune that others could not obtain even if they begged for it . ”

They originally were admonished by Xiao Tiannan, as if dog blood had been poured onto their heads, since they did not have any method to treat Xiao Luocheng’s grave injury . And now, this “Eccentric God Hand” had fallen from the sky . while they were utterly excited, they also secretly breathed a sigh of relief . With the existence of this medical saint here, there definitely won’t be any issues with Xiao Luocheng’s injury; Xiao Sect would also no longer vent their anger on them .

To be referred to as Senior by this Xiao Tiannan with such extreme respect, the inside of Yun Che’s heart was naturally pleased to the max . He made a faint smile that was plain, yet also otherworldly: “Since I’ve already come, I would heal him even if you didn’t say anything . Even though your sect is quite small, it’s still built on a mountain . Climbing up here is not easy either, how can I just come for nothing . Come, let me take a look at this little fella’s injuries . ”

New Moon City’s largest sect that occupied this entire mountain, actually turned into “a quite small sect” in his mouth . However, no one present felt that it was funny or inappropriate . What a joke, who was he? He was the Eccentric God Hand from the Divine Phoenix Empire! The sects that someone like this had seen before would certainly be top notch even inside the Divine Phoenix Empire . Comparing Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect to those sects he visited in his travels, it’s probably even less than a fart; to call this Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect a 'small sect” was already gracious .

But his reason for deciding to heal him, was unexpectedly because he didn’t want to climb a mountain for nothing; this also cause everyone to be taken aback . But thinking back at his title “Eccentric God Hand”, they then thought that it was reasonable inside their heart; if his personality wasn’t eccentric, how could he be called the “Eccentric God Hand” .

Xiao Tiannan was overjoyed . He firmly remembered what Xiao Baicao had told him and his expression changed into one with extreme sincerity and respect: “Then many thanks to Senior Huangfu . My son’s state of injuries is tied to this insignificant sect’s future, please be sure to exhibit the brandishing of Senior’s god hand and restore my son’s meridians and profound veins . Our sect will be endlessly grateful from top to bottom… Ah, if Senior have any orders or needs, please do tell without reservation . ”

Yun Che didn’t say anything as he very ungracefully threw the flag and medicine case onto the ground . He then stroked his beard and leisurely walked in front of Xiao Luocheng’s bed . Hm, isn’t this title of Eccentric God hand pretty good . It just so happens that he didn’t need to constrain himself when doing things; since he is “eccentric” after all .

As the doctors saw this genius doctor walk toward Xiao Luocheng, they scrambled toward him one after another . If they could see a genius doctor of this level at work, even a single glance would definitely prove to be eternally beneficial . But Xian Tiannan lowly coughed and threw at them a solemn glance . The heart of the doctors simultaneously tightened; they could only unwillingly walk out of the Medicinal Hall with their heads lowered .

“Zaihe, go warn these doctors; none of them are allowed to spread word that this Senior is Huangfu He . If even the tiniest bit of rumor leaked out, my Xiao Sect would definitely not easily forgive them . ” Xiao Tiannan said with a dreary voice . If this information really got out, it will certainly instigate a huge uproar . It would be natural that countless people would come here to get diagnosed and perhaps, even those super sects would be attracted here .

“I understand . ” Xiao Zaihe withdrew with quick steps .

There were two people left in the room; Xiao Tiannan and Yun Che . Xiao Tiannan treaded lightly and carefully walked toward him . He found that “Genius Doctor” was currently holding Xiao LuoCheng’s wrist with his eyes closed, without any movements at all . He forced himself to be patient and waited for a long time, but finally couldn’t hold back and spoke: “Senior, about my son’s injuries…”

Yun Che opened his eyes and removed his hand from Xiao Luocheng’s body . He stroke his beard and said: “The broken arm doesn’t matter much, and the injuries meridians and Profound Vein are also only small matters . But for the profound strength, he’ll have to start over and cultivate it from the very beginning . ”

Injuries this severe was unexpectedly only considered 'small matters” from this “genius doctor” mouth . Even though Xiao Baicao had told him earlier that these kind of injuries could only be seen as a light injury in the eyes of genius doctors at this level, Xiao Tiannan’s heart still cramped for while . He thought in his heart; as expected of a genius doctor that was considered top-notch even in the Divine Phoenix Empire, his realm was entirely not something that ordinary people could possibly imagine .

