Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 67

Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – The Battle That Shook the City

As Yun Che and Xia Yuanba walked into the main hall, and just happened to run into Murong Ye . He glanced at them and said in an unfriendly manner: “What are the two of you doing here? Do you know what kind of banquet this is? Leave at once!”

“It was Elder Sikong who allowed us to come . ” Xia Yuanba said whilst restraining his rage .

“Elder Sikong? Allowed you two?” Murong Ye said with a disdainful laugh: “He let you two come to disgrace us? This is no ordinary banquet; in a little while, disciples of various schools will do battle . You two pieces of trash aren’t even considered to be any good; what can you two do, now that you’ve come here? Hmph, fine . Since the Elder has allowed you two to come, go inside . I’ll be frank; if you cause our New Moon Profound Palace to lose face, don’t blame this Senior for being too rough with your punishment . ”

He had followed behind Lan Xueruo for an entire afternoon . Even though Lan Xueruo had always smiled and spoke in a gentle voice, she had not looked directly at him even once . This made him store up an entire stomach’s full of unpleasantness . When he encountered Yun Che and Xia Yuanba, it just so happened that he found an outlet for his anger .

Even if Xia Yuanba had a better temperament, suddenly being verbally abused for no apparent reason would still stir up his anger . Yun Che tugged on his arm, and spoke with an indifferent tone: “Let’s enter . ”

As they entered the Main Palace, they saw Sikong Han waving at them, and made them seat themselves on the prearranged seating . Both of their seats were set at the very back, and very out of sight… . However, although the place where they sat wasn’t very noticeable, with Xia Yuanba’s figure placed there, it was impossible to not draw attention .

“Yun Che, Yuanba, should any duels occur later, I want the two of you to pay close attention . It would be best if the two of you manage to learn something from the fight . It has only been a short while since you two had joined the Profound Department, so it’s unlikely that anyone would challenge you two . Just stay in the back and watch safely . ” Sikong Han cautioned .

“Understood, Elder Sikong . ” Xia Yuanba nodded, and then sat down obediently .

Yun Che also slowly nodded, he looked around and noticed that around thirty disciples of the Profound Department were present . Unsurprisingly, every one of the thirty should be the elite disciples of New Moon Profound Palace . Out of the Profound Department’s three thousand disciples, only thirty came; each of them, without a doubt, were the best of the best . Soon after, Yun Che had spotted Lan Xuerou . She astonishingly sat in the center of the first row of disciples; her seating did not surprise Yun Che in the slightest . An eighteen year old at the eighth level of the Nascent Profound Realm, and was even a girl; that was considered to be a top talent even in the mid-upper level sects .

As for Yun Che, he also caught the attention of quite a few of the Profound Department’s disciples . All of those who were able to participate in this gathering, were the elites of their sects, and the competition amongst them would be fierce . Those familiar with this sort of gathering were very surprised at Xia Yuanba’s participation . Since Xia Yuanba’s strength was only at the sixth level of the Elementary Profound Realm, he was considered to be one of the weaker members within the Profound Department and thus, did not have the qualifications to be here . And Yun Che that came together with him, was a downright unfamiliar face .

“Hmm? Are you a new disciple here? Don’t think I’ve ever seen you around before?” A girl in a fiery-red attire who sat in front of Yun Che turned around, and asked as her eyes blinked with curiosity .

“Greeting Senior Sister . My name is Yun Che . I just joined the Profound Palace today . ” Yun Che slightly nodded, as his face gave off an extremely alluring and lethal smile .

For a split second, the girl felt as if she was shocked by an electric current . Her cheeks reddened somewhat, and she lightly cried out: “Wow! To have already broken into the Nascent Profound Realm at such a young age, no wonder you’ve been allowed to attend this banquet on the very first day you’ve been admitted . ”

“He’s my brother-in-law, of course he’d be awesome!” Xia Yuanba proudly announced . He seemed to be more happy when others praised Yun Che instead of himself .

“Ah? Brother-in-law? You’re already married?” asked the girl with pink lips as her eyes displayed obvious disappointment .

