Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 68

Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – The Battle That Shook the City (2)

All the guests had finally arrived, and it was time for the banquet to begin . Qin Wuyou returned to his seat, held a cup of wine in his hands, and announced in a clear voice: “Just for the sake of this Qin’s appointment matter, our esteemed guests have taken time out of their busy schedule in order to grace this Qin with their presence; this Qin is truly fortunate . Since it is this Qin’s first time in New Moon City, this Qin’s knowledge regarding the affairs of New Moon City is quite poor . From now on, this Qin hopes that all who are present will not be too stingy in bestowing this Qin with their assistance . This wine cup, is this Qin’s first toast to you all!”

As he finished his speech, Qin Wuyou raised his wine cup and downed it in one gulp .

One after another, the guests had also raised their cups to toast as well . Every kind of spoken blessing had also continuously came, one after the other:

“Haha, Palace Chief Qin is too polite, if you ever need our Azure Dragon Group’s assistance for anything in the future, please do not hesitate to call upon us . ”

“Hearing that Palace Chief Qin was formerly from the Imperial City’s Blue Wind Profound Palace, really incites feelings of aspiration in our hearts! With the appointment of Palace Chief Qin, I believe New Moon Profound Palace is definitely on the road to remarkable success . ”

“Palace Chief Qin’s profound strength is deep and unmeasurable; I’m afraid he may already be over the fifth level of the Earth Profound Realm or even higher . It really makes us feel great respect for him and ashamed of ourselves . ”

The atmosphere had become lively all of a sudden, and those who were sucking up to curry favor with the new Palace Chief were naturally from the medium and small sects . Members of the seven major sects had remained aloof, and only occasionally said some words out of courtesy .

As they continuously toasted, the gazes of the disciples of the seven major sects had been aimed in the direction of the disciples of New Moon Profound Palace . They were clearly selecting their opponents for the upcoming challenge battle . The disciples of New Moon Profound Palace each wore a heavy expression, yet upheld an imposing manner that did not betray the slightest trace of weakness . A few Great Elders had repeatedly evaluated the average strength of the disciples of the seven major sects, and could only sigh in succession in their hearts… . Although each major sect had only a small number of disciples, it was clear that they had gone through a meticulous selection process . Each of them had astonishing innate talent, and greatly surpassed the Palace’s elites of the same age . They originally thought that these years of growth in New Moon Profound Palace had already closed the gap in between, but when faced with the current situation, that sort of thinking had really just been an overindulgence of a fantasy .

Even if New Moon Profound Palace had Lan Xueruo, she alone, was not enough to turn this situation around . It seems that this time, they had no choice but to follow the disastrous conclusion they faced five years ago . Ah, that’s also something that couldn’t be helped; the background and resources of the Profound Palace simply was incapable of being on par with the several hundred years of heritage that the great sects possessed .

“This atmosphere is indeed quite subtle . It seems like this princess will soon have a good show to watch . ” Jasmine said .

“What do think the outcome would be, when New Moon Profound Palace’s elite disciples spars with the seven major sects?” Yun Che probingly asked .

“In regards to those in the same age group, disciples of the seven major sects on average, are higher by two to three levels than disciples of the New Moon Profound Palace; does this princess still need to tell you what the outcome will be?” Jasmine replied in an indifferent tone .

“That drastic of a difference?” Yun Che’s eyebrows slightly sank . It was still possible to compete against those whose cultivation was higher by half a level, but it was fundamentally hopeless, when against someone who was a level higher on average . As for those higher by two to three levels… . If it were really like this; New Moon Profound Palace’s desire to not repeat a past disastrous event was completely just a dream . It seemed that the newly appointed Palace Chief could only watch this show of power, and see how much he could endure .

“Hmph, if only considering that Burning Heaven Clan and Xiao Sect, the average difference is closer to four or five levels!” added Jasmine .

“… . I want to know, how many levels higher are you in comparison to them . ” Yun Che asked pensively .

“Compared to them? Are you insulting this princess?” Jasmine’s voice held a faint sound of anger .

*Coughcough* “There was completely no intention of that, I was merely asking on a whim . ”

A thirteen year old super-monster of a loli who could rapidly dispatch a Dragon of the Emperor Profound! What sect geniuses, what New Moon’s number one of the young generation; in her presence, they couldn’t even be regarded as poop . Even Yun Che himself felt that comparing Jasmine to them was indeed the same as insulting her honor… .

Qin Wuyou clearly had the ability to control large occasions; the wine had gone through three rounds, and the entire banquet’s bustling atmosphere was extraordinary as all kinds of cheers, laughter, and talk unceasingly continued . Even Yun Che who did not drink, was heartily enjoying himself on the feast that accompanied the wine . There was a long lasting exchange of glances that passed between the disciples of the Profound Palace and disciples of the other sects . Following this exchange of glances, the atmosphere became increasingly hostile; even a random spark could happen any moment and trigger an explosive reaction .

