Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 71

Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – The Battle That Shook the City (5)

Yun Che’s words made the hearts of New Moon Profound Palace disciples feel incomparably refreshed . Li Hao’s injuries had already stabilized as he straightened his back, clenched his fist tightly, and watched the pitiful scenery of Xuan Yu that passed out on the floor . Never in his life had he vented so much anger . He felt extremely grateful towards Yun Che because he knew that if it wasn’t for Yun Che, he would never, in this lifetime, have the chance to payback this debt to Xuan Yu… . . Let alone pay it back in folds .

Five moves to win; the first two were two slaps on the face, the second two was a pair of panda eyes, and the final one was an immediate knock-out… . How was this an exchange of pointers; this was a humiliation comparable to being skinned alive! When cursing, one shouldn’t pinpoint shortcomings, and when striking, one shouldn’t strike the face; however, Yun Che took it all out on Xuan Yu’s face . It was not because Yun Che had vicious intentions; it was due to Xuan Yu’s malicious intentions which severely injured Xia Yuanba, that stirred his true fury .

As disciples of the Profound Heart Sect, how could they still keep a steady face, when their hearts overflowed with rage; when they’ve been ridiculed by a disciple of New Moon Profound Palace, whom they had always looked down upon? One amongst them abruptly stood up and spoke while facing Qin Wuyou: “Palace Chief Qin, today is your appointment date and us Profound Heart Sect came here in good faith to sincerely congratulate you . Our disciples exchanging pointers was also just to liven things up, but not only did your disciple act viciously, he even insulted my Profound Heart Sect’s disciples… . if I may ask, is this how your New Moon Profound Palace shows hospitality?”

“Hahahaha……” Qin Wuyou had not even replied, yet Yun Che had actually started to laugh heartily: “I really don’t know how thick the skin on your face has to be, to actually dare say such a thing . Your Profound Heart Sect disciple Xuan Yu seriously injured two of our New Moon Profound Palace disciples in a row . You’d have to be blind to not have seen him maliciously injure them on purpose . Furthermore, he even mocked and ridiculed our New Moon Profound Palace, but no one from your sect stopped him, and instead laughed and jeered on . So is this the sincerity your Profound Heart Sect was talking about? Such a joke is even worse than a load of bull!”

Qin Wuyou intended to get up, but after hearing Yun Che’s retort, he sat back down with a smile; he sat as motionless as a mountain, but was secretly surprised, this kid… .

“You!!” The person from Profound Heart Sect never would have thought that a young disciple from New Moon Profound Palace would actually dare to point at his nose and condemn him; in addition, every single sentence hit the vitals and left him with no rebuttal .

“At the moment, I’ve only just injured one of your disciples, and you guys started to jumped out to question our Palace Chief Qin . In that case, when Xuan Yu injured our disciples earlier, where were you guys then? Were your eyes all blind? Or is it… . . that this is your Profound Heart Sect’s style all along?” Yun Che insidiously continued, and didn’t stop as he was ahead .

For a long time now, New Moon Profound Palace disciples had always felt a sense of inferiority when confronted with the seven sects . Even if the seven sects openly or covertly suppressed them, they had no choice but to endure; because they were unwilling to spark conflict with any one of the seven sects . Not mentioning the disciples, even the elders would not dare to berate the seven sects in this way .

But Yun Che had just joined the Profound Palace, and was only a sixteen year old disciple; nevertheless, in the presence of Profound Heart Sect’s Head Elder, he had pointed at the Profound Heart Sect’s disciple and scolded him until his entire body trembled all over . The rest of the people from Profound Heart Sect were livid .

Satisfaction!! Genuine satisfaction… . . The people from Profound Heart Sect had unsightly looks as if they had just eaten a pile of dung . Whereas the New Moon Profound Palace disciples’ hearts were satisfied to the point that their bodies had almost floated away . New Moon Profound Palace was completely reasonable in this matter . Xuan Yu maliciously injuring people was plain for all to see . Even though it was so, excluding Yun Che, no one else dared to berate and mock Profound Heart Sect in this way . But Yun Che dared to… . . He had yelled out what they had not dared to yell out, and he had condemned the people they had not dared to condemn .