With great difficulty, Yun Che managed to restrain himself from strangling Xia Yuanba, and replied with a tranquil expression: “That’s right . Senior Sister being so beautiful, definitely should also be married already, right?”

“Hmph, I definitely won’t be getting married so early . Ah . That’s right, my name is Ye Hongling, Profound Department’s Class One, seventeen years old . If you have any problems in the future, just come find me!” The girl said with an air of honor .

“… . The pleasure is mine, Senior Sister . ”

Knowing that he made a mistake, Xia Yuanba lowered his head, shrank, and did not dare to speak to Yun Che for a long time .

At this time, the lead actor of the event, the newly appointed Palace Chief of New Moon Profound Palace, Qin Wuyou, had finally arrived . Qin Wuyou looked to be about sixty in age; his face held an expression of a gentle and unflustered calm, and a deep wisdom could be seen in his clear eyes . He emanated an extraordinary aura . Qin Wuyou was originally one of the elders of the Imperial Capital’s Profound Palace; he was specially assigned to New Moon Profound Palace as the Palace Chief, and his true strength was deep and unfathomable .

Qin Wuyou had already arrived in New Moon Profound Palace a month ago, and today was merely the official day of the newly-appointed’s banquet . In this short month, he had already bowled over each elder and disciple, and received their deepest respects . After taking the Palace Chief’s seat, all the representatives of the large sects followed at his heels, as if they had planned it beforehand .

“Hahahaha, Tie Zhancang of Iron Spear Clan, brings his son, Hengjun, to respectfully congratulate Palace Chief Qin on his appointment . ”

Following the voice of the hearty, clear laughter, one could see a middle-aged man and seven disciples striding in .

“That’s the current Clan Master of the Iron Spear Clan . ” Xia Yuanba whispered into Yun Che’s ear:: “The one following directly behind him is his youngest son, Tie Hengjun . Although he is young, he’s also shockingly talented . According to the rumours, he’s the top candidate who would become Iron Spear Clan’s future Clan Master . ”

“Palace Chief Qin, I trust that you’ve been well since we last met . When I chanced upon you half a month ago, Palace Chief Qin’s bearing had truly made a deep impression on me . Today I especially brought my son to come before you… This is a meagre gift, to show my respect to you .

Qin Wuyou personally rose from his seat and accepted the gift: “Iron Spear Clan’s Clan Master is really too polite . You personally came to give this old man face , so there should be no need to bring any gift . Your esteemed son is extraordinarily talented, and the way he conducts himself is out of the ordinary . In the future, he will definitely be a dragon amongst men, and perhaps, he may even far surpass you, his father . Hahahaha… . Come, please take a seat . ”

“Yuanba, this situation seems to be overly harmonious, I can’t sense any sort of fierce rivalry going on at all . ” Yun Che said as he rubbed his chin .

“Err… This, Iron Spear Clan’s reputation has always been good; even though their overall strength and influence surpasses our Profound Palace, their relationship with us can be considered as not bad . The other clans, however…”

Before finishing his sentence, the members of the Cloudy Sun Sect had arrived .

“Cloudy Sun Sect’s Head Elder Yan Zizai, congratulates Palace Chief Qin on his appointment . ”

Profound Heart Sect, Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion, and Stormy Profound Palace, all came one after the other, after Cloudy Sun Sect . Each clan brought along seven or eight disciples, and Qin Wuyou personally welcomed them . Only until the banquet was about to officially begin, did Burning Heaven Clan slowly arrived .

“Burning Heaven Clan’s Sixth Elder, Fen Hanyan, congratulates Palace Chief Qin on his appointment . ”

Burning Heaven Clan… . Or to be precise, Burning Heaven Clan’s outer sect located in New Moon City . The one in the lead was an old man clad entirely in red; his robe was completely embroidered in a crimson-red flame patterns . As he stepped into the Main Palace, everyone could clearly feel a blast of heat rush against their faces .

After Burning Heaven Clan’s outer sect, came Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect, and they were the last to arrive . The one in front who led the way was a youth who looked no older than seventeen! Behind him, was only a middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties, and six disciples no older than twenty .

