Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 582

Chapter 579

Chapter 579 – Kingship Bestowed Upon Xiao Yun

The Little Demon Empress remained silent for a while, then lightly sighed, “Regarding this matter, it’s indeed true that this empress had mistreated the Yun Family . From today onward, this empress will give your Yun Family, and the senior Demon King, a fair explanation . ”

However, Yun Che shook his head, “Little Demon Empress, although you’re the monarch of the Illusory Demon Realm, you’re still a female and it’s the first time you’ve assumed the position of the monarch . As such, you’re easily misled and forced by those with ulterior motives, resulting in trade-offs and compromises regarding some matters . You have never mistreated our Yun Family . The ones who had actually caused us to decline to such a miserable state, the ones who had utterly trashed the meaning of ‘loyalty, honesty, benevolence and righteousness’, the ones who really showed contempt to the authority of the Demon Emperor; I believe everyone present should have seen it clearly . ”

Whoever Yun Che was speaking of, everyone present had indeed seen and heard clearly . The seven Patriarchs who stood not too far away from Yun Che had lost all of their usual pride and arrogance . All of their faces were ashen, and under the eyes of the masses, they felt as though they were criminals currently being judged . Feeling extremely unbearable, they continuously looked to Duke Huai to plead for help, but Duke Huai’s current expression was much worse than theirs . Facing Yun Che, he was now completely fearful and did not dare to speak arrogantly… Because even he was unable to handle it whenever Yun Che retaliated .

Yun Che’s words caused the glow in the Little Demon Empress’ eyes to stir slightly . Looking at Yun Che once again, she experienced a mysterious change and said, “This empress knows fully well the grievances and injustice your Yun Family has suffered all these years . The dissatisfaction and anger within your hearts is something this empress has felt as well . Sigh…” she sighed faintly and continued, “But, the Demon Emperor’s Seal is just too important for this empress . I hope you can hand it back to this empress . This empress assures you that from today onwards, as long as this empress still holds the throne, I would not allow the Yun Family to suffer one bit of bullying!!!”

The Little Demon Empress’ cold and ruthless personality was something well known by all . However, now, when facing the major matter regarding the Demon Emperor’s Seal, not only did she not become angry and forceful, her voice was calm and mild . She had even made such an huge promise to the Yun Family in front of everyone!

Everyone present was immensely moved . The members of the Yun Family were so agitated that their entire body trembled, wondering if they were dreaming .

This was a serious promise that the Little Demon Empress made to the Yun Family in front of the masses! Such words coming out undoubtedly meant that it was decided that the Yun Family would prosper once again in due time, and no one could stop them! Returning to the leader of the Twelve Families was imminent… no, their position would be higher than in the past!

However, thinking about what the Yun Family had suffered and sacrificed for the past century, no one actually thought that this was a gift that was too much in their favor… The Yun Family deserved such a promise… In all of Illusory Demon Realm, only the Yun Family had such a right .

Su Xiangnan stood up and said, “Given the Yun Family’s loyalty, righteousness, and merit, they deserve such kindness from Little Demon Empress . ”

“Although we are also of the Guardian Families, my Under Heaven Family feels that only the Yun Family deserves such honor,” Greatest Ambition Under Heaven added on without hesitation .

Yun Qinghong gradually stood up, his heart a bundle of emotions . How would he not understand what such a promise the Little Demon Empress had made meant… Their Yun Family had shockingly won competition, following which the Yun Family’s and Yun Canghai’s name had been vindicated and the Demon Emperor’s Seal had been returned . Now, the masses had once again been acquainted with the Yun Family and the Yun Family had received a promise that was larger than heaven from the Little Demon Empress… Furthermore, even Duke Huai’s well thought-out scheme had been utterly destroyed…

All of this was because of Yun Che…

This feeling of satisfaction and pride as a father was far superior to the feeling of joy and agitation due to the promise the Little Demon Empress had made . Cupping his hands deeply towards the Little Demon Empress, he said, “Yun Family’s Patriarch Yun Qinghong represents the whole clan to thank Little Demon Empress for her kindness . We swear our allegiance to the Little Demon Empress and it will never waver, even in the face of death!”