“Ah, it really is a new born calf who’s not afraid of a tiger . ” Stated a middle-aged man from the Xiao Sect’s Outer Sect .

“His imposing manner is not bad and his innate ability is passable, for New Moon Profound Palace to produce a disciple like this is rather rare . ” Xiao Luocheng held onto a cup of wine as he squinted his eyes to appreciate the small ripples at the center and appeared, as if he wasn’t concerned about what had just happened in the Main Palace: “Unfortunately, he is a little insolent and foolish . To dare to offend Profound Heart Sect in this way; does he really believe that New Moon Profound Palace is capable of protecting him?”

The complexion of New Moon Profound Palace elders fluctuated . Yun Che defeating Xuan Yu allowed New Moon Profound Palace to let out a huge breath of relief . What he had said after that had let them feel even more refreshed at heart, but this had put Profound Heart Sect on the spot . Profound Heart Sect was one of the seven major sects of New Moon City, and for them, a colossus in this city, to be offended by a mere sixteen years old this way… . . Even New Moon Profound Palace may not be able to guarantee his safety .

The gaze of the Profound Heart Sect that looked toward Yun Che became solemn, yet Yun Che appeared as if he was oblivious to this . He slightly turned his body, looked at everyone present, and proudly stated: “Our New Moon Profound Palace is appointed by the Imperial Family, but naturally cannot compare to the resources and heritage of your long standing sects . However, our New Moon Profound Palace disciples will never consider themselves inferior to anyone whatsoever, and definitely will not stand being bullied or humiliated! One that humiliates, will in turn be humiliated! For Profound Heart Sect’s Xuan Yu to maliciously injure my senior and junior in front of my eyes, as a New Moon Profound Palace disciple, there’s no reason for me to treat him with courtesy . Otherwise, wouldn’t New Moon City ridicule New Moon Profound Palace disciples as cowards who can only submit, even after being bullied and humiliated? If you’re discontent and is incapable of accepting this, you can come up and give me some guidance . I’ve heard that there are quite a number of talents in New Moon City’s seven major sects; since I am just an ordinary disciple from New Moon Profound Palace, I really want to know… . How many people would you need to make me… . step down from here!”

These words violently stirred the expressions of everyone in the Main Palace .

If the preceding parts of this statement was an impassioned speech, then the last sentence was complete arrogance! Complete arrogance to the extreme! Because hidden meaning within these words,meant that an ordinary disciple of New Moon Profound Palace, was unexpectedly challenging the seven major sects… . in contempt!

“What a complete fool!” Murong Ye snorted from his nose, and said while sneering .

“Even if Junior Brother Yun was bathing in the limelight just now, this is too arrogant and reckless… . ” That was what the majority of New Moon Profound Palace disciples thought in their hearts . Especially the disciples who have been in New Moon City for a long time; they clearly knew the astonishing strength the seven major sects possessed . Although Yun Che defeated Xuan Yu, he was still only at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm . Any one talent from the seven major sects of the same age group could completely oppress him . Not only were his words ridiculing, it also… . humiliated himself .

“This-this-this……” Sikong Han’s face was full of anxiety as his body trembled; he could not help himself from wanting to get up to stop Yun Che . But in this kind of situation, it was fundamentally impossible for him to say something to stop him .

“Apparently, calling him foolish is still thinking too highly of him… . He’s a total moron . ” Xiao Luocheng put down the cup of wine as he laughed in disdain . A sixteen year old breaking into the first level of the Nascent Profound of Realm was indeed considered a pretty good innate talent; even in the seven major sects, he would be classified as top-tier . However, to lean on this one fact and dare be this arrogant, it was practically the same as a little clown’s animated performance .

While also at the age of sixteen, Xiao Luocheng was already the number one in this generation of youths in New Moon City, and this was because he was already at the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm! He nearly surpassed Yun Che by an entire realm! Considering his level, when faced with Yun Che’s current attitude and words, it indeed was like a genuinely strong practitioner looking at an arrogant little clown .