“Go, and find a few people that understand herbal medicine and help me fetch a few types of medicinal herbs . ” Yun Che swung his hand with the posture of an expert .

“Certainly . Our Sect already possesses a medicinal garden . Moreover we also have a heritage of a thousand years, and hundreds of years of accumulated stock . Unless it’s something too precious, it’s possible to find everything in our sect . ”

Not long after, Xiao Tiannan brought six people with him and rushed back . Yun Che stroked his beard and said with leisure: “A piece of Warm Net Jade that’s at least two hundred and fifty grams, with purity over eight and half out of ten; three petals of Purple Heart Lotus; one stalk of Dragon’s Blood Ginger that’s over twenty years in age; fifty drops of Morning Dew; ten stalks of Phoenix Liver Grass; one and half kilos of mud from deep water… . . ”

Altogether, Yun Che named over a dozen materials in a row, and then warned with a serious tone: “All of these materials are indispensable . The amount can only be more and not less, and the age can only be higher yet not lower . Bring them to me within an hour . Oh, and also, fetch me a box of silver needles . ”

Xiao Tiannan secretly sighed a breath of relief; although he had asked for many things, they were all not very rare and the sect had large amounts of them in stock . With a wave of his hand, he made the people he brought to go fetch with top speed… In less than half an hour, all the items that Yun Che requested were brought together . He stood up and said: “I’m borrowing your medicinal pellet furnace . Furthermore, I do not like to be disturbed when refining medicine . All of you, the further away you are, the better . ”

“Yes yes, this junior will definitely remember Senior’s words . ” Xiao Tiannan hastily nodded . His respectful mannerism made those disciples that came to deliver medicinal materials dumbfounedly stare .

After Yun Che had gone into the Medicinal Pellet Room, Xiao Tiannan made over a dozen disciple stand guard thirty steps away, as to prevent anyone from going near . As he went in, he didn’t come out even after four hours . And at this time, Xiao Baicao came back .

“How was it? Did you acquire any reliable information?” Xiao Tiannan asked .

Xiao Baicao nodded and said with a lowered voice: “Black Moon Merchant Guild used the Ten Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Talisman to contact the Main Guild within Divine Phoenix Empire and received news that the Eccentric God Hand had already disappeared a year ago from the Divine Phoenix area, and no one had spotted him for an entire year . It was said that he could be traveling and visiting the other countries… . It can’t be wrong! This person, is undoubtedly Huangfu He!”

“Phew, that’s great, that’s truly great!” Xiao Tiannan let out a long breath of relief and then cautiously asked: “You didn’t let Black Moon Merchant Guild notice anything, did you?”

Xiao Baicao spoke: “Sect Master can be at ease, they definitely did not . I used the Young Sect Master’s injuries as the reason to seek the famous Medical Saint Huangfu He, and went to buy the information . Right now, everyone inside New Moon City knows about Young Sect Master’s injuries so Black Moon Merchant Guild wouldn’t be suspicious at all . They also definitely wouldn’t expect, that Huangfu He actually came to New Moon City… How is Young Sect Master’s injuries now? Has Huangfu He already begun to save him?”

Before Xiao Tiannan even answered, the Medicinal Hall’s door was already pushed open as Yun Che walked out with slow steps .

The two frantically went up and greeted him . With a face full of hope, Xiao Tiannan said: “Senior, about my son’s injuries… . ”

“He’ll wake up in half a cup of tea’s time, go ask him yourself . I’ll need to rest for a bit; arrange me a room that’s quiet enough . In addition, get someone to prepare a pot of Heart Refreshing Tea, and bring it to me along with a meal . When I’m in my room, without my instructions, no one is allowed to arbitrarily disturb me… . Oh, also, this little fella’s body is currently too weak . Without my instructions, don’t give him anything to eat . Keep that in mind!”