At that moment, Profound Heart Sect’s Head Elder Xuan Duanao stood up, with his wine cup in hand, and loudly announced: “This cup, is this old man’s toast to Palace Chief Qin, on behalf of Profound Heart Sect’s wish that he may soon lead New Moon Profond Palace, to send tremors throughout the four oceans . ” After finishing, Xuan Ao drained his cup in one gulp, put the cup down, and continued: “However, the banquet up till now, even though there are many esteemed guests present, still feels as if it’s lacking something; it just isn’t lively enough . Since Palace Chief Qin has only been newly appointed, he ought to have not yet become familiar with New Moon Profound Palace, and in all likelihood, would want to know the current strength of the palace’s disciples . Actually, this old man has a suggestion; why don’t we let a few of our younger disciples of the same age range exchange pointers? It may even liven things up, deepen the relationship amongst them, and Palace Chief Qin would get to gauge the current strength of the palace’s disciples . Wouldn’t it be like getting three birds with one stone?”

“Right! Elder Xuan’s suggestion is wonderful!”

“What a great three birds with one stone!”

“What a great idea! Then what are we waiting for, let’s begin right away; I believe Palace Chief Qin would certainly not be opposed to this . ”

As Xuan Ao’s voice was about to drop, loud applause and cheers unceasingly came ,one after another, from the seven sects side . As for the Great Elders of New Moon Profound Palace, they sighed in their hearts… . . What is to come, nevertheless must come . A new Palace Chief was appointed in New Moon Profound Palace every five years, and every time this took place, the seven sects would come to display their strength; it has already gotten to the point that this became the typical norm .

The seven great sects all responded alike as their disciples all stood up while rubbing their hands, eager for battle . Even if Qin Wuyou wanted to oppose, there was no way he could . However, he was clearly calm and collected; He stood up to smile, and nodded: “Elder Xuan’s suggestion is not bad . Then, how should we go about in exchanging pointers?”

“That’s simple!” Xuan Ao laughed out loud and said: “Our little juniors are different from us as they are in the initial stages where a person’s age determines their step towards heaven; therefore, it’s only fair to use age as the factor in these exchanging of pointers . Of course, a younger person may challenge an older person; winning this way will only be even more brilliant, hahahaha . ”

Xuan Ao’s last statement coupled with his laughter clearly meant one thing: Even if our side is younger, we will still be able to beat those who are older on your side .

“Since this idea was proposed by this old man, then we’ll start with my Profound Heart Sect… Xuan Yu, you’re up! Don’t forget to state your age . ”

“Yes, Elder!”

The youngster who was called out from the Profound Heart Sect appeared to be sixteen or seventeen years old, and he was actually the youngest of the lot of Profound Heart Sect disciples that came; he had a thin, but well-toned body . With a rush of energy, he leapt high from his seat onto the center of the hall . With both hands cupped behind his back, he then swept his defiant eyes towards the seated New Moon Profound Palace disciples: “This one is Profound Heart Sect’s useless disciple Xuan Yu, sixteen years old . Who will come up and advise me?”

Once Xuan Yu entered stepped onto the stage, all the elders from New Moon Profound Palace became silent . … This Xuan Yu was only really only sixteen years old, but he was already at second level of the Nascent Profound Realm! Being Elders, of course they knew of their own internal strength; in New Moon Profound Palace, the most powerful of the sixteen year olds were only at the first level of the Nascent Profound Realm . Moreover, these disciples from the seven sects had their own sect’s profound arts . Even if they were of the same rank, New Moon Profound Palace’s disciples basically had no chance of winning at all; therefore, don’t even bother to mention going against one with a lower rank .

What was even harder to accept, was that this Xuan Yu, amongst all the seven sects’ disciples here today, would only be considered mid-tier and absolutely not their top-tier .

Xuan Yu stood there for quite a while, but there was no response from New Moon Profound Palace’s side at all . The smile on Xuan Yu’s face had already changed into a sneer . The people from the seven sects also looked on with contempt . If the situation was to go on like this, there would not be even “exchanging of pointers”, but instead, New Moon Profound Palace would lose face to the utmost degree . Sikong Han waved his hand: “Li Hao, you’re up!”


Li Hao, who was called out to action, leaped from the disciple seating area to stand in front of Xuan Yu, resolutely said: “New Moon Profound Palace Class One’s Li Hao, please advise me!”

