Against the Gods

Against the Gods Chap 36

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Star Concealed, For the Hated Blood Sacrifice

The outskirts of Floating Cloud City, in the corner of an abandoned house .

Xiao Che sat there quietly and laid his powerless body against the cold wall behind him . His lifelessly glazed eyes stared into space, as if his soul had already left his body . He had remained in this position for quite a few hours now .

In the Azure Cloud Continent, he was abandoned by his parents and until his death, he never knew who his birth parents were . The only connection he had with them was the pendant he always carried with him in front of his chest .

In the Blue Wind Empire, both his parents died when he was young but at least he knew who his parents were, and what were they called . He even had a grandfather, and a little aunt… However, god decided to pull another cruel joke on him . Everything was unexpectedly, all fake .

Grandfather was not his real grandfather and little aunt was also not his little aunt…

He still did not know who his real parents were, and didn’t even have a clue as to what his own surname was .

Two lifetimes of experiences had widened his frame of mind, but like before, he still was unable to accept this short and sudden awareness of not actually knowing his roots, and where he came from .

Who exactly am I… and, where should I go next?

The expulsion from Xiao Clan meant that he would never be able to set foot in Xiao Clan and take another step inside . In his heart, he very clearly knew that not only was he unable to stay any longer in the Xiao Clan, he also was incapable of staying in Floating Cloud City . The only reason he had not left was because he was worried about grandfather and little aunt; he at least wanted to confirm their safety .

Time slowly flowed from morning to noon, and once more until the sky slowly, but finally, darkened .

Having not eaten for an entire day, Xiao Che still did not have the slightest feeling of hunger . When the sun had taken back its last ray of light and completely set, Xiao Che finally raised his head slightly, as the once lifeless eyes slowly condensed into a terrifying radiance, as if belonging to that of an evil spirit . All of a sudden, he started to laugh silently, the corners of his lip curled up as he laughed in a sinister manner, similar to that of an evil spirit from hell .

In the middle of his chilling laugh, he slowly stretched out his hand and a blade of a dark green grass appeared on top of his palm… It was indeed one of the Star Concealing Grass he had found in the rear mountain on the day he had married Xia Qingyue . As he stared at the Star Concealing Grass, a dark green glow suddenly shot out from his palm, enveloping the Star Concealing Grass within it . Under the dark green glow, the Star Concealing Grass started to twist and turn strangely, shrink, and change color… Then finally, it became a small pile of dark green powder .

Xiao Che blew gently and scattered all the dark green powder . Only a transparent pearl that had unknowingly appeared was left in his palm .

This was the Sky Poison Pearl’s most core, and also most absurd ability that opposed the heavens themselves… Herb Refinement!

In order to create medicine, a diverse amount of herbs are often required to be crushed, processed, fused, added profound energy for additional effects, etc . This process was not only complicated but would also, unavoidably, cause a certain amount of medicinal force to be lost . Furthermore, it was certain that there would always be a probability of failure . Especially when it comes to high grade medicine, not only was a huge amount of gold needed to purchase the rare ingredients, the chances of failure was extremely high as well and, once you fail, everything would be gone . In addition, not everyone had the ability to make the higher grades of medicine . There was a very high requirement for the ability of the alchemist, the cauldron, the ambiance, and the effects added using profound energy .

However, if one used the Sky Poison Pearl’s Herb Refinement, there was absolutely no need to worry about all this . This is because it could rapidly refine the most important part of the ingredient within the shortest time possible, and perfectly fuse it…The whole process would not waste any medicinal force and furthermore, there was no chance of failure! As for the unused parts, they would be disposed of by the Sky Poison Pearl . After recognizing its owner, it could even follow the thoughts of the owner to refine and fuse a certain percentage of the ingredients .

This terrifying ability was sufficient to make any human being in the world to go mad over it! At that time, the reason why every top notch clan in the Azure Cloud Continent chased after his life was not because of the poisonous ability of the Sky Poison Pearl, but was because of its terrifying and ridiculous refining and fusing ability!

As long as there was suitable and sufficient ingredients, through the Sky Poison Pearl, it would safely become the most perfect of medicines in the shortest amount of time .

If the ability of the Sky Poison Pearl were to spread in the Profound Sky Continent, it would certainly raise a commotion and the amount of people chasing after Xiao Che’s life would not be any less compared to that of the Azure Cloud Continent .

Looking at the transparent pearl in his hand, Xiao Che’s smile became even more sinister . He opened his mouth, placed it inside, and directly swallowed it . Subsequently, his body suddenly trembled and slowly disappeared in place… . As if it had suddenly evaporated .

[Star Concealing Pill] : Only requires a blade of Star Concealing Grass for a successful Herb Refinement . Once consumed, [Perfect Invisibility] would be activated for 3 hours . Regardless of body, sound, smell, and objects on the body, it would all be completely concealed!

The Star Concealing Grass was an inconceivable object . But the Star Concealing Pill that was created from it, was even more unfathomable to the extreme! Because what it bestowed exceeded the common sense of human knowledge in the Profound Sky Continent, so much that no one would ever dare to imagine the miraculous effect it would bring . Xiao Che completely believed that he had used the very first Star Concealing Pill in the entire Profound Sky Continent because in this world, the only ingredient for the Star Concealing Pill was the Star Concealing Grass, and the only thing that could refine the Star Concealing Grass, was the one and only, Sky Poison Pearl .

Xiao Che stood up and walked toward the Xiao Clan without shape, sound and smell .

The sky had already darken and the lamps inside Xiao Clan lit the way .

