Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 589

Chapter 586

Chapter 586 – Golden Crow’s Soul

The person who had arrived at the entrance of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was precisely the Little Demon Empress .

She stood in front of the Golden Crow Profound Formation with her grey sleeves swaying gently . She lifted up her arms, then slowly held up the Demon Emperor’s Seal . At that moment, the light that the Demon Emperor’s Seal released became even deeper and hotter, and it started to flicker slowly . The frequency of the flickering was completely synchronized with the silhouette of the Golden Crow in the center of the profound formation, as if it developed some kind of resonance .

The Little Demon Empress reached out her left hand, and gently cut her long, delicate fingers . Instantly, a drop of bright, red blood flew out from the tip of her finger and fell on the Demon Emperor’s Seal . At that moment, the Demon Emperor’s Seal flickered in flames, and a reddish-gold flame ascended and surrounded the Demon Emperor’s Seal in raging fire and didn’t go out for a long time .

The Little Demon Empress stretched her fingers, danced lightly, and at that moment, another drop of blood flew out from in between her fingers, painting a red trail as it flew directly towards the Golden Crow Profound Formation . It landed on the silhouette of the golden crow in the center of the profound formation . A ball of the same reddish-gold flames started burning in the center of the profound formation .

The Little Demon Empress held the Demon Emperor’s Seal, flew up, and in the instant when the Demon Emperor’s Seal touched the center of the profound formation, the two balls of flames that were burning because of her Demon Emperor’s blood merged together . The Demon Emperor’s seal made a hissing noise, and the Golden Crow Profound Formation was also making hissing noises . Following, the two balls of merging flames suddenly flew out at the same time .

The profound formation sealing the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley also began to speedily dissolve at this moment, until it was gone completely .

The only entrance for the path to the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was completely revealed in front of the Little Demon Empress .

The eyes of the Little Demon Empress were calm like the surface of water . She put away the Demon Emperor’s Seal, her small body emerged as a gray shadow that normal people’s eyes couldn’t even detect, and she went into the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley without making a sound…

In another half of a month, it would be the opening period of the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley . In the time of five years, it had already replenished a large amount of fire spirit and lightning spirit within it . The ground in here was red, but the sky was purple . Within sight, countless flames were swaying, and countless thunderbolts were hissing . Occasionally, there would suddenly be sea of flames bursting up more than thirty meters high, or bolts of roaring thunder falling down… Even though there was only a Golden Crow Profound Formation between here and outside, it was like the laws and construction of the two worlds were completely different .

The Little Demon Empress moved at full speed, heading north in a straight line . She let the flames and lightning strikes entangle her, but no matter how the flames and lightning raged, they couldn’t harm her at all . Some of the fire spirit with mid-grade consciousness felt the aura around her would run away hastily, and didn’t dare to get close .

The Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley was incredibly vast and broad . The Little Demon Empress focused all of her power on her speed without holding anything back . Her speed was so fast just like suddenly flickering lightning, but even so, after more than two hours, she was still in the world surrounded by lightning and flames, and couldn’t see the end of it .

After a full four hours, the wall of a hill that was covered completely by reddish-gold flames appeared in front of her . The Little Demon Empress’ body turned, and landed in front of the wall of the hill . In front of her was a Golden Crow Profound Formation extremely similar to the one sealing the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, except this profound formation was a third smaller, and the silhouette of the Golden Crow was even deeper .

The Little Demon Empress’ cold, lonely eyes finally appeared in an instant of commotion . This place… it was not the first time that she had been here, but this time, her state of mind was completely different than before . In the past, she only had helplessness and desire, but this time… in her hands, she held the Demon Emperor’s Seal that had returned .

Holding the Demon Emperor’s Seal, the Little Demon Empress stopped hesitating, slowly stepped forward, and just as her body touched the profound foundation, the Demon Emperor’s Seal flickered in flames, and a ball of fire burst and spread out, covered the Little Demon Empress, and brought her body slowly into the profound formation…

The world in front of the Little Demon Empress immediately changed . From the world of lightning and fire, she stepped into a world without edge filled with a golden color .