“Hahahaha! You’re killing me! The fact that a loser at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm, who luckily defeated Profound Heart Sect’s Xuan Yu with a Profound Movement Skill, would actually dare be this arrogant; he truly can’t tell the differences between heaven and earth . Watch your daddy come teach you a lesson!”

Following this voice full of ridicule, a lone person leapt high in the air and landed in front of Yun Che . A youngster provocatively stared at him with disdain . Once he appeared, quite a few people from New Moon Profound Palace immediately yelled out his name .

“It’s Cloudy Sun Sect’s Yan Ming! It’s said that his innate talent is ranked in the top five of Cloudy Sun Sect’s younger generation! Only sixteen years old, and is already a third ranker of the Nascent Profound Realm, who has even mastered a bit of the Burning Sun Art!

Yan Ming raised his palm, and after a *poof* sounded from the hollow of his palm, a red-colored flame rose to about half a foot high: “Yan Ming, Cloudy Sun Sect, sixteen years and seven months old . Remember this uncle’s name because this uncle is about to teach you how to behave!”

“Heh, really?” Faced with Yan Ming’s Fire Attribute Profound Art, Yun Che undauntingly sneered: “I’m afraid that in the end, you’re the one who’s going to be taught how to behave . ”

He thought to himself: Playing with fire in front of me? That’s simply dying without even knowing how you died!

“Seems like you’re only full of words . Hey, properly use that Profound Movement Skill from earlier, because that’ll only let you hold out for a little while longer . Come, run along in the wake of my flame, and let all these people see your fleeting figure, hahahaha… . . Cloudy Sun Chain!”

Amidst his wild laughter, both of Yan Ming’s hands suddenly lashed out . Within a split second, two waves of scorching energy with the thickness of an arm each shot out from his palms; as two flaming chains ferociously crossed a few meters to wrap toward Yun Che’s body .

“Cloudy Sun Chain! He actually used Cloudy Sun Sect’s signature skill! Yan Ming is only at the third level of the Nascent Profound Realm, yet he’s already able to use such a frightening Fire Attribute Profound Skill! That’s simply unbelievable!” New Moon Profound Palace’s Class Two Elder said in alarm .

“With this level of Cloudy Sun Chain, it would even be hard for those in the sixth level of the Nascent Profound Realm to resist; Yun Che this time… . . I hope his Profound Movement Skill will be able to keep him from getting a severe injury . ” Sighed another elder .

“Using Cloudy Sun Chain to deal with an arrogant kid at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm; that’s as overkill as killing a chicken with a butcher knife meant for bulls . ” An eighteen year old disciple from Cloudy Sun Sect said as he curled his lips .

Two whips of Cloudy Sun Chains danced about like ferocious flame dragons as they emitted a temperature that could make one suffocate . Yun Che quickly dodged by moving three paces to the side, but it was as if the two chains had eyes; they suddenly changed directions and coiled towards Yun Che with an even faster speed . It appeared as if Yun Che couldn’t dodge it anymore, for he actually reached out with his hands, and directly grabbed at the chains .

“F*ck! Does he not want his hands anymore?”

“Tch, he must have been scared silly, and completely lost his mind . With this, unless Yan Ming lets him go, the meridians in his arms will burn, and he could be considered to be crippled for life . ”

Seeing Yun Che’s course of action, Yan Ming laughed in his heart: To actually attempt to grab my Cloudy Sun Chains with your right hand? Hahahaha, everyone can clearly see that this was what you’ve brought upon yourself, and when your hand is crippled, it wouldn’t be my fault at all!”

Many from New Moon Profound Palace’s side cried out in shock; but in this brief flash of time, it was simply impossible for anyone to react, as Yun Che’s hand had already tightly grabbed onto the two Cloudy Sun Chains……

Everyone from New Moon Profound Palace collectively held their breaths, and some of the female disciples had already shut their eyes, unable to bear to watch what was about to unfold . However, there was no sound of being burnt; nor did Yun Che’s palm emit any smoke; nor did his palm catch on fire . In the instant Yun Che had seized the two chains, the Cloudy Sun Chains were like two noodles that could snap with just a slight tug, and immediately broke apart in Yun Che’s hands .

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