“Hahahaha!” Old Man Mu laughed heartily and shouted towards Yun Che, “The Little Demon Empress personally made this promise, each word is like gold! The heavens are finally not blind . Good grandson, you can now hand the Demon Emperor’s Seal to the Little Demon Empress . ”

When he shouted the phrase “good grandson”, Old Man Mu’s face was radiantly glowing and filled with pride . At the same time, he couldn’t wait to remind everyone that this young man that caused such a stir was actually his, Mu Feiyan’s, own blood-related grandson .

Yun Che held up the Demon Emperor’s Seal but still did not immediately hand it to the Little Demon Empress, but instead calmly said, “To obtain such a promise from the Little Demon Empress to my Yun Family, Yun Che is grateful to the utmost . However, before I return the Demon Emperor’s Seal to the Little Demon Empress, Yun Che boldly asks for two minor requests . ”

Little Demon Empress looked at him deeply, but not one bit angrily or impatiently, as she gradually nodded, “This empress has already said that you can ask for any request you want . Even though you are a child of the Yun Family, you’ve been brought up in the Profound Sky Continent and have never received one bit of kindness from this empress and the Illusory Demon Realm . However, you still went through all the trouble to bring the Demon Emperor’s Seal back here . To this empress, you’ve done a great favor to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline . Any requests that you may have would not be too much . ”

From the Little Demon Empress’ words, anyone could tell that she had always held a deep sense of gratitude and guilt towards the Yun Family . Since the Little Demon Empress has already said this, Yun Che naturally would not be pretentious . He nodded slightly and turned around to face the Yun Family seats, “Xiao Yun, come over here . ”

The agitated Xiao Yun was suddenly stunned . Stretching out his finger, he pointed to himself in shock and asked, “Ah? Me?”

Yun Qinghong said, “Xiao’er, your big brother is asking you to go over . Even though the fact that you’re not my birth child is already exposed, you do not need to be afraid because you have never owed or wronged anyone . Hold your head high, keep your chest out and go up . ”

Yun Qinghong’s words quickly calmed down the stunned Xiao Yun . He inhaled deeply, nodded and said, “Mn, I understand… I will definitely not be an embarrassment to the family . ”

Xiao Yun stood up, and under everyone’s gaze, he walked to Yun Che’s side . Yun Che nodded to him, held his arm, and told the Little Demon Empress, “This is my sworn brother, the foster son of my father —— Yun Xiao, but from today onwards, his name shall be Xiao Yun! The rumors within Illusory Demon Realm for the past ten-odd years were indeed true, he is indeed not the birth child of my parents and is also not a member of the Yun Family . This was something my parents have never denied before . I believe everyone present already knows his background… That’s right, he’s the child that was exchanged with me by my father’s sworn brother, my foster father, Uncle Xiao all those years ago within the Profound Sky Continent!”

More than ten years ago, rumors of Xiao Yun not being a member of the Yun Family had already spread . Many had also heard that he might have come from the Profound Sky Continent . Therefore, towards this revelation, people were not too surprised . However, they were shocked by the circumstances that caused this to happen . In order to ensure his brother that was being hunted had descendants, he had used his own child as an exchange… This was such a strong level of brotherhood!

To be able to make such a friend… undoubtedly made one’s life a fulfilling one .

“At that time, my parents were being chased by two Sacred Grounds from the Profound Sky Continent at the same time . Not only were they severely injured, their profound strengths had depleted, they were badly poisoned and they had to split their focus to protect the baby in their hands… The situation then was dire, and there was hardly any hope for escape . In order to protect me and to ensure that my parents had a descendant in the event they met with harm, Uncle Xiao secretly used his newborn child… which was Xiao Yun, and exchanged him with me… It was lucky that in the end, under Uncle Xiao’s guidance, my parents had eventually managed to escape, but I was left in the Profound Sky Continent and Xiao Yun came to Illusory Demon Realm . ”

“This might have been fate . If it weren’t for the kindness Uncle Xiao showed at that time, I would have never been able to grow up in the Profound Sky Continent and would not get the lucky opportunity to reunite with my grandfather . I would also not have been able to bring his corpse and complete his dying wish . The Demon Emperor’s Seal might never have had the chance to return to the Illusory Demon Realm . ”

“Therefore, the fact that the Demon Emperor’s Seal was able to return to Illusory Demon Realm today is ultimately thanks to Uncle Xiao’s family . Although Uncle Xiao’s family members are in the Profound Sky Continent, they are actually my Yun Family’s great benefactors . They are also the benefactors of the Illusory Demon Royal Family and even all of Illusory Demon Realm… Does Little Demon Empress agree with me about this?”