Holding the Demon Emperor’s Seal, the Little Demon Empress knelt on one knee, and said in great respect, “Illusory Demon Royal Family’s Twelfth Emperor, eleventh inheritor of the Golden Crow’s bloodline, Huai Caiyi, greets the Golden Crow Divine God . ”


Just as the Little Demon Empress finished speaking, a reckless woman’s loud laughter sounded in this golden world . This sound was as if it was from in the sky, but it was also as if it was close by her ear . Even though the Little Demon Empress’ profound strength was high as level five in the Sovereign Profound Realm, her vital energy and blood shook under this sound .

“Your Illusory Demon Royal Family has been late for a hundred years . You finally arrived today, but it’s only a woman . Looks like this noble one’s fate with your clan has come to an end, why did you still come here for!”

The woman’s voice was like vicious flames; her words confused the Little Demon Empress, who raised her head and said, “Father and Brother were both in trouble back to back a hundred years ago, and the Demon Emperor’s Seal was also lost for a hundred years . It wasn’t found until recently, so we were late for a hundred years . Even though I am a woman, I am the only direct descendant of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, and I inherited the pure Demon Emperor’s blood . May the Golden Crow Divine God please grant me the 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》 and the ancestral bloodline to revive the Demon Emperor’s clan . ”

“Grant you the Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World and the ancestral bloodline? Hahahaha! You really are pitiful and naive . Didn’t you hear what I had said just now? As soon as you entered here, I knew that my fate with your clan was finished!”

“What is the meaning of Golden Crow Divine God’s words?” The Little Demon Empress locked her eyebrows and said without understanding .

“What do I mean? You really are completely naive! Your Demon Emperor’s clan has had ten generations of Demon Emperors for the past ten thousand years, and the ten generations of Demon Emperors were all men! There had never been a woman . Did you really think it was only a simple coincidence and the common customs of men being superior to women!? Hmph, looks like you didn’t know that with a mortal body like yours, only men can bear the Golden Crow ancestral blood!

The Little Demon Empress felt as if she were struck by lightning, her whole body was trembling slightly, and she said, “Why?! Even though I am a woman, my heritage is directly of the Demon Emperor’s clan…”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a descendant of the Demon Emperor’s clan! It is simply because you are a woman!” The flame-like woman’s voice said ruthlessly, “Men’s body is Yang and women’s body is Yin . With a mortal woman’s body, it is tolerable to control normal profound flames, even Phoenix’s flames or Vermilion Bird’s flames would be okay, but my Golden Crow’s flame is the world’s fiercest Yang fire! There cannot be any existence of Yin! You only have a thin trace of the Golden Crow’s bloodline at the moment and you are already suffering from the burn day and night . You are in pain, and your life has been shortened greatly . If you bear the ancestral bloodline, your internal blood flow would be completely messed up, and you will suffer in pain for all your life!”

“On top of that, you are still a virgin, so the vital Yin is still in your body . If you accept the ancestral blood, within three days, the flame energy of your bloodline will explode, and you would die in flames within five days!

Little Demon Empress, “!!!!”

It was true that the Illusory Demon Realm’s ten generations of Demon Emperors were all men, but no one thought that it was strange, because having a man as emperor was always normal . On the contrary, it was abnormal for a woman to be the emperor . All of the Illusory Demon Royal Family’s people knew that the Golden Crow’s bloodline would harm the body of women, especially the Demon Emperor’s empress who has the direct bloodline . The empress always pass away before the Demon Emperor, and none of their lives surpassed a thousand years… without exception .

The Little Demon Empress naturally knew all of these… but she absolutely did not think that, as a woman, even as a woman of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline, she could not bear the ancestral blood… and could not even cultivate 《Golden Crow’s Record of the Burning World》 .

