Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 578

Chapter 575

Chapter 575 – Demon Emperor’s Seal (2)

In Yun Che’s hand was a mass of dense and gentle protective profound light . Back then, when Yun Canghai handed this to Yun Che, he instructed him not to inspect the contents within, and to pass it personally to Little Demon Empress . After that, Yun Che had never checked the contents .

Even until he encountered the deathly tribulation in the Primordial Profound Ark, he still hadn’t checked the contents within the profound light… He wanted to know just what it was that his grandfather was willing to endure a hundred years of pain to desperately protect…

Following Yun Che’s stretched arm, everyone’s eyes concentrated on that mass of white protective profound light . Gently, the profound light soundlessly dispersed . A mass of blinding red light, accompanied by a fiery-hot aura, broke through its shackles and radiantly shot out .

It was a small jade seal . Its bottom was flat and smooth, while a delicate three-legged fiery bird was carved at the top, and it was this three-legged fiery bird that emitted the red light . Its entire body was small and crystal clear, yet it was releasing a faint aura of might as well . Its two eyes were scarlet and pierced the eyes of the beholder . They were like the cold stars in the dark night, which people seemingly did not dare to look at directly .

Looking at this jade seal that was glowing with a blinding red, the Little Demon Empress suddenly stood up as though she were electrocuted . Duke Huai, Duke Zhong, Yun Qinghong… the various Patriarchs and Dukes, all of their expressions drastically changed, and their overlapping exclamations turned into thundering waves of voices .

“De… De… Demon Emperor’s Seal!!”

The jade seal which Yun Che was holding onto, no matter its appearance or radiance, was exactly the same as the Demon Emperor’s Seal described in legends!

Its appearance and radiance could be imitated; however, what they sensed from the Demon Emperor’s Seal at the same time was also the unique aura of the Golden Crow! The people of the Illusory Demon Royal Family who possessed the Golden Crow’s bloodline especially felt their blood throb uncontrollably under this Golden Crow’s aura . That irrepressible spiritual pressure had even moreso heavily oppressed their souls…

No matter how impossible they thought it was, no matter how unbelievable and even fantastical they felt it was, that incomparably clear Golden Crow’s aura was telling everyone who had once seen the Demon Emperor’s Seal… that this was the Demon Emperor’s Seal that was said to be lost… Without any mistake! It definitely wasn’t fake!

The reactions of the Little Demon Empress, the various Patriarchs and Dukes, and those thundering three words gave a huge shock to all those who had never seen the Demon Emperor’s Seal as well, throwing the Demon Imperial Hall into an uproar once again . The loss of the Demon Emperor’s Seal a hundred years ago, to Illusory Demon Realm, was a mortal crisis which everyone knew of, and the thought of retrieving it was basically impossible . No one would have thought that the Demon Emperor’s Seal which was lost a hundred years ago would all of a sudden… appear right in front of their eyes, catching all of them by surprise .

Among everyone in the hall, the most agitated was undoubtedly the Little Demon Empress . Although she had suppressed it with all her might, the most intense stirring that had occurred within these past hundred years appeared within her pair of eyes… Because to her, the significance of the Demon Emperor’s Seal far surpassed everyone in this world . This wasn’t merely an important item of the Demon Emperor Clan that was retrieved; with the Demon Emperor’s Seal, she could enter the Golden Crow Ancestral Realm within the Golden Crow Lightning Flame Valley, and her own Golden Crow’s bloodline could be truly awakened, invoking a huge leap in her strength… from her current level of mid-stage Monarch, directly to a peak-level Monarch . Within Illusory Demon Realm, there would no longer be anyone else who could be her match .

The biggest key point was… after awakening her Golden Crow’s bloodline, she could easily release the spiritual pressure within the Demon Emperor’s Seal, bringing out an irrepressible pressure to all those who possessed the Golden Crow’s bloodline . If she had obtained this Demon Emperor’s Seal long ago, how could have those Duke Palaces and Guardian Families dared to act so arrogantly, and dared to show such treachery?!

Hence, the appearance of the Demon Emperor’s Seal, to her, was undoubtedly a heaven-sent surprise! It would completely change her fate, allowing her to become the true ruler of the Illusory Demon Realm .

“The Demon Emperor’s Seal… Impossible… Impossible!” Although he exclaimed the word “impossible,” that pressure that was seemingly forcing him to kneel had told him with absolute clarity that this was the true Demon Emperor’s Seal, without doubt . Duke Huai’s expression changed again and again… If Yun Che’s appearance could be said to be similar to having him eat a housefly and be disgusted from head to toe, then the appearance of the Demon Emperor’s Seal, was like a ten-ton hammer smashing down, completely shattering the plan that he had painstakingly orchestrated… It was no longer possible to proceed with it any further .

Without the Demon Emperor’s Seal, the Little Demon Empress was merely the “Little Demon Empress” who could not awaken her bloodline, whose strength, qualifications, and even gender could hardly convince anyone .