Xiao Che stepped through the gate of Xiao Clan and casually walked in a straight line, without the least bit of cautiousness in his posture . As the disciples of the Xiao Clan walked passed him, no one took a glance in his direction . After consuming the Star Concealing Pill, the concealment attained was said to be perfect, because not only did it make the body transparent, even the external and internal presence would be completely concealed, as if one was completely hidden in a crevice of an unseen space . When he had first used the Star Concealing Pill at the time in Azure Cloud Continent, even a clan master that ranked in the top ten of the continent could not even discover him when he was within ten steps .

Before this journey, Xiao Che’s complexion was incomparably tranquil . On the road, he had heard the whispers of many . He became aware of Xia Qingyue being lead away by her master, as well as Xiao Lie and Xiao Lingxi’s imprisonment in the rear mountains… . An isolation of an entire fifteen years .

The conclusion of today’s general assembly of the Xiao Clan resulted in the very clear and final selection of Xiao Yulong, who would accompany Xiao Kuangyun’s group of four towards the Xiao Sect the very next day .

When he arrived at the Guest Hall, Xiao Che halted in his footsteps as he silently listened in to the conversation inside .

“Yulong, about tomorrow’s departure with Young Master Xiao to Xiao Sect, you must always remember Young Master Xiao’s kindness of rebirth today!”

“That is only natural, Xiao Yulong would remember Young Master Xiao’s great favor and huge kindness… . Yulong once more offers Young Master Xiao three cups… . ”

“… . Xiao Yulong, although today’s matter had failed, the blame was not yours . Who would have imagined that Xia Qingyue was actually a disciple of Frozen Cloud Asgard? Your character is actually one that I like, so as long as you are properly obedient in Xiao Sect, I will not treat you unfairly . ”

“Thank… . thank you Young Master Xiao! Young Master Xiao, you are truly my life’s greatest nobility . Yulong will certainly be loyal and true to Young Master Xiao, and would never be disloyal… . I didn’t foresee Xia Qingyue’s matter… . but my plan to frame Xiao Lingxi… . Eep, is not entirely a wasted effort . Although Young Master Xiao cannot touch her because of the nearby Chu Yueli, Young Master Xiao can just find a reason to return here after a year or so . How could Xiao Lingxi possibly escape then… . hehehehe… . ”


Xiao Yulong’s tone of voice had become somewhat careless, and it was apparent that he had already become intoxicated . As Xiao Che was listening in, his complexion became more and more cold as the fingers in both hands rigidly tightened . Afterwards, he turned to leave in the direction of the East Courtyard . As he came out of the East Courtyard, there was an additional short dagger in his hands that came from who knows where . Then, he once again moved towards the direction of the North Courtyard .

North Courtyard’s number 11 was Xiao Yulong’s courtyard, and at the moment, there wasn’t a single soul in sight . Xiao Che pushed opened the doorway and entered . In the middle of the room, he took a quick look at its layout . Afterwards, he coldly laughed and walked towards the window directly in front of him . As he lifted the short blade, he stabbed the middle of the window and then pulled out the dagger . The above-mentioned window suddenly grew an additional fist-sized hole .

Then, Xiao Che just stood still to the side and quietly waited for Xiao Yulong to arrive .

He did not have to wait for long, for the echo of the sound of movement came half an hour later . Subsequently, the room’s door was pushed opened and a Xiao Yulong who stunk of the thick smell of wine swayed inside with the support of Xiao Yang .

“Boss, when you enter Xiao Sect, you mustn’t forget these years of this little brother, who was always at your beck and call . ” Xiao Yang fawned as he lifted Xiao Yulong onto the bed .

Even if he were to die, he would still never have thought that at this moment, there was a person two steps left of where he currently stood; who soundlessly, motionlessly, and coldly watched him .

“Oh… . . huu… . ”

Xiao Yulong was drunk to the point of unconsciousness as he fell directly onto the bed and vaguely responded with two sounds that were only made because he had groaned .

Xiao Che walked in front of Xiao Yulong’s bed and slowly raised the short dagger in his hands .

In a head-on confrontation, he was obviously not a match for Xiao Yulong . Even with the support of the Star Concealing Grass, there was no certainty that he would be able to kill Xiao Yulong . This was because even if one were to be completely defenseless, in the event of an attack, the body’s profound energy would conditionally release and protect itself . His body that fundamentally had no profound energy, and the ordinary dagger he held in his hand may not necessarily pierce through Xiao Yulong’s body, that had a profound strength of the third level of the Nascent Profound Realm .

The concealing ability of the Star Concealing Pill was not entirely invincible . During the period of invisibility, if someone were to come into contact with the concealed body, the invisibility would immediately be cancelled . If he had missed his attack and instead were to be touched by the opponent, he would completely get caught in a predicament… and result may even end in death .

However, at the moment, Xiao Yulong was dead drunk, so thus it was the perfect opportunity .

He took a look at the location of the hole he had poked in the window earlier, and after making sure of the position, he narrowed his eyes as the dagger in his hand suddenly dropped down . He used the strength in his entire body to ruthlessly thrust the left side of Xiao Yulong’s dantian, a place two inches below the navel . … In the instant it pierced through, he instantly jumped backwards and stood in the corner of the room .

That one stab could have directly severed Xiao Yulong’s throat and taken his life, but yet he choose not to do so .

How could he bear to let Xiao Yulong die, if he died so simply? How could that possibly release the hatred inside his heart?

He wanted to thoroughly crush Xiao Yulong’s beautiful dream; to let him experience a fall from heaven down to hell, and to let him wish that he would be better off dead!

The fun show, had only just begun .

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