All of the hopes were dashed, as if ice-cold water from a freezing fountain was poured ruthlessly on top of her heart and soul . She was stunned for a long while, thinking about the situation the Demon Emperor’s clan was in right now, and mumbled without giving up, “Could it be, is there really not any possibility… Golden Crow Divine God, you also have the body of a woman…”

“Hahahaha!” The flame-like voice laughed insolently, “How can a divine body be compared to your mortal body! The possibility… hmph, it’s not none at all, but that would mean getting the nourishment of a man’s vital Yang who has the Phoenix or Vermilion Bird’s bloodline! But in this Illusory Demon Realm, no one has the power of the Phoenix or Vermillion Bird; therefore, there wouldn’t exist a man like that . Give up and leave!”

When the Golden Crow mentioned “Phoenix” and “Vermillion Bird,” it was obvious that there was was in deep disdain .

The Little Demon Empress lowered her head and closed her eyes . She didn’t speak for a long time, and she was not willing to leave . The flame-like woman’s voice sounded again, “Don’t live in a fantasy . Do not wish for me to help you anymore! I am the isolated being of the Golden Crow’s bloodline and soul, under the will left by the Golden Crow; I can never leave this place! From ten thousand years ago, I have already granted your Neon Sparrows Clan ten thousand years of riches and honor, and made you the Demon Emperor’s Clan for ten thousand years! Since our fated relationship has reached an end, it is heaven’s will! Leave!”

“As for this Demon Emperor’s Seal, the day you die, when the Demon Emperor’s bloodline dies, it will naturally disappear!”

After the Golden Crow’s soul’s voice vanished, the golden world instantly collapsed . Surrounding, became the world of lightning and fire once again . The Little Demon Empress was still kneeling there, and she couldn’t move or speak for a long time, as if she had lost her soul…

The Mu Family had welcomed the most lively day in more than a hundred years .

When Yun Che agreed to go back to the Mu Family together, Mu Feiyan immediately sent a sound transmission back home, and the whole, large Mu Family from up to down had been busy . It was several dozen times busier than when the Little Demon Empress visited .

The Mu Clan’s location was larger than the Yun Family by more than one and a half times, and on top of the Yun Family’s recent decent, the Mu Family had more momentum than the Yun Family .

Old Man Mu led the way and dragged Yun Che through the door . The whole way, he was laughing loudly and he looked very energetic . The Mu Family’s disciples were all stunned and couldn’t speak, they even suspected that the Patriarch, who usually was calm and prestigious, had been possessed by some ghosts or spirits .

Mu Feiyan led Yun Che himself on a tour around the Mu Family . On the way, he couldn’t stop talking and laughing loudly, as his saliva flew everywhere like stars . It scared all of the disciples of the Mu Family, as if they had saw a ghost during daytime . After taking a tour of the Mu Family, it was almost evening . Mu Feiyan brought them into the courtyard, and without any hesitation, took out all of the Jade Ginseng Tea that he had been saving for several hundred years and couldn’t bear to drink himself… When the three Mu brothers were holding the teacups, all of their hands were shaking . A single ounce of this Jade Ginseng Tea was already invaluable . Normally, when the three brothers snuck a sniff, they would be scolded harshly by the old man . Today, thanks to their nephew… they were able to drink it!

“Come! Che’er, this is a greeting gift from grandfather . Hurry and see if you like it . ” Mu Feiyan put an ice-jade box that released cold air into Yun Che’s hands while laughing .

“Thank you, Grandfather . ” Yun Che received it, and directly opened the ice-jade box . In the box that was as big as his palms, there lay a small, narrow, long crystal that was only as large as his pinky . Just from looking at it, it seemed to be no difference from a normal icicle, only that the cold aura that it was releasing revealed an indescribable mysterious feeling .

When seeing this “icicle,” the eyes of the three brothers of the Mu Family all popped out, and they “pfft” and spat out the Jade Ginseng Tea that was in their mouths . It was followed by a hissing, roaring noise, as if pigs were being slaughtered…

“Ahh, Frost Crystal of Absolute Heaven!!!”

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