The Little Demon Empress looked at Xiao Yun for some time before slowly nodding, “This empress will naturally bear this kindness in mind . ”

Yun Che’s voice deepened as he continued, “However, you all do not know that at that time, not long after my parents left, Uncle Xiao, the birth father of Xiao Yun, was found by the people from the Sacred Grounds and… died under their vicious hands! Xiao Yun’s mother also passed on because of her longing, and his grandmother had grew ill due to sadness and eventually passed on as well… Even I did not get the chance to see their faces properly . ”

Xiao Yun, “…”

Yun Che’s words caused the Little Demon Empress and everyone else to be moved .

“To my Yun Family, to the Little Demon Empress and even to all of Illusory Demon Realm, Xiao Yun will always be a descendant of our benefactor! However, for all his time in Illusory Demon Realm, he had always suffered criticism, ridicule, insult, and bullying . Three months ago, on the first day I arrived in Demon Imperial City, I had even seen for myself that someone tried to kill him… What kind of logic is this?!”

Yun Che’s last sentence came out as a shout and everyone now looked at Xiao Yun in an entirely different light . No one could have imagined that behind his birth, there were actually so many secrets . The Demon Emperor’s Seal could only have been returned to Illusory Demon Realm today because of his parents . The great act of kindness their family had shown towards the Illusory Demon Realm was definitely no exaggeration . They had even lost their lives because of it, leaving Xiao Yun, their sole descendant, behind…

Although he held the title of Young Patriarch of the Yun Family, he had suffered all sorts of insults and bullying… This was such a major irony .

The glint in the Little Demon Empress’ eyes turned slightly, and she said, “Yun Che, is your first request for this empress to reward Xiao Yun? To express our deep gratitude to his family?”

“That’s right!” Yun Che said while looking her in the eye, “However, this is not a request but something that needs to be done upon the return of the Demon Emperor’s Seal . ”

“Alright!” Little Demon Empress nodded without hesitation and looked at Xiao Yun, “Xiao Yun, the fact that the Demon Emperor’s Seal could return to the Illusory Demon Realm is undoubtedly thanks to your father! Therefore, he is this empress’ benefactor . However, since he has passed on, I have no chance to repay him . Being his descendant, you shall receive my gratitude in his place . ”

“From today onward, this empress shall confer upon you the title of “King Xiao” . Your status is the same as all the dukes present here . You can also freely enjoy all of the royal family’s resources . You shall also be awarded with a king palace, five kilograms of purple jade, one Demon Emperor Profound Seal Sword, thirty servants . as well as thirty guards… Are you willing to receive all this?”

Hearing the Little Demon Empress’ words, Xiao Yun stared widely, mouth agape and took a long while before regaining his senses . Everyone within the Demon Imperial Hall was dumbfounded, and even Yun Che was deeply shocked .

The only reason Yun Che had called upon Xiao Yun was to seek justice for him, giving him a better status within Illusory Demon Realm so that he no longer had to face everyone’s insults and bullying . As for Little Demon Empress’ rewards, those would only be secondary… However, he completely did not expect that the Little Demon Empress’ “compensation” would be so earth-shattering…

She had actually bestowed kingship upon Xiao Yun!!!

However, Yun Che had understood immediately . “Compensation” was only one of the reasons the Little Demon Empress was treating Xiao Yun with such exaggerated kindness . Another reason was definitely because of the Yun Family! Although Xiao Yun was not part of the Yun Family bloodline, he had still grown up within the Yun Family for the past twenty-two years and could be considered half a Yun Family member! When Yun Canghai was initially bestowed kingship, the entire Yun Family basked in glory! Now, when Xiao Yun was bestowed kingship… the glory again went to the Yun Family!

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