“Hehe, needless to say, I’ll properly give you some advice . ” Xuan Yu laughed as he replied with obvious sarcasm . Since New Moon Profound Palace was oppressed by them, the disciples of the seven sects always felt superior than the disciples of New Moon Profound Palace . In turn, disciples of New Moon Profound Palace were able to be cocky in front of mid-tier sects, but in front of the seven sects, they could not even lift their heads .

“Humph!” The contempt in Xuan Yu’s eyes angered Li Hao as he roared; he concentrated profound energy into his right arm and smashed towards Xuan Yu’s face with an ear-piercing sound .

“Hehe, only at this level?”

Xuan Yu smirked as he brought up his right hand, which suddenly flashed with a layer of purple light .

“It’s Profound Heart Sect’s Profound Art —— Purple Sun Art!” One of the Elders of New Moon Profound Palace growled .

New Moon Profound Palace and the seven sects did not just have a disparity in profound strength, but also in profound arts! The major sects spent centuries refining their profound arts, which have also been passed down through the generations . These profound arts were all secrets of their respective sects, and they would never be taught to an outsider . If the New Moon Profound Palace wanted to teach their disciples profound arts, they would have to create it first . In addition, New Moon Profound Palace’s profound skills were for the most part, low-tier, definitely inferior to those of the seven sects’ .

The purple energy in Xuan Yu’s palm boiled like hot water as he clasped his hand into a fist and struck straight towards Li Hao’s fist… . . two simple fists, with no one using a profound skill .

As the two fists collided, a purple light burst forth and there was only a sound of *ka-cha* as Li Hao’s fist became dislocated . He revealed a painful expression as his upper body was pushed back from the force . Xuan Yu let out an insidious laugh as his left fist suddenly stuck out; it had the same purple layer of light and ruthlessly smashed towards Li Hao’s abdomen; but this time, it was not just a simple fist, but rather, Profound Heart Sect’s most powerful profound skill…

“Purple Cloud Palm!”

*BANG!* The purple colored fist severely smashed deep into Li Hao’s abdomen . Li Hao’s complexion immediately became incomparably pale, barely letting out a groan as he was sent flying; he flipped several times in the air and violently crashed onto the floor . The blood in his chest rolled about and with a *pu* sound, he finally vomited out an arrow of blood . He laid face down on the floor with both hands clutching his stomach, and was already unable to stand back up .

“Li Hao!”

“Junior Brother Li!!”

Two disciples from the New Moon Profound Palace quickly rushed out to help support the defeated Li Hao back . All the disciples from the New Moon Profound Palace felt perturbed in their hearts . Li Hao and Xuan Yu were of similar ages; their profound strengths only differed by one rank . Even if he could not win, he should have at least been able to hold out for a while . However, just after the two faced off, Li Hao had been utterly crushed .

When they heard what happened five years ago; when the disciples of the seven sects had beaten their senior brothers and sisters ten times in a row, they were discontent and refused to accept it in their hearts . But after the end of this first “exchange of pointers”, they all felt a chill in their hearts .

“You let me win . ” Xuan Yu smiled . In that earlier fight; from start to finish, he had not wasted a single bit of energy . Moreover, he still had not left the stage, but rather, just stood where he originally was . As he looked towards the disciples of the New Moon Profound Palace and said: “I wonder who would be the next friend from New Moon Profound Palace that’s coming to exchange some pointers?”

“Tch, this kid seems like he’s addicted to being in the limelight . ” A disciple of the Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion scoffed .

“Alas, there’s no meaning in oppressing these rookies, this is just playing around . ” Another person sneered .

To be defeated this fiercely with only two maneuvers, it made all the sixteen years old disciples of New Moon Profound Palace nervous in their hearts; none of them dared to take the stage . This was because Li Hao was considered the most powerful out of the sixteen year olds in New Moon Profound Palace; if any other sixteen year old were to go up, they would only be inviting humiliation .

“Huh? What’s going on? Don’t tell me friends from the New Moon Profound Palace are all a bunch of turtles?” Xuan Yu jeered, but had a sudden change in his facial expression and lightly slapped his own face: “Look at this mouth of mine, it really doesn’t know what it’s saying . This is the Profound Palace appointed by the magnificent Imperial Family; the disciples are supposed to be the best, how can they be turtles . It must be that it’s beneath them to advise this little brother? Now how should we handle this? Little brother here is going to be bold and pick someone to challenge . If I win, it’s naturally due to luck, but if I lose, I will immediately leave this stage, and everyone present won’t have to hear my jokes anymore . ”

The people from the seven sects’ side immediately all bursted into laughter .

Without even waiting for a response from New Moon Profound Palace’s side, Xuan Yu extended his hand to point at a single person: “That big-framed senior brother over there, from the looks of it, you must be quite powerful . Please advise this little brother here for a bit .

The person he had pointed to… . was none other than Xia Yuanba!

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