“Junior Xiao Luocheng of Xiao Sect, meets Palace Chief Qin . ” As he entered the Main Palace, the youth calmly headed towards Qin Wuyou and followed the proper etiquette of a junior in a serene and refined manner . It was neither servile nor overbearing… . However as a junior who has come to pay respects to the opposite party who was a Palace Chief of the Imperial Family’s Profound Palace, not humbling himself was already a type of arrogance .

“It’s Xiao Luocheng!” Xia Yuanba drew in a sharp breath and immediately whispered in Yun Che’s ear: “Never thought he would come here! The first day I came to New Moon City, I’d already heard his name several times . He’s also sixteen, the same age as brother-in-law, but he’s already the Young Master of Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect . Not only that, he’s also publicly recognized as the number one of New Moon City’s younger generation!

“Number one?” Yun Che quickly glanced a few more times at Xiao Luocheng . Indeed, he looked pretty young, but there was a prominent maturity in his demeanor, and the place between his eyebrows was full of undisguised honor and pride . Those who saw him were filled with peculiar feelings… . of either astonishment, admiration, jealous envy, or perhaps even a shameful sense of inferiority .

“Right . In regards to innate talent, he is without a doubt, number one! He’s only sixteen, but has already reached the tenth level of the Nascent Profound Realm! I’ve heard that he’s not far from breaking through into the True Profound Realm as well . Brother-in-law, do you believe that?

Sixteen years old… . Tenth level of Nascent Profound Realm!?

Yun Che’s face was a fluster of emotions . He unconsciously looked at Lan Xueruo, and discovered that a deep layer of seriousness had covered her face .

“Heh-heh, Xiao Luocheng? This old man has heard of this well-known name . I didn’t expect that there would be a chance to meet the number one of New Moon City’s young generation . Your esteemed father did not come today?” Qin Wuyou asked as he laughed without worry .

“Palace Chief Qin’s praise is too much . Even though father had very much wanted to come in person to congratulate Palace Chief Qin on his appointment, he is unwell and cannot attend today; because of this, this junior is acting as his substitute . Please do not take offense to this . ” Xiao Luocheng’s face was all smiles as he conversed with warm words .

Qing Wuyou was one of the leaders of New Moon Profound Palace, so at his appointment banquet, each of the major sect’s leaders ought to have appeared in person to show the appropriate amount of respect . If not, then they should at least send a head elder . Of the seven major sects present, Iron Spear Clan, Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion, and Stormy Profound Palace’s Sect Masters had all personally arrived . As for Profound Heart Sect and Cloudy Sun Sect, they came with a Head Elder . Although Burning Heaven Clan’s outer sect was arrogant, they had still sent a Sixth Elder .

However this Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect, had actually sent a group of juniors!

Although Xiao Luocheng was extremely courteous, as long as one was not a fool or blind, they could see that this was obviously a kind of naked contempt .

“Hahahaha,” Qin Wuyou let out a hearty laugh, as if he did not mind at all: “Young Master of Xiao Sect, what are you saying? I’ve heard many things about Young Master’s elegant manners everyday . To finally be able to meet you today has already granted a wish of mine, so I am happy beyond words . Esteemed guests of the Xiao Sect, please be seated . ”

At this point, all the guests who were invited had already arrived . Xiao Sect’s Branch Sect and Burning Heaven Clan’s Outer Sect were naturally seated near the top . They were followed by the other five major sects, and was once again followed by New Moon City’s Governor Murong Hang’s seat; however, he was not even a little bit dissatisfied about the arrangement . The Murong family may stir up any amount of trouble they wanted in New Moon City, but that was only in the face of the little common sects . Even if he was New Moon City’s governor, in the presence of these seven major sects, he had to obediently tuck his tail between his legs and did not dare to even slightly offend them .

As for those medium-sized clans who were invited, they even more so, trembled in fear and trepidation; very rarely did they see a gathering of the seven major sects, let alone dare to offend any one of them .

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