Both Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao nodded like chicks pecking rice grains . They firmly memorized Yun Che’s words and didn’t dare to even miss a single word . Then, they immediately ordered people to prepare a room for Yun Che . As they walked into the Medicinal Pellet Room, they discovered that Xiao Luocheng had indeed, regained consciousness .

“Father…” As he saw Xiao Tiannan walk in, Xiao Luocheng shifted his body and emitted an extremely rough voice .

Xiao Tiannan hastily walked over and as he was just about to speak, he surprisingly discovered that the color on Xiao Luocheng’s face was unexpectedly much better than before . At the very least, it wasn’t a paper-like ghastly white color, but had a little bit of a blood color . His entire left arm was completely wrapped up with a layer of very thick medicinal paste, and emitted a extremely pungent smell .

“Luocheng, how do you feel right now? Do you feel any better?”

Xiao Luocheng moved his lips, and the pain that came from this body caused the muscles on his face to slightly cramp: “Left arm… Very painful…”

“What? You said your left arm hurts? Your left arm really hurts?” After hearing Xiao Cheng’s words, Xiao Baicao lost his composure and shouted . Xian Tiannan was first dumbfounded for a moment, but was also able to immediately understand right after; Xiao Luocheng’s left arm was broken into dozens of pieces, and the nerves and meridians were entirely broken along with it, so it was virtually impossible for him to feel pain anymore… . Yet now, he actually had said that his left arm was hurting!

Xiao Tiannan’s facial expressions immediately became one of excitement and he quickly grabbed Xiao Luocheng’s right wrist . After a few short breaths of time, he fiercely stood up, and was unexpectedly feverish to the point of not knowing what to do with his hands and feet: “This… This… This… . The meridians of Luocheng’s left arms are actually unobstructed in a few places and all the broken bones are also connected together… . The broken meridians of his upper body also feel to be faintly alive… . How… How is this possible!!”

Xiao Baicao was extremely shocked as he heard his words and also quickly pinched Xiao Luocheng’s right wrist . After examining for sometime, he yelled out loud: “Genius doctor… . No! A Medical Saint! As expected of a Medical Saint! In just a mere four hours, he was actually able to recover a grave injury that originally couldn’t be healed, to such an extent! If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I absolutely wouldn’t believe that this degree of divine-like medical skill existed in this world!”

“I had originally thought that my own medical skills are already considered brilliant . Seeing this Eccentric God Hand’s healing expertise with my own eyes, I finally understand that in these years, I was virtually looking at the sky while sitting in a well . Sect Master, like I’ve said before, not only would Young Sect Master fully recover, but may even profit from this disaster!”

“That’s great, that’s truly great . ” Xiao Tiannan couldn’t control the joyfulness on his face no matter how much he tried, and the last bit of suspicion in his heart about this “Eccentric God Hand’s” identity also vanished without a trace . Suppressing his excitement, he said to Xiao Luocheng: “Luocheng, be at ease, your injuries will definitely be healed . ”

Xiao Luocheng face was full of pain . After a long while, he finally squeezed out a few words with difficulty: “If I don’t get revenge… I vow that I’m not human anymore!”

“Heh heh,” Xiao Tiannan laughed with ease: “That Yun Che is nothing but a lowlife; to kill him, is virtually no different from squashing an ant . I had at first, wanted to destroy him myself, but I’ve now changed my mind . This debt, Luocheng should personally repay it . Even though your meridians and profound veins are entirely shattered, you don’t need to worry about anything anymore . Your father here has already found the most amazing genius doctor in this Profound Sky Continent for you; under his hands, all of your injuries, even including your meridians and profound veins, can be fully recovered . Moreover, this genius doctor also knows the divine technique, the ‘One Finger Profound Opening’ . If you could get on his good side, he can easily make your aptitude better than before! Not long after, you’ll be able to take revenge with your own hands!”

“When you meet him, you must call respectfully call him Senior Huangfu! You must treat him with respect, with even more respect than if you are to meet the Grand Elder! If you truly can get on his good side, then this grave injury of yours is not a disaster, but a great fortune! A great fortune that’s enough to let you excel in Xiao Sect’s Main Sect! When that time comes, perhaps you may even want to thank that Yun Che brat . ”

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