If she were to obtain the Demon Emperor’s Seal… then she could become unbeatable in the world in a blink of an eye . With her might encompassing the world, she would become the representative of the Golden Crow’s Divine Spirit, the complete successor of the Demon Emperor’s bloodline… a true Illusory Demon Empress! Her being a female would basically no longer be of importance .

The several Patriarchs were either shocked, surprised, or could not dare to believe their own eyes for a long while . They looked at Yun Qinghong, only to realize that he had the same astonished look as them… Evidently, even he did not know that the Demon Emperor’s Seal that was lost for a hundred years was actually with Yun Che .

“Could it be… Could father have…” Yun Qinghong muttered softly .

“Yun Che! The Demon Emperor’s Seal… Why is it in your hands?!” Helian Kuang loudly questioned . His eyes were roundly widened, and his voice was slightly trembling .

Everyone wanted to know the answer to this question .

Yun Che smiled coldly and said, “This Demon Emperor’s Seal was handed to my grandfather by the former Demon Emperor for protection back then . Since it was the former Demon Emperor’s request, unless my grandfather was dead, he definitely wouldn’t allow it to land in the hands of anyone else… Naturally, it was personally handed to me by my grandfather!”

“Nonsense!” Duke Zhong stood up . With a dark and uncertain voice, he sharply said, “Yun Canghai had already lost his life a hundred years ago, and the Demon Emperor’s Seal was thus lost ever since… You were far off from being born at that time, so how could he have handed it to you?! And the place where the Demon Emperor’s Seal had fallen to was the faraway Profound Sky Continent, how could it be possibly in your hands… Just how in the world did you obtain it?”

The return of the Demon Emperor’s Seal should have been a big celebratory matter for the Illusory Demon Realm . However, no matter how it was heard, Duke Zhong’s voice was filled with confusion and agitation . Yun Che smiled coldly . Retracting his arm, he leisurely withdrew the Demon Emperor’s Seal back into the Sky Poison Pearl .

To other people, this was the Demon Emperor’s Seal . But to Yun Che, this was his grandfather’s hundred years of faith, hundred years of pain, and undying loyalty…

Seeing that Yun Che was actually, openly keeping the Demon Emperor’s Seal, everyone looked at each other, while Helian Kuang’s expression changed, as he had finally found an extremely good excuse to denounce him, he stretched out his finger and loudly roared, “Yun Che! You sure have great guts! Instead of returning the Demon Emperor’s Seal to the Little Demon Empress, you’re actually keeping it for yourself… Is your Yun Family thinking of seizing the Demon Emperor’s Seal for yourselves?!”

The expressions of everyone in the west wing, including people of the Yun Family, all changed immediately after… The Demon Emperor’s Seal was an artifact belonging to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline from the start . Its significance to the Demon Emperor’s bloodline and to all of Illusory Demon Realm, was known to the entire world . If he hadn’t taken it out and no one knew about it, it would still be fine . However, he actually took out the Demon Emperor’s Seal, and was even in the presence of the Little Demon Empress, in the face of the heroes of the realm . Yet, not only did he not immediately present it to the Little Demon Empress, he instead kept it for himself . This was undoubtedly an extremely inappropriate course of action .

Facing Helian Kuang’s denouncement and everyone’s shifting gazes, Yun Che did not even make the slightest of movements . With a stiff expression, he said, “Didn’t you people want to know how this Demon Emperor’s Seal which had fallen into Profound Sky Continent came to my hands?! I will now tell you the answer…”

Yun Che took a step back . The moment he finished speaking,, a completely transparent, crystal coffin appeared in front of him following a flash of light from the Sky Poison Pearl . Within the crystal coffin laid an old man with pastel white hair, whose entire body was disheveled and whose face was withered and hideous .

“…” Yun Qinghong’s entire body tensed, and his chest intensely undulated . Mu Yurou had already stood up as well . They did not say a single word, nor did they want to stop any of Yun Che’s actions . Together with Yun Qinghong, she silently looked at the old man within the Coffin of Eternity .

Skinny as a bag of bones, a withered face, hair, beard, and brows which were disheveled and white . Looking at the person, he appeared to be a savage and terrifying devil . With just a few glances, a sense of discomfort welled up within the people . Everyone was completely baffled as to why Yun Che would suddenly display such a withered and ugly corpse of an old man . However, gradually, among the Yun Family, and the Guardian Families, countless people began to stand up . Some of their eyes began to stare widely, and some of their lips were trembling intensely…

Because, from this old man’s body, they caught the hint of a faint and familiar silhouette… and their spiritual perception began to stir deeply!

Yun Duanshui and Yun Waitian were the closest to the coffin . They blankly looked at the old man within the Coffin of Eternity for a long time, and their bodies began to tremble . Yun Duanshui opened his mouth, releasing a hoarse voice that was seemingly unclear, “Could he be… Could he be… Could he be… Could he be…”

“It’s… It’s… the Patriarch…”

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